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Blind Item - Jan 13, 2013

She may be best known for her ‘House Of Payne’ acting role, but our 34-year-old blind item is quickly racking up a reputation of smashing married men! Know why? Because sources say she’s secretly bussin’ it open for Columbus Short!

Long before landing her ‘Scandal‘, star she may have inspired the ‘Ain’t No Nigga‘ rapper to a one night stand, from her ‘looking half black and Filipino’ — when she’s really half Korean. We’re told that’s because she was finger-poppin’ the lyricist’s backside on the night of Aaliyah’s death. Jigga What!?!

Around that same time – during her Karl Kani and FUBU modeling days – our blind item reportedly gave Irv Gotti a professional…all to be cast in a music video. Don’t believe me.. Ask Debbie Lorenzo.

Even though she’s no stranger to some of the industry’s leading former and current players — including Ja Rule, Keith Robinson, Little X and Benny Boom — she was treated like a common whore after her brother’s murder in Maryland. Know why? Because when she turned to her celebrity friends for funeral donations, she didn’t receive a red cent.

Can you guess who I’m talking about?



    • Euwh! Some of these people have large cash & loan investments for college study, workshops, acting studio training and personal polishing. So you a Thug!

  2. I don’t get it why do so many of these females and males get to hollywood and just start throwing booty, coochie and wee wee everywhere? Guess being able to act, sing and dance for real don’t count anymore huh? Oh well. And i don’t know who this chick is. Probably just another d-list hump and blow hooker pretending to be an actress.

    • THOSE DAYS ARE LOOOOONG GONE. What’s worse? The talent was better in the old days. Today the most talented people aren’t getting the breaks. It’s the whores and the people who’d sell out their family members to you getting all the breaks. I once worked at a casting office and couldn’t believe how many artists “kissed ass” it was sick.

  3. Thanks to sites like this one (and Sandra Rose), who don’t worship celebrities (like Necole Bitchie), we are realizing what Spencer posted. It is not worth it to pursue this watered down industry~

      • LOL! She is not my fav person, either…except I would not go so far to disparage her in that way.

        • Yes he was…your 1st Black POTUS came out the womb of a white woman.
          A dark skin man can never be president.

          • First of all, Obama may be interracial, but I wouldn’t call him high yellow. Second, anfd most importantly, 5-6 years ago the greatest, most respected Black minds were saying a man of color could never be elected POTUS in their lifetimes.
            And believe me he chose a true sista to stand with him when he surely could have married any women he wanted.
            I think you are highly underestimating your own people.

            • I never said he was high yellow but he’s light enough to make white folks feel good about themselves so much that they call Obama “bi-racial.”
              Remember black was black,if you had just one black parent.
              Yes,most whites think the light skin brothas are smarter than our dark complected brethan(sp)
              “… most respected Black minds were saying a man of color could never be elected POTUS in their lifetimes.”
              So true,or that great black leaders come ONLY from black colleges,obama dispelled a lotta social perceptions but at what cost???
              “…And believe me he chose a true sista to stand with him when he surely could have married any women he wanted.”

              Yep,Obama did the CHOOSING.
              Michelle didn’t…she was lucky to be pick,right? Obama’s the best thing to ever happen to Michelle…wouldn’t become 1st Lady w/o him.
              You make her sound expendable…well,with Bey around,maybe she is.
              BTW,I wouldn’t surprise me if Obama fucks around.

            • @ anonymous 00:32

              Yes.I know Reggie Love quite well, He was on both the basketball and the football team at Duke University. He is now at arguably the best B school in America: The Wharton School of Business at the U of Pa.
              I am not going to dignify the gossip with personal observation and thought. I don’t know what goes on behind closed doors any moire than you do.
              What I do know, just as a person, is that if you had the weight of the world on your shoulder on a daily basis, it would be nice tom have one dude of your level and intellect to serve as a confidant ans shoot hoops with.

              I am very disappointed at the number of readers here have lapped up like kittens to milk, all the EVIL misinformation the Republican machine has spread to dishonor Obama. I mean if a respected member of our community stated that Obama’s sexuality was in question, I would give it some thought.
              But gottam please!! Mat Drudge and the late cokehead Andrew Breibart, the same duo who set up the ACORN disaster 3 years ago, are the ones who are feeding this ish to the mainstream media: GROW A PAIR!!! None of y’all are so gullible to believe that by painting Obama as gay would not be damaging to his image. The Republicans are so desperate that they are turning to scorched earth tactics to sully his image. Republicans are well aware that our community frowns on the homo lifestyle. put it this way, they could have initiated that he had a YT mistress in DC! How well do you think that would go over with Black women??
              I cannot swear that Obama is straight, so I’m not gonna do that. But what I can swear to is that vicious Republican Operatives will do anything to destroy our president and his legacy. THINK!

            • @ anon 00:19 “expendable”? I seriously doubt he would have been elected or reelected without Michelle. U have the greatest of admiration for our first Lady.

          • You mean our first gay president. They have a pro-gay pastor giving the blessing. Pres. Obama loves those gays. But I agree with Christa: he gets props for Michelle.



    • The trick is now finding a way to get into production, script writing and finding alternate ways to distribute your own product online and in international markets.

  4. Denyce Lawton!..She is a beautiful woman,but she is damaged!!..I will never understand why these women(and men) think that f*cking and sucking everybody in sight will get them stardom…When word gets around that this is how you are,you will never be taken serious…You will always be looked upon as a whore,you couldn’t even get a part in a Tyler Perry movie,and he cast all of Hollywood’s forgotten black actors..

    • I don’t understand why so many women and men are clamoring to sleep with these flawed individuals. It is like a fervent rush to sleep with these people and hope for a lucrative pay day (i.e. child support). There are people who are famous and broke as a joke. Why lower yourself thinking that these narcissists will ever take you serious? Take the drug-infested, diseased-riddled crooner Maxwell. A couple of Black females went back stage to speak to him. He was very charming and seemingly “humble.” Well, guess who he left the concert with: three White women who looked like they were in the first stage of meth addiction. The Black females were sophisticated but he was after the ratchet drug-fueled pussy. Yet, in public, he acts like he is all into Black women. He acts so vulnerable and spit game about his so-called insecurities and how that is keeping him from being in a stable relationship. Whatever…that is part of the “mystique.” He makes the Black women think that they have a chance to be his wifey one day and their ignorant asses go out and support him. The Black men in Hollywood remind me of that pimp in the movie that chose the White snowbunny as the bottom bitch but had the Black women out there enslaved in prostitution. He did not choose them, just like a lot of them in the industry. Yet, Black women will still degrade themselves to be with these try-sexual Black males who will not take them to an award show. They will take them to a cheap hotel and leave them with a wet pussy and dry purse. All for a cheap thrill I guess.

      • Finally, someone who see’s what I have been saying for years!!!!!!! I refuse to show support to SOME of our black stars and athletes and well to do black men, because they don’t give or show support to our black women, because when they are starting out, It’s alway’s we have to support our people “but when WE do and they get ON, a black woman not good enough anymore. No, you won’t get my hard earned money. I can comment on this for ever and a day! And I have made it my business to raise my sons and nephews that a BLACK woman comes FIRST! They were told you was born to a black woman, it was a black woman who first loved you and no matter how much money you have: I leave you with 5 words……..You Will Still Be Black Tomorrow! Disclaimer…..This is my opinion, I am entiltled to it! This is given from my perspective as I have lived it and experienced.

        Side note, I have new rule in place when I have get togethers or party’s at my home, If a black male brings a woman from another race this is fine as long as he/she brings a male counter part of the same race it could be her brother, uncle, father, cousin, friend as long as he is a male of the same race for the single sisters at the party. Why do I do this? 1. If he/she is truly not racist then this shouldn’t be a problem. Surely they are not the only person in their circle that like African americans

        • Everything you say is true, but Denyce Lawton is the prime example of the half-black girl with no self-esteem.
          All these chicks, the late Cathy Koreana White, Kimora Simmons, Alicia Keyes, Halle Berry, all straight up hoes and it is like they get in the most fucked up relationships and get treated like shit?
          Maybe that black father didn’t teach them self-love so they don’t have any. I know a kid who killed himself 30 years ago and his daddy was so proud of his European wife.

        • I like your rule.

          These white mofo’s want to have sex with us but they dont bring their white family and friends to socialize with other blacks.

          Yea, make those Sambo’s bring two crackers.

        • That’s a stupid rule. Becky/Brad and her/his friends may just be in the mood for some choco dick/pussy. Use your brain cell.

      • That’s 4 real, Preach on! low self black men and/or black men with no knowledge of self tend to always devalue beautiful black women particularly the darker beauties. So Sad! This is the/a down fault of our race.

        • I thought Maxwell was bisexual. Anywhoo, he was only with those skanks as described above for drugs.

      • Wow…you seriously just brokemy heart with that info on Maxwell. Guess I’ll be deleting his ish now.=(

      • I am not disagreeing with you in any way but this: Power and notoriety are even greater aphrodisiacs than cash. Yeah, it’s true that money usually accompanies those qualities. But I really believe that motivation #1 for many of the hoes on the come up is the dream of fame.

    • I guess the reason they all fall in line for the sucking, f#cking, & booty pumping is because half of them see that it does work & the rest already love that ish.
      Then they can turn on the lights, camera, action & smoke & mirrors to be worshiped by all.

  5. They call them video hoes because that’s what they are, hoes! That’s exactly what Denyce Lawton is, A DUMB HOE! She is no different than Claudia Jordan, Melyssa Ford, Esther Baxter or Karrine(Superhead) Steffans. Dumb bitches like Denyce want to be treated like a lady, but behind closed doors they’re sucking, fucking and swallowing every big time producer and director in the hopes of becoming a star. Nobody respects a woman who has fucked everybody in the industry.
    Denyce was lucky Winston Jerome gave her some lines on his tv show. What has she done after that? A fucked up reality show! What will Denyce Lawton’s future be? Many trips to Dubai, Macau, San Tropez and Prague to try and whore herself out to rich white international millionaires. It’s too bad, Denyce Lawton is too pretty to act like a dirty cheap dumb hoe! Oh well another bitch another headache!

  6. Not sure why some are saying she’s not good enough for Tyler Perry. She was in House of Pain as the manicurist for 2-3 seasons. It was a recurring role but definitely her.

    That’s messed up about her brother but had she entered the business the right way, she may have gotten some real love in return.

    • I said Tyler Perry movie….That was how long ago? Has she been in anything else that T.P. has put out??

    • Actors dont plan to work in Tyler Perry movies just like people dont plan to work as cashiers at fast food restaurants…

      Its something that life just sneaks up on you with when you aint lookig.

      • “Actors dont plan to work in Tyler Perry movies just like people dont plan to work as cashiers at fast food restaurants‚Ķ

        Its something that life just sneaks up on you with when you aint looking”

        That shit is true and funny and sad. Poetry right there.

        • Turns out that Angela Bassett was right about the Halle Berry role in Monsters Ball. Halle hoed herself out for that roll and lost a marriage.

      • Co-sign. Tyler can’t wait to degrade sistas that are actresses. He won’t be happy until he gets Cecily Tyson to play a whore, on her knees. That’s what he thinks of women. Maybe he and Tarantino went to the same film school.

  7. Like a previous blogger said, if Denyce was good, TP would have cast her in his movies. Denyce’s problem is her reputation as a hoe has spread all throughout black hollywood. No director or producer will ever respect her or hire her. She is on a level that is below D-list. This is the same level that Hoopz, Superhead, Draya Michelle and Camilla Poindexter are on. The beautiful blasian bitch is a waste! She will never reach the same level as Meagan Good or Gabrielle Union. If you saw the movie, Video Girl, the lead character is similar to Denyce Lawton, minus the cocaine!
    Denyce is so beautiful but her career ended as soon as it started. Why? Because she fucked damn near every rapper, producer, director and actor in black hollywood. Denyce Lawton is a hoe and will always be a hoe, and she knows it! She is too stupid to be an actress!

    • @nba is fixed-how is it girls like her don’t make it in hollywood but females like jennifer lopez, meagan goode, zoe saldana, paula patton and kerry washington who all have known hoe reps make it? Did they just do the right people or were they lucky? Cause kerry washington has some talent but the rest of them couldn’t act to save their lives. Especially j.lo and she is super rich. Just asking.

      • I’ve never heard anything about Kerry Washington being a hoe. Do tell, do tell. She’s such a good actress. I’m not saying she didn’t sleep around, but I truly can’t see it coming from her. She’s been trained at some prestigious school for the arts, according to the interview she did with Oprah. Her parents are well-to-do too. I can’t see Kerry being nasty like that.

        • @Jane Kennedy-that’s cause kerry does all her nastiness with white guys. You said it yourself -she’s been trained at some prestigious school for the arts. Well with her reputation for sword swallowing you know what art she was trained in. Ask john mayer.

          • So are you saying Kerry has been with John Mayer and others? I feel like the verdict is still out on Kerry. After she did “Save the Last Dance,” she had to go back to substitute teaching due to the lack of roles she was getting. If she was whoring herself out like you say she was, I don’t think that level of respect (citing that she reverted back to a semblance of a normal profession) would have ever been present.

            • @Jane Kennedy-i don’t know if they had intercourse but she gave him the superhead treatment-he said so in that same interview where he called jessica simpson sexual napalm. Kerry might be able to be more selective seeing as she can act but i put her name in the mix cause i heard that’s how she got django unchained. She gave QT a little special attention as bernie mac called it.

            • In Hollywood, respect doesnt mean what respect means to squares..

              In Hollywood, respect means how they perform at orgies and gangbangs.

            • “Wow Bob, did you see that Kerry Whatshername at Stevens orgy last week, she was great, everybody who needed a blowjob got one , do you have a part for her in your new Ray Charles movie”?

      • You answered your own question Madraven. Denyce fucked a bunch of low life rappers and directors. Paula Patton, Meagan Good and Zoe Saldana fucked several powerful hollywood producers, directors and executives. Denyce Lawton’s goals were rap videos and bullshit magazines like King and XXL. Meagan Good and Zoe’s goals were serious acting roles in big budget movies. Dumb hoe vs. smart hoe. That is the difference! Hope that answers your question.

        • @nba-perfectly! Lol! Guess it’s too late for her to get smarter. Oh well we’ll see her in one of those chitlin circuit plays like beauty shop or one of those straight to dvd hood movies. Lol! Denyce Lawton in Workin’ The Hoe Stroll! Sad but funny!

      • JLO got put on because they needed a Latina face. Remember that when she was put on her people thought she was a sell out. Thus, her marriage to Marc Anthony to get that Latino support; even though he supposedly beat that ass down repeatedly and damn near drove them to the poor house. Remember she had to do American Idol for that pay check…they was going broke in a bad way!

        As for black women in Hollywood, there can only be one or two. Remember when Sanaa Lathan was supposed to be the up and comer? Kerry Washington was once considered in that same group. I’m not sure who you could say now. Probably Zoe Saldana. But it’s like they say in Highlander: “There can only be one!”

        • Halle Berry is the standard for Black females in hollywood but lately the “black” girl in the film has been replaced by the bi-racial girl.

        • Notice also that all of them are yellow chicas?

          And yes, the “BLACK GIRL” in the movie and the television show has been replaced by the “MIXED GIRL”,unless the actress is over 250lbs, unattractive, playing a maid or a prostitute and in some comedic role…In those cases, the black girl spot is still available for a black girl.

          • I remember a story about the first “Sex in the City” movie.The show had been criticised for not having any prominent Blacks in the HBO series so they got JHud to play the “executive assistant” the horseface Sara Jay Parker’s character in the movie version.SATC was the first movie after JHud’s Oscar win…before she lost all the weight…back when she was bragging about being a REAL woman because of her waistline.
            She was the only Oscar winner in SATC.
            Her screentime was no more than 15 min through the entire film.
            She got $5M for the part…not a bad payday.
            Again,she played an “executive assistant” to Samantha’s horseface ass in the movie.
            Word was Beyonce was offered JHud’s role,than Kelly Rowland was offered it.
            Be honest,do you think JHud got the role because she was fat as oppose to skinny.

            • Of course she got the role because she was overweight and therefore sexually non threatening to those white geriatric hookers.

              Do you think they would have felt comfortable having a non-obese, beautiful dark skinned sister playing the Assistant who was more attractive than those women who are supposed to be the sex symbols?
              It would have been awkward, especially, if she was voloptuous in the way that only a black woman can be and is distinctly unique in.

  8. If that shit about Jay-Z is true, Denyce better keep her mouth shut or she will end up like Cathy White!

  9. I love SR she keeps it real, ain’t no celebrity ass-kissin going on @ that blog (well, besides TI & Tiny nem, who are obviously paying her for immunity) Hsk is one of my fave sites for the same reason. He ain’t scared to there on his topics and the comments on here are a good read in & of themselves. IStopped going to NB awhile back for the same reason everybody else did: she ain’t serving nothing but apple juice, ain’t a drop of tea in sight. Rws is dead to me now cuz she has way too many trolls & doesn’t do anything to address the complaints she receives about them. And her stories are too dry, repetitive and badly written to put up with that bullshit.

  10. Another reason why Denyce will never make it in hollywood? Look her up on youtube, she can’t talk! She sounds ignorant, uneducated and obviously hasn’t had any media training. In other words, she in unprofessional. When an actor is hired for a project, it’s an investment. The producer or director trusts that you will deliver a good performance and sell the project. No producer wants to invest in Denyce Lawton. This is why she has only done rap videos, low budget movies and reality tv. Look her up on IMDB, her resume speaks for itself. Real actresses act like hoodrats only when they’re playing the role in front of the camera. The rest of the time they are classy, articulate and pleasant to talk to. Regina King and Taraji Henson are perfect examples. Ladies, if you show up to an audition acting like a ignorant hoodrat in front of white people, your career will be over faster than you can say Vivica Fox. If you want to act in hollywood, do not act like Denyce Lawton. Why? because she is nothing but an 34 year old hoe who thinks she is a actress, but in reality, she is woman who will fuck you if the price is right (Just like Claudia Jordan)

  11. She has a very nice body. It’s definitely hard for black woman to get work in the Hollyweird environment. Some black women (halfs and wholes) want to feel and be the [mist]. So don’t hate because many of you would do the same. Just like Lilly did the Zampighi, you would do same and call it something different to make you feel politically correct. Still in the end, too many Dees are still bad for your health.

  12. From what I heard elsewhere, Columbus Short got his hands full with his wife – THAT one is smashing his boy on a regular; to the point where Columbus tried getting ol’ dude a job on the set of Scandal to keep an eye on them. Still no good…they still at it. Word is Columbus and his wife STAY cheatin on each other, so Denyce Lawton is a drop in the ocean. He’s just trying to keep his mind off the wife lolol

  13. Off topic but was I the only one to see Beyonce throw up the baph when she took out her earpiece during the SSBanner?



  14. Umm, john mayer said his penis is like hitler so i don’t he slept with Keri washington. e loves black music but only white girls puss.

  15. So can someone tell me more about Paula Patton,

    I see that she has done the Director shuffle too-please dish. Also I may be naive but I know the the beautiful Lauren London started as a video vixen and know that she has gone on to films, but she doesn’t get many roles, I do realize that she is not the greatest actress, but like so many much worst than her I see in so many movies, so I guess my question is – if she slept around…… I’d see her in tons of films! Sad!

    • @THEEAMAZIN’-Ok this is what i heard- her marriage to robin thicke is another sham hollywood hookup. Paula is bi sexual and leans more towards females. They also have an open marriage but it is only open om her end. He is not allowed to be with anyone but her but she can do whoever she wants. And yes you are right about her and lauren london-paula hoes herself out for parts lauren won’t so she does not work much. Now i’m gonna give jacky credit for this tea cause i believe i read this here. Check the who’s jacky talking about archives cause i think she was a blind item.