Who’s Jacky Talking About? – January 4, 2013


Blind Item - Jan 4, 2013

She headed for Hollywood in the 90’s, with big dreams of becoming a star. After touching down in Tinseltown, she began her trek of sleeping her way to the top — first, with Wesley Snipes. She later moved on to a successful rapper-turned actor, before landing a few television cameos beside him. Don’t believe me.. Ask LL Cool J.

It wasn’t long before she secured a spot beside one of the NFL’s legendary players.

Rewind to her first days in Los Angeles, when she lived a small apartment without furniture. That’s a far cry from the luxury life – complete with a 60,000 thousand square foot home set on 200 acres of land – she later gained in the Lone Star state. Don’t believe me.. Ask her child abusing sister, Kandi.

Here’s what we’re told our blind item’s father said to her before he died:

“U will always be Deion’s side piece. He’ll never marry you. Why would he marry you? He could get any woman he wants, why you? You don’t have shit to bring to the table. He’s not going to marry you.”

Sources say that’s before our mystery lady’s money-grubbing sister said, “I guess daddy was wrong”.

Now, Can you guess who I talking about?


    • I know, right??? I mean, it’s kinda getting a little tired, coming here everyday to the latest post bashing her. Oh well, it ain’t my blog, so whatev’s.

      • Agreed. Its really starting to boarder on bullying. And the story about her dad wow. Using a failing parents attempt to belittle his own little blessing…this is getting weird. Starting to sound like Diary of a Bitter Pimp….just saying…

      • She didn’t bed HIM and he’s mad. At least that’s what it’s beginning to look like with the daily Pilar Sanders bashing posts. Damned shame. Oh, the thirst, Jacky.


        He’s on Mr. Sander’s payroll.



    • This is how I see it. Yeah Jacky does occasionally get on one of his put down jags about someone in the world of celebrity. Paging: Marvet Britto.
      But dayum, it’s his blog and he provides a service which we all enjoy 99.9% of the time. Does he palm a little payola to put the heat on particular characters? What gossip blogger doesn’t? The man ain’t doing this for his health, he needs to be PAID.
      As of yet I have never known him to present a story that is a lie. He just may show the side of the person he feels is being dogged. And that is his editorial right. So, thank you Jacky for the time and effort you put into HSK. I love it, and I understand a man gotta do what he needs to do.

    • Jacky is not making as much as that Fat Cow (Alien) over at SFTA, she is cleaning up off Tameka Foster. The dumb shit she prints about Usher is just ridiculous!

        • I have an infatuation with TI and yes it is sickening.

          But admitting one’s problem is the first step to recovery, right? lol

          • Went on her blog once, cause someone asked me to. After i read her tirade about how pregnant teens should be kicked outta school i bid the ish dueces. Whatever success she had she won’t garnet from my support, with her beyond ignorant azz. Ok, off my soap box…lol

      • I said the same thing about sfta, i actually stopped going to the site(have not been in about 4 months) it started getting embrassing watching her attack someone in such a way, It’s no way she went from hating Takmeka to all of the sudden her greatest ally.

      • Yep, last month it was Marvett Britto and though I’ve been here for less than a yr., there is an obvious pattern.

        So if Stoney Jackson, Ron from Different World or the waitress from Purple Rain suddenly have a lot of blog posts, the smear campaign is just about the almighty $.

      • Pilar is the one that keeps her in the news. Always running to the press with her atty. in tow to present some weak bullshit about nothing. She loves it when people are talking about her. She wants to stay relevant until she breaks out with her Rap CD. Good marketing Pilar, now we have to find someone that might be interested! Jacky keep doing your job and keep that bitch on blast.

      • He works so hard at this his he may share Katt’s theme song:
        “Erryday I’m hustlin, Erryday I’m hustlin, hustlin..

  1. “U will always be Deion’s side piece. He’ll never marry you. Why would he marry you? He could get any woman he wants, why you? You don’t have shit to bring to the table. He’s not going to marry you.”

    All I have to say is if you can look at your daughter and honestly tell her that on your dying bed…..you have failed her as a father.
    and with that…..I’m done.

  2. these articles bore me! deion cheated thru out the entire marriage! why are her past relationships being discussed?

  3. Oh shit, I never knew (Or would’ve known) that Pilar was in LL Cool J’s ‘Doin’ It’ video (The blurred pic at the top of this post, for those that don’t know). Damn, she really has been around lol

  4. You can’t turn a hoe into a housewife! There is no cure for hoeing. Once a hoe, always a hoe! These dumb ass athletes keep saving hoes, they will wind up broke just like those guys on the ESPN 30 for 30 story! Didn’t E-40 tell all of you to stop savig hoes? I guess some guys never learn!

    • thats cuz niggas think good wholesome girls are too boooring.. its almost like they want the challenge of trying to tame a wild beast, but if they get a good girl they just have to wait several months for pussy…they always lookin for bad girls and hoes unless they’re on that rich family shit and are worried about lineage and breeding…


  5. Can we get a story about …. how deion was hoe !!! I don’t even care for Pilar !!! This is insane with the dragging of this women from HSK……

    • I met Deion back in the day. The man was playing baseball AND football year round. He may not be a Rhodes Scholar, I’ll give you that, but he was as centered and dedicated to his gift as a man could be. I don’t think he had a lot of time for hoein.

  6. No one mentioned that she laid down with that nasty Wesley Snipes who is so anti-Black women. Halle laid down with him and Pilar now. Euuuuu….can’t take that back. Gotta go and take a shower.

  7. What does this site have against Pilar. Seems like constant vindictive posts #weird or getting paid to post these stories. & I am not a fan of her spend time posting writing more intriguing stories our blind items about more relevant people.

  8. Like what is the point of these constant bash post…this the only website that post these post because no one else cares.

  9. Okay WHO GIVES A CARE ABOUT PILAR! I am so sick of hearing about this trick! America has no morality and all u have too do is be a stripper,inject your ass,find u a long weave, sleep with multiple men(make a video while doing it–kim k)and implant your breasts,then you will be a highly sought after woman by multiple entainers and celebrities, especially if you are white! Sickassworldwelivein! In conclushion,Deion and Pilar so deserve each other just like dumb ass/weak Kanye West deserves playa ass kim kardasion(still married and he is parading around with her o on his arm)!

  10. Team Pilar here…Deion has had too many opportunities to straighten up, and get it together. No sympathy here. Quit WIFING trash…plain and simple!

  11. I love the comments more than the posts; lately they are far more interesting. If its a slow news day, Jacky should do some “Where Are They Now” black celeb stories. Overall this is a good blog, and ok it may be about money but the constant dragging of Pilar Sanders is just disgusting! The least you can do is attempt to show some type of fairness and tell us both sides so we can speculate, and roast his ass too! I respected HSK more than that trashy Sandra Rose, and boring YBF, and definitely more than Necole Bitchie. I read very few blogs, and Jacky is killing this one slowly…

  12. @ Je La Suis I remember that Blind Item from The Panache Report last summer. It reveled a lot about the soon to be ex Mrs. Sanders.
    She left home at age 14 and moved to Miami. Soon she was trickin and gave birth to a girl at age 15 who now is 24. She pulled up stakes and headed west to Hollywood where she become a video vixen. She and L.L. fell in love, and he was thisclose to leaving his wife, but backed out at the last minute. She went through a who’s who list of the rich and powerful, living the life of a princess with credit cards, a fabulous apartment, access to the Gucci Black Book: basically her dream life. She became heavily involved with Gary Sheffield, the baseball player, but then the scandal of Sheffield’s wife’s sex tape with R. Kelley hit the party scene so she was 86’ed by him.(he had had it with opportunistic golddiggers)
    She found herself aging out of the “chicks who are kryptonite to rich men” stage. So she focused on one man, Deion Sanders. She spent 6 months studying ever aspect of his life: his likes and dislikes, his faith, his taste in clothing and food. She took classes and learned to master all his favorite dishes. She literally reinvented herself as the ultimate Deion fembot. And it worked!

    I guess she had a bit more moxie than her father gave her credit for.

    • @christa-see this is why me and you are here*points to eyes* cuz i read that story too on PR but i thought it was lisa wu hartwell or someone else. Now i know. And by the way have you read the latest blind item? If not do so -IT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND! And the scariest part is it makes perfect sense timeline and all.

      • Oh do tell sista! Is it on Panache? If not pleeze direct me to the source.
        Can you imagine if we actually knew each other and could talk some serious chit together?! lolz

        • Oh and by the way, IMO Lisa Wu is too dumb to go to those extremes to land the big fish. She just opens it up and looks cute. Too bad for her, those days are coming to an end. She’d do well to take a lesson from Mrs. Sanders.

  13. And what has Deion done because I know he hasn’t been an angel in that marriage. Also, I don’t believe the story about her dad! He’s on his DEATH BED and worried about whether or not she’s going to be a SIDE PIECE??? Really?

  14. Im going to help Pilar out here a little since Jacky is roughing her up so bad.

    #1 Done let Deions Christianity conversion fool you. That nigga is a pimp…Im not saying a person cant change but there an old saying about you cant turn a hoe into a housewife.
    On the flip side, you cant turn a pimp into a square. The little pimp voice inside forces them to use religion as a means of control…Dont believe me, Ask the Sissy Pimp Don Magic Juan.

    And Im not saying that Pilar isnt a hoe…She’s a hoe, but she settled down and at least learned to make lasagne and grilled salmon and that counts for something. She had the children and she kept house…She just fucked up when that hoe voice inside told her shit was gettingi boring and she needed to get back out and sling some ass in Hollywood again. She just got bored with one dick…Hoes like variety..Just like pimps…Unfortunately Deion, being an ex-pimp was having none of it and here we are..And believe…Deion was fucking too…But men are supposed to be able to get away with that while women get looked down on for fucking other men outside the marriage…Its not fair but it is what it is…She put in 14 years , had your children and learned to make lasagna…SHE GOTTA GET 50% DEION…stop being as asshole and pay up…Its over…She tricked you out nigga…a HOE GONNA BE A HOE AND A PIMP GONNA BE A PIMP…pay the lady

    • yeahhhh DEION!!!! she learned to make lasagnaaaaa…. and i bet you she put them extra cheese on top nigga…..!!!!

    • All pimps are Sissy Pimps. Long pressed/permed hair, high heels, long ass nails, purses, and HATE women.

  15. like making lasagna is hard.

    another reality tv show curse.

    swear every married couple that does a show ends up divorcing.

    keyshia and daniel this might be you next year.

    tamar and vince and the rest of these fake hollywood couples that swear they love each other on tv until we read the divorce papers.

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