Who’s Jacky Talking About? – June 10, 2013


Blind Item June 10, 2013

This pair of leading rappers would have you believe they’re homeys — but we’re told the Blueprint behind their reported fake friendship is solely based on business.

That’s why one of our “Niggas In Paris” recently made it a point to show up at our other blind item’s NYC birthday bash — complete with press releases about the event sent out to media outlets.

Though the pair may have been cool with each other at one time, we’re told they don’t even speak to each other when they’re both at NYC’s Roc Nation offices. Don’t believe me.. Ask Timbaland.

Now, can you guess which two rappers I’m talking about?


  1. Jay z and kanye west. This is old news jay never had respect for kanye and kanye idolized jay until he really got to know him, dame dash been trying to tell y’all this for the longest.

  2. So, Kayne and Jay Z don’t like each other? Well it’s all about the green. The art of illusion sells.



    • Exactly.. alot of people don’t pay much attention to stuff like this, but i noticed the almost God Like complex.. changing names to Yeezus.(Jesus)Hov (as in Jehovah)DOn;t make a mockery out of God..You have achieved success and lots of money , but don;t get it twisted..

    • Chris,

      Are you sure you don’t mean “hell?”
      I don’t think either of these cats know God at all especially in recent years.

  4. You can tell by Kane’s party photos. Beyonce’s face says it all. He seems miserable. He needs Jesus! Lol.

  5. I don’t know how many victims have to fall under Jay Z’s name before folks get a clue. Jay cares only about Jay. He’s bad news. Kanye went in this knowing damn well how Jay initially felt about him even before he was put on by Dame. Plus, I’m sure Kanye has heard all the war stories. He’s even witnessed how Jay treats Bey. So, I’m not sorry for Kanye. What more did he need to make a smart decision for himself?

    • Horrible, but not the least bit surprising (What the hell did they THINK was going to happen if they sought asylum in Israel?), as it is yet another example of the what happens when blacks think their oppressors give a damn about them or their plight, which, of course, was brought upon them and continued by said oppressors. However, I do find it funny how many Africans have tended to look down upon black Americans without taking the time to learn about & understand OUR plight beyond the Civil Rights Movement, yet experience the exact.same.thing. both in many African countries (Apartheid, anyone?), but elsewhere. Africans have either forgotten or are too naive, short-sighted, and stupid (Yeah, I said it) to believe that we as a RACE are the most HATED people on Earth, national origin notwithstanding.

  6. hova’s gonna destroy us all when he becomes a full fledged god.

    him and kanye are fighting over who gets to eat the tree of life first.

    then kanye will rewrite the bible in his version and create a new race of humans in his image.

    then we will finally worship beyonce the mother of us all for she gives forth fruit.

  7. Homosexual Deities in he image and likeness of the Beast.

    That gay stuff is not our (Nubian) way of life.
    Its a strange way of life of the Caananites.

    Gen. 15: 13-15

    • Yes but a Caananites can be any race.. if someone adapts and pledges’ their allegiance to the dark one.

  8. so what that’s like me and my co-workers.. bytches HATE my azz cuz I go hard in the paint workwise but I’m sweet… fake a smile, speak and then whisper.. I don’t give a fuck, just pay me!!

  9. A yo me n ray j is about to unleash the booty goons on each and all of ya ll, smell what the fudge im sayin? BOOTY GOONZ IN DA HOUZE

  10. Just cause they dont hug and grab each others ass, don’t make them not like one another.
    Kanye is a master mind/genies when it comes to music, he’s got a baby on the way by some bitch who won’t listen to him when it comes to relationship issues, and a album coming out NEXT WEEK JUNE 18, so I can understand him getting a Lil bitchy at everyone around him right now. Don’t mean he don’t like/respect Jay, or Jay not understanding what he’s probably going threw right now .

    • Makes sense. When im in business mode and a project or deadline is approaching im not sociable. Even with colleagues and sometimes family, I’ll get short with my parents and they know not to bother me unless its a life or death issue. could really give a damn how your day is when focused on a goal. Almost Joe Jackson ruthless.

      My sister on the other hand is casual easy going parties and procrastinates but manages to do a good job. Just difference in people/personalities. Kanye has a lot going on and would do fine with or without Jayz.

    • Yes just like Puffy… can’t keep BadBoy records afloat , because he wanted to be the biggest star on his own label…. That’s why so many of his artist fell off or left the label…

  11. Plus J Cole (Jay-Z artist) album is coming out on the same day as kayne’s, so Kanye is probably disappointed that Jay would be so stupid to put competition up against him. But trust, that would be a mistake Jay or any other Executive will make again. You’d think they would’ve learned from 50 cent when said hell sale more than kanye when they released albums on the same day. (Kanye-Graduation 50-Curtis) of coarse, Kanye out sold him and had a much better album.

      • HELL NAWH!!! ( In opinion, since Kanye is actually a producer, nobody in the industry is competition to him) It’s just the audacity of the nigga/niggaz who try to!
        You kinda want to make money in this industry, and releasing their album on the same day (hell, the same month) as a great like Kanye is gonna prevent some of that from happening.

        How else you think Jay-Z has been able to stay relevant MUSICALLY?Ye. He’s been apart of Jay-z productions since arguably his best album (The Blueprint) and to keep it real, he’s been stealing Kanye dress style for a good minute now.

        He has been great since entering the industry, no matter the bullshit publicity he bring to himself sometimes.

        Check the album sales tho, check the sound that he creates.
        He made a whole dam album SINGING back in 2008 (808’s & Heartbreaks) before Wayne, Drake, Future and any other rapper out now saling. Now look what’s going 5 years later.

        “YEZZUS” IN STORES AND ONLINE JUNE 18TH 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. So he (Kayne) dished out 35,000 on a birthday gift for a car that don’t even like him??? Smh