Who’s Jacky Talking About? – January 11, 2013


Blind Item - January 11, 2013

She’s A ‘How To Mack A Billionaire’ Pro!

She’s a chart-topping singer, who recently advanced the use of her celebrity – from turning out a certain Nation – to coaching her female fans on how to mack a billionaire. And, there’s possibly no one better than her to do just that. Know why? Because she recently achieved her said goal, by prompting her wealthy Middle Eastern fiance to shred the soon-to-be newly wed couple’s prenup!

This news comes after our blind item cancelled the couple’s previously scheduled wedding date, citing “cold feet”. Now, without that prenup in place, the pair is reset to walk down the isle — and ya better believe she won’t back out this time!!!

Insiders say because our 46-year-old blind item has long past her child-bearing years, her Arabian trick had no problem with meeting her request to throw out his proposed preunp. That’s because the situation ensures there won’t be any spawn entitled to his will. Don’t believe me.. Ask our blind item’s dad, Joe.

Now, that our $150M blind item is marrying a billionaire, she’s upping her ante…

Can you guess who I’m talking about???


    • LOL! Janet married that broke guy and kept it secret for years. Then she got with that pint sized Jermaine (who was going broke). Now she has wised up. She obviously has a few tricks up her sleeve. She is surgically enhanced in every way. Fake boobs fake nose, fake chin, ribs removed, coffee enemas, bald headed, herpes, etc. And this rich guy still wants to marry her. She is either a witch who put a spell on him or he is suffering from some sort of ailment. Either way, I wish them the best.

        • Whatevs ain’t none of ya’ll pullin this caliber of ish off. oh yeah…who would want to???you think she gonna have “CONTROL” in this situation???that indian dude gonna have her locked down so hard….she wont even be able to blow her own nose!!!

          • Truth. Different country, different laws and don’t think because they ain’t acting like it in the states they won’t be Dom-Daddy at home, in their own country. She’s old enough to know better, so…

            He’s rich as hell. This leans toward him being a freak too. It takes some weird shit to get off when you can do anything to get off. Kicks get hard. She’s grown, and getting away from the rest of her Clan. This might be better than being near them.

            • Dont be surprised if JLo visits often, She and Janet have a carpet munching history.

        • Lets see exactly what caliber of ish this really turns out to be.

          Lets talk about a Pre-Nup being “torn up”. For there to be a “Pre-Nup” there first must be a legal and legitimate marriage ceremony performed with Registered State documents in one of the 50 US states….Thats the only type of marriage that bears any legal weight that can be enforced by US law.

          So, hell, Wissam can tear up the Pre-Nup if they are going to have some pseudo marriage ceremony in front of the Ka’aba in Mecca….Such a marriage wont mean shit in the US, so yea, why not tear up the Pre-Nup if there is really no legally binding marriage…LOL
          Now all of this is predicated on the assumption that they wont be applying for a marriage license in Las Vegas, California or wherever these moslems own homes in the US.

          If they dont apply for a marriage license in one of the 50 states, then jANET is basically another Naomi Campbell or Eve…Just a “kept woman” who gets a monthly salary and access to one or two homes in exchange for making themselves available for sex PRN.

      • Jealous much? Janet Jackson is one of the sexiest, beautiful women of ALL TIME. She set the bar high for sexy in pop. Janet will be praised for that accompolishment for eons….just like dirty nasty men want to dig up Marilyn Monroe’s skeleton for a spin…this billionaire has collected the ultimate prize..f$&ing JANET JACKSON. Stop hating, it’s okay..you will never ever have the beauty and sex appeal she has and will beyond her death.

        • I am sorry, my ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ post was directed to
          Anonymous 13:51.

          I agree with all the comments wishing Janet well. She deserves some happiness with someone of her caliber.

      • janet got with jd because she wanted to appeal to the hip hop crowd and jd was a hot producer at the time and her albums with jd was’nt that good she even danced with a woman in a video blink and you’ll miss it.

        business arrangements besides all other so called producers was taken jd was never known to have a serious girlfriend besides kandi from xscape who he kicked to the curb after he hooked with janet.

      • HERPES?
        And when you say bald headed, do you mean Amber Rose bald headed(which I like) or Naomi Campbell, bald headed (which scares me)?

        et-tu Janet?

    • Janet just confirmed she has the tightest pussy and gives the best head on the planet. A fuckin billionaire ripping up a prenup? The day she takes all his shit and runs i just want to be there to see the look on hie face. That shit is just dumb, who cares about “we dont need it we love eachother” anything can happen maybe she sucks as a wife maybe she cheats the sky is the limit on what could go wrong its possible u stay together forever (doubt that shit very seriously) Why risk all your money and im sure your families money over some pussy? I am a female im not a gold digger and i would marry w/o a prenup but im broke if i had billions just to be safe i wouldnt marry at all fuck the prenup there to many loopholes and crafty lawyers. We get it u love her but u r a jackass she will have no respect for u walk all over your ass after this shit cuz she can. What the fuck r u gonna do leave? Put your balls in her purse and walk 2 stepes behind her from now on. Go Janet cuz u r a baaaaad bitch Trina better sit the fuck down.

      • I hate to inject any practical, unromantic thought into the discussion of this marriage made in heaven, but isn’t he entitled to as many wives as he can afford per Arab/Muslim law????

        • He is not “entitled” to as many wives as he can afford. He is allowed to marry up to 4, but it is not an obligation nor an entitlement. If Janet does not want a cowife he has to take that into consideration. Sorry if I seem aggressive, just that I know so many men (Muslim and non-Muslim) who feel that polygamy is an obligation. Just because you can do it doesn’t mean you have to, and there are obviously factors you have to consider before you can even take on another wife (money, the wife’s sentiments, possible conflict, etc.). Men tend to forget that polygamy is not all unlimited vagina and loving. It’s actually a huge responsibility.

          • DaBronxChick 14:05 Anyone who has ever seen that wack-azz show Sister Wives knows that fo sho. What a disaster!

      • why else would janet accept being in a harem sorry black american women don’t accept harems and are too jealous to be into that sort of thing.

        but his money made up for that.

        • The comment about billionaires preferring black women is totally true. Kola Boof (a black woman who was Bin Laden’s mistress) gave an interview this week. She said:

          One thing I learned while living with Osama Bin Laden (against my will in 1996)…is that while the saying goes “gentlemen prefer Blondes“…..a less talked about phenomenon is that BILLIONAIRES prefer Black women.

          Don’t believe me ask Warren Buffett or Donald Trump. Not only black women but they prefer DARK black women. But the media is NOT profiling this. A list of Billionaires with black wives girlfriends or hate to say it, mistresses:

          Norton Security creator Peter Norton
          George Lucas
          Moamar Khadafi tried to seduce Condi Rice heavily while she was in North Africa
          Donald Trump
          Warren Buffett
          Ted Trrner
          Vladimir Doronin
          Wissam Al Mana
          The Prince of Liechtenstein
          Marc Ecko
          Matt Stone

          • FACT: I’d say a majority of men period prefer Black women. But due to the deep seated prejudices in this country it’s still shaky ground for the man to bring LaMarsha home to meet the family.
            But with men of all races who have money…they don’t need or seek the approval of the parental units, so they do as they please.

            • Keepingitreal will be here soon with some type of side-eyed comment along the lines of black women won’t meet the white momma. And 5…4…3…2

          • You forgot to add

            Thomas Jefferson
            Andrew Jackson
            Strom Thurmond (a billionaire in Confederate money
            Bill Gates (once paid a black hooker to urinate on his laptop while he was hacking off)

      • yes that’s it become a billionaire spend it on living out asll my fantasies with black women the poor folks dream about.

  1. Janet jackson but i don’t understand why she’s on some lisaraye type golddigging stuff. I mean she has her own money. I don’t get that one but many of the things these celebs do baffles me.

      • According to Forbes 2011, Janet is worth $150 million. A prenup doesn’t necessarily entitle a spouse to half of the other spouses wealth. No prenup makes it easier to collect generous spousal support package and an equitable share of wealth generated during the marriage. This is a smart move for Janet and a definite upgrade from jermaine dupri.

        • @Nyp-a monkey with rabies is an upgrade over jermaine dupri’s stripper impregnating nasty little leprechaun ass. How do you have janet jackson at home and fuck a trifling stripper? And get her pregnant?!!! Real rocket scientist that one. Smdh

          • @ vermithrax 13:39 Girlfriend we are dangerously close to sharing a brain. When I read NYP”s statement about Janet’s fiance being an upgrade from JD, I was thinking “well, a bag of E-Coli tainted spinach leaves is an upgrade from the hobgoblin.” Then I read your monkey with rabies quote and just about fell out laughing!

        • When are people gonna realize that net worth does not necessarily equal money on the bank?????

          Most times it measures earning POTENTIAL. Mot actual wealth earned/possessed. It’s how much they’re WORTH. Not how much they have. And being in a tax bracket these celebrities are in and being in a field such as music they have to pay labels, expenses, staffing so on and so forth.

        • I doubt very seriously if Janet is worth 150 million…Maybe more like 17 million in liquidity, if that….

          Wissam is a son of a billionaire, not a billionaire…Im sure his dad has lots and lots of children (girls and boys) who split that money up , if its still there in 20 years…And do you think Janet will be with this guy when she’s 70?

          That new pussy vibe and that superstar vibe is gonna wear off real quick once she farts in her sleep for the first time and once he smells her breath early in the morning and see that nappy hair for the first time…

          Nobody can love a black woman like a real black man can because you are connected to us by DNA.

          • Are you seriously doubting JJs worth. Something called royalties are very serious $$$ and that’s not half of what she is worth. 17 million is a joke..c’mon we are not speaking of Ciara here. Stop hating and recognize the truth. This is f$&@ing Janet JACKSON.

      • That’s what I say. Why can’t she be in love with a billionaire? Why she gotta have a broke man? Who says you can only find true love if yall are both broke? That shit is stupid. She fell in love with a man. It’s a PLUS that he can more than provide for her. If she was with someone with less money everybody would be saying he’s with her for HER money. What is WRONG with people? WHO is she supposed to love? Someone broke or someone with money? Who’s to say? Leave these people alone… cuz they definitely ain’t asking YALL for SHIT!!!

        • Ditto. You don’t pick and choose who you fall in love with, it mostly just happens. Maybe it is real, maybe not. And she still has some good years left, maybe she will still bear a child ( rumor has it she already had one). Who really cares. Plus why would she want to be with a broke ass man no matter what nationality they have to meet or preferably beat what I can do for myself. After all the other crap she has been through, she deserves to at least try to be happy.

    • @ vermithrax173

      That seems to be the things with rich people. Although they may have enough money to live off of for several life times, they still want more and will do anything to achieve this.

    • Well for one thing, this dude MUST be more attractive and appealing than that pudgy Premier of Turks asnd Caicos. Maybe she is one of those women who is very attracted to powerful men.
      Of course, how would that explain JD?????

      • One mo thing, all those rich Arabs are educated at Eton and Oxford as a rule. Personally I find a really smart man with a dashing Brit accent kinda sexy. He’s certainly more exotic than the men of her past(and family). I do find it interesting that Jermaine Jackson Jr. is all hot and heavy for 3 years with the self named “Persian Pop Princess” moniker. Maybe this is the Jackson’s answer for being left out of MJ’s will: HEAD EAST!!

      • @christa-no you didn’t bring lisaraye’s red bottomed baboon looking ex husband into the conversation! You know she married him STRICTLY for money! When i saw them on the cover of upscale magazine i knew that was a marriage based on money cuz he looked like he ought to be on the cover of national geographic chewing on a tree branch. I said lisaraye needs to be ashamed cuz she just let the whole world know she has no standards but financial ie as long as you got money you can look like freddy krueger and i won’t care. And that’s why i felt no pity for her when he did her the way he did. She thought she had married a sucker but it turned out he was more of a hustler than she thought she was. You know it had to hurt looking like she does and finding out her husband fukked ROCSI-low rent slutbucket knock kneed community punani chickenhead rocsi! DAMN!!!! Karma sunk her razor sharp teeth into lisaraye’s bubble ass on that one!!! Hopefully this marriage with janet is about more than money and i wish her well BUT miss jackson if you’re nasty has a track record of having bad taste in men so we shall see.

    • I don’t see her as being a goldigger at all. Janet’s been taking care of broke niggas for years (James Debarge, her ex-husband Renee, and JD). Hell, Janet’s been grinding since she was child so there’s nothing wrong with her upping her game and wanting a man with his own money, while she sits back and let a MAN take care of her for once.

  2. This guys is definitely pussy whipped and star struck.

    He’s a billionaire and Janet is a 50 year old surgical cadaver who is one, maybe two sweet potatoe pies away from being Monique..

    Janet put it on that nigga.

    • He’s probably been watching Janet Jackson videos and jerking off to them since he was a kid.

      This is what people who has so much money they dont know what to do with it, does with it…They live out their fantasies until they get bored and then on with the next….These pre-nups dont mean shit in Bahrain (unless he has assets her lawyers can seize in the states)…

    • How much is enough? How much money does a person need in a lifetime? She couldnt find hapiness with an African American barber or a Sanitation worker?

      When is enough enough and why cant she share her wealth with someone who is of her own race and build wealth together?

      • I think the Jehovah Witness religion has totally brain trashed the minds of the children in both the Jackson and the Wayan clans.

        They put out some very poor mental specimens and with very low racial self esteem.

        • Janet Jackson that wasn’t hard to figure out with that Rhythm nation photo.
          Anyway Janet Jackson is wealthy and very wise with her money, so if she wants a Prenup that’s up to her, I personally whouldnt be signing a prenup rich or not for ALL woman, years later when all the sweetness goes away that’s when they wanna take everything suddenly all what you contributed becomes there contribution forgetting we’re they came from and also purposely forgetten what you brought to the relationship first hand experiance ALL WOMAN ACT THE SAME WHEN THERE SCORNED BITTER wanna take every thing so if he wants to be pussy whipped by Janet that’s up to him obviously he trusts her but I shouldn’t trust no woman when it comes to MONEY…
          All the guys on here make sure u keep a track on what you contributed , no joint bank account shit keep your money sepreate woman can be thirsty..
          But on Janet Jackson she seems like a nice lady I’ve spoken to her on Facebook no were else Lol
          shes not pretence and seems well grounded more props to her.
          They both got money so there should be alright…

          • @deluk-let’s not act like being bitter is the domain of women cuz ya’ll men can be some vindictive bitches when you get your feelings hurt! When you love a woman but she doesn’t want you anymore-oooooh weeee! Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned but God hath no wrath like a man unloved! I have seen and experienced men who cannot accept that a relationship is over. And ya’ll really get irate if she has another man before you find another woman. One ex once told me-once mine, always mine and i had to pull my pistol on him to make him understand it was over. Unfortunately he took that attitude into his next relationship and it cost him his life. The girl he dated after me dumped him too and her new man shot him to death after he jumped out of the bushes to confront her when the new dude was bringing her back from a date. He thought he was trying to rob her and shot him. He is a permanent resident of lakeland cemetary to this day. As for the money issue men can be golddiggers too! K-fed is a prime example and kim basinger was paying her ex $20,000 a month as recently as 1998 and they split in the early 80’s. Why do you think oprah won’t marry steadman? (I mean beside the fact that she’s eating out gayle)it’s cuz she don’t wanna give up half! And monique had to pay her ex $10,000 a month and he used to beat her ass! So let’s not act like men can’t financially get over on women. It ain’t one sided!

            • Wow, too bad about your ex but those with mama issues have to learn somehow.

              The MO nique situation scares me because the dude your speaking of was common law, I believe. I remember that the 1st husband was supposed to be abusive but the little light guy she had was a shack-up situation but once she made it, she had to pay him.

            • You forgot to add GRABBY Aubrey to that list. He WON’T WORK and is cashing Halle Berry checks every month to keep his own damn child. Go figure.

            • @Mama-i gotta disagree with you about gabriel. He earned every dime of that money dealing with halle’s queen of mental instability behind! On top of the fact she lied and said he called her a nigger. If you look up crazy in the dictionary there is a picture of halle looking like large marge in pee wee’s big abventure-“..and when they pulled the driver’s body from the twisted burning wreck it looked something like this!” And that facial expression is the one on halle’s face in the book.

            • @ vermithrax 13:53 Mama has a real personal dislike for “Grabby” Aubrey. I remember all the way back to the Thanksgiving thread that she holds him in very low esteem. According to David Justice, he would prefer to do 3 years in the penitentiary rather than spend three more years with HB. So I agree that GA earned his nominal(to Halle) support.

        • @ anonymous 9:16 I am ashamed to say that I know next to nothing about the Jevhovahs Witness religion. But if it produced the two craziest families in show business that’s enuff for me. lol

      • It’s doubtful that she could find happiness with a regular Joe. She tried with Rene and we see how that turned out.

        Why are black women expected to only look for men who make less than them?

        • Zactly!

          What in the world would Janet have in common with an average joe? Nothing. What are they going to talk about, nothing. Lets be real here folks, Hanet and Joe Schmoe would fail.

          And, why are black women expected to lower their standards? And, when they do, they are chastised for doing so and called desperate? Pick a side and stay on it!

          Trust when a woman makes more money, has more knowledge and more positive life experiences, most men regardless of race are not comfortable with that. They have a tendency to view the more successful partner as a reminder to their personal/precessional failure/short comings.

          Who wants to be in a relationship like that? Not only have you settled for less, but you then have to spend all of your time making that person feel better a out themselves? No thank you.

        • Thank you! It’s the norm that women marry UP and men marry DOWN. I could see the suppposed “plumber” or “janitor” some silly person posed above being very insecure and controlling and threatened by Janet not NEEDING him financially.. then he’s going to throw in “building wealth together”… Urmmm, Janet already HAS IT… once you have built your own a MAN should come with what he has built, not try to create “riches” off of your already earned WEALTH.

          • Are you saying that Adam (the first black man listed in your bible) married “down”(the black woman Eve, listed in your bible)????????







            • bubbles lives in a zoo if that’s the real bubbles.

              but yeah mj had a thing for whacking monkeys.

              he also had a feces fetish and collected peoples feces like his idol aleister crowley.

              mj’s family nicknamed him doodoo bob jones also confirmed this before his death.

        • I wanna know what really happened with Rene. He just got married and had a baby at 50. It seems it was Janet who didn’t want the kiddies.

          I remember when that housekeeper came out and said Janet was a lesbian with herpes and on diet pills. She said she had to pick up Janet’s valtrex and diet drugs.

          • Honestly, If I had grown up with one of the most dysfunctional families in history(I’m not saying they aren’t talented) I might have some misgivings about adding more Jacksons into the world.
            I mean dayum, MJ didn’t even want any of Joseph Jackson’s genes in his own kids.

            • talented yeah right mj, jermaine and rebbie are the real singers.

              tito calls himself a guitar player never heard him play guitar well motown had lots of session players on the old jackson 5 albums so tito never played guitar on those albums but live I would’nt consider him ine of the best 100 guitar players of all time.

              who actually heard tito play guitar?

              janet never was a good singer she’s a good entertainer though.

              latoya could’nt do nothing but sell sex.

            • @christa

              Have you met every family in history? If not, how do you know the Jacksons are one of the most dysfunctional? Hitler was pretty dysfunctional. So was Pol Pot. Jacksons aren’t perfect, they’re lives have been magnified because they are in the spot light. The ways of Hollywood probably had it’s influence. Can’t blame it all on fam. Back in the day, the Jacksons were some of the few very talented and high profile black families. They represented what blacks could achieve in US. They made blacks proud.
              Maybe their parents were too naive and didn’t prepare them for the outside world. They were sheltered. It’s only when they separated from their family and went out on their own that they had trouble (not all of them) and not all of it was of their own doing.

              I don’t know the Jacksons personally so I can’t tell anyone what happened and what they’re like. I think most of us can say that. It gets tiring after all this time to see people still going in on them. The stories keep coming, meanwhile the Rolling Stones are lifted up as some group to be highly respected because they lasted so long. Their lives filled with drugs, woman and divorces are seen as cool, for the most part. Don’t see stories comin out every few years about what a train wrech they used to be. Do we know anything about their families? How many baby mamas does Mick have? But, oh, they also aren’t black.

            • DQ2 I actually agree with you. I should have said that the Jacksons have proven to be the most dysfunctional family in American show business history. I have read nearly every book written about them, I have a pair of good eyes, good ears and a memory. Since I had a friend who was married to Marlon, I was privy to a fair amount of “beyond closed doors” info.
              The saddest thing I associate with my Jacksons’ memories was meeting Michael when he was still Black with a normal broad nose and an unfortunate case of severe acne. He was such a sweet, loving boy! Absolutely adorable and fun to be around. None of the Peter Pan personality had emerged.
              I could write a dissertation on the various oddities, suspicious deaths,strange marriages, sexual weirdness(and I don’t mean just Michael)which has ended in a family who barely communicate.
              The most troubling thing about your post is that I have never met a brotha or sista who doesn’t think: THIS IS ONE FUKKED UP FAMILY. And not even my Huey-type friends feel the Jacksons have been been held down by THE MAN.

              If I criticized your personal faith, Jehovah’s Witnesses, I apologize for offending you.

          • I guess everyone forgot that she does have children who she is hiding like she hid that marriage for a little over a decade. I believe she has at least one from her first marriage and her sister Reba raised this daughter. The Jacksons are full of dark deep hidden secrets that we ALL will never ever know and perhaps it’s none of our business. Janet disappears for long long periods of time from public view. she gets obese..bigger than Monique obese and the paparazzi has only caught this once in all the years she has been doing this..then BANG she pops up skinny with ABs!! I luv me some JJ but I know we don’t know the half of her story and perhaps never will.

            • Thank you Kitty. I forgot about the one confirmed baby, and you opened my eyes to the fact that a few of those times she got “Monique” obese may have been more than an eating binge. Dang, I must be dense..I never thought that she could be pregnant when she was secretly photographed weighing like 180 LBs.

            • yeah right along with mj’s real children.

              wake me when janet’s mystery children come up or are they gonna WAIT UNTIL JANET DIES.

          • @toomuch

            lol. how much was the housekeeper paid to tell her story to the tabloids, if that was even Janet’s housekeeper at all? some of mj’s staff took money to tell fake stories about children being molested by him. lots of people take diet pills or else they wouldn’t keep selling them. janet has talked about her issues with weight more than once. so what? herpes? never heard that one before. sounds like fiction unless you got copies of her ob/gyn records.

            @crazychris, you crazy all right. 🙂 mj and fam sacrificing animals? hee hee I’ve heard some crazy stories bout mj, but… Unless you got pictures, I’m not buying.

            re: Halle Berry. I wonder if her alleged “instability” is a result of her having diabetes. I know someone who was diagnosed and if that blood sugar ain’t right…cray.

  3. If you look at the choices of spouses for the Jackson Family and the Wayan Family then you need to then look at the Jehovah’s Witness and the common denominator to their lack or racial self esteem…

    That religion seems to raise some brain trashed Sambo Zombie children who think anything other than self and kind is an improvement…

    Poor Michael gave his hard earned African American fortune to a couple of jew kids that aint even his…How mentally fucked up do you have to be to pull that off and not think anything ill about it?

    Do the Jehovah Witnesses discourage anyone reading history books , science texts or anything that those cultists from WATCH TOWER puts on on Saturday morning as we pretend we arent home?


  4. Homeboy is sexy! Janet is feeling dude.. Shute, if she stayed with that troll looking homie for all those years, she’s entitled to some eye candy! Habibi may be packing too! I don’t think she’s a gold digger but I do agree with her not wanting a prenup!
    Congrats Janet!

    OH, YES, Janet is a couple sweet potatoe pies from being Rasputia BUT luckily middle eastern folks cook some good ass vegetarian meals 😉

    • Being an Arab, there is more than likely at least one thing Janets new fiance has in common with Jermaine Dupree.

      They’re probably both homosexual pedophiles.


  5. There is nothing wrong with Janet marrying a billionaire and not wanting a prenup. Who knows how he will act after marriage and what she will put up with and if she ever had to divorce him she wants to come out with something other than stress and pain. There isn’t a damn thing wrong with that for ANY WOMAN! We women endure a lot. Us good ones anyway. Don’t know about the skeezer bitches.

    As far as Janet being almost 50, so what!! You bitches who talk about her like she is old and dried up better hope you look at good as she does when your asses hit your mid 40’s and I doubt you bitches look half as good now! Dumb asses!! I bet you walking around here with tight jeans on with fat hanging out your fuckin stomachs and talking about Janets age. That woman put you bitches to shame!

  6. dont believe the hype..no prenup because wherever he resides he can hold her hostage there, and be-head her if he wishes…poppa joe cant rescue her from this….this i smoking mirrors…and not a good move for her..great for him….he wins…hes WAELTHY…and money means nothing to him…mone menad EVERYTHING to her…so itsa adouble win plus she USED to be a working famous gal, overrated for reals.., but neva the less….you will hear crazy stories about a year from when they get married.

    • And you think that “all” men from the middle east are maniacal tyrants ready to cut the heads off of their wives in the name of Allah? Yes, there are some nutty middle eastern muslim men who misrepresent the teachings of their religion in a very big way. Let’s just sit back and watch what happens but in the meantime send them positive and loving energy and wish them the best in their nuptials.

      Not one of us know the man personally or his family to jump to wild crazy conclusions involving kidnapping and cutting off of heads.

          • Wesley got him a beautiful Asian woman that has the kind of hair black women stand in line for at the weave shop.

            And Kobe got himself a beautifiul Mexican-Irish mixed woman with again, beautiful NATURAL LONG flowing hair….Not some fake hair she had to buy in a box that was cut off the head from some dead Hindu man.

      • What I’m dying to find out is will she follow custom in married Muslim attire? Even though Bahrain is the most lenient of all Middle Eastern countries, I’ve been there, and the local married ladies are covered an wear head scarves. It’s not like Saudia Arabia or Afghanistan, but they are still expected to be modest.

        • @christa

          Me two you took the words straight from my brain when she marries this guy she will be a”muslim woman now” here in the UK these muslum woman are every where they don’t work living off benefits scrounging, going shopping in shops that i cant even afford, and im working, these people don’t like to work over here in the UK,
          But the difference is Janet has money and money talks so it will be interesting to see if she will end up covered head two toe with a heejab which is there Jedi knight cloak attire AKA Darth Vader from star wars. if she does go along with it which she hasn’t got much choice,i suppose because shes marring a Muslim man and she would have to respect his faith religion and there teachings.
          which now means no more pierced nipples or pierced clitrous as i have hard she has, no more freaky behaviour no more singing “thats the way love goes” with her breasts hanging out or her sexual suggestive clothing, basically its the end off her musical career as we no it…. because muslim woman don’t behave like that gyrating on stage, as they are expected to do is be modest,also not allowed to answer back, no mind of there own and are supposed to serve her man i don’t really think shes really thought this through, but hey that’s her look out, if she wants to walk around looking like batman with them clothes that’s her look out.
          So dont be surprised in a couple of years time we here that Janet has been stoned to death,or just disappeared of the face of the earth,or fallen of a cliff it can happen…
          maybe i need to convert it sounds stress free at least i wont have to worry about no woman taking my stuff that i have worked for cuz she will be hunted down .. we know the rest
          all i can say to janet is “A Salam a Lakum” which means “may god grant you peace” because shes going to need it when her man starts beating her on a daily basis if she don’t clean up after herself….

          • Those Saudis, Bahrains and Desert Arabs are the fake kinda muslims. They are hypocrites. They pretend to be so pious, and cover their women up like mummies, but behind the scenes they deal in drugs, prostitution, moving opium/heroin/hashish, hmosexuality, pedophilia (after the tradition of the Great Prophet who married and consummated his marriage to Aisha when she was 9 years old and he was 50)and they fund terrorism around the world as the hidden hand.

        • Christa, I don’t believe she has to follow Muslim attire because she is not Muslim. As long as she is dressed modestly, I think she’s good. He is from the UAE I believe and from what I know the women aren’t forced to wear hijab there (not even the Muslim ones).

          @ everyone And no, she doesn’t have to convert. And no, he will not behead her (unless he’s crazy, of course). And no, daluk or whatever your name is, she actually can work. If you see Muslim women in the UK walking around doing nothing that’s them. I’m Muslim and I work and take care of my own.

          • DaBroxChick I am NOT an expert on married women’s attire in the Middle East, BUT I do know that it varies from country to country. And Bahrain is the loosest of all Arabic counties.
            The hejab with headscarf is pretty lenient compared to the “nothing shoes but the eyes” in Saudi. And we all know that even the eyes can’t be shown in countries which are Taliban influenced. But here’s what has me wondering: I am fairly sure that he won’t marry her without at least some Half-ass conversion. It’s a respect for the family thing, and no one respects the men of the family more than Arabs. Also, when Lisa Halaby married King Hussein of Jordan, she dressed very modestly when in Jordan but the minute she hit Paris or Milan, Queen Noor went designer hog wild.

            If i had to predict, I’ll bet that Janet will spend a whole lotta time in Paris or London in their grand residence there. But on the occasions when she must be in the UAR, she will follow customs and at the least cover her head and wear bland clothes.

            For the record, stonings and beheadings are primarily confined to Saudi. And believe this: if Janet Jackson decides she wanna run butt naked down King Fahd Blvd in broad daylight, there will be no beheading or stoning. That would be a PR disaster of the highest order for the UAR which is practically begging Americans to come to Dubai and Bahrain for the ultimate in luxury. I was invited to the opening of the Bourj al Arab in Dubai @10 years ago, and sista who wee!!! That place is like 10 stars. Oh course all of the travel industry people were comped. Good thing–rooms start at %1500 per night today.

            • Michael Jackson was wearing a hijab over there LOL!))..and they were screaming when they saw him in the mall…honey I would get a prenup cause things change..but I suppose money is not one thing she needs to worry about..but some geologist say the world will run out of oil by 2055…and that leader building that island city is that Qattar or behrain? Said he does not save a penny! Invest a penny!

            • @Christa correct me if im wrong or maybe misread something. she does NOT have to convert? Excuse my ignorance I know many things but not alot about the muslim/or JW religion

    • @madmaxx

      Cosign Cosign cosign!!!!
      A Salam a Lakum!!!!!! MY BROTHER SISTER…
      Papa Joe wont even get through border control lol

  7. Very ignorant commentators on this site. Funny how they wouldn’t be worthy enough to wash the feet of Janet and Wissam’s servants. Low budget, jealous, down-trodden, swap runnin’ nigglets have no vusiness talking about anybody.

    • Low budget?

      50 years ago Wissams family was shitting in a hole and wiping their asses with their bare left hand…
      Not to mention tossing girl children in the waste basket at birth. And they’re still savages to this day. They’re basically ignorant Hillbillies with money and hairy backs.


  8. She is prolly being treated like shit,but for the right mount of paper this old bitty seems to over look the crimes of the wissam Zionist family! The jacksons think they are royalty in America but they are really one messed up negroid family who shits on their own ppl!
    I was watching the shas of sunset and her nephew jermaine jr is dating a persian chick on the the show,this lady even cooks for him,and her family can’t stand the nigga,she said they think she is a whore,but I like her she goes against the grain!

        • Persians are insulted when they are called Iranians….which they are.

          They are a different breed of Muslim all together.

          • Most of the cast of Shahs of Sunset are NOT Muslim, they’re predominantly Jewish. Just because you’re from the Middle East, does not mean you’re Jewish.

            • I’m fairly certain that Reza aand Mike are Jewish. The rest of the cast IS Persian Islamic. And I realize they speak Farsi and not Arabic.
              One mo thing Reza’s mom was Muslim, but his dad is Jewish, The mother insisted his dad convert to Islam which he did. Reza stated that he identifies as Jewish now. Hmmmmmmm.
              I wonder if that has anything to do with the fact that 95% of his super rich real estate clientele is also Jewish? Pretty convenient.

    • Do you know what a Zionist is? Doubt Wissam is one.

      And again, Persians and Arabs are not the same. Read a book.

    • @Fresh but heres my thing, Janet just does not strike me as a person who will tolerate disrepect and abuse for money, and while she may be a freak, she also does not seem like the type to confuse abuse with love (i.e. rihanna, smh) shes too old for all that and she has been around the block too many times, I know she knows better

  9. if janet wants to marry this guy more power to both of them.

    iof they split up sure they’re gonna have some crazy stories.

    james debarge said mike was a weirdo for watching him and janet have sex and getting in the bed between them.

    mj’s employees all said you had to go along with mj’s mindtrips and call him peter and think pleasant thoughts about neverland.

    mj really thought he could fly and his employees if they wanted to get paid they had to believe in neverland that’s why mj divorced lisa marie because she did’nt believe in neverland.

    • This is my favorite comment!

      Lisa Marie is the only nut who says she had sex with Michael. Even Debbie Rowe said the kids were conceived in a petrie dish.

      Lisa Marie wanted Michael for Scientology, which she ended up leaving.

      Lisa Marie believed in Neverland just a different one than Michael.

      • mj wanted her to believe he had magical powers.

        jordan chandler said mj wanted to teach him levitation.

        • Hoo Boy, I could make a really tasteless joke right now crazychris, but out of respect for the deceased, I’ll stuff a sock in it.









    • Oh please. Lisa Marie got exactly what she deserved/wanted. Tons of exposure and publicity in hopes of getting a recording career.
      Sex? I doubt it seriously. But what woman wants to admit she married a man who she knew didn’t want to have sex? She lies to protect her OWN image, not MJ’s.

      • we know mj did’nt hit that.

        they looked like 2 white lesbians in the you are not alone video.

        as a matter of fact gay marriage bneen around for decades.



        • @CRAZYCHRIS

          Damm dammm damm i just fell of my chair and dropped my brandy!! i will repeat ” they looked like 2 white lesbians in the you are not alone video.”

          Well i never!! crazy chris there is a sense of humor from you!! under all that iluimanti shit and blood sacrifices you keep talking about lol

          • @deluk, @crazychris im pretty sure my boss is writing up my pink slip, getting ready to fire me cuz im up here choking from laughing so hard, yall are a mess on here lol

        • LMAO @ ‘they looked like 2 white lesbians in the you are not alone video.’

          Funniest shit I read today 🙂

        • My lawd CrazyChris you are right!!I hated that video with her nekkid and Mike rockin the Mary Lou Retton hairdo. But you have put ur finger on why it just seemed weird even for MJ.

          He seemed to be seeking a nearly sex-less gender. Yep I agree they looked like 2 lez’s, but he almost looked like a male/female hybrid.

  10. Janet may be pushing 50, but she’s sexier and finer than most of these 20-something’s even on their best day. Men love sexiness and maturity. Sit and learn younguns.

    • Say it again son. These so-called “young” girls need to pick up The Book of JANET and take a few lessons.

      And haters need to STOP HATING. Why is it that black women are always expected to expect and accept less?

      It’s just as easy to fall in love with someone rich than it is to fall for someone poor.

      To each his own.


  12. Good for Janet. She’s spent most of her adult life supporting her parents and siblings, it’s great she found someone with some ends and is happy. I don’t know anything about the two of them but if Beyonce can marry ugly ass Jay Z there’s nothing wrong with Janet marrying fine ass Wissam. It’s all business for celebrities, anywho.

    • @Keepitrealnotkeepinitreal

      NOOOO you all are given me joke today lol
      So true @Keepitrealnotkeepinitreal watch the ride she wont be inhaling that curry powder shit, she will be bathing in curry powder night and day!! including showers..

      • I believe that Deluk lives in G.B. And I can attest that there is a HUGE Middle Eastern population there, from Saudis to Pakistani’s and everything in between. The Pakistani’s love curry, because they are Indians who happen to be Muslim and formed their own country. So I believe that Deluk was speaking in general terms. All I know is that I read recently that the number one take away in London is NOT fish and chips, but curries. Can you confirm this Deluk?

        • Yes I can confirm @Christa… Deluk is from the UK!!
          And yes I can also confirm that curry is the number one meal over here the white people love it, but at the same time quick to call them a bunch of Pakis, a white English racist remark aimed at Pakistanies..as they own 70% of the shops in the UK
          Having said that I partially do not like these people including the arabs muslims, not for who they are..but because of there bad attitude towards black people, they HATE US IN THE UK., because they think we are non competitive, and are consumers , they very really associate with any other race but there own, more power to them..
          We have areas in the UK such as Brixton Harlsden, Streatham which are mostly a urban black area but there are still whites there buying all the expensive properties, whilst most blacks live in three story flats (social housing ) in America I don’t ,I’m progressive …
          Now Muslim , Pakistani , Indian areas they own everything houses ,shops, banks , cinemas everything…
          Do you think me as a black person can walk through that area no!! It’s like a Muslim Compton.
          Basically the dont like black people they think we’re dumb, they suck up to white people, but hate them and take there money by overpricing there shit.
          Even when we had the riots last year, black people and other races were destroying thier areas, burning there houses and looting stores , when they decided to move to the Indian areas they wernt having it, they were lines up at there borders with weapons, which I respect, they don’t marry our of there race especially blacks proberly end up dead ..
          So good luck Janet because you will be dropped after a couple of years, having said that she may get a Muslim pass because she don’t look black…

  13. Interestingly enough, there are conflicting reports on her fiancées wealth. On some sites it’s 200 million and on others he’s a billionaire. I know he manages a billion dollar empire consisting of high end retail stores and is an investor. What you know about this man’s long money, Jacky?

  14. Janet is marrying someone with money like she should. Go girl! don’t trip on the haters. They wouldn’t be on here talking negative if they had what you have.

  15. Thats the way to go Janet, she should marry someone with money who treats her like a queen. I am glad she found this man who happens to be a billionaire, there is nothing wrong with that, and trust me he will be very generous with her because money is no object. The best thing she ever did was leave that ignorant ghetto ass rapper Jermane Dupri alone (his cheap broke selfish ass). With her fiance, Janet will never have to reach in her pockets and spend a dime of her own money. Janet’s fiance makes them thugs ass rappers look like poor peasants. For all you women hating on Janet yall know damn well you would marry a man like Wissam in a heart beat. Lets be real who wants to be mistreated,disrespected, a baby mama, abused (Casey) for a little bit of chump change by these ignorant no class rappers. Now Rihanna needs to get herself one of those billionaires in Europe and let Karruche have that broke lookin deadbeat singer Chris Brown. Rihanna would be much happier.

  16. where will they marry and will the marriage be legal??? thimgs that make ya go hmmmmm… remember mick jaggar married jeri in a bogus wedding and kimora was said to have married dijimon and come to find out there is no legal marriage.. so am thinking the wedding will be fake and janet may not be none the wiser..

    • Speaking of Dijimon Honsu, does any else think that whole thing was just because Kimora wanted another baby? And an Oscar nominated celebrity with classic features seemed like a good idea? I had him on a flight before he met Kimora. He was a perfect gentleman. But he showed no interest at all in any of the 10 flight attendants even in a flirty way. I’m not saying that all men flirt with us, but most straight guys kinda do. And he did model in France before he was “discovered” by Madonna. js




      • @christa03:17-that means madonna screwed him cuz like prince anyone she “discovers” is a former bedmate. And if you really wanna be technical he was discovered by janet jackson cuz he was in her love will never do without you video.

        • Vermithrax, I could not remember if “Love Will Never Do” came before or after that soft core porn video that MTV wouldn’t play with Dijimon and Madonna(that Prince wrote/produced for her)”Justify my Love”.
          I believe you are correct.

          • @christa-prince didn’t produce or write justify my love-lenny kravitz did. But it does sound like one of those toss off b side songs that he gives to people.

            • @christa-by the way did you read the msg i sent to you on the quentin tarantino modern day slave trader thread? If not do it cuz it will explain who the anonymous folks are and why they are picking on you.

            • I was all KIND of wrong about that Madonna/Dijimon?Prince?Lenny thing.

              I’m surprised I got the dang name of the song right.
              Not that I’m that big of a Prince fan(I like him) but I have added respect for him that it wasn’t he who was behind that POS.

              I did read ur response. Very nice.

            • @christa-NO NOT THAT ONE!! There was a conversation that took place AFTER the one me and renee wrote! Read it ALL from that point on! There was a LOT of info you need to see. TRUST ME.

            • I know exactly what you mean: “Nothing Compares to U” which he wrote on a whim. Then that crazy white bald headed Pope hatin Sinead O’O’Connor turned it into the no. 1 song of 1991. I have heard from reputable sources that Prince’s head nearly exploded over that! He never spoke to her again….but I bet he cashed the checks.

            • @Christa and @vermithrax173 btw thank you both for you kind words on that quentin slave trade post/blog. After that day I was out sick from work and was not able to read it. I support you both and think you two are strong, mature, and intelligent women. I just wanted to state that, I know this is a different topic though.

            • @reneeblack26-thank you for the love and i think i can speak for christa too when i say right back atcha! Hope you are feeling better. Love ya much!!!

  17. Excellent post and good story. Somehow the comments devolved into classy racial remarks about Jews Persians Indians and Arabs.

    What compels people to hate other races?

      • Black people in America can never be racist.

        Tell me one example how black Americans practice racism.
        If you even know what racism is, that is.

        • Well, you may not consider this racist, but I do. A YT friend’s little brother was assigned to serve Spike Lee in his VIP seat in the Bull’s arena.
          When he first approached him he said, “Good evening Mr. Lee. I am Jason and I will be attending to all your needs tonight. I am a big fan of your work.”
          Spike said to his male companion/mgr, “get this YT boy out of my sight. Tell them I will only be served by a Black Man.”
          Jason said that was the only time he was dissed by any VIP in the whole season he worked there. He said that Samuel Jackson gave him $300. when first approached and said”keep my glass full, and there’s another $300 coming after the game.” Do you think Spike was out of line?

          • The Owner of the Bulls is a white man. The Owner of the United Center is a white man. Whoever was gonna serve Spike Lee would be working for a white man.

            Spike Lee had no control over who gets hired and fired at that arena…

            Racism means someone has the power to deny someone or some group some necessary resources of human activity and denying them because of their race…Spike Lee does not own the BULLS…Spike Lee does not own the UNITED CENTER. Spike Lee was sitting in the United Center to put money in white folks pockets..

            Is Spike Lee an asshole , if indeed your story is true? (I personally think you’re a damn liar) ans: Yes

            Is Spike Lee a racist, in this system of white global racism? not possible.

            • I can see much by your character from your level of mutual respect with which you responded to me. If you think I am lying, why even bother to reply?

              I still disagree with you, but even in your limited understanding of entomology Spike was certainly bigoted. And he was replaced by a Black kid, demonstrating that he had the power to take money out of a 19 year old kid’s pocket.

              If Tom Hanks had said to his companion, “I only want a white guy to serve us”, you would not consider that racist?” YR

            • christa

              What you are saying is fantasy…

              The most powerful person in this equation is not Spike Lee, in this system of racism and white injustice.

              The most powerful person in your fictional diatribe is the person who owns the United Center and the Chicago Bulls.

              The person who owns the United Center at anytime and any moment can have the police and security sent to Spike Lee’s rented chair and tell him to take his black ass out of the United Center and he’s not welcome to spend his money there anymore and enjoy his Gladiator Production…He can refuse Spike serice in HIS BUSINESS that he owns and that trumps any pseudo powers you are so desperaately seeking to attribute to Spike Lee….

              And a white guy is serving Tom Hanks…The mother fucker who owns the United Center is serving Tom Hanks, just as he is serving Spike Lee.

              You crackers crack me up with your convoluted logic and sociopathic desire to blame the victim for your own sick crimes.

            • No. Spike Lee and anyone who identifies themselves as black in the western world can not be racist. Racism = racial prejudice and power. Since black people have very limited power some would argue none at all then they can not be racist. However, they can be prejudice.

            • If you have any conspiratorial theories as to my being a “plant”, feel free to contact Jacky personally, He knows exactly who I am, and due to my past and present occupation, I am encouraged to help with “tips” when shit happens at work. You are slipping into a possibly irreversible voyage into such hate and bitterness that I feel bad for you.
              Do you really believe that more than 5% of the YTs in this country have the power to control actions which hold us back? As Keepitreal said, some pathetic YT trash trailer dweller couldn’t harm the direction of your future if he TRIED.
              Do you realize that the same 5% fukk over their own kind on a daily basis through banking(lending and mortgages) and government issues? Do you realize that a great number of YT’s voted for Obama, not because they love HIM, but because they HATE the powerful YT huckster politicians and hedge fund managers and Wall St. in general?
              Almost, not all, of the theory conspiracists who rail against the Jewish control over everything are YT. Personally I prefer to listen to Griff, because he explains it in a way I can really relate to.
              Lastly, I’m pretty sure it was you that called me and some of my favorite writers “Uncle Toms” on the Tarantino thread. And today you call me a “Plant” cracka. Jeez, next week will you have sized me up as a KKK member???

              This is a gossip blog, it is not an angry Kneegrow blog. If you want to further expound on your racist theories, you would be welcomed with open arms at one more suited to you ire.

              Have some respect!

          • Here we go again….. anyways @Christa please dont be offended by people who refuse to remain respectful even if their opinion differs from yours, youre intelligent and you have a lot to offer to people by means of knowledge, I learn so many things from you as well as people who may not think the way I do but can offer a tasteful counter-arguement. They are not any less intelligent than me because they think differently, remember sweetheart, anyone can copy and paste from wikipedia and try to pass it off as their own “common knowledge”. Dont be phased. Now back on to Janet lol.

        • If a hillbilly who only owns a trailer and a goat calls u a nigger is he racist? He dont own shit. Ur theory is stupid. Read a dictionary.

          • @keepitreal

            Name calling does not denote RACISM.

            Name calling is just a sign of an ignorant and powerless person.

            Name calling aint shit…Name calling is not racism. Name calling is what the lower common denominator of society engages in , in order to feel better about their own lot in life.

            Racists run the Savings and Loan Institutions and Give out PREDATORY Mortgages that are focused on people of color.

            Racists fast track innocent children in the third grade to Dysfunctional Education Programs in order to fast track particular children to the Prison-Industrial Complex and they control the educational Institutions to be able to successfully pull that off.

            Thats racism. I read my dictionary and I dont subscribe to theories. I keep it real and thats why I know words are important and the debbil is in the details..

            • And Im not saying that ALL white people have the power to engage in racism.


              I dont care if these white people call themselves, Republican, Democrat, Liberal, Tea Bagger , Hippie, Intellectual, White Trash, Religious Freak , Skinhead etc.

              They all have different schools of thought, but theres one thing they all agree on..

              Negroes and the continue abuse and subjugation of them.

            • I forgot to add Quentin Tarantino and assorted other WIGGERS, who negroes idolize as their buddies and bed mates.

            • Racism and discrimination are two different things. Ur sweeping generalizations are racist although u have no power. U were so hellbent on stalking my original comment u missed the point i was making to the other poster who was asking how ppl cod be racist. Ur cleay still angry with me the other day. I told the poster he must not be black to ask such a question. In ur haste to address me u missed the fact i was clowning him. Staking my comments wont get u oit of moms basement.

  18. I would like everyone to take note of this thread and compare it to a thread where a black man marries a white woman(or latina/asian woman) thread.

    You’ll find in those threads you will find NO sisters standing in line, congratulating the black man for upgrading from trifling and argumentative black women.

  19. Now Im starting to see why guys like Wesley Snipes and Cuba Gooding Jr. do it lke they do. Black women (most) have very low self esteem and really hate themselves (weave).

    • Anon 18:47, So how do white women feel about themselves when they get weaves, botox, lip injections, breast implants, sun tans, ass injections, facelifts, nose jobs, etc. Is that considered low self esteem as well?

    • That’s so ignorant. I’m not even Black and I found your comment stupid and offensive. As if Black women are the only ones who rock weaves.

    • You are one ignorant mofo, esp. if you see Wesley Snipe and Cuba Gooding, Jr. as role models. Perhaps you side with them cuz they are DL, LIKE YOU!!

    • Unh Ahh! WRONG!..You talking too much..I thought most of this conversation was between women..then you can tell when the funky and foul men show up! Crude and hostile! Shut up and sit down!

      • So are you saying that Oprah and Janet Jackson can have intimate physical relationships with other women and they are not faggots and DL faggots since they dont wear it proudly on their comfortable lesbo shoes?

        DL women is the dirty little secret in the African American community and they have been infiltrating us and destroying the moral fabric of black families for over 100 years.

  20. To me, this relationship happened rather fast. One minute we hear they’re dating, Janet moves in with him and the next minute they’re about to jump the broom. IDK…Maybe I’m a bit old school and out of the loop of how things are done these days.

    • I thought the same thing too, but from the outside it may seem like that to us, but i guess we never know how other people feel about one another, I think the faster a couple moves shows more lust and passion, as opposed to people who are together for years and never marry or get engaged. They just arent sure of the other person, or they just mutually agree not to move forward.

  21. Maybe she wants a man that don’t have to think about her money, he has enough so maybe she’s feeling sure he is with her because he wants to be, He could just want exposure but then again any celebrity wants that “shine”, or needs it but something tells me that Ms. Jackson just doin’ it because she can or better yet wants to….

  22. How come its so much negativity about Janet Marrying a man who actually looks better then her last two exes?? Men always starts off with a decent or slightly actor attractive woman then get a taste of Hollywood … & upgrade with a model looking woman… Its wrong …it’s vain but y’all go in on how they saving a whore… Now Janet tried all different types to debarge to Renee to JD.. Now she has a billionaire who she dont have to save or wake up to an ugly face?? And y’all still find something to say smfh Women can’t win… What did she do wrong??

  23. If it was an man who doesn’t earn more then her… She’s desperate!!!! What a woman to do?? Do what feels right to us and forget people opinions cause it’s our life.. That’s what I do

  24. And dont be trippin’ on that son of a billionaire jive.

    These mofo’s have 7-8 wives and 35-40 children…I doubt very seriously if this Wissam boy is going to be the sole beneficiary to his daddy’s loot..I guarantee you Janet has more money than he does. These crackers aint stupid and they aint gonna leave their money to no nigger….You’ll see.

  25. I don’t know if you are the same angry crude Anonymous who has been raggin all over this thread, but I’m assuming since all the posts have that tone of bitterness that you are one.

    Brotha, do you even know what a billion dollars is?
    If his daddy has 40 or so billion, that is more than enough to leave 50 children extremely wealthy.
    Osama Bin Laden barely met his father. He was one of 50 children born to 7 wives. He didn’t do to badly did he? He has financed revolution single handedly for several countries before he even hooked up with The Taliban in Afghanistan.

    You need not be concerned for Miss Jackson(since you’re nasty.)

    • Wrong! I’m happy for Ms. Jackson because the whole white world seems to piss on Black Women..or maybe just the American and Asian world does..while their white daughters make off with our well raised wealthy sons! But if you read “Inside the Kingdom” by Carmen bin Laden, you will find that the Saudi Government financed those wars, and Osama and his Arad and Pakistani posses ran the liberations…and the Saudi Government took care of his fathers construction business when his father died around 1978… and handed it over to the 3 oldest sons when they turned 18 and go their education!

  26. To anonymous @ 8:27
    If a poor yt woman clutches her pocketbook when young Bms pass her on the street that is a racist act because she does no such thing when young Asians approach her. She has no power over them. In fact, she doesn’t even need to physically hold tighter. Her thought alone that she should could be characterized as racist. Just like a man can be sexist to a woman he has never met over the internet. Most human beings have baggage. It’s okay, we’re human.

    Let’s assume for a moment that everything you typed is 100% accurate and true. And I mean assume because it is still debatable whether every single yt person on the planet has the time or energy to take part in the global plot in your head. But let’s assume ur right. What’s the fuggin point? What are YOU going to do about eating, raising your kids and growing both personally and professionally in the meantime? There is no one left on this site that hasnt heard your constant plea and cry but they all/we all try to excel in spite of. Dude lighten up and take that energy and take your shyt to a higher level.

    Racism has clearly consumed you and left you paralysed in a fucked up state of paranoia and fear of what the yt man will do next. Ppl on here try to encourage you, tell you that you can make it and you yourself scream no you cant. You’ve put the chains on yourself. The cell door was open and you pulled it shut and sat back down. Weak ppl lay down and give up. Strong ppl strive on in spite of. How you respond will tell me which you are.

  27. All you Jackson-hating,crazy, Jealous, no life having mufus need to stop worrying so much about what’s going on in Ms. Jackson’s life and get busy with one of your own! Learn how to tighten your own twats, blow the best jobs and mind your 10 kids and 10 baby daddy’s. dumb nuthn biouches!!! WEHs!

  28. Y’all, if he ripped up a prenup, it is because all of his billions are in LLCs, trusts, corporations, revolving credit agreements, lock box agreements, etc.

    Please, billionaires do not handle money like we do.

    Other than that, I hope Ms. Jackson will be happy in her new marriage.

  29. Janet is not getting any younger. She found herself a handsome, rich boyfriend that wants to marry her. Why the hate?

    If it doesn’t work out, that’s her problem. If he loses money, it’s his money. He cared enough to forget the pre nup. His money, his choice.

    As a woman I’m happy for her that she found happiness at the age of 46. Why men can marry women half their age and a woman can not marry younger? Now she’s gold digging? Please! It’s not like she’s broke. Or marrying a 80-year old corps and live at @ the playboy mansion, hmm?

    Famous or not, to find love at the age of 46 is not easy. She found a young, sexy and rich man. Good for her!

  30. Isn’t he her manager..well, they say many managers are the one…stuck together like glue! Her family is very religious, and the Muslims are too [Jermaine must be Happy!]..Many Muslim men do terrible things-How old are those harem children and what are they used for – Sex!!…as it is said, if you gonna take shit from a man, might as well be someone with money…and she should make sure she keeps here citizenship in tack..read those books by the Saudi Princess call “Princess”, and Inside the Kingdom by Carmine Bin Ladin…you can lose your citizenship if you don’t file it in 2 weeks?..then you can only leave with your husbands consent or the Kings consent…and Laud don’t let them start marrying off the 9-14 year old daughters to old ass perverts!She’ll have a good book and movie when she runs from this Rich Dude!

  31. Want to spread Islam via a American with a following tear Up the prenup.
    Using the obvious angle.wake up.

  32. On some real shit why we talking,a man with that much money,have power and aint know telling who the hell he is or who he know.Janet know.Leaving him would not proably cross her mind.She getting older,her money is not all that anymore and then after messing around with JD….Man she damn sure not getting better then dude(money wise)she try some slick shit on dude yall would all be saying what happened to Janet,where she at.Jermanes grimy ass would be trying to do pr saying in that fake soft voice “oh Janet is doing fine she and husband just want everybody to respect there privacy”Why you think dude taking her out this country to his?Yall not going to here from and see Janet for a good minute after she married.And she is going to have to covert to Islam if he is a true Muslim.Next time yall see Janet only thing you going to see is her eyes!A person who made that much money can not be dumb or soft!He proably told her she don’t have to do shit for the rest of her life but enjot the fruits of her labor,hell the woman been working non stop since what she been 7or8??That’s just my take on it.And hell if she fooled with JD,she open to new things.I still cant get that in my mind….JD!Damn!LOL

  33. Where are all these congratulations when a black man marries or dates a beautiful and classy white woman , indian woman or an asian woman with their own natural flowing hair?

    None of these niggas was high fivin’ Tiger or Harry Belafonte when they “married up”

    It was just gas faces all around.

    • @anonymous6:40-You’re seeing the double standard in full effect here. See it’s congratulations all around cuz janet caught her a billionaire but let it have been a black man/white/latino/indian or anything other than black woman and he is a coon, sell out, uncle tom, house negro and a bunch of other deragatory names. Now make no mistake there are bigoted men and women on this site who hate anyone who has been in an interracial relationship. I myself have been called such names when i said i have dated white men. The majority of the negative posters on black men/white women are black women-the same ones who are wishing janet well! Now these same women will get angry about a black man marrying a white woman even if it is a black man they were never checking for anyway! Tiger woods is a perfect example of that. I NEVER heard any black woman i know say he was attractive but as soon as he married Elin it was why did he marry a white girl. Many(not all but a whole hell of a lot!) black women are narrow minded and use what i call woman logic to justify their bullshyte. Woman logic makes sense when applied to a woman but none at all when it when it pertains to men which basically means it makes no damn sense AT ALL!!!! Example: a group of men are at a bar hanging out when a woman walks over and says to the one of the men-“my girlfriend likes you and wants to know can she get your number.”Men have dealt with this situation for years and think nothing of it. Now flip it and have a man walk over and do the same thing. What is the first that will come out of those women’s mouths? “Can’t your man speak for himself?” “What is he gay?” “What’s wrong with his mouth?” See-woman logic-makes no damn sense at all! So in the future just know to never question why it’s one way for us and another way for ya’ll cuz the answer will make no damn sense at all. Just so you know i was raised by a man so i do not subscribe to woman logic but since you asked i answered cuz no other female would tell you that. Hope that helped.

      • Wow. Great honesty. I saw the double standard in the Zoe Saldana thread. If there was a black actor who ONLY did movies and love scenes with white women what would the sisters on here call him? Zoe aint kissed a black man on screen yet but sisters still support her. The first time Denzel kissed a white woman yall lost yall damned minds. Be consistent ppl.

      • @anonymous-i was one of the people who called him ugly and while he is not physically attractive what made him ugly was his actions. A good personality and a sense of morality ie not screwing strippers can overcome someone being unattractive but a fukked up personality will make an ugly person UGLIER!!! Now here is my theory on michael jackson and it is just my opinion so….We all know michael’s history with his dad joe now if you look at all the pre plastic surgery, pre nose job pics of him when he was younger of all the jackson boys he looked most like joseph. Now that had to be a hell of a thing to look in the mirror and see the face of the man who beat the hell out of you as a child. So i believe he did everything(surgery wise) to make himself look as different from joe as possible. But that is just my theory. As to what they think of their relatives they love them but it is a raging case of self loathing. They love their family but hate who they are. It’s like how the kardashian sisters hate black women but love black men. They rationalize it all in their head and make it all make sense. See woman logic post above.

          • @anonymous 10:07-sorry there are some questions even i in my infinite wisdom cannot answer. Lol!!!

        • I dont think Michaels anger at Joe had anything to do with spankings….He never put him in the hospital or anything with broken bones etc.

          Michaels anger with Joseph comes from the same place as Ushers anger with his mom.

          Joe let pedophiles have access to Michael and Michael never forgave him for that betrayal.

          Hamburger 🙁

    • I admit it disappoints me when someone who is an “activist” such as Belefonte marries outside his race. But Tiger spent his life from the age of 7 in white restricted country clubs playing golf and being glad handed by all the Beckys’ fathers. And then when he made that bone headed statement about being Caublacasian, I realized he was basically brain washed. I’m not letting him off the hook, but I think his 18K life hasn’t been all that. And he sure paid the price(not just monetarily)in the end.

      • @christa-i agree to an extent. He always had the ability to talk to his asian mother and to the black folks on his father’s side of the family. And with computers these days there is no excuse for not knowing certain things about your own people be you black, white, asian or whatever. You should never let anyone not even your parents define who you are. And being sheltered is no excuse cuz the knowledge is there you just gotta want it. It’s like someone stupid who lives across the street from a library. He chose not to know and he found out during his man whore scandal that while he and his late father may consider him a citizen of the world when the shit hits the fan he is just another nigger. I grew up in a mostly white environment but i never felt that cuz my father moved us to the suburbs that i was special or better than anyone. And it definately didn’t make me turn my back on being a black woman which in my eyes is what tiger did. When you have no connection to who you are or where you come from there is something lacking in you as a human being IMHO. I mean i would accept him looking upon himself as an asian man but he doesn’t do that either. People of color are swiftly becoming the majority in this country and we need to remind this younger generation that while we are somewhat better off that does not mean stop reading or learning. We all know history repeats itself and those who are not aware of it will suffer. As for activists dating interracially yeah it does send a mixed message but i guess the only thing you can do is be thankful for the work they’re doing cuz in the end who they share their bed with is their business. In my equal opportunity pussy opinion!

  34. If this was a Black man, he’d get dogged for going outside the race and dead at all these people praising someone for marrying wealthy. Is money all there is? Sounds like golddigging.

    Can cracychris type one thing without going after a dead man? What the hell does Michael have to do with his little trampy sister marrying a rich sucker?

  35. What people are not putting together and not being told is many many celebrities,(espcially those on the downside of their careers) ENTER INTO HIGH END PROSTITUTION (for the better known global starts such as Janet) and club appearances/mid range prostitution for people like Mya or Naomi Campbell or Kim Kardashian or Ciarra..

    How do you think Janet met this guy? You think they run in the same circles and they met at Hajj in Mecca?
    These oil sheikhs and wealthy businessmen are collectors or beautiful and famous women and pay them for SEX…

    Take Wissam for example…These people idolize any entertainment thats American and they love American pop culture…Janet damn sure aint making no mother fuckin albums anymore that people are going to buy like they used to. How do you think someone who has been accumstomed to living a certain lidfestyle is going to supplement their income? Concerts (which can be very taxing on a 50 year old dancer) and “dating” wealthy men for money…

    Guy makes a call to his guy and asks him to set up a “private concert” with Janet or Trina or maybe in a few years Justin Bieber or Kanye…The deal is done..tHEY GIVE YOU two options. Baring the expense of bringing and transporting a whole musical orchestra, dancers, lights, sound equipment etc, or just give backshots to Janet while Velvet Rope is playing on your expensive Bose speakers.

    • @anonymous-trust and know that is not a secret like you think. This is well known actually. They did a story about this in the late nineties on one of the news magazines(60 minutes, dateline or one of them) where they talked to playboy playmate rebecca ferratti who told all about it. Of course no one believed it and now it is more exposed cuz of the internet. Kim kardashian went over there to promote her perfume and she got paid 5 mil dollars! Last time i checked no one pays people to come promote their stuff. Where they do that at? And if that happens somewhere someone let me know cuz i got this bridge i need to sell….As for the mid range celebs that is also an unkept secret. I mean if you’re an actress/singer/dancer and you’re a female it is easier to get into the world’s oldest profession. Besides as those of you who read hsk on a regular know these girls have been hoeing anyway(screwing for tracks/roles/money/fame) so might as well break down and be a prostitute rather than be a prostitute masquerading as an actress/singer/dancer etc. I mean a hoe by any other name is…well you know

  36. In fact, maybe Joe Jackson made the initial call to “hook” Janet up with this guy…He already has a track record to selling his daughters(LaToya) to pimps.


    @Christa, it was I, @STUNTMAN that called you and your high school buddies Uncle Toms and house kneegrows. It is what it is. And everyone will not agree with your opinions and kiss azz just to get along. Just like you have favorite commentors, so do I. And guess what? We dont always agree. But overall we stand together 4 the enlightment, maturity and growth of our people future. This not a POPULARITY contest or a crowning of home coming king or queen. This is our future that are in dire crisis. (may have quote it wrong but you got my drift)
    You and your crew get off on sensless arguments as who sound the wittiest, who know who the most, and who can talk the most shyat. Thats why I callf your MENTALITY Uncle Tommish and house negroish. My people perish from the LACK of knowledge. Nothing more or nothing less. And also by the way, i will try once again ignore you and your crew frivolous juvenile tantrums. That is all.

    • I’m not being nice anymore. You’re a jackass and you and the other anonymous crew who are buddies with you can hug my big brown azz. Newsflash idiot-this is a gossip site where people give their opinions on entertainment stories and hollywood gossip. It doesn’t make you smarter or better than us cuz you pull words like knowledge and enlightenment out of your ass! If you and the rest of those cowardly bitches you call your friends ie the old hsk posters are so enlightened and knowledgeable why are you picking on people who’ve done nothing to you? You want to talk about high school THAT’S some old childish bullying bullshit! I’m starting to see the pattern with this crap-you or one of your fraidy cat ass anonymous dimwits come out and insult us then you talk a lot of horseshit about how you are all about “our people” and how you want to raise them up like booker t washington or save them like moses from pharoah next you’ll start talking

      • about “the happening”you know where la cosa nostra,the mexican mafia and the russian mob came after jacky and you all had to go into hiding cuz you all were afraid for your lives. PUH-LEAZE!!! IF YOU AND THE REST OF YOUR PUNK ASS CREW HAD ANY BALLS YOU WOULD POST UNDER YOUR ORIGINAL OLD NAMES BUT YOU WON’T AND THEY WON’T CUZ YOU ARE ALL HOES WITH NO SPINE!!! Why don’t you take all that i’m too black and too strong stuff to stormfront or one of those skinhead sites and post your real name and andress and call them names and insult them. But you won’t cuz you are all talk and full of shit and so are ALL your friends. So now what pinhead? You mad? You gonna call me a tom a house nigga? Whatever. GO AWAY AND TAKE YOUR FRIENDS WITH YOU!!!!!

        • Jacky said it was the “Gub-mint Mane” who was ringing his land line and Im certain it wasnt because anyone was breaking any laws unless it was plants sent to disrupt.

          And the internet is run, monitored and controlled by the NSA (National Security Agency), so best believe they know who everybody is that use the net.
          No one is hiding from anyone. Dont be obsessed with “anonymous” handles because outside of Jacky we are all anonymous to those outside the NSA and DHS circles.

          dont believe me, ask Jacky

          • @anonymous-12:58 thank you and i hope you didn’t take offense. My comment was not directed at you or any of the anonymous’ that i have had good dialogue with. As for you stunt man , stunt girl or whoever you are or whatever your punk ass name is go to hell.

          • See, but the NSA and the DHS has to play their little games with the uninformed general public and pretend they dont know who is who because domestic spying by letter of the law is illegal.
            So soon, they will enact some type of legislation to force everyone to publish their personal information when commenting on any blogsites, to again pacify the uninformed as a subterfuge and ploy to pretend they didnt already know who everyone was..

            Believe me, if anyone was breaking any laws on the net, the Gov’t would be knocking on your door in 15 minutes (Unless you are Stormfront certain Black Power websites and KKK sites who are all, ALREADY ran and controlled by the “Gub-Mint Mane”)

            Dont believe me, read the book entited “Tupac Shukur and the FBI” by John Potash

            also study the old Cointelpro files from the civil rights era.

            HAMBURGER 🙂

  38. *Meant to say, I totally agree with @Anoymous, Jan. 12, 2013, at 14:47, and ALL your consciencious and observations on the division and misleading of our people.
    (please excuse any mispelling). And just because I DECIDE not to respond back to @Christa and her crews comments, I continue my stance.

  39. *Meant to say, I totally agree with @Anoymous, Jan. 12, 2013, at 14:47, and ALL your consciencious and observations on the division and misleading of our people.
    (please excuse any mispelling). And just because I DECIDE not to respond back to @Christa and her crews comments, I continue my stance. Peace!

    • @christa-ain’t keepitreal crazy! I saw your comment. That’s what i was talking about. http://Www.myasshurts.com! ROTFLMBAO!!!! As for that crap i should’ve taken your approach and let it roll off my shoulder. Classy comeback. I will follow your example from now on. Who knew you could learn something from a polite sycophantic uncle tom plant?HAHAHAHAHA*joker laugh* signed your friend the smart witty equal opportunity vagina house negro, vermithrax173! Love ya babe!

  40. @Vermi, I bet you told me! (side eye, didnt even read response, But I bet it was FUNKY. Lol)!
    Back on topic. You are so right @Anonymous, Jan. 13, 2013, 09:29, just ask video model Keysha Dior.

  41. Ive been coming to HSK over several years now Jacky and still love you topics . .
    Keep them coming. Peace.

  42. Good for Janet! But trust, this dude is not stupid. Surely he has most of his money stashed away somewhere and in his family’s name. I’m just glad she’s found a man she doesn’t have to take care of.

  43. And who knows.
    This Wissam guy may be an Arab homosexual and Janets being paid to be his middle ages BEARD.

    These goat fukkers are big queers and being intimate with other males is part of their culture.
    They seperate boys and girls at the schools, so most boys dont have normal interaction with girls until their late teens…The only action healthy boys ususally get are from their own girl cousins or their male school mates…These are Caucasians, remember, straight from the Caucaus Mountains , who moved down to Arabia and converted to Islam and Judaism…

    Im just sayig its possible that his father wants to suppress any rumors make making his son marry a well known woman, who wont be able to have any heirs.

    Lets be real…If you were a 30 something son of a billionaire , you know damn well you can do alot better than 50 year old woman with multiple face surgeries, multiple lipo , cheek implants, fake tits, fake ass, fake hair , ex-whore who is hiding at least one, maybe two children somewhere in the US.

  44. Wissam Al Bana is definitely GAY and Janet is being paid to beard for him.

    This guy is a 37 year old Arab with no children. Thats a huge giveaway. These guys start having children at a very early age(if they like pussy). Janet is famous and somewhat of an ex- sex symbol and there wont be any question of children because her babymaker is kaput.

    Yep, he’s a fag and Janet is a fag too and Janet has found a new business. BEARDING WEALTHY MENS SONS for pay and still being able to sex any chick or dude she she pleases.

  45. There is an overarching assumption that Ms Jackson is happy…a reminder that in the past all her relationships and marriages have been In secret .This time marrying out of her race and culture its been highly published. makes you think that this Is not the usual pattern could Ms Jackson be marrying for protection the same way that Jackie O married Onassis? Everyone on this thread are speaking as if they personally know Ms Jackson …we don’t and who gives a fck anyway she Is an Illuminati sell out and all the billions in the world will not save her from payback. Just my view

  46. Maybe we re looking at this ass backwards. Where do her royalties go if she comes up dead in 9 months?

  47. some people in here are saying Janet baby is from Bahrain. I thought he is from Qatar.

    I don’t think Janet’s getting married but if so, best wishes Janet. Get all the love you can and give it back.

    Haters mad cause they sleepin in a cold bed. 😀

  48. @crazy chris. I bet you gotta lot of bad luck in your life for all of the mess you put in here. I wonder what people are sayin about you behind your back.

  49. don’t know if christa is a “plant” but just tired of all the Jackson family bashing. that includes crazy chris too. something is off. hard to say if people are white or blacks. some blacks bash the fam too. it’s old and tired, but some people like to keep it going. used to be a time when black folks didn’t criticize other blacks in front of white folks, didn’t tell all their business to white folks because blacks were harshly judged when white folks seemed to get away with stuff.

    to person who said black women have low self-esteem– turn on the tv lately? who is to be looked up to as far as beauty goes?…barbie with long straight hair and big boobs. even the dudes on shows like love and hip hop and such who date black women date the ones who are mixed and look latin.