Who’s Jacky Talking About? – June 21, 2013



Today’s “Ride Wit Me” blind item spends more time with Tiny Cottle’s husband than she does — and the streets are talking about it. Don’t believe me.. Ask Panda.

According to an insider, our mystery man dumped Jermaine Dupri as his homey — before quickly becoming T.I.’s BFF.

Now, this “Air Force Ones” advocate is said to have a tight bromance with T.I. — said to have even shared Ashanti with him. That’s before the pair are reported to now be doing the same with Tae Heckard. Don’t believe me?.. Ask Tiny. Know why? Because Tiny, T.I. and our blind item’s past and previous girlfriends are all swingers.

Here’s the drop on our blind item:

“Dude used to take Ashanti’s money and trick it off on strippers. Dude is just like Jermaine, he went and got a stripper pregnant who used to work at Onyx. Dude loves strippers to toss his salad and he always returns the favor.”

Now, can you guess which St. Louis native I’m talking about?


    • this is so obviuos its nobody else but the boule membteripopin nelly the wash up lunitic!when i saw him on tht oe episode ti family hustle the way they acted aroun each kinda came oflike nelly was the wife and ti the hubby.i tll these dl celbs are somthing else.

    • Bring jacky back….have they killed him because this writing the past couple of months is not jacky

  1. That don’t even make sense dude got more money than Ashanti. Them dudes a fags. This wack. Where jacky at?

    • The word is that nelly gets down like iverson gambling all night. Playing games with your money and making it rain on strippers equals one broke nigga.

  2. Dang you guys are a tough crowd. This story was good… I don’t get why everyone always screaming for jacky lol so mean, give others a chance. Anyway i am not surprised at all about this.

    • Give others a chance? so, if your doctor that usually treats you decide to move on and give another doctor your records to deal with you and give mediocre treatment, u gonna stick with it? And no, its not different cause if you use to getting top treatment with a doc who listen, can agree with you when its true, how know all of a sudden u want to switch to liar, that feed you, what you already know, reserving it to you in a different way, but still saying the same thing. Thats this blog !! Cleary, jacky is gone!!

  3. Nothing should surprise anyone about the Industry after spending some time on this site lol Speaking of questionable rappers, stories like this serve another overarching purpose: That it won’t be long before the first openly gay rapper debuts, and all these closeted clowns will be singing his (Yeah, his) praises like they do everything else negative (In terms of what rap in its purest form is supposed to represent, Afrika Bambaataa’s supposed actions notwithstanding) and hypocritical in the Industry.

    • @Raheim

      But was’nt there a dude who was openly gay who was trying to blow up a few years ago and no one was receptive to it. Can’t remember his name but he was a skinny light brown skin dude from NYC with corn rows1

      • Yes you r right there was a gay rapper trying to break thru like there were white rappers trying to break back back in the days hence Vanilla Ice and 3rd Bass then nothing for the years then Eminen which open doors for a few others to have some success. I believe it will happen sooner than later with Frank Ocean out of the closet in R&B and singing along Jay Z & KanGay it shows we are becoming more open these days…one is just around the corner and Im sure he is going to kill it on the mic.

      • @Anonymous 13:34–Yeah, the rapper’s name was Caushun or something like that, and he was being sponsored/put on by Kimora Lee Simmons if I’m not mistaken. I didn’t count him because he either was a hoax (The only articles I’ve seen about him was on MTO–‘Nuff said) or just disappeared. But mark my words, a(nother) gay rapper is on the horizon. As a matter of fact, for a while, I was thinking that rappers like Drake and especially Nicki Minaj, who have a lot of gay fans and are gay-friendly, respectively, were kind of ‘heralds,’ if you will, of gay rappers.

        • @Kitty

          LMAO at u calling that man KanGay! lol I know too many people who think Kanye will be the one to come out as Bi or just plain Gay. IDK, he just seems very sensitive to me lol.


          YESS!! That was his name. I couldn’t remember it to save my life but I remember dude was SUPER flamboyant and I was just lie O_o*confused face*!! Im sure he did disappear. That was only like 5 or 6 years ago and this gay agenda wasn’t so heavy back then, like today. Maybe Nicki will do a song with him if he decided to come back out and try again! lol

  4. But if my doctor moves on he won’t have my old doctors mask on and tryin to sound like him when we both know its not, jus be real if Jacky’s not here be real we’re adults.

  5. This is Jacky reporting this shit.
    Anyone notice how no one blogs here un less it’s a gay story ?
    Also, when you google HolllywoodStreetKing, the first links to click on Under HSK, is “down-lowrappers” and “gay celebrity’s”? A BLACK MAN PUSHING THE “GAY AGENDA”. Suppressing

  6. ChrisBoshBedRoom

    You sucked in the whole playoffs. You’re gonna be traded to Vancouver next year. Stay out of those gay bars and work on your game this summer.

  7. Been reading this site for a couple months..it’s been so eye opening I’ve read every page and even I KNO THIS HASN’T BEEN JACKY FOR A HOT MINUTE..wtf mane. BE STRAIGHT THE FUCK UP THO THE TEA WENT FROM PIPING TO LUKEWARM. It was so hot I almost wanted to stop reading bc of how shocking but couldn’t. MANE FEKT GOOD TO HAVE ONE PERSON WITH THE REAL EXCLUSIVES, WITH THEIR EARS TO THE STREET SAY IT AIN’T SO oh well..drops mic, sulks off.

  8. They are sabbotaging this site for a while. Even with all of these anonymous ppl leaving grotesque and mediatakeout-ish comments. This site was never the place for the lesser informed. That was for that circus called mto, full numb skull mode over there

    • @porcelain doll
      clearly you can’t be that naive to base someone depth of knowledge on whether or not they use a screen name. That fact remain we are all anonymous. I used the name fa real this time. Next time I might use a different name, hell I might even use porcelain doll if that make me better informed LMAO

      • Clearly u can shut the hell up commenting on my post. Anybody with half a brain can note the changes, and the lack of continuity.

      • And u can use the screen name porcelain doll I dont a fuck.. But u can’t replicate my writing style, so folks will know it’s not me writing that malarchy. So go ahead and use it if u want too. Won’t bother me much at all

  9. porcelain doll

    well to be fair, the grotesque comments were from me but Im sure as shit that the poster BLACKMAN has been inserted into the mix to lower the IQ of the site to where it is at mediatakeout and bossip levels.

    That’s where the racists want us to be. At a level where we aren’t making any socio-political observations but are focused on the mundane levels of gossip.

    • Ppl can use whatever forum they choose, to get their point across. I think it’s pretty good strategy to use a site that attains millions in traffic a month. Hmmmmmmm one could change the world that way : ) or make it worst whichever they choose, if they are smart n captivating enough. #thepowerofthepen.. Which has quietly evolved into a keypad.

      • Whether it’s a gossip site or not. And besides this stuff Is sum ppl hobby aside from their real worlds/lives. Gotta hv an outlet sum kinda way, so that u won’t turn into an uptight little prick who’s scarily sarcastic : ) ain’t that right @anonymous16:50 lol.

  10. I heard Russell Simmons keeps Jacky confined to a very small office in his garage with a Dell laptop and makes him wear weird uniforms. One day he makes him dress up like a pirate, then the next day a Navy sailor etc. etc.