Who’s Jacky Talking About? – June 17, 2013


Blind Item June 17, 2013
Her French name may translate to ‘dignified’, but that’s not exactly how she’s seen by those in her circle. Don’t believe me.. Ask her boo, Alan Ferguson — who sources say preps his family on what to not to say when she comes to dinner.

That’s because this “Losing You” singer is said to be so insecure, she leaves those in her presence walking on eggshells. It’s the reason why we’re told her current relationship could be on the rocks, with dude often opting to stay with his mother rather than our blind item. Just ask his brother, Mark.

She’s the younger sister of one reigning pop princess. The sibling pair are said to share the same insecure gene. Why else do you think our blind item’s big sis often stumbles on her own words during interviews?

Now, can you guess which Houston native I’m talking about?


    • See Beyonce SuperBowl Demonic on You Tube Beware it is scary.Do the research. Watch the regular performance afterwards. You will see the Halo of hands around her head. WHY DO YOU THINK THE LIGHTS WENT OUT FOR 33 MINUTES ? THATS WHAT REQUIRED AFTER WORSHIPPING SATAN DO THE RESEARCH . LOOK FOR THE DEMONIC POSES

      • You see.. This that BULLSHIT!
        Sounds just like a person saying “she’s so “BOOTYLISIOUS” , she gotta be evil” lol
        I guess you seen the devil him do the pose before she did it right?LMFAO!!!!
        I wish I knew her album so could promote her shit to.

      • IDK if that’s true since I choose to stay ignorant on Satan Worshipping practices; however, when I began researching Beyonce and her crew, I had a hard time watching TV or listening to music afterwards. I don’t listen to the radio often but I workout a lot to Pandora and I decided that I don’t want to know anything else about Satan until I learn a LOT MORE about Jesus. That is all.

        • Jesus is a story we made up a long time ago, to get you to bring us your offering’s and to behave or else!
          Why do you think your Goverment allow us to mistreat and ruin your kids body’s and minds? And let us get away with it?
          We have our own laws! We don’t go to jail, and if we do, it’s not the same amount of time as you would if you did it.
          Wait, are you talking about Jesus or Hey-su’s?

            • Who you thinks “we” are ?
              The Priest who’s protected by the Romaine Catholics Laws.
              Why do you think they don’t allow us to marry once we become priest?
              Because the give us all the bitches(Non’s) we want. Once that becomes old, you know what “we” turn to.

  1. Solange.

    There’s no such thing as a “insecure gene” though. It’s human nature. Nobody is 100 confident at all times. We all have those issues.

  2. I’m still not convinced that Solange and Beyonce are full blooded sisters. I think they are half sisters with the mother Tina in common, but it’s just my own personal hunch. She must be trying to launch a big comeback, because I have seen her everywhere for the last 3 weeks.

    • In fact they aren’t full sisters. Matthew met Beyonce’s mom when she was a baby. They got married and Mr. Knowles adopted Mrs. Beyonce and gave her his last name. Beyonce’s biological father’s name is Giselle. Which is Beyonce’s middle name. Research it your self for the full story.

    • Because Beyonder is actually Solagn’s mother. Beyonder is 14 years older than solo. Everyone In Houston knows the truth. All pics of them together as lil girls are photoshopped.

    • Christa,

      I’ve been swearing on all that’s holy that Kelly Rowland looks more like Matthew Knowles than all those other folks who are supposedly his children.

      I’m Just Saying…

  3. “…big sis often stumbles on her own words during interviews?” Hell Nah Beyonce is just dumb and illiterate!!!

    • Don’t see Beyonce as dumb or illiterate. She comes off as a normal person who just happened to be very talented artist.

      • So why does she talk like a fifth grader? Her interview with Oprah was horrible. She couldn’t even piece together her words into sentences. Oprah always had to help her complete them. Talented?? Ok, why is Beyonce being sued for stealing other’s ideas/credit from songwriting, videos, etc., on a daily basis. A talented person also doesn’t need to lip-sync either! Normal?? What normal person fakes her pregnancy and constantly hides her baby’s face or has her back turned when taking pictures?

        • Only a stone cold fool would sing each and every song for T.V. tours and whatever else. Her voice is her jewel and it has to be protected so that she can continue to make her money. Secondly, she is from Texas so I think you hear more of a southern accent when she speaks. Lastly, you will always have some broke fucker trying to get rich off a rich fucker for what ever reason. Also are you her Vagina to claim she faked her pregnancy, u must be her uterus. And did you ever consider that people would seek out her child and that is why she was always covering her face. This woman is worth plenty of money and this is a security she has to take for her baby. Broke folks don’t have to worry about that.

          • Broke folk!!! Have you forgot,as soon as us po folks slow down the spending on this heffa, she’ll be headed back to broke field, dont bite the hand thats feeding you!! And thats us po folks, as u put it!! Thats why her concerts is failing along, with every single!!! We’re not playing no more, no more spending on your gimmick skank boss!! As for her covering of girl face, is cause its monstrous looking like her daddy, boy will she be hearing that alot!! LOL oh and p.s… I thought she sing live at every concert, so much for the truth to be expose, i always knew she lip sung !!!

        • Wow..it must pain you that she is EVERYTHING you will NEVER be. You are so obviously jealous that I am embarrassed for you. Stop it hater. Beyonce did not fake her pregnancy, regardless of how much you think she steals, she makes it all better and relevant. Beyonce has talent, beauty and here to stay as a legend…why do you demand her to be perfect, so what she didn’t go to Yale etc, her path in life is to entertain and when you are long gone and forgotten she would be celebrated as one of the most prolific performers of her time…she is right up there with Marilyn Monroe in terms of beauty and Tina Turner in terms of talent..Don’t forget it Bow Down Bitches. Jeez it’s never been clearer why she released that single..especially for haters like you. SMH.

          • Bytch, you must be drunk. Marilyn and Tina? How old are you, 17? Too young to know who these icons are and what they represent, obviously.

            • ….the entire damn generation has no RESPECT AT ALL….but I guess if moms is only 12 years older than you and you slap boxing over the same dudes in the club….who do you have to respect…when your parents are disrespecting themselves in front of you….they are generation wh”Y” after all….they are the only one’s who do not know that generations are not named in alphabetical order ( it’s what you rep-we were rap and that equated rebellion hence forth gen “X”-we ALL have looked and you all and asked “Y”)…to busy faking to get the joke.

            • Exactly how the hell are you going to compare Beyonce to Marilyn when Marilyn had a ‘real’ body not liposuction, breast implants, a nose job, butt padding, blonde wigs, etc. Beyonce jacked off Tina’s style since she came on the scene! So please do not compared two icons to this phony heffa!

            • @9:24… I hear you. But Marilyn did have surgery, at least 1 nose job. (didn’t you see ‘the movie Norma Jean & Marilyn’ back in the day?)

              Marilyn was a perfectionist too. She may not have worn blonde wigs but she surely dyed her hair.

              Tina also had her boobs “put back where they were” (see “Essence” cover story c. 1992 or 1993) She may have also had a nose job too and other work.

              The point — which you make — is that many ppl don’t research and are quick to label ppl “haters” if they raise valid points or questions about celebrities. These stans really go after folks with their limited vocab, limited exposure and unhealthy obsessions.

    • Beyonce’s has a hard time expressing herself because she’s not being herself. Its pretty hard to act like someone else when you have to write your own lines……. That how I see it. If you were in her circle I pretty much will bet you any amount of money, that she talk and expresses herself very well. For the world……she would be less excepted…jus my opinion. I could be wrong ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • The “X” generation was named by Douglas Coupland who is actually born in 1961 and a Baby Boomer. He coined the term in his novel Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture. He was actually describing late boomers born from 1961 to 1964, which was/is his generation.

  4. Dang! It’s Solange. Thought she would have had it together more than her manufactured sister.

    I love Solange’s style and Afros.

  5. Yall think these two are dumb check out the utune of the Q & A portion of the pageant over the weekend. One of them chicks didnt kno the definition of disparity

  6. Poor Basement Baby! I would be insecure too if my sibling only let me out at certain times. She’s probably just not used to being around people.

  7. Not really surprising. I’ve seen her in a few interviews she is a bit much…ALL of the time…almost downright belligerent.

    I WISH my son would “prep” me on what to say and what not to say to some less talented sibling of a superstar or anyone for that matter…especially if he’s bringing her to my house.

  8. Wow who knew?

    Different subject…Mr.Jasper what is going with Tyra Banks these days? I keep seeing these pictures of her and she is not looking like herself.

  9. Solange tries way too hard not to be insecure. There’s something about her that is very unlikeable. I can’t put my finger on it. Never cared for her.

    • She’s insecure becuz folks have been comparing her to her prettier & much more successful sister her whole life! She was soooo desperate to set herself apart from Bey that she got knocked up & married at 17, then divorced by 20. And still, nobody cared.

      Their parents shd’ve sat Solange down when she was 15 & told her” Look baby, you aren’t Beyonce — you can’t do what she does the way that she does it. Do you wanna end up like Latoya Jackson? You can either spend yr life living in yr sister’s shadow as an also ran, or you can pick a different career that suits yr skills & abilities, where YOU can shine. If you just have to be in show biz, go to university, study acting or film or whatever, get a degree, then move on from there. Now give back that microphone, brush yr teeth & go to bed.”

      And Bey & Solange DO have the same parents, but Solange looks like their father, Bey looks like their mom.

      • Totally! If I had a sibling like Bewolf, I would have not gone near entertainment. I would have became a doctor or anything else. Ashley Judd separated herself from her mother and her sister by going into acting.

  10. I think she’s just as beautiful as Beyonce’ (who’s real name is Beyona(Be-un-kua) according to my friend from the 4th ward in Houston who knew the family before fame )

    She just can’t dance, and was left NO meat thanks to “Bootylisous”.lol
    I do believe they have the same parents un-like @christa post.
    I can’t see Tina cheating. Although her ex husband (who she’s still involved with, they only divorced for Beyonce’ image and because she told her to) did.

    • ROFL laughing at yr screename!

      Lebron’s Hair Line: How did it help Bey’s image for her parents to split up? Mathew fucked around & had a baby w/someone younger that his own daughter! Staying w/his ass for long as she did made Tina look bad. But why wd that reflect badly on Hump?

      She & Tina have both said — repeatedly — that she was named Beyonce becuz it was a variation of Tina’s maiden name, Beyince. (Both of which sound ghetto as hell, so what difference did it make?)

      • Don’t believe the hype (Like ppl comparing me&my hair line to Michael Jordan..DAM!)
        They originally said that her name had something to do with her granny, but her original name is Beyonca (Be-un-ka).
        As far as her image, Beyonce whole image is In Powering Women. It was ok to cheat on Tina, but once it went public, it made Tina seem weak. And it showed how much of dog Matthew was. “The Fruit don’t fall far from the tree”. It made more sense to leave than to stay. But how much do you see Tina in public now? Little to none. People who’s close to the couple know, that Matthew is all Tina knows. And to protect their daughter, their relationship should be keep between them and out of the media.

  11. Beyonce might not be the best singer or even my favorite artist but she is a DAMN GOOD PERFORMER , and works hard for the money I can give credit when due. She has several songs that I like. Some are better than others but I would never say that she has no talent.

    • Doing dances that strippers to for less money, is not talent !! Come out of the stupor like everyone else, boo !!!

  12. She has no talent. Since day one of listening to bills, bills, billls, and no, no, no, played ad nauseum on the radio, I I knew that Payola and sleeping on the casting couch is what got her this far.

  13. damn does anyone know what theyre talking about? Hollywood completely made over Marilyn Monroe into a sex symbol. And she had silicone injected in her breast long before they were doing implants. Learn the truth people.

  14. Her name is actually pretty, unlike fiance Knowles and Blue Butter rub my Tutter Ivy. She doesn’t have a reason to be insecure other than her ugly hairdos and plastic mama. These people, the Knowles, are supposed to be Christians. Beyonce is like Don King. She thinks Green. Harry Belafonte was right about her stupid, can’t compose a letter, ass.

  15. damn does anyone know what theyre talking about? Hollywood completely made over Marilyn Monroe into a sex symbol. And she had silicone injected in her breast long before t