Who’s Jacky Talking About? – January 7, 2013


Who's Jacky Talking About Jan 7 2013

She may have been a chart-topping Grammy Award-winning singer, but her personal life has proven to be challenging for her. That may be because she began her music career marrying a much older, and powerful, music mogul. Sources say after saying their ‘I do’s’, her controlling husband attempted to stop her from taking her career to the silver screen. That’s just before our mystery woman was checked into a psych ward, before being dumped by her label.

She was born to an Afro-American father and Irish mother. Being an interracial couple, during the 60’s and 70’s, the family was forced to move several times. The racial tension they endured may be what led to their split, when our blind item was just three-years-old. She was reportedly left “racially confused”, and on a life-long search for a father figure.

As a singer, she’s generated a reputation of being a diva. During her heyday, she found herself at the center of controversy after a very public feud with one Motor City rapper – and word of her distancing herself from her former ‘street-walking’ sister.

As a sex partner, she’s no stranger to a long list of entertainers and athletes. Don’t believe me.. Ask Shawntae ‘Da Brat’ Harris — who sources say broke the heart of Total singer, Keisha, when the former Bad Boy recording artist walked in on our blind item and the So So Def rapper having sex in a New York City Parker Meridian hotel suite.
Sources say another known sex session involving our mystery lady involved both Snoop Dogg and Pharrell. It’s a three-way which we’re told preceded the two men joining her in the studio to work on one of her comeback songs.

Now, can you guess who I’m talking about?


  1. And I just read an article about her ex husband. Apparently hes recently come out of the woods-again- bashing her saying hes the reason shes famous now. He needs to pull out a chair and have a seat, matter-of fact, I have one right here \___,-

  2. Her father was also Hispanic (Venezualan). Also, I’ve always thought the “reason” for her parents’ split to be bull; who moves around and then breaks up because of racism? She grew up in the 70s. She was not the ONLY racially mixed person out there. She whines about this just as much as Christina Aguilera whines about her father beating her ass.

    I love how Mariah claimed she could count all the people she’s been with on 1 hand.

    • @H
      Yea if she was born with 119 fingers she could……imagine her fisting Nick Cannons gay ass with that hand……Look out now!!!!!!!!

    • @h & Keepitreal–No, don’t mention Mariah saying she could ‘count the people she’s been with on one hand,’ as the Mariah Carey stans on this blog might go for your jugular like they did with me last year LOL


      (Look around the middle of the page)

      But anyway, it goes without saying that Mariah is a talented singer (Especially in this age of non-singers mistaking pop success for talent), but she needs to get her head out of the clouds. *shrugs*

      • @Rahieem

        Why you coming back with more hateration on my girl Mariah Carey??
        people on this page need to back off this recycled shit,this story is played out and wack.

        Mariah don’t need to prove nothing to nobody shes fine as a glass of courvoisier, and wife that up in a hot minute.
        This is defiantly a slow day for news..
        Mariah is talented committed to her craft as a singer and has always being consistent in her delivery vocally in regards to her albums,and has worked hard to get were she is now.

        All this bullshit about her sleeping with all these guys is tired and played out!!!
        What so my girl cant be comfortable with having sexual relationships and having a man??? and shes not bisexual trust me on that one.
        Mariah wasn’t married when all these rumors started about her sleeping around, so basically she can fuck with who she wants to fuck with! remember there’s standard fucking and then theirs unnecessary fucking.
        whould it have being more appropriate that she waited till she get married again she was single throughout the late 90s and 2000s, if she wants to sleep with pherrel or snoop dog again that’s her square bizz.
        My point is are all the females on this blog born virgin marys and dont sleep with no man till you get married? naaa i didnt think so….

        If you gonna get you groove on go for it don’t bitch about it, if she slept with these guys at least shes keeping her shit private.
        she aint no rihanna or Cray Cray Minaj or beyonce… shes not on drugs or part of the illumanati or any other cult.
        when it comes to her sexual activity she can do what the fuck she wants, anyway shes married now, everyone has a sexual past basically what im saying is my girl don’t put her shit out their, and obviously people don’t like that.

        Mariah is a legend musically she has always written her own music on all her albums,so she should be given props for that alone.
        basically if i could hit it id hit it in a heartbeat.
        all the females on here, do you tell your man who you slept with before you hooked up? no…

        I play on the radio so i know my music, from the 70s right up to present day and i appreciate talented music, musicians,here in the UK we no are music, in the USA it seems your all stuck on New Edition, Debarge,Brandy, Keyshia Cole…
        Now good music Donnell Jones
        Mint condition,Charlie Wilson,Isley Brothers, Angela Windbush, Brandon Beal, Jill Scott you guys wanna sleep on their talent, and listen to shit like beyonce….
        Forget who Mariah slept with, the girls talented nuff said…. also im not a stan before anyone comments….
        So @rahiem go check your musical stats because you sound a little bitter… peace….

        • mariah neverr joined no occult well check out her album list charmbracelet, rainbow, glitter, memoirs of a imperfect angel what kind of angel.

          demonic, satanic.

        • @deluk–Sit your obsessed, Attention-Whoring, obnoxious, stupid ass down somewhere. I’m going to tell your simple ass again just like I told you last year–You’re on a fucking CELEBRITY GOSSIP BLOG trying to act like your favorite artist (Who more than likely doesn’t know your desperate ass exists) is above being gossiped about, and nobody’s falling for it. Where was all your (bullshit) ‘righteous indignation’ when Eminem put Mariah on 111 Front Street 3 years ago?


          And why is it every time someone brings Mariah up on this board, you fly in playing ‘Captain Save-A-Singer’ and bringing up her talent? Not only has no one on here (That I’ve seen, at least) ever said Mariah wasn’t talented, but the fact remains that a promiscuous woman is a promiscuous woman regardless of whatever talent they may have, something your dumb ass was (Or should’ve been) aware of before you replied to my post. That being said, do yourself a favor and don’t come at me sideways over the fucking Internet with a Hemingway novel-sized paragraph, you obsessive dumbass.

          • @Raheim

            Let me shut you down for the last time so you can take a backseat in your mothers back yard, now i don’t usely go hard on here with people because they can have a sensible debate,but you @RAHEIM wanna take it to the next level like you some bad mutha fucker up here..

            but your pushing all the correct buttons with me… ill give you a chance to breathe azz hole..

            1 obsessed? your the one whos keeping track about what i comment on from last year and feeling the need to cut paste links on that shit, what? you staning deluk now…

            2 no i don’t no Mariah personally, i never said i did and you don’t no her nether do you, simpleton.

            3 why you telling me about emenim for ?? as its not relevant to the topic, if emenem told you that, last night he slept with your mother your gonna believe that shit?? get the fuck outta here!

            don’t be directing me or tagging me on what i need to view on you tube it seems like your the obsessed asshole typing away on your laptop in your mothers basement.

            4 If you read my comments what i said is everyone has a post in regards to sexual relationships, obviously you cant comprehend that, proberly still beating that stick hoping one day someones gonna get on it, Mariah can sleep with who the fuck she wants two that applies to any woman im not gonna speak on that, she was single at the time and i dont see what the problem is @rahiem, i mean do YOU no how many men shes slept with, if so break that shit down rahiem im gonna be waiting.

            If you have a woman (doubt it) has she broken down to you how many men, woman shes slept with?? the answer is no…

            Or do you have a direct line to emenim to validate your argument, or are you going to direct me back to you tube again?? back that shit up..@RAHIEM… and if she slept with emenim that’s her bessnuss i couldn’t care less.

            5 obviously your not versed on woman, as you cant comment on woman’s past sexual history, and most men don’t wanna know either, so what? your going to ask a woman how many men shes fucked then if it goes over 10, shes promiscuous? you have to break it down to me what you consider promiscuous.

            I have slept with many woman i practice safe sex, if its two consenting adults and there’s a mutual understanding, then that’s ok with me it sounds like your a man of very little experience or understanding of woman, just plain bitter to me proberly because you aint getting that lovin you so desperately need ..

            Dont worry about mariah shes married and got her man, maybe you need to get yourself a woman, if you haven’t it will come in time when you grow the fuck up.

            Captain-Save-an-azz-singer?? ill leave that for you to do..as seen as your trolling the internet to back up your weak response.
            As i told you before calling woman promiscuous because they have different relationships is a insult, i respect woman all the way, but if its been validated to me that the woman is been permspicuous then thats my decision as i have first hand knowledge..

            @rahiem the big question as you posed to me is do i know this woman no i don’t, i never claimed i did.. but you seem to know quite alot… i don’t no mariah and nether do you so lets leave it at that.

            Right im gonna serve you them papers courtesy of deluk, so you can sit the fuck down… bitch azz…

            but you need to get served some deluk papers and get the fuck outta here

            • Translation: Raheim checked my dumb ass not once but twice, and all I can do is make assumptions about him instead of admitting that I’m nothing but a Mariah Carey stan who acts like she can do no wrong. Now ‘get the fuck outta here’ and ‘troll the Internet’ for a proper reply to what I told your groupie ass, as it’s beneath my character to argue with kids or delusion-ridden adults. In other words, ‘lamb,’ you’re dismissed.

    • You obviously are very ignorant about what it was like in the 60s and 70s regarding race. I will not blame amnesia because you are obviously very young, it’s ok because much of the youth are not taught about the truth which hurts. I am a woman of the 21st century in an interracial relationship and the BS we get in our circles are challenging…I can not imagine doing this right after segregation or at a time where riots were still brewing in our cities and the KKK still holding influential positions in law and government. My parents spilt due to cultural differences…imagine being a different race, culture…totally alien to one another..Not Easy. You are right he is Hispanic, specifically Afro American being from South America…Our countries our neighbors..the most beautiful brothas on the planet!!.

    • Amen!
      CrayCray paints the 1970s Long Island, New York like the South after the Civil War. There mixed kids in New York during the 70s.

      I might be the same age as CrayCray. I’m not sure because she won’t confirm if she’s born in 1969 or 1970. Her school records point toward 1969, but what’s a year? Oh it mattered to JBlow who lied for years about being born in 1970 until she got stopped by the NYCPD.

      Anyway, CrayCray loves to play up that, “I’m screwed up because of my parents.” Well her mother was an opera singer and her father an engineer. They were not living as poor as she claims.

      She’s as nuts as Halle Berry.

    • Maybe where they lived there were not any mixed families. Her father had no balls though if helet the family be destroyed because of that. They couldn’ve moved to either a more diverse area or stood up the madness.

    • lol, @keepinitrealnotkeepineatreal not yet, today SHE gets fucked with the handle of a used gas station restroom mop, at least I think thats today…. is it the first monday of the month? Yep, mop-dat-ass-monday, gotta it marked right here on my calendar….

      • @reneeblack-mop that ass monday wow! ROTFL!!! Well at least it’s a little easier than fisting friday and swallow every drop saturday but they all pale in comparison torture wise to stun gun sunday-the least said about that the better! You know she’s REALLY sore after that one.

        • @vermithrax173
          Oh now u know u betta stop “torture wise to stun gun sunday” I nearly spit out my morning coffee messing with you lol

  3. I’m shocked that the part about her sister the admitted prostitute who is now HIV positive was not mentioned. The fact the Tommy Matolla was allegedly Mariah’s ‘client’, which is how they met was also omitted.

    • The rumor was she was blowing him and he commented on her pipes. She handed him a demo of other uses for them.

    • Her people have worked very hard over the years to hide the fact that she was hooker before she was a singer.

  4. Damn Nick…
    You STILL wifed old girl up?!?!?!

    Brother, you must have been desperate or crazier than she is!

    • @BigDaddyWin-come on now you know men love the hoes!!! Nothing like a chick who’s been passed around more than a bottle of wine at a hobo campfire!! Cases in point-kim kardashian, amber rose, yaris sanchez, karrine stephens-need i go on? You know you cowboys like your horses broke in- REAL GOOD!!! Lol!

    • Right….I’ve heard she has always been bi though. But I would like to know how Epps and she became an item.

      • They have know each other for years. They broke up for a while and he got with Sanaa Lathan then he went back and wifed up the gay broad.

  5. Who gives a damn who Queen Mariah has been with. She is a successful singer, songwriter, wife, and Mother who has had her fair share of scandals and hardships. I love your site Jacky, but puh-leeze don’t come for Queen Mariah. You don’t want none.

  6. i’m not a mariah stan but her charity work gets her a permanent pass for me forever. she donates at least a million every year to children’s charities and actually visits them A LOT as much as she can instead of just cutting a check. her family life looks very healthy and nick seems to ground her divaness a bit

    • And you know,regardless as to their somewhat “difficult” relationship, that Mariah id taking good care of her sister medically speaking. I heard of her H.I.V. status from the moment Mariah broke big, yet 20 years later she id still alive and kicking. So she must be on those expensive drug cocktails like Magic.

  7. Mariah was programmed early on in her career. Tommy Matolla was her handler. He kept her on a very short leash. She has been monarch programmed, hench her love of butterflies. She’s also been sex kitten programmed and passed around to many men in the industry.

    As for her marriage with Nick, he may be her current handler. She is in wife and mommy mode now. And, it seems that her drinking problem is under control now.

    Good luck MiMi.

    • yes she had a album called butterfly.

      she had another rainbow symbolizing the gay agenda.

      charmbracelet symbolizing sorcery.

      she has a thing for hello kitty like other female pop stars.

      hello kitty sex kitten, sex toy, catwoman, bast, another form of idol worship.

      • @crazychris

        here we go again with your conspiracy theories, what have you been programmed in the past??
        because you seem to no alot about it…
        stop reaching….

      • O no i love hello kitty, i collect things with cats on them. does this mean i have a subconscoiius attachment to idol worship? Iam always looking to self improve

      • @ crzychris Now come on Chris, I have Hello Kitty everywhere I can put it, with the exception of tattooing it on my azz. I love kitties…period.
        Dayum, Cameron Diaz bought a $15,000 diamond and pink ruby H.K. necklace and she’s 40.

        Although H.K. may have been intended for children, many an adult woman has a little Hello Kitty among their “fun stuff”.

        The idea that H.K. is a pagan symbol is just a bit over the top.

  8. @Raheim-man please, mariah’s fans need to accept what the rest of us already know. Miss carey is a slutbucket. She has been hit more times than buster douglass. And we know those babies are not nick cannon’s kids. What always mystified me was the fact that you never saw her with a black man even in her videos and then she marries him?!! I knew there was some bullshit in the game on that one. And i’m still not over her being on the cover of essence or ebony with the caption: The World’s Most Missunderstood Black Woman!!!! I remember when she first came out interviewers used to ask her what she was and she wouldn’t say or she would give a flip answer like-i’m a human being. Then after oshe had her “brief medical leave for exhaustion”*r

    • *rolls eyes*when she came back she suddenly started claiming she was black. Really mariah? Guess when you went crazy on TRL on mtv and started stripping in front of carson dailey the white folks all ran for cover from you. So you came slumming to the black folks for love like michael did when he got accused of wrangling little boy booty. Well i for one am no fan of anyone who doesn’t want to claim us until their ass is in trouble. OJ we STILL see you even in jail with your dumb ass!! And on a side note i remember the snoop/pharrell sexcapade cuz it was industry common knowledge cuz the song was crybaby. Yeah old mariah”golden arches”carey. Over ten million served-damn shame!

      • I was watching TRL when Mariah came on the set unannounced. She had on shorty shorts and she was pushing an ice cream cart. Carson Daly looked dumb founded. She started handing out Popsicles to the studio audience. Then she started stripping.

        That was so weird. Next thing I knew she was in a psych ward. I sure hope she is better. Love her music.

        • @Black pearl-Yes!!! She started taking off her clothes and carson looked like somebody had slapped him with a pair dirty drawers!!! He was like-WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!! And the audience knew she had blown a mental fuse cuz when she came they looked like what is she doing here? It was classic!!!!

          • Come on now… y’all really think that wasn’t staged? How could she get that far and nobody see her or stop her? Where did she get the cart from? She just walked in off the street with it? Maybe he looked shocked because he didn’t know it was going to be here but I’m sure he knew something.

      • The white fans left when she started putting all those rappers in her songs. That’s when whites stopped claiming her.

        • @Anonymous–Not just that–Her music’s gradual shift from poppy, sometimes soft-rock to R&B featuring more rappers than a Rick Ross album also made her (Fickle and easily fooled) white fans stray.

          Speaking of her music, I’ve always found the mid-’90s R&B/Hip-Hop slant of her music and all the songs with rappers interesting, as ever since she started doing it on her ‘Butterfly’ album (That ‘Fantasy’ remix w/Old Dirty Bastard was just a single), her record sales gradually started to drop until they were their lowest with ‘Glitter’ and ‘Charmbracelet,’ then rose again with ‘The Emancipation…’ Despite this, Mariah was insistent on making the same kind of music. I don’t know if she noticed this trend or not and just said ‘fuck it, I’ll make the kind of music I want to make (Also one of the themes of her ‘Butterfly’ album), but like I said above, it’s interesting regardless.

    • Mmmm…not sure about her quotes but I’ve got a cousin w/similar looks but more YT blood than MC but all cuzzo knows is the Black life. And yes, she has addiction issues too as well as a complex.

      As far as a Black man in the videos…Eddie Griffin’s coyote-looking self has that honor. Don’t remember the song but it was after the marriage to Tommy and everybody was happy and ppl were on water scooters in the video.

      • @miss fitts-you’re talking about the video for honey. And i meant as a leading man or love interest. Eddie was just comic relief in that video. He didn’t play her boyfriend.


    • Co-sign vermitrax173. These idiots really think they can play favorites on a blog where NO ONE is sacred? LOL I’ve said numerous times that I’m a fan of Mariah’s music (Say what you [Not you specifically, just speaking in general] will, but a lot of those songs she’s done with rappers over the years were good), but the truth is the truth.

    • You know that was implied in the New York Daily News article about his upcoming book. He sticks with the story that she met him at an industry party.

  9. My fav mimi moment was the tribute to Jordan at the ASG. she had on that tight lil Jordan dress. I had never seen a camel toe thru a dress before. Lol

  10. BFD… Mariah’s an attractive, grown ass woman with a phenomenal career and voice. If she wants to screw butches or hell, even the entire military brass… that’s her prerogative.

    I mean what’s the BFD…isn’t that what male celebrities do???? F’k everything with a hole.

    • @anon cosign again shes a big grown azz woman she can have 10 man for all i care and make me number 11..

  11. Plus we forgot JD. Im sure they invited skrippers too. Thats how that lil freak rolls.

  12. Boy the haters came out to roost today.lol!
    Im no Mariah stan, but i have great admiration for her overcoming her challenges and obstacles with SOMEWHAT class and dignity. Babygirl is pretty, talented and not to mention smart as a whip.
    She could have pretty much ended up on drugs, broke and desponded. Hell, with Tommy Mottola as her handler, shes
    lucky to have made it out alive
    As you all put it, statisitically speaking, not 2 many HOEs survive. Let alone become legendary sucesses.
    Whatever anyone says, no one can take her musical genius, talent, or gifts that God blessed her with from her.
    I can count on 1 hand the happily ever after stories of black singers.
    A lot of people wrote MC off after her meltdown. But she phucked EVERYONES
    head up and stil going strong.
    Half of everyone whos hating on her on here male or female secretly envy her CINDERELLA story with the somewhat good ending
    Continue to rock on my DIVA!

  13. I don’t know about Mariah. She was a talented little girl lost and Tommy Mottola, found her which was not to her benefit. Talk about chercher la femme. She came from circumstances many of us could not imagine. If the velvet jewish mafia was after your ass, you would be strippin’ on tv too!

  14. My last comment did not take, so,

    I can see her being racially confused. There were plenty of hood chicks who fucked all the black boys and they had white mamas and the black daddy was long gone.

    She been through it and she was little girl lost, unfortunately found by Tommy Mottola. Talk about chercher la femme! I think she is a strong woman to have escaped Tommy Mottola. If the velvet jweish mafia was after your azz, tryin’ to drive you crazy, you would be strippin’ on television also.

  15. …and what??? I’m so sick of this crap. Mariah own who she is. There is always some a**hole telling people how they should feel about their childhood, how they were raised, or who their parents were and telling them to get over it. Get over yourself. Even if mariah slept with all these people…so what compared to most of you all she is a virgin by contrast. Everybody done the deed and dont have to make any excuse for being free and single and willing to f*** as you please. At the end of the day mariah is happy with Nick(whether we like it or not) and kids. If she never sings another note or sell another record, Ms. Thing will be paid forever. She is worth $500 million and counting. That’s what you do when you are the best selling female singer of all time…and you make sure you write, sing and co-produce or produce your ish. Doing well is the best revenge.

  16. SMH. All the women commenting on this board and speaking against Mariah, please consider this one question:

    “With how many men have you been intimate?”

    Tell the TRUTH.

  17. This comment is neither here nor there as to Mariah’s personal virtues or lack of. But this is a moment forever burned in my brain.
    Before she broke, but she was under the tutelage of Mottola, she appeared at the NBA playoff game in Chicago to sing the national anthem. Now picture this: she was dressed like she was on “Little House on the Prairie”(the TM influence)and her dark blonde hair was wavy and loose in the style of the day. She absolutely LOOKED like a white girl from Kansas. Then she began to sing, and the camera man was focusing on the jaws dropping on every Bulls player. You could literally read, “WTF?? What white girl sings like that!!!” on their faces! It was a hoot.




  18. mariah AND her sister started out prostituting! Tommy Motola worked extremely hard to make sure no one found out! her sis contracts HIV,mariah cut her off! Mariah ended up w two slow kids! karma.

  19. @thepices

    That was really nasty.. lets hope your kids don’t end up with any illness, you can speak on adults, but lets keep peoples children out of this,pray karma don’t blow up your shit… and you don’t end up with mentally retarded children…

  20. Mariah Carey.
    I have been a fan since Vision of Love; I don’t care that she may have had a threesome or slept w a woman. — unless she makes a statement about it — it’s no ones bidniss what ( or whom) she does. SHE CAN SING — let her.

  21. I too have been a fan since the first time I heard Vision Of Love. It is still one of my favourite M.C songs and it is on my iPod. Never stop being a Divah!

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