Who’s Jacky Talking About? – February 18, 2013


Blind Item - February 18, 2013

This rapper may be living up to his stage name — bringing the pain, even in his marriage.

Now, as hard as he may try, this lyricist can’t “get drunk and forget what he did”. That’s because sources say he fathered a child out of wedlock with “Miss Rap Supreme” reality TV star Elisa Hood.

Snap your fingers, do the dance – she didn’t do it all by herself! That’s surprising. Know why? Because we’re told though he and his wife of more than a decade may not follow in Will and Jada’s swinging footsteps, Amber Najm is reported to often bring other women home.

Hip Hop may be his claim to fame, but our blind item admits to make much of his money from producing Country music acts. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Luke Bryant. That may be why our mystery man believes Hip Hop was born on the West Coast before spreading to the East, with Southern Sunshine State MC’s currently holding it down.

Here’s what our blind had to say about Hip Hop:

“I feel like it’s our turn. Like the west coast had their thang for a longtime. New York took over for a longtime. I feel it’s Florida’s turn.”

Maybe he should step away from the bar, and stop buying those drinks.

Now, can you guess who I’m talking about?


    • ive been knew about t having a open marrige having a baby outside the marrige with girl from rap supreme i really hope that t gets his life together he has so much talent he needs to start over leave the drugs drink the open marrige with orgies alone that also his downfall this self proclaim rock roll life style your trying to live!that is not us black people we need to do better.

      • I agree, but his wife is doing the same thing. She doesnt care and he doesnt either. Sadly, many women engage in homo and bi sex thinking they cant get a disease. I hope they dont have to learn the hard way. Btw, I wonder if hes bi, bc that rap supreme girl looks like a man.

  1. I don’t understand how a woman could even have sex with TPain. There is not enough liquor in the world!

    • as long as any duded has fame, and money he can get any girl he wants.

      how else could t pain get sexed by as many girls as he was getting if he was’nt an artist.

  2. T-pain doesn’t rep hiphop at all 2 me. T-pain is nothing more than an outlandishly dressed buffoon who slobbed a few knobs along the way.

  3. This aint a secret at all. T-Pain said it on his MTV behind the scenes or whatever it’s called that him and his wife knock down girls together. He openly admitted to being a drunk on alot of interviews and admitted to that outside kid too. C’mon son, Jacky you gotta do better than this here.

  4. Rest in peace Tim dog!
    To…I only fucked with blog because I fucks with tha music…jacky…kool Keith…Marc live but this site is a bunch of bullshit!…it’s time 2shut it down jacky…I think u better then this man….b 4 real….. U know its time 2 find something better 2 do!!!! Peace out!!!!

  5. If u don’t like it don’t come to the site. Hey I didn’t know this about train so sew me gosh. If you only like a specific part of this site what are you doing reading the blind items. People are so uptight. I love this site because jacky ain’t Neva scared.

  6. yeah this is old news, Ms. Cherry (the side chick) said it on the show and showed a pic of them together..it was never edited out..c’mon man..you scrambling for old news now?

  7. Yeah hes pretty much stated all this on a few occassions …i respect him as a artist as well as his honesty…

  8. t pain’s career been gone.

    he had a short lived career on adult swim.

    the girls on miss rap supreme that show was an abomination they’re careeers are dead.

    who made mc serch the authority on hip hop duded made only 1 solo album and 2 with 3rd bass. he had a good 3 year career and beefed with wack azz vanilla ice and hammer.

    yoyo was wrong for her part she needed the money cAUSE SHE HAS’NT DONE CHIT MUSICALLY SINCE HER AND CUBE PARTED WAYS.