Who’s Jacky Talking About? – June 18, 2014



The past of this peach-gone-sour has caught up with her! A source spills word that this almost-a-Housewife was once “pulling tricks for her pimp Rasheed ‘Ralo’ Wonder.” We’re told… one of her sponsors put up $450K for her Flatlined music venture. The monies are said to be funds which Ralo squandered “for his publishing scams.” Just ask Nikko Smith.

Dig the drop:

“She started out as a singer. She used to trade sexual favors for rich white men. Ralo set those up so she could get one of them to give her a [record] deal.”

I recently saw nude pictures of our blind item, reported to be images that were uses to by her pimp… to send to his clients “for a good time.” I’m working on a deal to release the pics to you.

Now… Can you guess who I’m talking about?


  1. All these girls are whore and prostitutes.

    What black woman would willingly portray black women in such a negative light?

  2. It is God damn Porsha and her fake fun bags! Porsha should become a porn star! She has no business in reality TV!

  3. If someone gave this horse $450k… and she’s still desperate for money… ugh, can’t wait for this “reality” tv that shows black women fighting like old dogs over a bone to get put to bed for good!

  4. Who gives a f*ck what Porsha or the next woman does with her p*ssy. Bank roll off that mothaf*cka if you need too, and the problem is??! Ugly bitches who are uncomfortably built who if they could and needed to they would. But no they rather pay a nigga for some dick and get called a trick. Call me a hoe all day long, cause a hoe gets paid, a trick gotta pay to play.

    • That is your mind set.. you keep thinking that being a wh8re is something positive….keep telling yourself that self respect doesn’t matter..I’ll tell ya commonsense ain’t common.

  5. She’s just trying to hit off enough white men to pay her monthly hair note. U know that’s more important than the car note, rent or food to the insecure females of today.

  6. karlee cus peach gone sour lahha music career flatline yess nd almost a housewive lol benizo kept the ring porsha got a lil voice on her and she had a ring

    • He already did that when the dumb heaux didn’t know anything about the Underground Railroad…I am sure the thought Juneteenth was the day before June 11th also….

  7. Of course it is Dumb Horse-sha…when the ten hits the fan……

    Kordell a/k/a Bart Simpson is on his knees saying thank you jeezus this bish is outta my life…

  8. Its Porsha! Remember on RHOA when they were in Mexico and she was talking about how she’s been with older dudes and they all like slow sex and NeNe went in on her???

  9. This is some BS I doubt Ralo is Pimpin Porsha He probably got somebody to give her 450k for a Record Deal!! but she dided have to sleep with a White man to get it & he’s probably the one with the naked pics of her because thy were messing around plus texts messages abt them was already release to the Media..

  10. READING IS FUNDAMENTAL …”almost house wife” Porsha is not a house wife anymore but when she was she was..so who could this be?


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