Who’s Jacky Talking About? – January 22, 2013


Blind Item - January 22, 2012

She’s a Basketball Wife most recognized for her false fronts. Though she may be one of the very few ratchet reality stars who actually bagged an NBA athlete, she’s said to not exactly be honoring her wedding vows.

That’s because our mystery lady seems to living her own true Hollywood version of “How Stella Got Her Groove Back” – as reports of our blind item cheating with a known Jamaican drug dealer begin to surface. Don’t believe me.. Ask her fake sister, Krystal.

This news comes as word points to our blind item’s jewelry business venture as going bust, freeing up time for her to whore with her island gangsta boo at various Tinseltown hot spots.

Sources say her whoring could be nothing more than her taking it back to what she knows how to do best. Know why? Because if she doesn’t meet her mother’s monthly expenses on time — and provide top dollar for her expensive weave — mom’s may spill our blind item’s tea!

Now, Can you guess who I’m talking about?


  1. When started that jewelry line for kids I was confused as to who would purchase such gawdy items for a chld. I see now….

  2. Jacky you need to report on Beyonce and how she faked the funk at the Inauguration. Ripping her ear piece out & waving her arms in the air with major theatrics, when her ass was really lip-synching.

    • She still did good. Of course she and Jay-Z were there for the Illuminati puppet party. Notice how Obama (that nigga!) supported gays (again) and illegals (again), but did not say shit about the black man (again), but niggas in the crowd stayed smiling as if Obama is doing something for us. Check real history – the ONLY president to do anything for us – proactively, was the one they killed nearly 50 years ago in Dallas! Why is JFK dead, but Obama in his second term? Think!

      • Actually, that honor goes to Lyndon Baines Johnson. Kennedy, like Clinton, was not on the side of Black America. In fact, it was Lyndon Johnson who urged Kennedy to push through Civil Rights legislation. Kennedy was so preoccupied with the Bay of Pigs and Marilyn Monroe. True Civil Rights legislation came forth after his assassination.

      • JOSH: that is the problem with black people ALWAYS WANT A DAMN HAND OUT!!!!!!!!!! if you was on your shit you wouldnt expect someone to do for you!

    • Seriously??? Like what was she supposed to do just stand there like a lost soul. Whether she sung it live or not she’s there to PERFORM!!

  3. Shaqueeta Malaysia, or whatever her name is. Why would she risk her marriage and 3 kids for this nonsense?

    Girl bye!

    • Agreed! How asinine to risk it all for some penile addiction?! Seriously, the whole “hoe to housewife” reference isn’t always applicable: people can and do change. Not for nothing, many women have less than pristine pasts and make mistakes, trashy moves, and bad decisions when they are younger! I just don’t understand why these women continue to go on reality tv knowing that there checkered pasts are bound to be put on blast! Note that most true basketball wives refuse to take part in the coonery. All money ain’t good money.

  4. Teeth + jewelry business Venture = Malaysia. Funny how all I read was false fronts and I knew it was her lol.

  5. Man shaunie is so on point with her casting! Just when you think she has run out of jezebels she reaches deep down into her bag of ratchetness and pulls out another dick inhaling ankle grabbing whore with a ring! She’s the david copperfield of hoes-one goes away and then POOF another one appears! Gotta admit this sorta surprised me but when i thought about it it didn’t cause athletes love janky wenches. And so do rappers, singers, actors, directors etc. Silly men, still think you can make a hoe a housewife huh?

    • But when you think about it, such loose women are the only ones in their circle. This is nothing new. It has been going on. Social media, blogs, and smartphones have made these imbeciles and their ratchet lifestyles more accessible. And since the industry is declining and devoid of true artists, many of these imbeciles are jockeying for the most attention or more prone to do something outlandish to stay relevant. There is no mystique in the industry. Beyonce and JayZ try hard to have that mystique but they are so shallow that it is easy to see into their empty eyes and barren souls. Its like Toni Braxton (poor thing) said: “It is easy to be made a star. The real work begins with staying on top. That is the hard part.” When she said this, my heart began to ache for Beyonce,,,just a bit. However, I remember her making a statement such as: “I get scared because I don’t want to lose this!” You could see the fear in her eyes at the thought of giving up such a life. That statement and her body language that followed were classic signs of narcissism. GOD Help them all!

    • Yes! Where do Shaunie find these hoes? They get more ratchet with every season…and the men that marry em or whateverare just as much as a disgrace

  6. @MeMyselfAndI-God can’t help beyonce she sold her soul long ago. Her narcissism broke up what could have been the most successful girl group of all time. All cause she wanted her name out there. If i was kelly or michelle there is no way in hell i would ever share a stage with her again much less make another DC album. It was clear to see when they came out she was being pushed to the forefront and when anyone in the group complained…..time for some new backup singers! And that’s all any female in that group is-a backup singer to beyonce!!! And don’t feel sorry for dumb ass toni braxton!! She has squandered enough money for two lifetimes! She is in the hole she is in cause she is financially irresponsible and lives beyond her means. And the music business isn’t bereft of talent. It functions like the movie business. Make a garbage film a hit and you get more garbage films. Make rihanna and beyonce go triple platinum while ledisi and chante moore struggle to go gold and guess what type of music you’ll be getting more of. The public holds ALL the cards and continues to play the wrong hand so you get what you get which is more garbage.

    • I concur. That Toni Braxton comment I made was tongue in cheek! LOL!

      Yes, Beyonce is a classic narcissist. She cannot show any empathy towards anyone. Also, where is Green Lantern? Poor little Tink Tink is left in the care of her surrogate mother/BeyDunce’s assistant, Angela Beyince. I can’t believe that BeyondFake is so shallow that she did not even want to carry her own child. How sad!

      • @MeMyselfAndI-You can’t believe it? Really? I can. She’s so full of herself she probably didn’t want to ruin her figure. And of course her assistant is raising her. If she had had the child a nanny would be raising it so what’s the difference. But who does she think she is fooling? Anyone who can count knew the pregnancy was fake. The baby has curly black hair, is butter rican brown and doesn’t look like either of them. And what well off woman do you know has a child and runs back to her career as fast as she did? I mean you just had a child and rather than taking some time off you’re doing the halftime show at the super bowl?!!! Even madonna’s egomaniacal ass took a breather after she had lourdes!! Damn!!! But you see the reception she and jay got at the inauguration. Folks love the phoniness-phony marriage, phony pregnancy, phony”live”performance. Such is her life, all surface and no substance. Smdh

        • if the baby looked like jigga you’d be really talking about how ugly it was.

          one thing about ugly dudes like jay z they make pretty kids.

        • I confused– everyone is speaking on a young woman no one knows on a personal level and yet no one has put up documented proof to support their claims! Really people get a. Life because Beyonce sure has one!

    • all groups have that star or main attraction.

      in the dc camp rule number 1 it’s all about beyonce.

      that’s the only rule.

      chaka khan had drama with rufus when she was getting the spotlight.

      harold melvin wooped teddy ass for getting the attention when they were both bluenotes.

      the commodores had issues with lionel richie getting the spotlight and writing those love songs.

    • How does every thread manage to come around to Beyonce? She’s not the first female artist to leave a group and go solo, and she won’t be the last! Was she groomed for super stardom?..YES..early!She took what talent she had.. a father who worked overtime to see to it that his daughter would make it .. and she ran with it. Has she done anyone dirty in her life? Who knows? Probably.. but she is a hell of an entertainer , and one of the current IT gals in the industry! Will she always be? Probably not.. but life goes on.. what goes us up..you know the rest. Hollywood is a lot of “smoke & mirrors” so it wouldn’t shock me if her & jay Z were faking the funk about certain things.. so are alot of other celebs! PS By the way I happen to like bot Chante Moore & Ledisi, and think that they deserve tobe right there at the type with Beyonce.. success wise..but everyone can’t be a super star..industry won’t let them. can however still enjoy & appreciate their music!

      • Thanks for not joining th hate bandwagon. I don’t understand why people have so much hate ofr someone just because they have the it factor, like Beyonce, Michael Jackson, and countless others who left their original groups. It is not necessary to make “stars” such a big part of your life. (that was for those who think anyone who does not hate Beyonce is brainwashed). Kelli sings okay. Michelle’s singing is okay. Beyonce can sing and has the IT factor. Most of the other Jacksons had the hookups, sing okay, and even play instruments, BUT only Mike had the IT factor. Don’t blame Mike for that. Don’t Blame Beyonce. And Ray Jay, don’t blame Brandy. Chante Moore sings well, and Ledisi who has some IT factor, Can Blow (especially in her early years, whew!!! BUT the IT factor means that you have such charisma that people are drawn to you no matter what you do. Digital Underground, did not want to let Tupac shine — guess why. People wanted to see Chaka, whether Rufus was playing or not. That is just how it is. It is difficult for the siblings of those who have the IT factor. Famous or not, they always find themselves in the background. Still it is no reason to hate. People who don’t have even a small amount of charisma, Hate those with IT. It is healthier to get over it.

      • Thank you thank you! Finally! …and it doesn’t just happen with celebrities. This goes on in everyday life. Period!

    • I’m not sure why ppl think It’s ok to sit on their high horse and be so judgemental. Unless you know these individuals personally, how can you say??? Sounds like a bunch of haters to me, maybe not all, but quite a few. Like someone said, we all make mistakes. We’re all human and we all, at one time or another, wish we could upgrade or change something either from our past or near future….at least I do! Ridiculous!

  7. Jacky any way u can get a screen shot of her pulling out the earpiece? Looked like she cupped it with her two middle fingers throwin up the horns.

  8. Jacky,

    Why do you pick on Malaysia and Draya so much? Why don’t you expose the Govans and Jackie for what they really are? The Govans disgust me especially. They always want to act like they are so above the fray; however, they come off the most conceited, corrupt, and scandalous.

    • yes the Govan family of scammers. At least Malaysia knows how not to act like a damn fool on television. Her mother taught her something. People cannot act higher than their own consciousness. So you will probably never see anything positive about the sitas on this site. Just juicy tea.

  9. People risk marriages everyday to cheat… because “THEY CAN”… ADVENTURE… no excuses just truth… If she gets caught and her husband divorces her..it will serve her right. Who knows maybe her husband is cheating with other women.. Either way.. you marry a groupie what do you expect.many of these ballers won’t look twice at a regular working ..educate woman, but will wife up an industry wh*re who’s been passed around the industry more than a blunt and a Snoop dog party!..lol You get what you bargain for..Should have set your standards higher! Look past the azz and t8ts!

  10. why pick on people and rip them apart to get hitds on your blog. not really fair to kills someone’s character based on hearsay. and people run with everything they read on blogs like its the bible. the lady has been with hr man for over 10 years. im quite upset not because its real or fake but destroying someone’s xter especially knowing they are married with kids is not right, its going too far. pick on the govans they dont hide their problems. or did they pay you?

  11. not a beyonce fan but I’m not gonna hate her every move either.

    does she have a goddess complex yes.

    did she hire a surrogate that’s her business her and jay can afford a nanny.

    beyonce took her 15 minutes and stretched it dc was a LAUNCHING PAD FOR HER SOLO CAREER.





    • It is not necessary to stay with a group if you no longer want to be ini it. When you are young a 3 or 4 person group may work for you, but as we’ve seen on Unsung, who wants to vote 5 ways every time you have an idea or want to change something. Can you imagine if every time you moved up on your job, someone accused you of using the people who did not move up, and for the rest of your life held you responsible for their lack of success. It is okay to move on. It is okay to move up. It does not mean you sacrificed anyone. If you are not a Conjoined Twin, then live your life. Take it to whatever level you want to go to. It does not make you an illuminati accomplice. Thank God that years ago when I was in undergrad, we had intelligent discussion about REAL Boule’s and Illuminati. (as if they would let in a rapper or a singer).

      • I like the fact that someone is choosing to not be like everyone else. I like Beyonce and Jay Z. Every one is calling them these names and accusing her of things because she chooses not to be like the rest of the industry. You didn’t even know they were dating until THEY wanted you to know. No one knew if they were married or not until THEY wanted to. Everyone is just bitter because, they choose to keep quiet about their lives. Same as Micheal and everyone else that we know little about their private lives. This is how these people stay together, by keeping their business to themselves. We need to take note, and follow!

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