Who’s Jacky Talking About? – June 24, 2013



This songstress was featured on the ‘Waiting To Exhale’ soundtrack, back in 1995. Now, it’s being suspected that she was probably really waiting to inhale, while in the recording studio with Whitney. Don’t believe me.. Just ask our blind item’s baby daddy, Kadeem Hardison — who sources say is fighting for joint custody of the daughter he shares with our mystery woman, over her reported cocaine and sex addictions.

She’s said to hate both of her baby daddy’s — Kadeem Hardison for his verbal and physical abuse, and Kenny Lattimore for his cheating. Those are the grounds which sources say turned her to a ‘bitter woman’ who’s lost faith in men — leaving her to turn to females for comfort. Don’t believe me.. Ask Jada Pinkett Smith or Queen Latifah.

When she married Kenny Lattimore, Hollywood was obscenely amused. That’s because Kenny Lattimore is known best as ‘the gay man who cheated on Star Jones, with other men’. Sources say she didn’t care, because she ponied-up with Lattimore to revive her music career — before she quickly divorced Lattimore after finding him with his male lover.

Our blind item recently landed a spot on ‘R&B Diva’s L.A.’, which she reportedly took for both money and a jump-start to her career. Now, can you guess who I’m talking about?


  1. Chante Moore

    This does not match up. The first 3 paragraph ok and now we know who Jada was talking about on her Facebook post(exposing her female lovers). But the paragraph of “Star Jones?” wasn’t that “Al” that cheated on Star and is suppose to be gay. Idk

  2. Who cares…

    Chante Moore we love your music…
    Chante Moore is a beautiful women who can SANG!!!

    It’s unfortunate we as BEAUTIFUL women sometimes get stuck with REJECTS…Who only wants to bring us down!!!
    Please keep you head up and continue to LOVE yourself & your children..

    Chante just keep singing because we love your voice…

    • @tee tee… Just cause someone appearance looks nice,doesn’t mean their that way on the inside. Word in the industry she’s got a smart mouth and attitude!!

    • Many times most people don’t need any help in bringing themselves down. Why always look for someone to blame for your personal shortcomings and failures. We should take full responsibility for our safe and prosperous survival. Stop looking for scapegoats. Just because she has a great voice, does not mean she has the essentials necessary to be stable and grounded. BTW, what is beautiful and the value thereof in the overall scheme of life?

  3. Oh, she is a sex fiend too? Sadly, I have run into sex fiends. They can be exciting because they want to cum all of the time and are ready to do it anywhere, any place and anyhow, but if you are looking more or get concerned about them wanting to do others, then you can forget it. Calling them sex addicts (I call them out of control sex fiends) is right – they are like crack addicts who cannot get enough! These females are good to do what must be done a few times, but do not spend too much time with them (that is, unless they move on first) or you can get caught up in a dead end situation. These sex fiends only care about getting off and that’s it. Find a woman somewhere in-between limp and a sex fiend.

    • Yea, I used to date a sex “addict” before and they get the job done and its fun for awhile but then you spend time wondering about whats going on when you don’t have them on a leash. Its not worth it in the long wrong and they make poor wife or girlfriend material…In the end they are more embarrassing than anything else because of their lack of self control.

      • True. Their lies are a problem too when they think they are running game on you like their mind is stronger than mine because I am nice. When I know what’s up, then I treat them like the sluts they are, but they like that more. The last one I was with, I had her suck the dick and then I like to spray the face! You know black women hardly like sucking dicks, so I did not get to spray the face or come on her tongue.

        • Josh

          Lots of good information but in some areas you’ve definitely provided a bit too much detail and information of very private aspects of your life. Please immediately ceast and desist or you will be reported to the NSA.

            • Usually he only talks about J o o s and women’s hair. He is anti-anything except back to the Homeland natural.

            • Christa:

              I can speak for myself thank you. I am not anti-aynthing, I am pro-real. I grew up in a household full of women who used all types of tricks to get what they wanted in life. Lies came naturally, so I was always doing battle to break down the lies, which is why I like to get to the heart of the matter while bypassing the BS.

  4. Damn. This is especially crazy when you remember that Chante and Kenny did an album of remakes together about how happy and in love they were. But let’s see, that’s Michel’le and Chante out of the way–Which ‘R&B Diva L.A.’ cast member is next to be exposed?

  5. Sounds like Chante’s got a man at home and a man and a woman and a man and a woman and another woman….

  6. He is. Their daughter’s name is Sophia, looks just like her daddy with a splash of Chante. I forgot they had a child together b/c everyone talked about her and Kenny so much

    • Kadeem was her husband and the father of her child. He’s not a “baby daddy”. That name came about to describe when the woman is not married to and/or no longer involved with the father of her child.

      • Lol. It’s funny how divorced women/men and the never married get lumped into the same category! I have friends that were married 10+ years and they get treated like babymamas (by society). SMH.

  7. Chante Moore is a waste. She is a beautiful black women who can actually sing. She ruined her life with drugs and debauchery. So sad!

    • I did not know she had a drug problem. She always seemed well spoken but in watching the previews of RHHLA she came of a little ghetto.

    • What’s REALLY a shame…is when folks who try and criticize —don’t know the difference between woman (ONE woman) and women (two or more females).

    • How can you be ‘a lot better’ than someone, ‘but not by a whole lot?’ Either she’s much better than Keyshia, or she isn’t. Better yet, I’ll go by what I’ve heard and the other comments here praising her singing.

      • Okay,

        Chante could sing but once in a while she messes it up with that gospel screaming that these singers are so prone to doing today.

  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91NExZP5dZI

    these chicks could sing and it was the mid 90’s so a couple of them even had the nerve to not have a long ridiculous weave…white people get a little uneasy when sisters or brothers work together to create tonations like this because if its done right you can call down the elder beings, alter the weather etc.

    • I have heard before that altering the weather at least was possible through the power of Melanin, but of course, was never sure it was true (But then again, the longtime Marvel Comics X-Men character Storm, who has the ability to control the weather, is what? A black woman [A black woman with some European features {i.e. blue eyes and long, white, non-African hair}, but still a black woman]–Things that make you go ‘Hmm…’ lol). The ability to do something that powerful would go a long way towards explaining why we are so hated. Just a thought.

    • @Anonymous! Let the church say AMEN! Very true. And yes, you can shift a lot of things. I know the weather works because I did it years ago with a large group of people — all melanin-rich beings!

      Memba, the outside is just a reflection of what’s inside. 😉

      • “…I know the weather works because I did it years ago with a large group of people — all melanin-rich beings!”

        That’s almost word-for-word what Bobby Hemmitt, from whom I first learned of this, said in a video some years back. In any event, as I said above, if Melanin is truly that powerful, it goes a long way in explaining the need to ‘keep blacks down’ and whites’ immense and pervasive hatred and jealousy of us.

        • I just saw your replies, thanks for the info, though I have another question–When you talked about ‘activating the melanin,’ were you referring to utilizing a non-calcified Pineal Gland? I’ve been reading and hearing about the importance of the Pineal Gland for years now, but was never 100% sure how to go about activating it/ensuring it didn’t become (Further?) calcified. Anyway, thanks again, and I’ll be sure to check the video out.

  9. its actually KENNY who wants custody of the son,(as from the previews of the show) not Kadeem who wants custody of the daughter… get it right

  10. Chante actually started off as a jumpoff/groupie in the music biz. El debarge who was screwing her back in the day accidentally found out she could sing and put her on his in the storm album. But she does have a rep for having a stank attitude and a nasty mouth. And yes she can sing-her voice is gorgeous but it makes no difference cuz of her rep and attitude.

    • Damn, never knew (Or would’ve thought) Chante had a shitty attitude and nasty mouth, as she always came off as somewhat down-to-earth in the few interviews of hers I’ve seen & read. Another One Bites the Dust, I guess…

  11. and here I was thinking she was one of the ones that did not get caught up in the hollywood life style. She always talked about her grandmotehr raising her so I thought she had great values.

  12. what shocked me was r kelly slept with her he must have pretended she was 13 or he had her dressup as an innocent 12 year old in a school uniform.

    kelly’s sick like that.

  13. Why would Kadeem be fighting over custody of a 17 y.o? But yeah you guys have spilled the tea. I always thought she was a church going COGIC girl, whose first marriage didn’t work because Kadeem was Muslim. Who knew that he was abusive and she was a jump off? Not Dewayne Wayne!!! Not Chante Moore!!! Can’t be true!!! I never liked her with Kenny Lattimore. It always seemed like they were doing too much.

  14. Wrong Wrong Wrong, Chante is in a custody battle with Kenny over her son, not Kadeem over her daughter. Get your facts straight!!!

  15. Damn, Divas L.A. all look hit and like shit! They used to look good, now they all (except Lil Mo and Price) look like recovering crack fiends. Divas ATL I would have fucked them all – even Monfiah and her ‘woman!’

    • YOu can’t be serious?? All of those ham-hock slurpin, greens and cornbread for breakfast eating ATL R&B sows? They are not HARDLY attractive. They can’t hold a candle to the LA Divas.
      Stop smokin that rock.

      • Lol. Yeah they were thick, but they all had big butts and big titties! At least their faces were not hit and still smooth. L.A. looks rough! When they were at their peaks, they looked like heaven, but now they look hit!

    • lol Nah, the only ones who look different and like they’ve aged & been through a lot are Claudette and Dawn Robinson, respectively. Everyone else looks the same.

  16. I’ve met Chante Moore three times now (during album signings after her concerts) throughout the years and she is always such a gracious and lovely person. I’m not sure how much of the above information is true, as a lot of it follows the rumors (Kenny Lattimore is gay) that’s been through the years. I always thought she’s been on good terms with Kadeem Hardison (judging from the ‘season preview’ of R&B Divas: LA that seems to look like it) though?

  17. the Kadeem part doesn’t fit their daughter should be 18 or close to it, On RBDLA Chante & kadeem are cool. Chante mentioned Kenny wants physical custody of their son. As far as her drugging well at least her voice is still their and she’s still gorgeous. I can see her cursing people out that might explain why a voice like hears isn’t at the top of the game

  18. IDK Kev, thinkin back to From The Soul of Man, that album was kinda gay. IJS. ‘My guitar gently weeps.’

  19. I have always thought that Chante has been and is a beatiful women and with such grace and eligance and if I could date her I would for sure. She is so fine. Why her and Kenny divorce, don’t realy know nor care because nothing last forever and I am glad she went on with her life as you should any ways. Her voice is a remarkable talent. Keep on doing it your way Black Queen. She was the one that had the most sense on the show(r&b divas of LA)and lil mo. I hope you always continue to shine with such a gifted talent.

  20. Some of The most beautiful and talented men are Gay: Luther Vandross and Billy Preston are just 2 prime examples.