Who’s Jacky Talking About? – February 8, 2013


Lindsay Lohan Blind Item

Our blind item is taking a walk down memory lane…literally! That’s because insiders say the actress recently moved back into her mother’s home, sleeping in her childhood bedroom. It’s a situation which we’re told the troubled 26-year-old’s mother is happy with. Know why? Because our blind item will reportedly now be helping her worthless coke-sniffing mom to meet monthly mortgage payments.

She’s rumored to be dating a male cheerleader named Josh Chunn, but sources say she recently smashed on Jersey Shore cast member. Don’t believe me.. Ask Pauly D.

Today’s blind item earned $1,092,480 just last year alone, but she’s said to have squandered it all. Know why? Because today’s blind item is known to be Hollywood’s leading party girl. Just ask Leonardo DiCaprio.

Now, can you guess who I’m talking about?


    • blo han at it again! there is no hope this poor she either needs a to marry a black baptist preacher move out the u.s or fake her own demise get a new identity start all over again.her mama dont give a dam she”ll pimp the meth out lohan and sleep like baby! thats last place lohan should be right now.lohan will better off moving into a crack house then her back in her mother house.

      • Yeah!(Linsey LO-life-han)
        She needs some BBC immediately!
        Now THAT.. a make her sleep like a baby.
        I’ll take the heroin/coke money as payment.

  1. She needs to go to Qatar, Bahrain or Dubai…Maybe hire Kris Jenner as her pimptress cause mom aint gettin it done.

  2. sigh
    My little sister used to love her.
    That child use to watch Parent Trap like it was going out of style.
    Now this girls life is almost over before it ever really began & that in itself is a damn shamed.
    Some people really shouldn’t be allowed to procreate cause the Lohans are a hot mess express.

    • lol you ain’t never lied. go to youtube and check out disney’s subliminal messages, nothing but sex and phallic symbols. probably why the kid’s that go through there end wild as hell.

  3. I can’t say I’m surprised, even with her being a white actress, but the real issue is what she’s done to her face–All those years of partying and drinking, smoking, and snorting anything she could find has her looking 10 or 20 years older than she is. Damn shame because she used to be fine, but that’s that Hollyweird life for you. *shrugs*

      • As is deluded self-importance and ignorance. You got some shit to convey, don’t be an ANONYMOUS coward while doing it, asshole. Like I said, the girl looked good in her prime. Watch your mouth next time.

        • If I recall correctly, it wasn’t long ago that you indirectly replied to something I stated on HSK, using some of my text, without addressing it to me, Raheim. Despite your rudeness and know-it-all demeanor, I opted not to respond to you a thought “let him own his ignorance”.

          Your reply to Anonymous is totally uncalled for. A lot of people will agree that Lindsay Lohan was, by no means, fine. I have seen the girl falling out of clubs, drunk as a skunk, since she was 18. She was washed up back then.

          Seeing as hoe this isn’t your site, you may want to expend more energy on being more respectful of others’ comments, whether you agree or disagree with us. Your reply to Anonymous made you look a bit more foolish than Boo Boo himself.

          • …And if I recall correctly, this isn’t your site, ether, and the person I was responding to just now wasn’t you, so it would be in your best interest to stop trying to play ‘Captain Save-A-Commenter’ on here and let people lie in the beds they made.

            And while you’re at it, do yourself a favor and drop the groundless name-calling, as the last thing I am is ‘rude’ or a ‘know-it-all–‘ Unlike you, I simply do not take shit off of anyone, on or offline, LIKE you. Like I said before, Lohan was a pretty girl back in the day–If you or the anonymous clown didn’t think so, your opinion on the matter was as unwarranted as mine, but I’m not going to let a couple of idiots like you and he/she tell me who I should and shouldn’t find attractive. As for whatever post you’re talking about, if it wasn’t directed at you, then why are you so angry about and obsessed with it? In other words, ‘Bella (An ironic name if I’ve ever seen one),’ you need to heed your own words and ‘own YOUR own ignorance.’

            Anything else you’d like to add?

            • Damn Raheim, anonymous just said that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

              FYI, that is polite for saying, I don’t agree with you, but if that is what you like so be it.

              I hope you get that mad about fucked up things going on in the black community. We always so ready to jump down someone’s throat over a misunderstanding but cower in the face of real shit.

              As for Lindsay, always thought she had beautiful eyes and a pretty face, but too many freckles. She had so many freckles, I was surprised she got work.

              She has been too wild and reckless, her ways have been pissin’ off the wrong people. She AND DINA may just be found dead from synthetic shit.

            • @Anonymous:

              1) I wasn’t ‘mad’ at anyone, 2) I’m well aware of what ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ means, so do yourself a favor (FYI, that’s a nice way of saying ‘cut the bullshit’) and don’t insult my intelligence trying to defend your fellow anonymous commenter, and 3) You ‘hoped’ right–Nothing makes me ‘madder’ than the state of the black community, which is one of the reasons I stopped studying it in college–More than ever, it’s obvious that we as a people are NEVER going to get the respect we deserve from non-blacks (Especially with the way black ‘entertainers’ often portray themselves–Ignorant/Stupid as hell, loud, obnoxious, quick to anger & fight, oversexed, and willing to do pretty much anything for a dollar), and their incessant actions, comments, etc. against us makes me mad as hell (And often retaliate). I trust that answered your question.

            • @Raheim,

              Well if you wasn’t mad, shit, what are you like when you are? Not defending anyone, I don’t need to. No one was insulting your intelligence, your attitude was just crunchy as hell and you garnered some comments on that. You put it out there.

              Anyway, glad you if you are mad you mad about the state of our community and the sambos in the entertainment industry that are the low rung fools on the totem pole of negative propaganda against black folks. I see a lot of good energy on this site and I may be sayin’ something very far-fetched, but some kind of movement is gonna come from this website. I don’t know how or what, but I feel it. Shit is just raw and truthful and that has power.

            • ‘…Shit,’ can you read and utilize basic comprehension? Obviously you can’t, as I said in my reply to the ‘Bella’ chick that I ‘simply don’t take shit off of anyone, on or offline. Who the hell are you to dictate how I act towards people in real life when you know nothing about me other than a bunch of font on a gossip blog? That would be like me saying you’re nothing but an Attention-Whoring, brown-nosing, ignorant instigator with a ‘crunchy’ attitude projecting your childish actions towards others based on your comments to me, but unlike you, I don’t resort to making ASSumptions about strangers online. ‘Damn’ indeed.

              Will there be anything else?

    • @Raheim-Man you beat me to the punch cause DAMN!!! She is only 26?!!! Boy drugs, plastic surgery and hard living have kicked her ass for real! Her looks are GONE!!!! Man she looks like vivica fox the white version. The real sad part is she was talented i mean when i watched her remake of the parent trap i said she is gonna be a star. And she did and look what she did with it. She became another smoked out, turned out hollywood hoe who was an actress and will probably be a prostitute like amanda bynes. Sad but no pity cause she has had numerous chances to get her shyte together. Oh well another one bites the dust.

    • That bitch now looks like Donatella Versace that’s what!!!! Google both their names together. You should find a photo with the both of them. You tell me if you can tell who’s who.

      • Ziiiiiiiiiiiing. Ouch. Donatella Versace is the epitome of “when YT women’s looks go wrong.”

    • I agree, she was a pretty girl. It seems like she was feeling herself way too much, then she got hit with the Paris Hilton curse…Paris had (and probably still has) that girl’s head all screwed up. She must be deeply insecure because Paris and her lame ass cousin Brandon Davis treated that girl like scum, publicly, and I can only imagine what they did privately, but she kept going back for more. And her parents, WOW. And people thought McCauley Culkin had it bad! She didn’t even want to kiss Charlie Sheen (Who would though? Eww), but accepted his money though…She seems self entitled, and even her lawyer is done with her…again

      • @FlixX–Oh, so Brandon Davis must be the dude who was on camera with Paris a.k.a. The Human Praying Mantis calling Lohan ‘Fire-Crotch’ some years back. Funny how Paris thought her Attention-Whoring would last always, and now she’s nothing but a coked-out, ran-through, beak-nosed memory, even among whites. lol

        • LOL YUP that’s his greasy ass…Funny thing is, fire crotch isn’t even an insult-it’s just an observation lol but he really thought he was going in (some people ate it up though)

  4. what kind of a mother would let their daughter/meal ticket be pimped out to rich sheiks in Dubai (besides Kris Jenner)? LiLo’s drug buddy/party pal/mother Dina Lohan, that’s who!

    I doubt that she fucked Pauly D and Leo DiCaprio because they’re playing for the other team.

  5. She had an outstanding bill that needed to be paid recently, and she didn’t have the money. So, who of all people decides to come to her rescue? None other than Charlie Sheen. Now we all know that a man is not going to just GIVE a woman money without any strings attached to it. He’s going to make her work for it. So, what happened? They ended up having sex together in order for her to receive the money from Charlie. It’s no secret that Lindsay gets around in Hollyweird. She squanders her money on material things as well as supporting her drug habit. This is why she stays broke.

    • “Now we all know that a man is not going to just GIVE a woman money without any strings attached to it. He’s going to make her work for it.”……I said damn near the exact thing when I read the article about Charlie giving her that money. Sorry to say but I’m expecting to wake up and read about her OD’ing on any given day. Hope I’m wrong.

    • Pardon my naivete but her and Charlie Sheen fucked? Obviously I live under a rock too. Damn, her ex was right, that bitch is a: FIRE CROTCH!!!

    • Charlie Sheen is a strange life form. Of course we all know how he can be while in one of his drug fueled manias. We know he is a sexual freak.
      But I have it on good authority that his heart is as big as his wallet and thirst for cocaine.
      He has a daughter with a grandchild Lilo’s age. Plus the fact that history has shown that Lindsey just isn’t his “type”.
      He has written checks to down and out men from the old Negro Baseball League without them even knowing from where the money came. I don’t find it impossible to believe that he reached out to her out of pity and kindness. I am in no way a Sheen Stan, I just know that he is VERY generous with his money and he has a lot of heart under the “TigerBlood” exterior.

      • @christa–Interesting about Sheen’s generosity towards the old Negro Baseball League when he’s done shit like call his ex, Denise Richards, a ‘Nigger’ and was found in a Hollywood bathroon a few years ago (Prior to his ‘Winning!/Tiger Blood’ period) in the throes of one of his aformentioned ‘drug-fueled manias’ screaming the word like there was no tomorrow. I had wrote him and his gradually drooping coke nostril off as another rich white racist mad at the world for nothing, but now I see he’s nothing but a hypocrite. And a racist. May he snort in peace. *shrugs*

        • To Raheim 19:38

          It is puzzling how people of other races, especially white people will give and volunteer more than black people. 95% of black people will take/participate but, they won’t volunteer

          It’s so weird how some white people will hate and despise us but, they are more willing to give. Can somebody explain? Is it because of collective guilt or were the taught to do so?

          I just put a call out for volunteers. I just met with the people interested. None were black. Over the holidays I got a call from a couple that were visiting from back east, they said that while they were on the west coast celebrating the holidays they wanted to volunteer.

          So, I can see how Charlie Sheen could be a racist/racial slurs and give generous donations to the Negro Baseball League.

          • Very interesting and revealing take on the subject Black Pearl. Thank you for adding another bit of head scratching to my daily HSK resolve to seek the answers to so much cognitive dissonance in the minds/actions of Blacks and yts.

          • That is an interesting point, however, I think he is just a generous person. It is no secret that he is a HUGE baseball fan and even played in school, so I think it is genuine. Now, while I don’t believe all white people (among others) are straight up racist, I do believe that some people have certain “ideas” about black people and other minorities. I also believe that some people are racist but don’t even realize it. I have known a few of these people. There are also selective racists; my cousin has a “friend” like this-sleeps with black men, has a black child, but only likes my cousin and one other black chick because they are “safe”.

      • @christa-Thanks for the kind words and know i feel the same about you. The problem the militant black folks on this site have is not understanding two things. 1) white folks are on this planet with us and whether you like them or not we have to interact with them.2) they all aren’t prejudiced. Back in the day white abolitionists worked to help free slaves simply because they thought it was the right thing to do. Despite the fact that they were shunned by whites who thought different and risked execution at the hands of the klan they soldiered on. Black folks today don’t have a clue of how much power there is in solidarity and that is why we remain at the back of the bus. Someone on here said black folks aren’t free we’ve just been allowed to roam around the plantation. Truer words were never spoken. And that freedom to roam has made us complacent and lazy. We must be ever vigilant about the fact that we are still not free despite what we’re told. As you said above other races are quickly outpacing us in the areas of education and power. The latinos discovered their strength and that is why if you intend on holding a public office in california you MUST seek their votes and approval otherwise you won’t win. The days of being able to ignore the latino community are at an end. And as for the asians they are becoming the leaders of the new school. When it comes to education, technological advancement and population boom they are winning! They are becoming a force to be reckoned with and they realized the value of education long ago which is why they are at the forefront. Their children are tech savvy at an early age while u.s. black children are still counting on their fingers! We are being left behind in a world that is steadily moving swiftly forward and if we’re not careful we could find ourselves on the outside looking in while others run things. That’s why back in slavery times the first thing they did was bar black folks from learning to read and write cause an educated black person was a danger. Being educated puts you in a position to achieve things such as wealth and power. That’s why in 2014 the price of getting a GED will be raised from $40 to $140.And who are those prices going to effect? The poor and lower middle class and who are the main folks in that group? Take a wild guess. But idiots like the anonymous who made snide comments to and about us think we are the enemy? Allrighty then. Good luck with your strategy of dogging fellow blacks and thinking you are the good guy. Whatever works for you.

        • I post a lot less here than I used to because I have come to the realization that people can only speak from their experiences and world view. Judging from the general attitude and narrow view of a fairly large group here (or seemingly so cus they’re all named anonymous)who simply have not spent much time around successful, educated and diversified blacks. That is unfortunate. As a result, they unknowingly place limitations not only on themselves but on other blacks as well. This too, is unfortunate. I choose to live my life much like I drive my car – I glance in the rear view mirror occasionally but for the most part I look out the front windshield while glancing out the sides for both potential opportunities and pitfalls. I know the history of race relations but I am not chained to them. Also, you do not have to like someone (or a group) to mimic their methods or recipe for success. There seems to be a great resentment towards successful blacks, light skinned blacks, blacks in frats/soros, black Republicans, etc. just on GP on HSK. I could make some sweeping generalization as to why I think that is but I will decline opening that can of worms. I would recommend that if you do not know personally any folks getting their paper legally and with class and dignity seek some out or study some. Not entertainers or celebs but educators, entrepreneurs, business owners, consultants, execs in corporate America, etc. There are really only two kinds of people in the world – those who know and those who do not know. Those who do not know are probably confused by this statement.

          • Keepitrealnot


            Pay particular attention to the line which states, you don’t have to LIKE someone to emulate/mimic their paths to success.

        • Thank yo Queen Madraven. As always you represent the high road in a whirlpool of confusion and (often deserved) hate.
          I have said it before, and I’ll say it again. I believe strongly that the 3% of YT’s who rule this country as well as the world would be elated if all American Blacks vanished tomorrow. They don’t much care or have a problem with Black Africans, because they don’t see them as a threat to their agenda in any way.
          That same 3% disdain working class YT’s, Hispanics and Asian-Americans(who pose a genuine threat to their choke hold on controlling America financially and socially.)
          If anyone here has ever opened their mind enough to talk to a working class YT, they will find a heck of a lot in common with them and their distrust of the GWB’s and Dick Cheney’s of the ruling class. I am as hypersensitive to true racism as anyone…but as I get older and wiser, I am coming to realize that as the powers that be have destroyed the middle class of America, the working poor have finally had their blinders removed. I see less racism in the past 5 years than I ever imagined in my lifetime.
          Now I’m not saying let’s all hold hands and sing “Kumbaya” together. I am saying that if we exhaust what power we do wield by categorically
          distrusting/hating all YT’s, we are dooming ourselves to further marginalization as we watch our numbers decrease.
          Lastly, the very thought of turning on each other because of success envy or skin tone is a one way ticket to oblivion. This may offend Panther members, but if we refuse to work within the system to rise from the ashes of 400 years of horror, our great grand kids may find that they make up 6% of the US population.
          This may be the last nail in my casket here, but I am willing to go there because I love my people.

        • When last i looked a black man invented the cell phone, made hubble work, and was large part of what made internet work, not a latino or asian. Went to school a majority asian school and the advanced classes were full of black and white students, not asian. At the time, this school district was the top in the country. Uh . . . then came crack, (sold by black to black, BUT yes, flown in by all others – ALL meaning white, asian, latino. Since then, black babies walk and talk later (yes we were always ahead of the milestones in white books, before crack). Children are no longer taught their full name, alphabet, and phone # before kindergarten, things have not been the same. I find asians and latinos easier to brain wash (one with the catholic church, the other with fantasies of whiteness). Still, (aside form this overboard illuminati BS) blacks where I come from can see through the Pope, would still not accept Clarence Thomas, were not fooled by Mark Fuhrman, prefer Ced over Steve Harvey, and truly believe in the One God. If only our people loved their mothers. Then we could continue to move forward.

  6. when u partying so much u start sounding like a cross between joan rivers and harvey fierstein, then got-dayum its time for something else, lindsay

  7. Have you guys ever wondered why so many former Disney children end up fucked up? Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus the list goes on and on. Those Disney demons been drugging mosesting and raping children ever since Steamboat Willy. You think I’m lying, ask Corey Feldman; hurry up before he mysteriously turns up dead!

    • Yeah but let’s put the blame where it rightfully belongs. Disney ain’t the problem the real problem is the thirsty ass fame hungry stage parents! ALL of the kids you named all had one thing in common-parents who sold their children down the river at a young age for stardom. Lindsay’s mom and dad are both crackheads, britney’s parents pimped out britney at 14 to secure her a record deal and miley’s dad billy ray used her to relive his achy breaky heart one hit wonder success. As for corey feldman he and the late corey haim were both dick candy for boy hungry pedos. And they both became stars but they paid a terrible price for it. Feldman was stronger than haim which is why he is still alive. And the connection between the two-both had stage parents who valued fame more than their kids. It destroys most but some make it through like drew barrymore, brooke shields and ron howard but it is not uncommon to see them end up like lindsay. The parents are the key. No parental guidance almost guarantees you a fukked up kid that becomes a dysfunctional adult.

      • Word up. Word on da street was drew bmores father and his mob connected friends had an open contract on those who kept tryin to turn out drew while she was wildin. Dealers stopped sellin to her and erthang. That was the only way she made it back cus she was bout a molly and a rock away from slow singin and flower bringin for a minute. She came back skrong doe.

      • See @Madraven knows that when you have a weed, you kill it at the root.
        Disney can only do what the parents ALLOW them to do.
        Don’t believe me?
        Ask Billy Ray Cyrus about it.

      • @Madraven

        You say child molesters are not the problem?

        I think you are a white agent of Hollywood…
        You are a wolve in negro clothing.

        • @anonymous 8:21-I did not say child molesters were not the problem. I said the parents who willingly give their children up to child molesters were the problem and i stand by what i said. If someone molests my child and i find out about it they are dead-no apologies, no discussion,damn the law!!! Now if i give my child to a pedophile and let them have their way with them as britney, usher, corey haim, corey feldman and lindsay’s parents did then i as the parent are the problem not the child molester. And you can miss me with that white “wolf” in negro clothing comment cause questioning my blackness doesn’t make me look bad it just makes YOU look stupid. And instead of spending your time on here you need to go back to school cause your inability to spell simple words is proof that the RIF truck did not make a stop in your neighborhood. And while you are there inquire about a reading comprehension class cause you were the only one who took my comment to mean what you thought it meant. Please do not be afraid of being smart-intelligence is your friend.

          • And i don’t trust anyone who doesn’t know how to spell and i don’t think everyone is stupid just YOU. LOL!

          • You are a plague on this site. I will not dignify your accusations and name calling with reacting in kind.

          • Mad You are the voice of reason here at HSK. I am mortified that you were subjected to such a despicable character attack.

            Sista, I am so proud of you…don’t let the ign’ant haters even phase you.

            • Thanks sis trust me i’m not gonna let folks who can’t spell phase me! Lol! I’ve been called worse by better people.

          • @anonymous 18:23-Actually dimwit christa and i are two different people but thanks for showing your stupidity once again. SCHIZOPHRENIC? Bet you had to google that one huh?*joker laugh*

          • Question do you think that all of these parents did or didn’t know…the guy from the group with omarion, b2k says that the producer was his cousin and his mother didn’t know.. My unce tried me right in the next room while everyone was sitting in the kitchen cooking. Lindsey, her parents prolly knew but Usher’s mom claims she was there all the time..I wonder do some of these people just keep the secret for fear of their life

            • I think some know, some don’t, and the ones that do know and don’t say anything, don’t b/c they are getting paid. There was a teacher at the school where my mom used to work that mentored this little boy. He was always with him, and people were curious, but not really sure. Come to find out, he was having sex with this boy the whole time and was paying his mother off. The only reason he got caught is because the mother wanted more money, didn’t get it, so she told (and this trick REALLY thought she was in the clear, as a “victim” and shit). I always thought he was kind of bold to be out in public with the boy like that though, that is not normal pedophile behavior, BUT, he may have just gotten too comfortable. Maybe some are afraid Who knows, idk…but fuck that shit, the MF touching my child is the one that needs to be afraid.

            • @wisdom-They know and if they don’t know they damn sure suspect something. You know your child and if they begin to act differently then you know something is going on. Stage parents don’t care about their children they just use them as pawns to achieve THEIR goals of success not the child’s. And they aren’t afraid of anything they just see it as the cost of doing business. And as for the child well too bad for them.

          • @ anonymous 18:23

            “I”? Excuse me, but I am not such an egomaniac as to refer to myself in the third person.
            I could have said “Christa thinks you are a plague on this site…”
            But that would be as ridiculous as Bobby Brown saying “Bobby Brown don’t smoke no dope.”
            I meant I. Yes I am a big fan of Madraven and her thoughtful, well worded editorials. And frankly I consider it a compliment to be mistaken for her.
            But alas we are friends, not sock puppets.
            If more people on this site listened to Mad and Keepitrealnot, the Black Nation would be heading upwards in the right direction.
            I UNDERSTAND completely how irksome and nauseating it can be to realize that we must be willing to play ball with the YT man.
            It sucks. But at 13-15% of the population, we cannot continue to eschew every thought and word uttered by them. You all know that the Latinos are fixin to kick our butts population-wise; and the Asians….well forget it. The direction they are heading in, along with the preeminence of China, they may have the Jews and YTs kowtowing to THEM within 20 years.

    • disney made the rules he was a worshipper of black magic and he let it be known that kids who join his group were going to be molested.

      his legacy lives.

      you grow up a disney kid you’re goinna end up a cocaine snorting bisexual freak.

      jt and the n sync boys were raped by their manager.

      can’t send your kids no where college, boy scouts, sesame street, church somebody’s gonna rape them.

  8. Hollywood is always looking for parents who will make that deal with the devil and deliver their children to the demonic chesters. In return they may get fame and fortune, but not always. For every Lindsay Lohan, there are thousands of children who have been molested by the gay mafia and got nothing! Sad that some parents will pimp their children out to hollywood’s wealthy chesters. That is why I feel bad for Lindsay. Nobody loves her, not even her own parents!

  9. i remember her hanging out with diddy and him teaching her to dance she was young but i also dont remember her being on drugs then

  10. This girl is butt dumb! By Hollywoods standards her million dollar paycheck is nothing. When you make all that money & have nothing to show for it except a car & new wardrobe, your just plain ol’ stupid! Her Lifetime movie bombed big time….her acting skills were horrible.already looking’ 35 when your in your twenties…not a good look!

  11. I remember she had bought some expensive condo that she never stayed in. It was basically a high-priced closet for all her designer clothes, shoes and bags. That’s a prime example of how she wasted her fortune.

      • She better do something. I wonder what happened to all the money she made from her leggings line? This girl has had so many opportunities to not have a dime to show for it. Merrick, Long Island is a nice community but it’s a long way from Hollywood. Dina has no job and no means of support other than child support and Lindsay’s handouts. The sorry bitch needs to get a job like everyone else and stop putting what money she does get up her nose.

  12. Why are we giving a fuck about Lindsey “The black guy did it” Lohan??? You can’t bring this hoe up in conversation and not discuss her lack of love for all things black… She got money from 50Cent and Diddy too but she refused to date either one of them… Even this cracked out, ran through, raggedy looking,coke whore knew her brand as one of Hollyweird’s coveted “white” charms would plummet to “damaged stock” status and never be rebirthed if she were to be seen on the arm of a BLACK MAN!!! Don’t believe me, ask Paris “Eww I wouldn’t touch a Nigger” Hilton…. @Raheim, it amazes me how brothas like you (I’m assuming your a brotha by your name) prance around like theyve got shit together because all the non-black whores of Babylon will let you get a lil taste! Look what it costs you?? Freedom (OJ) Bad Name (Kobe “white girl rapist” Bryant and Tiger “cheater” Woods) millions of dollars and endorsements(Chad “Headbutt” Johnson, Michael Strahan, Tiki Barber, or worse, Death(Gary Coleman, Steve McNair) Its not about no damn jealousy either…If white men hate your guts and will attack you on site (Rodney King, Sean Bell, Amadou Dialllo, Trayvon Martin) with no repercussions why would white women, their sisters, daughters, nieces, grandaughters, etc., love you??? JUST THINK!!!! It is TRICKERY! The white whore was brought in to satisfy the “craving for pure white snowbunny flesh” that the big, black BUCK has for her, as a means to control YOU and your money and its WORKING!!! Keep thinking these white harlots love you… It is not necessary to keep trying to convince the world how great you think these non black whores are… YOU are the dummies being played! Us sistas will sit back and shake our heads, laugh or disdain you, and many of you will keep calling us haters, black whores, bitches, diss us in your music, publicly berate us, etc., but we can handle that too. After all, we’re not the ones losing our names, millions of hard earned dollars and ultimately our soul to lay up under these racist white devils! And I know my post may come off as “angry”…believe me, I’m not!! I just hate to see blacks jump all over another black(Raheim) in defense of a racist who would not spit on you if you were on fire…. Don’t believe me, ask any fucking body in black Hollywood!!!

    • @Anonymousness–The hell is this, ‘Bullshit ASSumptions Day?’ I’m going to tell your stupid, puerile, obnoxious, wannabe Sojurner Truth ass the same thing I told the other Anonymous Hens who’ve been trying to peck at me for the last day and a half–You know nothing about me other than what I put on this blog. My saying that Lohan was a pretty girl back then DOES.NOT. mean that I think whites (Especially white women) walk on water–Quite the contrary, as I usually don’t find white women attractive, unlike your favorite BLACK singer, rapper, athlete, or actor/actress who drool like dogs whenever one so much as gives them eye contact. That being said, get your fucking facts straight and keep my name out of your shaky-ass font, you blathering idiot. You’re dismissed.

    • michael jackson paid the price for marrying 2 of them too and disregarding his race.

      all mike wanted to do was outdo elvis and the beatles and he paid the price.

      oj’s right where he belongs.

      female black celebs who marry outside their raCE END UP DEAD TOO DOROTHY DANDRIDGE, AND MINNIE RIPERTON FOR EXAMPLE.



      • After reading this, old black men like Harry Belafonte, Mike Garrett and Marcus Allen should be glad nothing bad happened to them. All those guys ever did was bend over backwards for white women (Hopfully not literally)!

    • Excellent post Anonymousness! I never thought of this, you’re right! You should e-mail your comment to all black celebrities who screw around with white girls; starting with Kobe Bryant!

    • looks like somebody read “the myth of black macho and the superwoman,” by michelle wallace. For which she was black-balled by Blk Male writing establishment, only to be found true and correct by the 1990’s.

  13. @Raheim’s 2nd or 3 rd rant….I’ve lost count but, your excuse for dropping out of school is senseless to me. Furthermore your statement of blacks seemingly needing respect from non blacks for progression is also senseless and as well as a foolish notion. Blacks have always been at the forefront of progression starting with the beginning of civilization, however waiting for respect from others is futile and quite frankly not needed.

    In reference to the basis for your rant concerning lindsay’s prior beauty, you are absolutely entitled to your opine. Your response to the matter is pretty interesting considering you were not maliciously attacked. This is a blog and the subsequent commentary no matter how benign is what makes it interesting.

    • @Anonymous’s bullshit ASSumptions about people they don’t know online–Like I told your friend (Or you, if you’re the same person who’s been popping shit to me), you know nothing about me other than font on this blog, so do yourself a favor and drop the childish projection, Mr./Mrs. High-School dropout. You’re speaking to a GRADUATE STUDENT, you idiot, a Graduate Student who has no problem calling losers like yourself off on your Attention-whoring bullshit. Therefore, conduct yourself accordingly and pick up a book while you’re at it.

      Also, my statement about ‘blacks seemingly needing respect from non-blacks’ had nothing to do with blacks’ progression and everything to do with what I’ve read, observed, and heard over the years–Case in point, this blog wouldn’t exist if blacks were in a better condition in this country, you blathering idiot. In short, your pandering for attention from me on this blog was ‘futile and quite frankly not needed’ as well. Now run along and work on that GED and learn to pick your battles, on and offline.

      • Since you’ve responded so quickly with another insult tinged non sequitor rant, I have no choice other than to believe you are nothing but a provocative blog troll; most likely a young one at that. If you based your view of blacks on what you’ve seen and heard, it seems reasonable to surmise you’ve rarely ventured outside of the internet or cable t v. As far as your comments ckncerning education, they were actually funny considering, I’ve already swam in the ocean (and made it to the destination) in which you’re barely treading. I certainly hope that you dedicate as much Passion to your graduate studies as you do pre menstruating over blog comments from anonymous strangers.

        • Internet Commenter Tactic #2370–Feign ‘Taking the high road,’ aggrandize accomplishments, and type with a (bullshit) condescending tone.

          And again with the assumptions! I, as a black man, live AND study my people and their history, and that is the stance from which I speak on them. If you were half as intelligent as you’ve been purporting yourself to be, you would’ve seen that, oh, two comments ago (Since you enjoy counting my replies). Your simple ass would’ve also seen that my comments about blacks’ need for non-black approval wasn’t meant in malice, nor spoke for all blacks–It is, like I’ve said before, reality for many blacks, especially those in the Entertainment Industry–Why else would they insist on bleaching their skin, thinning their noses, and dying their hair blonde? In other words, I have a huge problem with those blacks who feel that they’re incapable of anything without white approval, which again isn’t hard to understand or glean from my comments. Your glaring and laughable inability to grasp these ridiculously simple concepts shows me that you’re nothing but the Troll you say I am, trying to pick fights/argue on here for the sake of arguing, and I’m not having it. Now ‘menstruate’ over that, drop the childish projection in an asinine attempt to push your failures in life on someone else, and kick rocks until you’re capable of actually debating. ———–>

        • ‘P.S.’ it’s ‘concerning,’ not ‘ckncerning.’ I see that imagiary graduate degree of yours was put to good use. LOL

          • Spell check not needed considering you knew the word being typed. I see you parallel your existence, your opinion and your research of the black community with Hollywood. A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. You probably won’t get that metaphor son.

            • Spell check is needed when one is trying to incessantly, obsessively, and condescendingly diss (Or, in your twisted view, ‘school’) someone else. In other words, when you get on your high horse, common sense dictates that you don’t do anything to cause yourself to fall off. You probably won’t get that metaphor, but it is what it is.

              Also, last time I checked, black Entertainment in all its forms, athletics included, is grounded in/an extension of the black community itself, something REAL blacks, not self-important, Attention-Whoring FAKE blacks like yourself, are well aware of. Therefore, my statement about this blog existing due to said conditions stands. Again, the last time I checked, ‘Entertainment Blogs’ glorify the Entertainment Industry–HSK does not. Thanks again for showing how laughably stupid you are while trying to check someone else. I mean, it’s like you enjoy making yourself look like an idiot while mired in whatever delusion that makes you think you’re intelligent. LOL


          • @Raheim-I get your viewpoint of not taking shit from anyone online or off but trust and believe me when i tell you these internet arguments aren’t worth it. PinkKitty a frequent commentator on here once gave me some sound advice and if i may i’ll share it with you-Don’t feed the beast. You have people who come on here with the specific agenda of angering people and making them come out of their hookup and basically act like a nigga. Take it from one who knows from past experience it ain’t worth it. You will get angry, spew paragraphs of vitriol all over the place and meanwhile the party that angered you is laughing their ass off cause they know they got you. They will question your blackness, your intelligence and call you names-whatever works to achieve the result of you being pissed off. You may not remember but we actually had a conversation on another thread. You struck me as insightful and intelligent so as long as you know your worth that’s all that matters. You know you’re not dumb or anything else so keep on rolling baby. Hear me?

            • @Madraven–Thank you for the advice and kind words, words I will heed. I already knew how Trolls, especially the ‘Agent-Provocateur’ ones, operate online, but I’m of the opinion that sometimes they need to be put in their place for a laugh. Little do these puerile, Attention-Whoring clowns know, I’m laughing at THEM show the world how stupid they are with every successive post, trying to vilify me for saying some random white actress was pretty a decade ago, yet bringing her up in every successive post while I haven’t mentioned her since. Talk about hypocrisy and obsession LOL

              And yes, I see some other Trolling ignoramuses going at you in here, too, but it’s all good–Trolls of a (Tarred) feather flock together on the Internet.

              Stay up and thanks again!

          • @Anonymous & Shiella–You two losers deserve each other with that pathetic sense of humor. ‘LOL’ indeed. You’re both dismissed.

            • Go watch rupauls drag race, you’re better suited for that environment. There’s no way you’re heterosexual.

            • LOL I see Madraven clowned you so much you don’t know where to turn. Lonely Mud-ducks with ghetto names like yourself have no room to question anyone about anything. Go apply for a name change, Food Stamps, and English 101 before trying to pop shit, Tranny. You’re dismissed.

  14. P.S. This is an entertainment blog, it is not a definitive social resource on black America. So, this blog would exist regardless of the ills faced by black Americans. Keep living son,

  15. You’re calling me a fake black, but your whole diatribe is behind you catching e-feelings because someone disagreed with you about the attractiveness of a white crackhead. Yeah, you’re a “real brotha”.

    • …Only ‘fake blacks’ would fail to see the connection between the black community and black entertainers. Therefore, I once again called shit like it was. Mad much? And again, let me know when you’re ready to debate (Oh, my bad–You’ve shown time and time again that you don’t have the intellectual capacity to debate about anything). In other words, you lost.


  16. Fuck you Raheim and your lil cheerleaders!!!! I don’t need no backing! I said what I said and I MEANT THAT SHIT! You are nothing to me. I don’t know you on or off this lil cyber situation… You nor your words mean shit to me!! So I give two, three fucks about your lil wack ass reply…. I rarely comeon this thing and argue with some of you crackbabies! I actually have A LIFE! You are constantly on here arguing like the cyber sissy you are…I said WHAT I said to you and I ain’t changing!!! And this is for whoever else don’t like it!! 🙂 🙂

    • LOL Please, Beulah–You made an ASSumption about me, I checked your wannabe black revolutionary ass, and now you can’t take your loss and shut up about it. You weren’t worth the font the first time, and you’re not worth it now. Clean the sand out of your cervix and go die somewhere. You’re dismissed, as well. Now make some smileys about that. LOL

  17. Raheim, go untuck your penis and take off your girl drawers. You’re a loser who argues on blogs and claims fake victories because you are socially stunted. You hiding n cyberspace, u and madraven need to join the real world. Who argues on blogs, yall are some straight losers.

        • No, Shiella, it really is me: the trailer trash white girl trolling this site and using “outdated” terms such as:the Black Nation”.

          My sweet lawd, what place have we come to when we are obsessed with tearing each other down??

          • Christa, you must want some attention. I’ve not addressed you, but your boo raheim, who has been on the rampage.

    • Anonymous 9:28-You misspelled “sheila” lol! You know if your going to switch handles and identities to hurl insults for the love of jehovah God use spellcheck. People like you are the reason they made that key.

        • Oh that’s one of those ghetto mom trying to be creative names like beyonce or shaunquisha. Lol! Glad i had parents who didn’t feel the need to crack open a bottle of md 20/20 before they named me. Sucks to be you with that idiot name. Lol!

          • LOL@Madraven. These losers are so mad they had to team up on me WHILE misspelling their screenames! Hilarious. ‘Shiella’ is nothing but a trickbaby or crackbaby name–No wonder her bitch.ass is looking for attention–Her mama was too busy getting pounded out in the streets and itching & scratching for her next hit to give her none. Poor loser.

            • Hey shiella(bwahaha that name!)it’s not my fault your crackhead mother was zooted out on the pipe when she named you. And the really hilarious part is you keep trying to explain that name to me like that’s going to make it sound any less stupid-“it’s pronounced shy-ella”-“it’s a surname”Rotflmao!!!!! A dumb ass name for a dumb ass. You and your surname are a match made in heaven-an idiotic name for an idiot. You would have thought your father would have opposed you being named that but i guess he was off with his boyfriend when that decision was made. You know how much your dad loves the boys. That new oj story must have hit close to home huh? It must hurt knowing you’re more masculine than your father-and you’re an actual girl!!! Lol!!!

  18. @Raheim: I wouldn’t waste my time making assumptions about you. You are truly crunchy, and that is not an assumption, but, rather it is an accurate deduction from your bombastic and disputatious responses. Please feel freee to call me any kind of names you want as you are in obvious need of releasing all that rage within you. Nobody instigates anything on HSK, it is just a give and take and what I find to be an organic flow of ideas. If you can’t participate without becoming so shrill, well what we do know about you is how grossly immature and under evolved you are.

    Enough about you, I am sure you are basking in all the negative attention. The somewhat unhinged usually do.

  19. I am shocked at the reaction and responses of Raheim! I thought of you to be quite an intelligent poster but that initial attack to anon 11:44’s OPINION of LL was shocking to say the least. Almost like a cocaine infused emotional explosion.

    • Like I said in my original post, I don’t let people dictate who I should and shouldn’t find attractive, which is what the anon in question did. Funny how that was OVERLOOKED in your observation of my comments, but it’s whatever at this point–I stand by what I said, and nothing is going to change that. The End.

      • Seriously let this shyt go dude. You have a personality disorder if random comments get you fired up like this. Unbelievable, you’d think these commenters had committed a crime against you and your family. Damn.

        • Two words for you and the person who agreed with your nonsense: Grow. Up. This topic has been dead for days, yet you just had to throw your unwarranted two cents in, which makes you nothing but a desperate-for-attention hypocrite with a chip on your shoulder for a bunch of font on a computer screen.

          ‘Damn’ indeed.

        • @anonymous: Raheim must have the last word or he will wet the bed tonight! His mattress has been soggy for days now, LOL!!

  20. don’t feel sorry for lindsay she’s just another whitegirl who became rich on drugs.

    she lived her life she done all she was supposed to do in hollywood.

    when she dies you are gonna hear the conspiracy theories.