Who’s Jacky Talking About? – January 14, 2013


January 14, 2013 - Blind Item

Dude Needs To Clean Up His Act…Literally!

He may be a singer who launched his music career from riding Drake’s coattails, but that doesn’t mean he and Drake remain cool. That’s because this Canuck has proven himself to be a pitiful turncoat. Don’t believe me.. Ask Hyghly Alleyne & Lamar Taylor, who our blind item pretty much left for dead — after refusing to sign with Drake.

Now that he’s left without his boys, surrounded by yes men, it seems that no one has the balls to check our mystery man on his nasty lack of hygiene. Insiders say a string of groupies have filed serious complaints — disappointed with the small size of his penis, and disgusted by his repugnant body odor.

We’re told the Canadian singer seems to have made a uniform out of a pair of black pants and dirty-ass black jacket, sporting the outfit for an entire week!

Here’s what a source had to say about it:

“I saw him perform in Miami December 8, we kicked it.¬†Eight days days later, I saw him in L.A. — and dude stunk, he was wearing the same fucking clothes!”

Sources say his lack of personal hygiene may stem from our blind item’s secret practices of Lebanese black magic. Know why? Because cleanliness is next to Godliness. Don’t believe me.. Ask Ahmad “Swine Belly” Balshe.

His reported fear of the press is what’s said to often lead our mystery man to dodge media members. But that fear could be nothing more than drug-fueled paranoia, with our 22-year-old blind item said to be powdering his nose with cocaine daily.

Now, can you guess who I’m talking about?


  1. The Weeknd he looks like he stinks. I saw his video for “Wicked Games ” and he looked a hot smelly mess. I like his music though.
    Unfortunately,with his personal hygiene problems people may not want to work with him. However, he was very smart not to sign with Drake. Drake is basically an indentured servant to Lil Wayne and Baby so if he signed with them he would suffer the same fate.

  2. The weekend. He is the sings the hook on Drake’s “crew love” song. Yeah he looks smelly, and I heard that he and Drake both have a nasty cocaine habit. so sad.

  3. I’m surprised it’s the Weekend your talking about. When he was in San Francisco for his show, he put on an excellent performance, and he did not look dirty.

  4. Lmao!! I guess his name is the weekend cause he washes his ass one weekend a month! His name should be Ramgoat since he smells like one!

    • ^^^CTFU…one weekend a month. Priceless.

      As an African – he should know better.

      His video shows his Black Magic leanings with that shadow business hand to the face and other madness. He’s Lebanese. My goodness, can we be more original than this BMagic nonsense. It is really getting tiring and cliche. Ugh. Does is everyone in the music business a Devil Worshipper????

  5. Well, he warned y’all. He on that shit that you can’t smell,literally lol !!!(those that know the song, know what i’m talking about).

  6. well my girl has been with him, never heard a complaint about his hygiene (maybe she caught him on a few good days) and she claims his dick is pretty big. maybe its just small in relation to a big pussy… lmao

  7. this aint no surprise its the weekend guy and he looked like he smelled somthing horrible in that video wicked games he defaintly a coke head he looks it and sounds like it. complaints bout lil penis your groupie how the hell do u get to have the rights to complain about anything!by the name wicked games and the refrence to dancing with the dev il in his song you already know whats up!lets see how far his devil whorshipping pissy ass go in the industry especaily with a bad coke habit!

  8. Don’t know if he smells…but that brotha can SING…check out his version of Dirty Diana…and his song called Valarie.

  9. Pls guys,take it easy on the ”music bird”,pls dont judge him even if its true about his hygiene.you have to meet him first,or be with him for some time as a friend or otherwise before you deduce conclusions about him.

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