Who’s Jacky Talking About? – February 4, 2013


February 4, 2013 - Blind Item

50 Shades Of A…?

This diva is the youngest of five singing sisters. She also may not see her hubby as being up to her extreme clean-cut standards — said to have held back on giving it up to Vinnie – for the past several years – because he “grosses her out“. That could be because she’s reported to be a germophobe.

Another man said to rub our blind item the wrong way is her brother-in-law, Gabe. We’re told the beef began after Gabe leaked news of the abuse our mystery lady suffered at the hands of her own husband. Don’t believe me.. Ask Toni.

On a lighter note, she’s said to be pulling out all the stops in order to obtain her desired complexion — reported to often import a bleach cream that’s illegal in the United States. Sources say it’s all apart of her plan to maintain her onscreen appearance — but, her noted obsession with Beyonce could be leading much of her television audience to change the channel.

Now, can you guess who I’m talking about?


  1. Tamar “bighead hates the DMV” Braxton. Would like some news on the abuse allegations of she and Vince. There were allegations of abuse with she and a dope dealing boyfriend from BMore but never knew anything else…

    • Rotfl..u too funny that girl gets on my nerve trying to take beyonce crowd…she hate the dmv cause its not ATL..booooomm mm

  2. Why are black women turning white. I love my color and wouldnt want to bleach my skin but I do bleach my white clothes.

    • Chyle, I don’t know but I wouldn’t trade my caramel skin in for the WORLD either.
      That sun-kissed sexy can only be created, not duplicated but poorly imitated.
      Why would you want to get rid of that?!?!?!?????
      Another thing that baffles me…..

    • I’m a ” redbone” that absolutely hates when summer comes to an end and my tan starts fading…

      • Not a redbone, if you have to get a tan to be one. You are just high yellow. My mother was a redbone, it stayed all year round. Then again she was from Louisiana, it could just be a southern thang.

        Yellow girls thinking they are redbone are funny.

  3. Tamara “virtigo” turning white braxton Aka weirdo cross dresser loud ghetto mouth ,transvestite,pshcho wanna be superstar who’s new album will end up in a bargain bucket and her azz is still a lighter shade of black..

  4. Can someone please explain to me how this bleeching skin works??
    I mean do they bath in that shit do they have to apply cream is it just the face that’s bleached what about the rest of the body??
    Please I whould really like to no how ice cream puff tamar Braxton got that way..
    I don’t no why people haven’t put her on blast overdrive??
    Obviously this must be acceptable norm in the music bessnuss for black woman to turn white overnight why??
    Answers please my black sisters I’d like to get your prospective on this, I know it’s about self hate but why?? I don’t get it I mean can’t half man half woman 2 toni braxton speak to her or her mother don’t get it?? And the rest of the transvestite siblings??

    • They have soaps, creams, lotions, potions, hell I even heard Power 99 in Philly advertise skin bleaching pills on air. I mean they literally had a commercial advertising speedy bleaching, claiming to kill your melanin from the inside out.
      I know I joke around on here a lot but when I heard that commercial, it really made me tear up.
      I was in my car mad a§§ hell!

    • To lighten the skin in this manner it has to be done systemically with chemicals. You cannot achieve this level of skin lightening with creams. This therapy has always been offered in Europe. It lightens the entire skin surface.

      • You must’ve never been to Jamaica…
        I’ve seen people who were Tyrese’s complexion magically turn into Casper the ghost.

        Them “rich” folk might use that European therapy but for the people who don’t have dough, there’s the soaps, creams, lotions,& potions.

        Sheeeet even the peeps over in Europe know about it.
        Those shops are FILLED with those products & black people aren’t the only ones that use it.
        !!! THIS ISH IS REAL !!!

        Got folks walking around here like it’s the night of the living dead.

        • Vybez Kartel and others used cake soap to lighten their complexions (so I was told). I saw a show on HBO years ago where women in jail washed their faces with soap that contained lye. The soap made their skin lighter. There are bleaching creams that people use to lighten their complexions. I have also seen instances where women literally used Clorox to lighten their skin. Sad.

    • It’s not just black women. Asian women live for it (The ones from China, Japan, Korea, etc have been doing it for decades, and when called out on it, claim that it is apart of their culture and that it has nothing to do with wanting to look white…Porcelain skin is a standard of beauty over there). The Indians in Asia bleach their skin as well, and we have seen their standards of beauty. Oh yeah, knew this white dude who had an arranged marriage to a Thai chick, and her and her sisters would walk around with umbrellas so that they wouldn’t tan.

  5. Something must be mentally wrong if she thinks she looks good.

    If you look at old pics, she was what some would call the “light” one of the bunch.

    She can’t compare herself to Beyoverexposed because her mother is Creole and has obvious YT features(b4 surgery).

    Her music is not my style but I can appreciate what she has to offer and needs to be careful.

    Back in the 90s, there was a mag called YSB that did an extensive article about women in Africa who bleached their skin using an illegal cream. Many of them looked an unnatural shade of orange/yellow mixed with brown but they felt this would help them socially. SMH

    • u r absolutely right, Tamar was always light skin and cause her sisters r brown skin, people will say she is bleaching. this reminds me of Kim Fields back in the day when she played on The Facts of Life(telling my age, lol) they wanted a black girl on the show and Kim was perfect but didn’t stand out as the black girl on the show, so they used dark makeup on her and when the show went off the air and she no longer had to wear dark makeup, people start saying she bleached her skin, cause they remember her being dark on the show, but if u go back a lil further, Kim Fields was light skin on “Baby I’m Back”. now, I think Tamar doesn’t wear the right color makeup or the right color blond hair, u can wear blond, but some of the blond hair colors she choose washes her complexion out.

      • Normally, I might agree with your post….however, her HORRIBLE nose job and artificial looking appearance in general, leads me to believe that she does bleach. More and more, she reminds me of LaToya Jackson and NOT in a good way. LaToya was also the ‘lighter’ one on the family, but that did not stop her from being insecure and changing her once beatiful, natural features into something else.

        I think she is color struck. Hollyweird tends to have that effect on some people. Particularly vein, narcissistic people.

      • Baby I’m Back when Tootie had the afro puff? Latoya when she was still brown-skinded (yep, I said it!) You probably ‘memba those EBS shoes, too…LOL!

        • yes, @Miss Fitts, love me some Tootie. @TabbyCat8218, Latoya Jackson was a good comparison to my point and no, being light skin doesn’t stop insecurities, everyone has insecurities.
          I watched the reality show “Tamar & Vince” and I would have to agree w/the post that Vince was a lil abusive, not physically, but just the way he spoke to her and even her dad had to step to him one time. after watching Tamar on “The Braxtons”, I was thinking a certain way about Tamar, but when I saw her alone w/Vince, he spoke to her a certain way, I don’t know. even though he is big, he knows he got money and he can replace her, cause he know some women will be w/him, cause of his money, so maybe that is the attitude he is giving off but the attitude was a lil abusive. on Tamar & Vince show, Tamar said that she had been physically abused in a past relationship.

      • Exactly..Tamar is not bleaching… She is the same exact complexion she was years ago and as a child… People would make up anything

        • @kitty you carry on believing “he”she “man” “Chinese man”tamar braxton ain’t bleeching she actually looks like Casper the ghost now.
          How you’ve come to that I really don’t no ,obviously by the sound off it kitty your part of the bleeching crew.
          Please go on any cd site and look for the Braxton cd and see how black tamar is.
          Please don’t convince yourself, why whould jacky put that story out there??

  6. I know damn well Tamar is not letting Vince whup dat ass. something about Vince strikes me as being off, he loos like he plays with himself!!!

  7. Tamar is a self-loathing miserable phoney with serious mental issues.
    A grown woman who talks like a teenaged vally girl with all the extra hand gestures and facial expressions is truly a nut case desperate 4 attention.
    As 4 abuse, I can c her getting popped in the mouth.
    Tamar can sing but she’s a clown 100%

  8. And I don’t believe she ain’t giving it up to Vince because she is very submissive to him and he would’ve hit divorce court long ago.

    • And she doesn’t want to give it up to vince? Put yourself in his shoes-who would want to wake up to tamar’s creepy pale caspar looking ass. She looks like she should be beckoning carol ann into the light! Idk what makes her think she is better than vince cause from my point of view she is lucky he puts up with her self absorbed looney tune tail. The whole family is crazy and toni with her overspending will remain in debt forever. Just sad.

      • @ Madraven LMHO Carol Ann from poltergeist lol you have made my day
        Loony tune lol, lets face it she’s an alien..

  9. Speaking of skin bleaching jennifer hudson was lookin like nick minaj last night at super bowl. Wtf?

    • Darn, I missed her performance! I think that Tamar’s first husband was the abusive one, he also cheated and had a child. It seems like her current marriage is one of convenience; he gets a goatee she gets money and some notoriety. She’s very annoying….but she seems to be the only “celeb” unafraid to express her opinions on Beyoverexposed! Tamar learn to love yourself girl, and stop talking in that BS voice!

      • Does the Screen Actors Guild give out SAG cards for participants with speaking parts in Reality TV Shows like the Kardashians, the Braxtons, BBW, etc?

        The correct answer to that question would be very vey telling.

        • Is there anyone here with SAG membership who can sign in to their account and check some of these Reality “stars” names to see if they are listed….?

          Give you a dollar.

  10. Tamar is the reason I stopped watching the Braxton’s. I don’t watch anything that she is on. All of her loudness, skin bleaching and plastic surgery is not get her very far. Unless she is willing to sign her soul on the dotted line. That is if she hasn’t already done so.

  11. I could see how her and Vince marriage works… she something like a drag queen he something like a fairy himself!

  12. If you ever watched the show She would ofter mention that Vince is “Really” into white girls. So that the reason she dyed her hairl blond, try to make her behind flat, and may/maynot bleeching her skin.

  13. Hmmm, people from the south have to be very careful when they move to Cali…i think they get culture shock, then wanna be white ;/

  14. oh my God. why are all yall trippin!!!! Its a good show. I don’t watch most reality shows, but The Braxtons/Tamar and Vince I happen to love!!! Vince ain’t whopping up on her. Jacky might be tryin to start something… if others said it was her first husband (not sure she was married before, but who cares, then maybe the haters are trying to tie “the beating” to Vince. I don’t believe it. Anywhoo Tamar’s got talent and I like all of the sisters. There is a brother that is not on the show. Maybe likes his privacy and I don’t blame him. Look at how y’all talking bout his sisters! She’s not bleaching. On the show, look at her when she doesn’t have makeup on. She is a caramel complexion. It’s the makeup used that makes her lighter. I will agree wit yall there! It’s definitely too light and almost on its way to clown white.

  15. that is no other then she me her tamar bat sh!t crazy arse! she out of it for sure what the hell she tryna bleach any way she already the lightest of all her siblings she has light skin already what the hell do she see when take a look in the mirror? i dont know bout tay she got some head issues for sure her music is good she can sing come from a very talented family were her and sisters can sing the roof of the building but alot of drug alchol physical abuse going on.

  16. Tamar has been saying she has her hair blonde because Vince likes blondes. (He didn’t deny it.) So maybe she is cover all her bases to make sure Vince doesn’t leave her for a real white woman.( like Lady GaGa for instance.) Lol

  17. Her ass aint bleaching her skin she always been high yella…her dad is high yella and her brother is lightskun its a cross between bad makeup lighting and that damn blonde hair that washes her out, if she bleaches her skin shell look like damn Casper lol

    • If that is the case then she and Vince wouldn’t have claimed that she had Vitiligo when confronted with the issue. Tamar was not that light back in the day, she was closer to Toni’s color. I still remember that song she came out with back in the day, which is why I did not recognize her when BFV first came out…She looked like a completely different person. Even in Toni’s “Man Enough” video, she doesn’t look like that. And it is not a tan.

  18. Some previous comments state that Tamar was always “a little lighter” then her sisters & she was always considered the “lighter” one, I’ve Googled a lot of pics of all 5 girls old and new & all the girls are just about the same shade of caramel she’s never been any lighter & she is DEFINITELY bleaching her skin she’s obsessed with being everything she is not, YOUNG, LIGHT, & LIKED!!

  19. Can someone tell me a product to darken my skin?? Lol tanning is no bueno 😉 not understanding the bleaching thing…latin like me. ( funny literary reference )

  20. Why would she bleach her skin? She’s the one that goes tanning. For some reason I can’t see Vince hitting on Tamar….I hope when the cameras leave she at least turns it down for her husband that would be annoying for anyone. Although I don’t think Vince would do that; whether you like Tamar or not hitting a woman if your a man is a total bitchazz move no matter how annoying someone is.

  21. Tamar looks best in her natural state. She is beautiful but that make up makes her look like a muppet. Her makeup is too heavy at times….I love when she has on little or no makeup because her beauty shines through…she on’t need all that mess.


  23. TEA TIME BITCHES!!!! Tamar and Vince are the “new normal” in Hollyweird.Vince wears the pants and Tamar wears the beard…know why because much like some of wives in her Hollyweird inner circle(Tisha Campbell,Mary J. Blige)she married a closet gay man….don’t believe me ask Google.It’s no secret Tamar loves to be surrounded by gay men…more specifically flamboyant queens…she seems to be closer to Vince’s butt buddy Lashawn than to his beard…I mean “wife” April.Even the little young boys in Mindless Behavior…the singing group Vince manages….seem to have been turned out much like B2K,Immature and the others that have been initiated to the homosexual lifestyle that comes with being a young boy in the Gay Pedophile controlled music industry.Tamar doesn’t have sex with Vince because he is a bottom who enjoys the feel of a real penis not a rubber strap on.Bi-sexuality has been the norm in Hollyweird for decades,but now they are trying to make it the norm for all of us.There are more gay little kids running around now more than ever.Men used to wear their pants baggy and loose,now they wear their pants under their ass cheeks or skinny jeans.Sagging was has been the norm for years but recenlty the pants went from letting some underwear show to letting your whole ass show.This was a trend started in the prison system,where many go in hetero and later come out homo. When in lock up men’s pants sag because they are not allowed belts so they don’t hang themselves or can be used as a weapon.If the pants are worn under the ass however, its a sign letting fellow inmates know you are bottom down for whatever.You know something is wrong with the world when guys are walking around saying “no homo”when talking to their homeboys.

  24. The abuse id true. If you watch the Braxtons episode when Tamar and her two sisters belly danced for Vince, they were waiting for Toni to arrive. After Toni arrived, Tamar was seated next to Vince, She said something smart, you can see Vince hit her on the leg reaaly hard. Seconds later, the CUT footage is now showing Tamar looking angry. I said then, he abuses Tamar who does act like a 16 yr old. Nevertheless, she’s getting what little money outta Vince that he gives her. She’s only w. Vince for the dough.