Who’s Jacky Talking About? – January 25, 2013


Who is Jacky Talking About

She’s a celebrity chef whose husband’s once secret endeavors may have shattered the cookie-cutter image she’s worked hard to form. That’s because her entertainment lawyer husband, John, is now known to be connected to a popular New York City 56th Street swinger’s club – where he’s been caught cruising several times.

That’s why sources are now dubbing him a “regular” of the Upper West Side sex spot, which exclusively caters to couple and single woman “who want to explore an alternative lifestyle”.

Now, insiders are wondering if their once seemingly “fairy tale” of a marriage will last. Can you guess the Food Network star I’m talking about?


    • Its works that way with many sites. We’re just spoiled because Jacky often gets the goods first. Its all good because I hadn’t read this one and certainly somebody else hadn’t either. Do You, Jacky.

      • True,but why do sites tell the same gossip??? There are enough stars in Hollywood that the same gossip shouldn’t be recycled.

    • jackie already did a post on rachel ray, this one is just touching on what’s been talked about lately

  1. Y can’t these lovely talented ladies just walk. Away dignity intact? (Madonna, J-lo, Rachel Ray, Rihanna, Ain’t no man worth your dignity and self respect. So they say there’s a man shortage??? There’s still too many 2 put up with the Ratchedness u ladies have.

    • Talented? This bitch pours Campbell’s soup on chicken and bakes it. She is no “chef”. Plus, she’s a trashy, racist pig. A blind several years ago said her husband likes to hire hookers to urinate on him. He’s been into this for a lonnnnng time now, don’t think she’s not into it, too. Same with Sandra Bullock – her ex-husband was a skinhead Nazi, yet everyone kisses her ass because she ran and adopted a black baby and calls her ‘America’s Sweetheart”. Please. Couples are into the same shit, 90% of the time.

      • She’s racist? Where did you hear that? I have been watching since she had her show that cable channel. I always had my eyes on her big ass! Yeah, she’s no chef, she’s a cook, but I am sure you would prefer her food to the average woman’s cooking.

        • Ummmm Josh, don’t you remember several years back there was a video of her ranting & raving calling her then boss Oprah a Nigger? That is old news. It was smoothed over but Rachel is a mess & this I know!

        • Because rachael ray does not have a racist bone in her body. She did diss oprahs ass for being too white.rachael ray has a “thing”for black men and this is way before the fame.lol

          • Ummm just cuz she likes black men doesn’t mean she’s not a racist. It’s about the culture–does she respect it. I don’t know about the video footage, but I definitely heard about the rant. Not sure if it was blown out of proportion or not but something about her rubs me the wrong way. I just never liked her personality.

            • speak n get their behinds n line. Lots of f people don’t know the difference. They think bc someones laying with a blk man that gives them brownie points. I worked with a lady who married a blk man n flaunted him but can’t stand blacks and our culture as a whole. Very sad and I feel bad for their kids.

      • Don’t knock the soup over chicken tip!
        That shit is quick and makes Dad look like a top notch chef in my kids’ eyes!

      • Lmfaooo Nigga Said Bitch Ain’t Talented, All She Do Is Pour Campbell’s Soup On Chicken.. #Weak #Dead

      • Damn skippy…Sandra Bullocks husband was a Nazi Skinhead and people actually think she wasnt aware of his racist views because she adopted a black baby…

        People think that Angelina Jolie,Madonna and the rest of those white skanks arent racist either, because they bone black guys and adopt black babies…

        Kim Kardashian is a racist who simply likes black dick. She despises black women and she despises any black man who isnt giving her the dick.

        I know white women who have children with black men and dont like their half black daughters.

        • Anonymous 10:32, I’ve heard of Kim HATING black women, which is why she’s always going after black men. But one thing I can say about Madonna that I can’t about the rest is, she makes sure she takes her adopted son back to his village to be with his family and to learn his culture.

        • yes their mentality reminds me of the white lady on the movie Mandingo. She knew her husband was screwing the slave lady so she screwed the biggest male slave and I mean big n every way. She did this to spite her husband.

      • Racist? What are you basing that opinion on?

        There has been an ugly trend here ever since the “Django Unchained” thread which is disturbing and worse tiresome.

        I am not a Rachel Ray fan. I would be happy to see her show be cancelled. But it has nothing to do with racism.

        • christa

          I accuse you also of being a mulatta racist.
          You are heavy handed with black people about this WHITE CREATED AND CONTROLLED racist society and you put on the kid gloves when it pertains to those who actually set the system up and runs it at their pleasure and leisure…
          I notice that trend amongst many mixed race people, though, so dont feel you are alone.

        • Christa dont let these weak mofos get u worked up. That is their only purpose. Making accusations. Accusing ppl as sock puppets while hiding behind anonymous is the weakest shit ever. You dont even know who ur checking. The concept of anonymous is the ultimate sock puppet.

    • Why??? Because go-getter successful and professional women typically carry none of the same poise, good decision making and acumen that the exhibit in their business lives to their personal lives.
      I think they subconciously believe the type of drama this creates gives them balance in their lives.

  2. I forgot 2 add Shaunee to that list. As like Dimi Moore who learned the hard way and Madonna and J-lo who haven’t yet, Why would U want a Kidd?! That’s sick. There’s a such thing as being too young…..J said he was by her side thru her divorce. Who WWouldn’t Have Been??? A skid row would jump at the change 2 live the lap of luxury…Casper is too obvious not 2 B a switch hitter and He’s too young…

  3. Food Network stars….hmmm…Sunny Anderson? Mrs. Neely? lol That flaming dude that comes on the weekend?

    I know Paula Deen’s hubby ain’t goin nowhere.

      • LOL. When I had cable that b1tch, RR and that overgrown Italian ho came on 2-3x a day. I love to cook and feel food is universal but few of them had anything original. Sunny had good recipes for the working person who occasionally took shortcuts, the Neelys had the best recipes (even when they tried to go lite/diet) period and flaming dude (still can’t remember his name) had good recipes but they moved his ass all around. That’s when I became convinced that the network was racist. I’ll take reruns of B.Smith over Food Network any day.

        • I believe the Food Network is racist. Where are all the black cooks at? Sunny Anderson, The Neely’s, and Big Daddy. These Mfs can’t be found on that channel. You mean to tell me with all of these good black cooks you can’t find anymore to balance it out? I like some of the other shows, but when they show rib and bbq cook offs all u c r whites. Bullshit. Give me G. Harbinger any day.


    • @crazy chris-are you serious? Oprah will eat anything that doesn’t eat her first! And she probably ate or got ate by rachel so she could get on. Anybody think oprah ate rachel’s cooking? Man you know she swallowed that food without even tasting it! Gobbled it down like cookie monster!

  5. Ummm maybe she washes the food before. To save time. I think common sense will tell u that the food is more than likely “prepped” before they say Action. #Justathought

    • Obviously, you have never watched that show because you have no idea what you are talking about. “Prepped” before they say action-absolutely NOT! She unwraps the packages in front of the camera!!

  6. I thought I was the only one to notice that she NEVER washes her food. She takes it right out of the package and throws it in the pan. I wouldn’t eat anything from her kitchen!!

  7. Rachel has been an open freak for years. Ya’ll can call her out now, but she never lied on being a sexual freak,
    As far as her cleanliness goes, you must know that they pre-prep all the food for those shows on Food Channel. Please, you really think the food isn’t clean and washed?

  8. Calm down its not like any of us know these celebrities personally!(Not most of us anyway)Most of us are getting what lil we think we do know fron this site and other gossip type entertainment sites..lolThey aren’t super human. they are humans and they are not exempt from doing d*umb sh*t like anyone else. I don’t place any of them on a pedestal,though I can certainly appreciate their talent..etc I know that they aren’t perfect, even when they try to come across that way!

  9. Because rachael ray does not have a racist bone in her body. She did diss oprahs ass for being too white.rachael ray has a “thing”for black men and this is way before the fame.lol

  10. Robert, I feel you on the not washing meat tip BUT a lot of ppl unfortunately don’t wash their meats before they cook. You think restaurants wash their meats with vinegar before serving them to you.. If you don’t believe me, ask Cornel Sanders

  11. All white people are suspected racists. That includes the one you sleep with, your white dad, your white mom, your white girlfriend, your white homey who you listen to rap music with, your white boss, your white teacher and your white priest.

  12. Why would a real chef have a line of gourmet dog food if you are cooking for people on tv? RR is so played out it is ridiculous!! Seems unclean in the kitchen to me.

  13. I would just like to say not every white person is prejudice but many of us is black people are very prejudice many we are quick to call other people races in fit in some cases that i s true. but I have
    say I have to ay Rachel Ray has never come up that way to me. but if you watch your show she’s the first 1 to tell that she is not classic train chef she calls herself a foodie and has worked at her parents restaurants for years, when does to is broke out about heard over Winfrey she immediately addressed them on her show she was deeply saddened because she hadn’t talked to Oprah and you could tell she was deeply hurt by the press so the future give a person a benefit of doubt stop being so hard on people give give Rachel Ray a break in back of she seems to be a nice person I’m sure you don’t know a personally give Rachel Ray a pass in layoff

  14. I just want to see people who can cook and share tasty recipes. I dont care if they are trained chefs or kitchen cooks. I would like to see more African American cooking on Tv but America is on this fake healthy eatng kick just for show and they claim that many AA foods are fatty and unhealthy. Meanwhile they sneak into Soul Food joints get lipo and calorie count for the cameras. RR cant cook she justs throws stuff in the pot that looks bland from the camera.

  15. She should be called Wretched Ray and her four meals. Ever try to make her crap? It’s not going to happen in 30 minutes. Notice how she goes to commercial breaks and everything’s done when she gets back.BS!

    Also, talk about dirty food, what about all that long hair she has? I went to culinary school, that crap is not allowed because hair gets in the food. I wouldn’t eat that dirty mess.