Who’s Jacky Talking About? – July 21, 2014



This locked up lyricist is said to be using his time in lockup to fulfill a reported homosexual fetish. According to our tipster, “he has sex with the prisoners in the infirmary.” This news comes shortly after our blind items recent headlines… following reports of one transvestite inmate crying rape. It’s said to be a bait-and-switch situation. Know why? Our source says.. not only was the alleged smash session “consensual”, the tranny was supposedly plotting to “get paid” from the jump.

“He’s saying he had consensual sex with the tranny in the shower, but the tranny is screaming rape.”

Dig the Drop:

“The tranny got her people to leak the rape to the media and the prison guards in Fulton County are now under scrutiny and investigation.”

From what we’re told, dude seems to be keeping consistent with a smashing track record. Know why? We’re told… back when he was serving time in Dekalb County Jail “he was having intimate jailhouse sessions with his cellmate. Ask Young Scooter.”

During his stints on the outside, he’s said to have relied on Coach K to recruit men for him.

Now.. Can you guess who I’m talking about?


    • It’s gucci mane i saw it in the paper. The warden or someone in power released it because they said all these. Young wanna be thugs listen to his music so they should know what he is really about.

      • They could probably school us re: what he is about because they are out here doing the same thing. These boys are posting pics of a room full of penises out and one or two girls in the room. I feel for them if they think that’s hetero.

  1. How is this a guess who Jacky is talking about and you told this story the other day about g.man that really sick to be rapeing people in jail. And please call that tranny a he not a she that’s what’s wrong with them now this whole world is sick.

  2. Let’s see how many stuck on stupid women f**k with him when he escapes captivity? Pink Wannabe Gangstas are a walking “Death Trap.”

  3. Shoooooo……..like I said in the first story that tranny was trying to come up on some coins. I knew the deal from the start. I use to live in ATL and I know how it goes down. Gucci keeps going to jail not just because he’s a f**k up but also because he loves to f**k!

  4. I always skeptical of the ones that jail is a revolving door. Looking to get dates or suffer from mental retardation

  5. I don’t think you understand I have worked in Hollywood, if you want opportunities or work in the entertainmend industry then you have to be sexually available. Yes! alot of these Rappers are gay. Tyson even talked about starting out in modeling and a designer invited him back to his place for cash and other opportunities. This was on Tyra’s talk show, and he went. Why do you think all of the women seem to get around so much. Most of the men that have been called gay are gay.

    • Tyson took pics with a tranny.

      but we all knew Tyson was with the booty anyway.

      his whitegitrl is getting paiud serious money to front.

  6. So this is why all these MEN are trying their best to get thrown in jail.
    I used to think….”why do you keep going back?”

    now I know why

    • that’s all there is in prison fags and dudes getting perms and braids like halle berry and making theoir own skirts, coochie cutters, and having people send them panties and bras from the outside.

      straight men don’t wanna go to prison I love my freedom.

    • U can’t be serious in thinking all these dudes want to go to jail for that reason….I dont believe that many dudes want to get locked up….some of them just do stupid shit or think it will enhance who the are

      • but that is only for the xxx content that is tooo obscene for HSK… nothing original is published there otherwise…

        • I just visited the site and it appears as though Jacky abandoned it in 2012. It looks to be unfinished, like he started with the idea and never brought it full circle. Not sure why anyone is purporting he runs a 2nd site when the content hasn’t been updated in years.