Who’s Jacky Talking About? – June 4, 2014


Best Blind Items

This pair of NBA point guards have exchanged a lot more than just a balls on the court! We’re talking about sword-fighting… duo prostitutes AND duo professionals! AND it’s caught on tape… a sex tape reportedly being shopped right now!

The starring players are… one 21-year-old Brooklyn Net… and one 23-year-old Orlando Magic.

They’re in a hotel room with two hookers having sex. At one point, one of the prostitutes is performing fellatio for both ________ and ________… at the same damn time!

Now… can you guess which two NBA point guards star in the sex tape?


  1. Why this site get updated so late? By the time you put up your first update the day is done. I’m in the pacific time zone. Even MFO udates at 9 and they’re on the east coast.

    • I’m on the West coast too. Don’t matter what time it updates. You must not have internet at home and can only waste time at the office, like them broke broads that comment on Sandra Rose’s website. Don’t try to say something like you’re too busy in the evenings to browse on the internet. lol!

      • I have to agree with Lon. I use the internet to straight kill time at work, while I have internet at home I also have a1 yr old. So I need my tea piping hot in the morning. And for some reason this tea is being served at dinner time (EST).

  2. As long as they’re working on their games it’s cool. These guys are marginal players right now so I hope they’re trying to improve and remain in the league for years to come.

  3. Im confused how does that make them gay…. I think I watched enough porn to realize that freaky things happen and two in the mouth is one of those things. Unless they swording dolo then yea I can see you calling them gay.

  4. It makes them suspect because their penis touch each other’s…and if your a grown man running trains on women Is for Bi men or for young men. Your basically getting off watching another man

  5. How do you think those pedophiles in the music industry work their “magic”. They start by double teaming these girls and occasionally they touch (penis in the mouth at the same time or penetrating the ass and vagina at the same time) but “it’s all good cause shit happens during sex”. Then you remove the girl and now you have just the two dudes. Often, drugs and alcohol (now Molly) are involved.


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