Who’s Jacky Talking About? – July 19, 2013


Who is Jacky Talking About

Don’t ‘Kill The Messenger’, Get At The Source!

Today’s blind item is a comedian who sources say paid off one Caucasian woman a lump sum of cash. Know why? Because she accused him of raping her.

Here’s what our mystery man told an investigator on the rape case:

“I had a rubber on. I probably took it off right when I was getting ready to cum. I probably came on her *ss. I’m fucked. I’m better getting caught with f*cking needles in my arm.”

He may be a comedian, but his soon-to-be ex-wife probably doesn’t see him as a funny man. Know why? Because dude is reported to have cheated on Ms. Compton — with a list of Caucasian woman. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Madonna.

That’s why we’re told his estranged wife turned into a jealous woman, said to have often showed up unannounced on the set of “I Think I Love My Wife.” Sources say that didn’t stop our blind item from smashing his co-star.. Just ask Kerry Washington.

He’s one of the biggest house Negroes ever. Know why? Because he often uses his stand-up stage to crack on Black folks, for the other man.

Now, can you guess who I’m talking about?


    • Rumor has it that his penis is very large and deformed looking. That fact alone can be used against him in a court of law. Remember how they did Michael Jackson. Chris better be careful before he has to drop his drawers in court.

      • Youre female i hope. Talkin about anotha mans jank is way off limits. And you aint call no homo.

      • Well, the screen name DOES include “Chesty”, sooo…That’s not to say that you can’t put anything in here, just saying…

          • Sorry to burst your little bubble but I’m a woman. All female born that way and iv’e had DD’S and bigger since i was 12 years old and i’m 30 now.
            Even at a size 5(long ago) iv’e always just had huge huge breasts to big for my body So Chesty is the perfect name. Sounds like a few people really wanted me to be a man with that name for some reason.


  1. This is old news. Chris Rock and Madonna really were in love though. They were going strong on the low low for years. She even named her son ‘Rocko’ after Chris and he named one of his daughter’s ‘Lola’.
    He did screw Kerry Washington during the filming of, ‘I Think I Love My Wife’, but it wasn’t serious.
    I am shocked this ‘rape’ setup came out, considering both Chris and his brother have an on-call fixer, who I heard traveled with Chris.

    • In love my ass – Madonna loves no one but herself and would f up anybody’s marriage for her own satisfaction. Chris Rock is a stupid man — and has no respect for himself, his family and for any man willing to go up in Madonna, you know they are off their rockers (no pun intended). You suck Chris Rock!

      • You got that right! Vadge only loves mirrors and plastic surgery.

        CaliGirl, you should try writing a romance novel. It would sell a lot better than Vadge loving anybody.

      • I agree. Any sane man who would stick his penis in Madonna has little respect for himself and his family.

  2. Anonymous You are stone crazy man. Jacky is here almost everyday, ‘cept when he’s on vacation. The story of the site being sold has been proven to be BS.
    Show some GD respect!

  3. How disappointing. Jacky continues to just crush and destroy my little dreams! I thought Chris Rock had some sense!! I keep on reading this shit and I wont be supporting anyone in Hollywood.

  4. Cali Girl Are you serious? That is some tea I have never heard! They just don’t seem like a couple at all, but I guess stranger things have happened. Was it during the time she was married to Gut Ritchie?

    Also, I don’t view CR as a “house negro”. He is such a n excellent writer, and sure, he has taken some potshots at folks of his race, but no more than Richard Pryor or George Lopez(yeah, I know Mexican isn’t a race). If a comic is exceedingly clever, I can deal with the sometimes brutal remarks. But I know he has paid dearly for the whole “I hate n*gg*s routine from his first HBO special. He talked about it on Howard Stern, and if you notice, you cannot buy the DVD or it anywhere.
    I thought it was funny as hell at the time, and I suspect that if he had done it without cameras and before an all Black audience, most of us would not have been shocked or offended. None of us LIKE being called out in front of an audience full of biscuits, but it really was funny.

    I was sad to here that he and Malik were splitting, but since he skewers marriage so frequently in his performances, it wasn’t all that surprising. I remember when Howard was about to marry Beth O. and Chris said, “man why the hell you wanna go back to Shawshank?” That pretty much told the tale.
    He swore to HS that he didn’t eff Kerry Washington, but I didn’t believe it at the time. I figure one of the reasons he hired/cast her was to get in her drawers. He sure as hell wasn’t going to be smashing Lawrence Fishburne’s wife!

    • I agree. If anything, he goes in on white people more than any other race, to the point that people actually think he is racist. What routine are you talking about? He talked about the same thing in Bigger and Blacker (or was it Bring the Pain?…It was one of those-I have them but haven’t watched them in a while). Yeah, he has been throwing Malaak under the bus for a long time…He even kind of accused her of living off of him, or something to that effect. He acts like she has never had a job in her life when in actuality they met in the industry. She was a producer or something. IDK, sometimes I get the feeling that that is just what he uses to exert some type of control b/c lets be real. If he weren’t famous, he wouldn’t even be able to pull Malaak, let alone Kerry Washington. I think his so called fixer is that PI guy that fixes stuff for all of the celebrities, trench coat,fedora, and saxophones included lol I think some other chick tried to claim that he fathered his child. Also, this story is not news.

      • It was Bring the Pain. While I have no proof of such, I believe he either had the rights to the HBO special, or he bought the rights after he became very rich. I have it on a video cassette tape, but of course there is no way for me to play that. I searched high and low, and it just isn’t available. And it won an Emmy that year for best comedy or music special. HBO will show all of his other classic stand ups, but never that one.

        I am dead serious when I say that I think CR IS cute and I would go out with him if he was just another guy at the office. But that may just be me.

          • Anonymous 11:06 I am so glad you added that. After I had already replied, I started thinking about CR 20 years ago in New Jack City with his jacked up teeth and “skinny boy body” and I thought, Hmmm I wish I hadn’t said I think he’s cute.

            But, he really HAS improved with age. The older he gets the better he looks in fact. So, yeah, it stand by what I said earlier.

            • Yea I thought about New Jack City when I wrote that too. lol The extra weight and teeth did him a lot of good.

  5. Oh my, for some reason, I will always love this brother. Yes, he has had plenty of white women but in the industry, who hasn’t?

  6. Chris Rock is really not that funny. And when he dissed Black women talking about the silky hair of white women – joke or not – he lost my attention. Chris Rock is no longer relevant.

    • What disappointed me about that was that it was so one sided. Ii is a shame that Oprah had to gather up some white women to say, “uhhh, it’s not just ya’ll”. What broke my heart the most was the backlash he got. Women were writing him angry letters talking about he was giving away their secrets, and that they relax their hair to compete with white women. That was my naive moment, b/c I relaxed my hair for maintenance purposes (used to…I haven’t had one since ’09). It was sad. They weren’t mad b/c it was one sided, but were mad b/c they were “busted out”? REALLY?! Talk about insecurity. If they had been younger (and by younger, I mean pre-teen-mid teen lol), then I would have understood; I mean, adolescents go through things, mainly a huge identity crisis, especially if their is a majority of one group…TV, magazines, boys…you name it. But these were grown ass 40+ year old women PISSED that he told the secrets of “creamy crack”…Do women really call it creamy crack? That was the first time I had ever heard that. Anyway, I was just upset that it was promoted as a “black thing” as opposed to a WOMAN thing. He really could have done something with that documentary by examining all cultures and the whole hair thing, but he didn’t.

      • I couldn’t have said it better myself. I hate when black folks do as y-t says and promotes a misinformed/one-sided biased slanted look at the black race and the things we do.

        Those talk shows titled, “I hate myself because I am black” “I wish I was white”, get on my last nerve.

        It causes ignorant people to say, “oh, black people hate themselves because they’re not white.” It’s so ridiculous.

        I wish that a media personality would promote the positive, true nature of what black is and what black stands for.

        All the colors we bring to the world can’t be touched by any other race. Our dance, our style, the things we do to our hair. Yes, we are always coming with different styles. Every other race is basically the same as always, nothing new, nothing different. The way we style hair is like no other. Everything we do has that umph’ factor. Let’s talk about that, SOMEBODY!

      • It was one sided, but he was trying to share with the world the “black woman’s side” he is the father of 2 black little girls , who will one day grow up to become women. Black women receive more flack about their hair than any other race in my opinion! Ignorant or not ..it raised dialogue about an issue that many of our women deal with. I don’t have an identity crisis, but there are many women who do. There are many reasons why black women choose to alter the texture, color, length of their hair, and even with many of the shocking comments made by some of the women in the documentary it was still interesting to hear the different stories, and analyze why so many women feel and do as they do. Just my opinion of course!

    • If you think about it, nearly all edgy comics are self destructive and nearly all of them are quiet and anything but funny in their “real” lives.
      Humor comes from pain, whether it be familial or ie and Chris full of pain from growing up as the nerdy Black kid in a nearly all white school(due to bussing). I s’pose that’s why he titled his career changing special “Bring the Pain”. On the inside, no matter how much money and juice he has in Hollywood, he’ll always be THAT kid who was teased and eventually dropped out in order to escape the misery he was feeling at that time.

  7. Its funny because the past couple of days after recently watching his stand up I was thinking to myself Chris was more than harsh to his own people during his act. Now after reading article I know others besides myself feel the same.

    • Really? If that is true he must have a fetish for horse faced/prominent face and chin women. If he did smash Madge and Kerry Washington that would confirm it along with his wife. Probably smashed Sarah Jessica Parker also.

      Always liked Chris for his work ethic and intelligence. He put in work as a highschool dropout(later earning his GED) with no connections in the industry and ended up building a name for himself and eventually production and ownership. Most educated folks cant and will never match his accomplishments, they just work for other people.

      Im sorry ladies but he does resemble a malnourished buck tooth monkey. Doesnt have anything to do with his complexion. He is witty and smart as a whip however if a friend were to set me up on a blind date with him, they would have a lil suge avery pee in their wine glass the next time I entertained. Thats not an insult, Most funny looking people are talented, Gods equalizer. Hed make a great friend. Also funnylooking or skinny lanky dudes tend to have horse cock.

  8. Chris just said what a lot of us think. When you need a job reference for some white collar gig you dont em Pookies name. You give yo yt soundin know what to say college roommates name. When yo daughter gets married you invite ur black friends with careers to the wedding and not those ninjas you just kinda know. We all got friends we dont let in our crib so stop trippin. Lol

  9. Madonna and Chris Rock? OH! N0! Say it ain’t so.

    To me, this is fresh tea. Don’t know why it is hard to picture Chris as being a playa. But, I do believe it.

    Chris must have changed up his comedy routine. Last one I saw was about 4 years ago, he was throwing jabs at blacks as well as whites.

    But, money changes everything.

  10. They kicked it back when he had his old show on hbo or showtime with grandmaster flash as his dj. 1998ish

  11. I’ve always said that that Chris Rock was rewarded by Hollywood when he made that statement on his HBO show that “I HATE NIGG-ERS”

    You can frame it and put in any softball context you please, but its a dangerous statement to make in a system of racism and its a statement that white people want to make but cant. I think the poster keepitreal has it backward. That statement is not statement that is itching to make. It the statement that white racists are want to scream. And I don’t have any “friends” that I wouldn’t have inside my home. Who the hell would have a friend who they wouldn’t have in their home?
    I have some family members I wouldn’t want in my home because we don’t pick family members. But what kind of person chooses a friend they don’t like, unless, they themselves are an asshole.

    • Right after that HBO special, Chris Rock got that famous 3 PICTURE DEAL, and he immediately went to work on Pooty Tang.

    • Anonymous 19:11 You are omitting the most salient point of the bit! He said, “I LOVE BLACK PEOPLE, but I HATE N*GG*S”. Then he went on to clearly differentiate the difference between the two. Once again I will say, no one likes their dirty laundry aired out in front of others, but you cannot tell me that his 5 minute rant on what he defines and describes as n*gg* behavior is the same ish we laugh at all the time among ourselves. Katt does very similar riffs in his act, but the difference is, we don’t perceive a lot of white folks watching Katt….he doesn’t have near the crossover audience.

      • Thank you for bringing that up,,,

        It is funny how people want to demonize CR for saying “I Hate N***as” but keep it real, we all do, there is a difference between black people and N***a’s and to me N***a’s come in all races, shapes and sizes- that person (or family member) you don’t let near your house, kids, man etc. is out there for EVERYBODY!
        Sometimes we get so worried about what other’s think of us, that we get stuck in the slave mentality

      • Black people who use the word need to stop using it..in my opinion period! I’m black also by the way.We get highly offended when non blacks use it..(AND THEY SHOULDN’T EVER) but continue (at least some of us) to try to justify our own use of the word..even changing the ..as if that’s supposed to mean something. If we want to be taken seriously ..we need to start taking ourselves seriously….

  12. Louis ck wrote and sold pootie tang script. Pootie appeared on crs hbo tv show twice. I have many friends who have turned to crime, drugs and other rstchet dhit that i havent talked to in years. Your view is far too narrow. So anyone who leaves criminals behind is an asshole. What if an old friend is a child molester? Should i invite him over? Your views are only yours. Stop trying to make sweeping generalizations for all ppl. Youre not very good at it.

  13. And there is a difference between black ppl and niggers. Nigger is a frame of mind not a person. A yt hillbilly can be niggardly. Niggers hold neighborhoods hostage and turn them into shooting galleries. Niggers acquit murderers when shoot unarmed black teenagers. Niggers break into houses of law abiding folks who have to go to work to feed their families. Its not about race. Its about behavior. Ppl know there is a difference. The feeling u get when 3 brothers in suits pass you is very different than 3 brothers in cocked baseball caps, and white tees. Dont be mad at me cus im saying it. Or keep lying to yourself. We accuse yt folks of it but we do it too. We all know a nigga up to no good when we see one. Go back snd read the cissy houston thinks nick is up to no good thread. Comment after comment bout he aint shyt. We all know it when we see it. Why pretend we dont? Just keep it real bro.

  14. imagine in school.. the lil skiny funny lookin dude who try to make people laugh all the time.. popular cuz he funny but u wouldn’t let him smash even if he had $$$….this dude

  15. Chris Rock, comedian, has paid off “4” Caucasian women: Only two ended up famous, Monika Zsibrita, Hungarian model, now spa owner in CA, Kali Bowyer, former model, now publicist in CA. The two that did not become famous because Internet was not what it is now: a high school sweetheart, aspiring model now golfer’s wife in SC, former model, now producer for OWN from NY. All 4 women are white, have kids by him, all slammed in the media, all paid off, all had DNA dirty tests. All the women received 7 figures to walk away with their kids, and continue to receive money, and will for the rest of their lives. -Just ask his lawyer Stephen Barnes. Rumor is the women have all met, and so have the kids, and all look like Chris.

      • I think all the kids resemble their moms in features, but they all have striking similarities to Chris’s mom and his brother Tony. Said thing is Chris keeps using the kids names and likeness in his films, not fair to those kids.

  16. CORRECTION: Only two ended up famous, Monika Zsibrita, Hungarian model, now spa owner in CA, Kali Bowyer, former JOURNALIST, now publicist in CA. The two that did not become famous because Internet was not what it is now: a high school sweetheart, aspiring model now golfer’s wife in SC, former model, now producer for OWN from NY.

  17. Just because his comedy called black people out for their own actions, that doesn’t make him a house negro. It makes him a truth teller. Niggaz never want to be held accountable….

    • Why don’t you be accountable and not use the N word – Black people are not N words and don’t sell yourself down to the lowest common denominator.

  18. If all is true about his constant cheating I don’t blame his wife if she divorces him! No amount of money is worth being constantly humiliated by a man famous or not! Obviously respect for her is not on his list of priorities!