Who’s Jacky Talking About? – June 14, 2013


Jacky Jasper Blind Item

Joker With Jump-Offs?

Today’s blind item may be a comedian, but many didn’t find this brother to be a funny man when he said “Black women are angry just in general, all the time”, last year.

Sources now reveal our 50-year-old mystery man recently arranged to indulge in “some good weed” — while plotting to cheat on his wife, with “hot chics”.

That’s after we’re told our blind item reached out his Sin City street scout connection — setting up his said secret shenanigans, after he wraps his stand-up show at Vegas’ Orleans Hotel and Casino.

He was the first Black token comedian to be hired by CNN back in 2008. While he’s on the road, covering stories for the network, he’s known to often cheat on his wife of 27-years. Don’t believe me.. Ask Bill Maher.

Now, can you guess which house Negro that I’m talking about?


    • I agree. I honestly don’t know how he has lasted so long. He simply sucks. No stage presents and his whole show is pure dry. No laughs from me, EVER!

      • thanx for sayin’ so. I remember him from the days when bill maher was cutting edge. He was one ignorant mofo and I always wondered where they got this chitlin’ circuit negro from, ignorant little man!

      • “Funny as Hell, sot stop the BS”
        you stop the BS nothing but a DL Chitlin Coon. Never laughed at one of his so called jokes.

  1. Yeah, D.L. was/still is corny and one of the KINGS of recycled jokes, decades-long jokes at that. I guess he thought he could recycle his marriage, too *shrugs* And then there’s the matters of him co-signing what Don Imus’ ‘Nappy-Headed Hoes’ remark and cooning on ‘Dancing With The Stars…’ Seems the ‘fame’ got to his head.

  2. Who ever would have ever thought that D.L. was as stiff as a board. I was embarrassed for him when he was on Dancing With The Stars.

    I kind of liked him on Kings of Comedy. But, he wasn’t my favorite.

    • Yes my aunt and I fell out our chairs every time he performed. I never though he would do as bad as he did….his performances made me laugh, and it was even funnier because he looked so serious like he was concentrating on every move he made.

  3. DL is not funny…Not haha funny, not insightfully funny, not slapstick funny and definitely not Hamburger funny.

    “HE’S LOUD” “VERY LOUD”!!!!

  4. Noooo, DL was never funny. His act was picking on people in the audience that paid to see him, I never understood why people continued to buy his tickets. Down Low Hughly likes women, that’s news to me too…I knew he was married, but dude does act a little b!tchy sometimes. Oh well…

    • You are so correct, his whole act was just picking on people in the audience. I saw him twice, only because he was on the bill with others I was more interested in seeing, and I wondered how he could make a whole career just doing that sort of comedy.

      • Yes, of all the funny comedians on Def Comedy Jam, how did he make it this far. It’s a mystery to me, Sherlock Holmes couldn’t crack that one!

  5. These are warmed over stories reported by Jack years ago.

    The rest are jacked early in the morning form other sites.

    • IF this site is so boring for you, why come and rain on our parade? Stop looking for the world to make your life interesting. Get off your azz and do something exciting!

  6. DL may or may not be funny to y’all but I agreed with him when he said black women are angry on certain levels. He just served it up wrong.
    People in America in general are very angry and it’s because of the way this culture is spiraling out of control. Why would black women be exempt from this? We’re all in the belly of the beast here.

    • He shouldve have said all blackwomen, cause he dont know every single black woman on the planet to say that!!! Thats like saying all blackmen are criminals and thats not true!!!

  7. DL FUNNY OR NOT…Who Cares!!!
    DL he was never a hard cord gang banger in school…
    We were out of school by the time
    CRACK DOPE & DRIVE BY Shooting were an every day occurrence
    Yeah we knew DL from Gardena High School
    DL’s wife will whoop his ass for real…
    DL is NO fool

    • Tee Tee you went to Gardena to? I went there but I grew up in the 5ives with DL he was my uncles age and I think he is funny as HELL damn folks support Kevin Hart and he is not funny at all damn let a nigga get his shine on….

      • Your comment so true Dee…
        Kevin Hart AINT FUNNY kind of ANNOYING
        if you feel me…
        He’s a lil man but pushes too damn hard to be funny which = ANNOYING
        I know so many peeps from Gardena CA, & DL being one but I went to Westchester High…
        Dee u n CALI?
        West Coast YEAHYA!!!

  8. So KJAm you grew up in the 5ives? that is were he is from and no he was not a gang memeber and his parents are still Jehovah Witness till this day. I personally lilke DL…

  9. So you went to Avalone Gardens elementary? you say you grew up with DL…..so did you cause Im speaking some real talk not some fake stuff….so you grew up in the 135ives to?

  10. DL Uglys whole act is basically looking through the audience and picking out people with physical faults and defects and then makes fun of them because of it.

    But he never mentions that huge birthmark on his cheek and the audience usually has the good taste not to mention it either…That’s more than I can say for him.

  11. I knew it was DL Hugley.

    We parted ways when he Co-Signed what Don Imus said. When he did that I was like,
    niggah you don’t never throw your sister to the wolves like that. Stupid niggah cooning, and selling out for a few pennies.

    What people like DL don’t know is they are being used,and they are expendable.
    The powers that be hate black people and they use black entertainers as a means to an end. When once DL has served his purpose, he is going to get his niggah wake up call. When that happens he is going to run back to us for his safety zone.
    But, the joke is on him, because when he knocks on our door, we won’t let him in.
    You see while he was cooning and playing the minstrel man, black folks were busy tearing a page out of white people’s book. What page is that you ask ? It is the,I am not spending my hard earned money on you because I find you offensive page.

  12. why does he have to be a token for CNN? That’s what they say about most blacks who get a coveted position in the business world.

    • Actually, he kinda was. A lot of mainstream media oulets were looking uto cash in on the Obama phenomenon with blacks whether pro or anti Obama. DL’s show came out in late 2008/ early 2009.

  13. @Kisha777
    I wanted to make an honest comment Ive observed about DL when he 1st came out in the late 80s and early 90s,
    But I decided to keep the opinion to myself
    Ive read ur comments in general before,
    And Ive read your comment above
    Lets just say, I think you are a very discerning and insightful person

  14. Fuk the bs DL funny as hell , if he tomming well that’s
    Something he gotta deal wit, as well as cheating on his
    Spouse, far as his craft , he one of the best , bottom line period.

  15. I didn’t know DL growing up like some of you. I didn’t meet him until he was well into his 40’s hanging with Bill Maher and Chris Reid. I like the dude and yes I think he’d funny. Not Katt or Chappelle funny, but funny nevertheless. And we don’t know what kind of “arrangement” he does or doesn’t have with his wife. But I admire a Black Man who keeps the family together 26 years and has so much pride in his kids, especially his braniac daughter who goes to Smith in the Ivy League and one of the most expensive and hard to get into universities in the US. It’s ranked above Wellesley. And DL always jokes that he wished she wasn’t so smart because it’s costing him 65K per years for her to be there.

    • sorry, he’s funny not he’d funny
      is one of the most expensive
      Sorry for the errors, I’ll proofread next time LOL

      • Technically you are right. It is one of the seven sisters schools of the Ivy League which stemmed from the days when the schools were segregated by sex.
        Radcliffe merged into Harvard, but for their own feminist reasons, Smith has chosen to remain steadfastly all women. But I’m sure you agree the college is respected as an Ivy. I always felt it was way more Ivy than Penn or Columbia IMHO.

    • Christa,

      We’ve traveled in way too many of the same social & corporate environments, have very similar upbringings & values & our oppinions on most things here are almost identical.

      Cosign 🙂

  16. I second that christa. Why people pay to see him? Why CNN hired him and NOT YOU? Because of his ART and his intelligence, NEGRO!

  17. just like kevin hart dl is yet another overrated non funni sell out they ned a seat feller whn they included steve harvey and dl in the movie kings of comedy there not! dl as i remember has ever been funny his wife most likly knows bout the cheating these hollywood marriges are as open as prostitute on payday! she might have hrsl somthing going on on the side herself.

  18. I don”t care what others say…I think DL is one of the most insightful comedians out there. Don”t know if he cheats on his wife or not…but lets be.real…to many Hollywood wives know how to cash in on a cheating husband..so I don”t think so.
    He”s a hell of a dad and supporter of his people so he gets my votr everytime!