Who’s Jacky Talking About? – June 20, 2014


Blind Item

He’s said to have long been know to “secretly tape” his smash sessions. Don’t believe me… Just ask Teyana Taylor’s moms, Nikki. And we’re told… one famous shower-hanger wasn’t immune to our blind item’s reported fetish for taping on the down-low!

Dig the Drop:

“He knew he could talk her into signing off on the release of their sex tape.”

I’m told he has another sex tape that’s “about to be released.” This one’s said to star him smashing a well-known celebrity’s wife!

Now… can you guess the ATL B-lister I’m talking about?


  1. Anyone seen the tape? I want to ask if he’s so good that he can manipulate Mimi into signing off on that tape for vivid. But I know Mimi is an idiot. So, I guess I’m just wondering why he thinks he is qualified to be the next big porn star. Original question, is he THAT good?

      • He dropped out of school in the 10th grade…he is ignorant if he can’t make legit money with that face. Robbin’ and thievin’ is too risky. Stupid fool.

      • Who the f*ck cares how good looking he is.. criminal..I see how some women end up with losers for mates…. willing to overlook sh*t they shouldn’t be overlooking because the guy looks good or f*cks good!

    • Yes but he probably got a little penis with all the white blood up in him. I need a man with some serious meat between them legs. Looks fade but that meat is all the way to the grave.

      • Tina what you said is true. Them fine dudes be having the little ones. That blue eyed devil gonna give up some booty in prison. You can bet on that.

        • Why is everything on this site about homosexuality? You people are sick. And who cares that Jeremy Meeks did not finish 10 grade, he’s still handsome. His story is just an example of what God can do in a persons life. It’s does not matter where you are, Jesus can get you to where you need to be. On that note, good night all.

          • Ms Honey it is a reality in the real world. Why would a man that fine keep going to prison? Must be something there he likes. You need to be real with yourself.

        • If you think his light skin is what makes him hot, you have terrible taste and judgment in men. He has just about the best bone structure and cheek bones I’ve ever seen. True, the blue eyes are striking, but just like Vanessa Williams and her green eyes, he’s still be a knockout without them. Yanno, multi-racial people can be very very good looking, and only someone who is really uptight about themselves and their own identity would not acknowledge that.

    • That man is gay and likes being in jail. He was in jail for 9years trust me those type of men that are in and out of jail love being there. He has dsl for Christ sake. Men like that is why so many women have hiv and deserve it imo.

        • Well I for one think he is hawt as hell, but the Crips affiliation would be a no go for me. I am too chicken to be with a gang dude in case the shit goes down while he’s in my house. I guess that’s the country girl in me. lol

  2. The first tape was overhyped, didn’t deliver the punch he and Vivid assumed it would. Another sextape, he need to keep that to himself.

  3. wait, now what now? Teyana’s mom smashed “Freako”??? #bishwhet
    And ain’t no Scott DISICK in the world so good that a “Freako” could “convince” you to sign off on a contract to release a sex tape that “leaked” #FOH
    MiMi running around fronting like she’s so upset, I see right through that bullshiznyee

  4. Common sense says those dudes up in that prison tearing that ass up. A pretty man in lock up…come on bitches y’all do the math. He likes it too or he wouldn’t keep going back.

  5. Sounds to me this young man did not recognize his potential. Sometimes it takes another person to see something in you that you did not see in yourself. In his case the WORLD WIDE WEB. Now, I’m sure jail is going to be a thing of his past, also testimony. People love a good story. You should know, you tell them all the time:)

  6. Jacky, please do a piece on the America’s Most Wanted hot dude on the Smoking Gun. Do us wimmens a solid.

  7. He’ll bring problems your way ladies. He’ll tell you to pick him up from jail, run up your phone bill, eat all your food and won’t get a job. Stay in Rikers, homie.

  8. Damn, thirsty much? Yall up in here talking about the mugshot dude and not Nikko’s Sid (from Ice Age) ugly ass. da f*ck?

    Heard of google? Go google that blue eyed dude and keep it there. yall act like yall ain’t never seen a good looking man before. My goodness. GET OUT MORE and TRAVEL.

  9. Who ever giving you ur info abt Nikko & Ralo is giving it to u mixed up! Ralo use to go with Teyana Taylor Moms Nikki not Nikko!! & why do to you keep mentioning her name wht does she have to do with any if this!! She just used to go with Ralo.. U need to get ur facts straight before you post this BS stories..


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