Who’s Jacky Talking About? – February 21, 2013


Who is Jacky Talking About - February 21, 2013

Float Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A Former Hornet?

HSK Exclusive – Bowling, Basketball and Broads seem to be this now Los Angeles mystery man’s favorite things to do. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Gilbert Arenas, who once begged our blind item to “stop fucking my maid“.

In 2011, he “sure did” marry his longtime girlfriend – who later gave birth to his ‘minnie me’ – but that doesn’t mean this 27-year-old Taurus is keeping true to his family man image. Know why? Because sources say this NBA guard made it a point to recently smash Entertainment Tonight host, Rosci Diaz.

Now, sources wonder if his wife will still see him as being an All-Star Game Most Valuable Player.

Can you guess who I’m talking about?


  1. Well Im starting to believe the stuff IM Hearing bout CP3,I heard he was a sleaze at the All star this weekend and been screwing a 19yr old.

    BUT Y DA Heck would ARENAS care Bout CP3 screwing His Maid???

  2. Women are gonna have to embrace the fact that if a man has an extremely high profile (he doesn’t necessarily have to be rich) than he’s going to be messing around with other women whether he’s married or not.
    Most of the women involved with these men know this so the fact that they still get with these guys means they either don’t mind that much or they just want the man to keep it discrete. Kind of hard to do these days with blogs though.

  3. Heard bout these two years ago. CP been ‘friendly’ wit Rocsi since his days in NOLA (her hometown). True tea. Know someone who used to mess with her and he’s married. He stay tlkin bout how much of a thirst bucket she is. Hide ya husbands! & CP – do better!

    • YES! I saw her in action when I was in Miami! When DJ Khaled made, “We Takin Over” (or whatever the song was called) and she was fairly new to 106th and park. She was feeling on DJ Khaled, blew a kiss to Rick Ross and began dancing seductively all by herself. I tried to inform the blogs that the new host of 106th and park was a bit of a ‘heaux’, but it didn’t become wide spread knowledge until years later.

  4. My question is if you still feel the need to screw around why get married? Why not stay single and then you can fukk who you wanna fukk and nobody can say anything. Makes no sense to me.

    • And as far as rocsi goes-damn chris really?!! Decided to take a ride on the town bike huh? Rocsi is just disgusting!!!! Her coochie is just community property at this point.

      • Yeah MissK we will both grow old and grey waiting on one cause truthfully there isn’t one. Guess the lack of an answer shows us both that common sense ain’t common at all!!! Lol!!! Maybe we’re different cause i don’t understand why everyone doesn’t think that way.*scratching my head*

  5. Da skrippers in NOLA cried a levee when dude got traded. Car repos went up 50%. That lil nigga was wildin like a Amish on spring break.

    • They have fresh blood down there with Austin Rivers and Anthony Davis.Not to mention the Saints and the Superbowl was there.There was enough rich athletes to provide an economic boost.

  6. CP3??? NOOOOOOOO!!!!! He’s so cute to me. He comes from a good stable family and he and his wife looked so in love at their wedding. I am really rooting for them. SMH.

  7. I thought Rocsi and Shaq were bumping body parts now? I also thought Gibert should be more concerned with Laura and Shaq than the maid and Chris,unless Gilbert and Chris got something going on and Gilly is using the maid as a code word to throw us off.

  8. Why does Rosci keep screwing with people’s husbands. Damn girl, there are plenty of single ones to go around… just sayin’

  9. uh if this shit is true, then rocsi sounds like a nasty azz merry go round. I’m amazed at how these men share the same women. I guess her game and pussy is not so tight since no one has wifed the smut yet.

  10. Yea….she had been AROUND that’s an understatement…Wendy Williams gave a run down at the time up to Eddie and now….how many more notches on her bed post since him..damn girl who wanna car with THAT many damn miles on it

  11. I don’t know any man that will turn some free flowing, Pu**y! Don’t know of any, married or not. Remember years ago men were permitted to have mistresses and years ago they had more than one concubine so sounds about right to me! In their minds anyway! Sad but true!