Who’s Jacky Talking About? – March 21, 2014


Blind Items

He may be one of the first Bad Boy’s who was openly told to ‘Take That’. Know why? We’re told this Harlem Shaker “is more feminine that his twin sister, Stase.”

According to our tipster… his DL doings — possibly inside the ‘players’ room 112 — could be the reason behind his swift decision to call off his divorce from his longtime wifey, who’s said to know all about his reported DL “fetish for transgender’s”.

He could be like the apple that doesn’t seem to fall far from the tree. That’s because our insider says… his biological father “is a transgender, living with another man, in Jacksonville, Florida.”

Now, Can you guess the Bad Boy I’m talking about?


  1. Old cold gossip. Wendy Williams outted puff and mase back in the day, puff blackballed her in New York, then she came to Philly for a minute. I used to love hearing Wendy in the morning. When you heard that hawk sound effect, you knew she was going for somebody’s jugular. Lol

    • Where she co-opted “How You Dooooin'” from her co-host, D. Lee.

      That’s gotta sting every time he hears that…lol…

      Guess that’s how the game go…he made it a hot phrase, she made it a hot song…

  2. It’s tea to me. I didn’t know he had a twin sister. And I didn’t know his father is a tranny . Wow.

    • If you think back to the 90’s, Baby Stase was in his group called Young Harlem World Young Loon and a few other ninjas!

      • That would be a hard thought for some–Harlem World was in the Industry/buzzing for the equivalent of a weekend. Not to mention their album & single was released around the time that Mase left the Industry to ‘find God,’ which obviously affected their standing.

        • huddy combs who was a member of harlem world was killed in a car wreck a few years ago he was puff’s cousin.

          • I remember hearing Huddy Combs’ name here and there back then. In any event, the only ‘success’ story of Harlem World seems to be Loon’s solo career, though that was short-lived, as most people know.

    • America is a Spiritual Sodom and Egypt and just like during those days the ruling government were all Sodomites and both kingdoms were destroyed by God himself.Hopefully that answers your question.

      • @BlackAnastasia–People can deny that all they want, but with how crazy this world is and keeps getting by the day, the thought of what you said should at least be considered by even the staunchest non-believers.

      • BA,

        You really should “cut,paste, repeat” this in the event someone missed it as there lies more truth than most would like to believe.

  3. MASE, but I don’t think he is GAY but he has never came and explained himself being caught with tranny in Atlanta in the 2000s and him being so ashamed at being caught that when he was arrested he just decided to be taken away in the repoed car he was driving when he was caught with the tranny and this a true story and not made up

  4. This may sound awful, but the very first time I saw the video “Mo Money Mo Problems” I thought Puff is effing that “boy”. It gave me the creeps.

  5. Puffy introduced homosexuality and the dl mindset into hip-hop, this we definitely know for sure. All the children and baby mothers can’t hide the truth.

    • True dat! Puffy, the name says it all. That is hat queers are called in England, puffs.

      F*gs are cigarettes.

      With the gay mafia, though, things have prolly changed. But when he first came out, a puff was a queer.

      • Sean Combs was the first blackman in hip-hop that was put on the “Gay Rapper List” back in the 90s. Chingy outed himself, Ludacris had to disown him. All of the hatred against blackwomen makes sense now. These cats glorify jail and prison, money over b***hes, f**k a hoe, my niggas love me, etc. They’ve been promoting this ish since the 90s. We ignored all of this, because many of us thought it was cool to be a ghetto bastard and hate on exploited sistas in the projects. Yet, everybody depends on these same sistas to make their money…hip-hop, ncaa, nfl, nba, etc. Remember, all of this gay blackman ish benefits whitemen and other non-black men…They Want Our Women! It’s always about blackwomen, ignore the white media. Coonish and Gay blackmen are there biggest allies, always have been…Ain’t S**t Changed!

      • @Anonymous

        Don’t know if he did or not. The damage has been done, they achieved their goal for now. None of us should worship celebrities, because, they’re forced to promote ish that is against our people…Homosexuality, Abortion, Marxism, etc.

    • Andre Harrell, Clive Davis and Benny Medina introduced homosexuality to hip hop, as did Jimmy Iovine. Folks like Puffy and Dr. Dre perpetuated the cycle.

      • @Bella

        IDr. Dre has been on the DL from the jump. When that photo of him wearing the bodysuit and lipstick came out, i knew what time it was.The 90s was a turning point for black folk in the US. At that juncture, hip-hop was hijacked by corporate thugs. The big dogs from Warner Brothers, RCA, Isand Records, BMI, and Sony got in the game. NWA introduced the violence and Uncle Luke brought the sex into the forefront…Both Equally Bad! So, who pays the price?…Sistas. Violence and Unrefined Male Sexuality are a recipe for homosexual behavior in men. A blackman can’t hate blackwomen on one side, and lust them on the backside. Hypersexed negros in jail with no women around, what will happen Sista? Prison Culture is all over this. Any blackman that promoted prison culture is suspect…They Know Better. Clive Davis is a typical whiteman with money, he has sick sexual needs and wants. His behavior is the norm, not the exception. Bella, it’s getting progressively worse. Now, they’re pushing this ish hard in Africa. Jamie Foxx should be proud of his gay legacy, he has no idea what he created, No Idea!

  6. Mase according to his Clone Loon is originally from Jacksonville,Fl.not Harlem.So this gives credence to jackets statement about his dad.

  7. Another DL reveal. At this point I think that I shall just assume that every man – apart from Robin Thicke – is on the DL …

    • Scorpiess,

      Take @Insider’s word on that. Robin Thicke has/does most certainly sleep with men. It’s no secret in the industry, however, discreet would be the right word even when he messes up, gets himself caught in the act & has to have sevaral wire transfers take place to keep mainstream media from telling his business.

      And..go on & believe his wife left him over his performance with Miley Cyrus if you want to. I’m the first to swear…Miley needed to have her ass handed to her for acting as if she didn’t know Robin had a wife & what she was doing was out of line & horridly disrespectful. I’d STILL be beating her ass to date BUT that’s me & a million other black women I know!

      THIS is not the reason Paula left their marriage. Also, keep in mind SHE is no straight & faithful saint either.

      • @Ms Reg, you have gone and done it now. Please spill that piping hot tea. I am all ears. I guess that everybody has to pay the music / film industry ‘tax’. I don’t think that I could. If it came down to having to spend the night with my potential ‘boss’ then I would have to step. I could never have sex with a woman or a man to get that job. I guess some people will do whatever it takes to get that dough. Unfortunately I am not one of them. No wonder they all end up with chemical dependencies.

      • @Ms Reg Says!!!!…..so did Paula leave due to Robin’s dealings with men? Has he been sleeping with Pharrell all this time?



  8. music industry had always been into the gay chit.

    we had michael jackson, prince, and madonna in the 80’s who was serving the rainbow posse.

    boy george, wham was all in ti, pat benatar, annie lennox, david bowie were all into the fag chit.

    rod stewart, all of them.

    all these references to eros, cupid, venus, and other pagan gods like pan.

    • Definetly don’t believe kat is crazy like they try to make him out to be.

      He just exposed secrets they dont want exposed, so they call him crazy like they did Dave Chapelle, Britney Spears, Micheal Jackson.

      • Britney is crazy just like Amanda Bynes.

        Rich famous people have mental illness too. But Katt is NOT crazy.

        • Mental illnesses does not make someone crazy

          If Britney was actually crazy then they would not let her around her kids, Vegas would not invest money in her to perform there. She would not be able to record albums and do world tours if she were crazy.

        • You are right. I was using the word crazy in a colloquial sense. Britney and Amanda are mentally ill.
          And those in the know are aware that Brit is just barely able to maintain her responsibilities re: her Planet Hollywood gig and her boys. She’s a good girl tho. Another victim of the Disney system just like Amanda.

        • Britney went through the Disney machine and Amanda Bynes is the product of Nickelodeon. We know they’re over there corrupting children and compromising their innocence. Anyone who was subjected to such “programing” would absolutely be adversely affected by it. That doesn’t = crazy.



        brit, paris and lindsay were all takimng turns going to rehab, jail, drugging, doing realioty shows, sleeping with men and women. and it happened when they joined the kaballah after eating madonnas’ ass.

        • I think Britney was forced. And I don’t think the shaved head was her showing her allegiance. MK ultras often shave their heads when their programing starts to break down. Many of these young celebs are pimped out by their parents to the industry. I find it heartbreaking. The way I pray for Britney you would think I knew her. I just pity her.

  9. how many hints do we need to tell uys these folks are queer as hell.

    queen latifah don’t have to come out she already did that pic with her so called personal trainer is all you need to know.

    pastoring a fake gay marriage at the awards was all about the gay chit with high priestess satanic madonna and fag macklemore.




  10. the same people who control the record labels control the film industry also which is why artists can easily make films with or without talent ask beyonce.

  11. most of these dudes look silly in dresses.

    kevin hart wore drag not too long ago.

    the money must be good.

  12. fuck mase.

    don’t know what he wanna be you wanna be a rapper, pastor or a gangster.

    how the hell you gonna save anybodys soul and you don’t know whaT THE HELL YOU WANNABE.





      • That’s reaching. That logo is not satan it’s a 2 headed dog representing the original 2 branches of MTV. Of course you can see whatever you want to see in any damn thing. Ever heard of a Rorshach test? I’ll bet u see satan everywhere.

        • Chris is right. Cerberus is the two headed dog that roams the gates of Hades. Very satanic symbolism. I don’t think these people are trying to conceal what they believe. Look at Time Earners all seeing eye, or the 3 sixes embedded in the Disney logo. Or Starbucks original mermaid with the two legs. Even the Toyota logo

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  13. According to Charlie Baltimore’s true hip hop stories, cam’ron used to fuck men too. They were on the same label at one point. She told that story to a few Philly folks back when

    • I believe Cam’Ron as well as all these fags who run around with strippers and androgenous models as girlfriends are just using them for beards and to to be their sissy pimp.

      Don’t believe me, as

      and that punk that’s with that bald headed white hoe.


        AND Amber’s biracial but she was wearing a upside cross on her forehead letting you know what she serve.

        how many hints can these people give us but we still wanna question is this person gay or do they serve the satan look aT THE PHOTOS AND THE ALBUM COVERS AND THE VIDEOS THE LOGOS ITS ALL THERE.


        • Wiz is gay. Amber couldn’t con Kanye, so she moved on to the weaker, younger, more impressionable Wiz. Amber gassed Wiz to the extent that he believed he was the greatest thing walking. Mind games were just part of her agenda.

          Amber was notorious for working drag balls and dating a butch stud who only had sex with pre-operative transsexual males (Tiffany’s words). I honestly thought Amber was a kathoey, not a biological female.

          Come to think about Bad Boy’s history, I remember being told that a guy who was an artist on the label liked women to do him with a strap. Not revealing the name.

    • We needed Charli to tell us a dude dressed in all pink is a homo? Oh.

      Jim Jones used to wear a press and curl. He and Chrissy are swingers. They go both ways. He always refers to Chrissy as “exciting.” That’s code.

  14. I would like to see a list of hollywoods straight people going by this site the list should be short

  15. I don’t care if you are gay but don’t make it a house hold thing under my nose as if it is my belief system to. Stop acting like you hate women ban Bitch and be your self.If you are gay then have some pride. Gay people get some pride and stop acting like butt hurt victims when it is clearly at Gay and lesbian agenda playing – looking to get youths as babies by calling genders neutral…nigga please. and Mase is a joke acting like Telfo Dollar one day and Puffs best bottom bitch the next…gtfoh

  16. That is a damn lie.It is one thing to say it happens often ..or even that many men have straddled that fence but to say that every successful man has slept with another man..STOP IT PLEASE..

      • IKR? true insiders are quite subtle and hushed about their tea. They’ll talk from time to time, but they sure as hell don’t start fonting in all caps while screaming at readers.
        Dude is a real attention seeker.

      • Insider, I can tell you know what you speak of so let me ask you this:is it true or not that the industry allows a chosen few to slip through…no sex rituals, no taped perversions, nothing…just so they can complain loudly to the press how all the “alleged” sex blackmail is just a rumor.I wonder because some do seem relatively untouched.

    • MissK YOU are correct ma’m. While many do, there are most certainly some men black and white who have not sucked, been sucked, or bent over. No one wants to hear that, but it’s true.

      • God bless you. That is what I have been waiting to hear. You have restored my faith in the industry – just a little.



  18. one of those girls had drug issues tina yothers was’nt it have’nr seen growing pains since the 80’s.

  19. This is a very very serious accusation to make, even anonymously. Please provide a link of any justification you have to back up your accusation.

    Mr. Thicke’s management is being notified of your accusation, so I hope for your sake that you have been honest. If you are in fact correct, then you have no worries as to legal recourse. But if you are just talking out of your ass, lord help you.

      • well down to five towers now as 1 came down on monday 2nd april 2012. can be watched on you tube now. i grew up in barnby dun and still go fishing on the river don in there shadow. must admit i feel a little diptosinaed that they will all be gone soon.

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      • Ha! Exactly. This accusation holds just as much water as the Philip Seymour Hoffman butt plug one. Total fabrication for internet attention.

        • Sorry you think PSH wouldn’t use a butt plug. That is SO far fetched — an actor who played at least one homosexual character using a butt plug, along with copious amounts of heroin. Shock!

          • I dont know about the buttplug story but i do know hardcore heroin users sometimes insert it anally. Remember that scene in the movie “Trainspotting”. People don’t ever want to believe the worse but sometimes its true.

          • Bella, I don’t doubt that he has an entire collection of butt plugs. That does not mean that he was found dead in his apartment with a butt plug in his ass at the time as the original post claimed. As a paralegal I would think you would be in favor of getting the facts correct.

          • Rather than worrying about my occupation, concern yourself with your contradictory statements. You don’t doubt the man had a butt plug collection yet you don’t think its possible for him to have been found with a butt plug. Work on THAT.

          • Heroin addicts will use butt plugs so as not to shit on themselves. Heroin is an opiate and relaxes muscles, which could cause involuntary bowel movements.

          • Thanks for that explanation. 1. I don’t know any heroin addicts so I can’t ask about the culture. 2. I’ve never seen “Trainspotting.”

            But you taught me something, so thank you for your explanation. Have a great night.

          • My pleasure Bella, HSK is an information exchange. And you also have a good night.

            Funny thing is, they plan not to shit on themselves and to have enough dope (the rich addicts), but they never plan for the overdose.

          • Anon @ 22:16:

            HSK *was* an information portal. Now that the site is more popular, its attracting the wrong attention. As Jacky said, “They hate me,” referring to trolls on his site. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that they’re always coming for me.

            I don’t know who thought it was cute to bring my career into the mix, but fuck ’em. Lol

    • And the person who made the accusation is not in any legal Jeopardy Matlock.

      HSK is the host of this wesbsite and any liability belongs to them, not to individual posters…Its YOUR responsibility to decide what content reaches the public view.

    • “Please provide a link of any justification you have.” Hi, fraud. Conveniently, you’re “affiliated” with Robin Thicke.

      Proof that he swings both ways = the Blurred Lines video. He has been keeping time with T.I. and Pharrell, both of whom are on the DL. There’s your proof. Now scurry along.

      • Again Bella, this has nothing to do with ROBIN Thicke. The post stated that his father Allen Thicke was a well known pedophile. Are you in favor of slinging accusations of that import freely based on hearsay?? Sheesh.

    • If he is indeed a pedophile then bring it out in the open. Please post a link to the source of your information. i would like to see for myself.

      But if it’s merely hearsay, you may want to rethink your words. And trust, I have zero affiliation with the old dude. I just think when you make the harshest accusation known to man, there should be some proof behind the words.

      • He is a male in the inner circle of Network Television.

        Pedophile is probably the nicest thing he can qualify as.

        Fuck you Hollywood.

  20. HSK isn’t responsible for what WE post. As long as Jacky isn’t posting slanderous or defamatory stories, he’ll be fine. As long as what he does is rooted in truth, HSK will continue.

  21. I’ve been doing research on the illuminati and these gay rituals…….google or look up on YouTube ” the Black Boule” or gay rappers…..i was in total shock !!!! 2pac already told us about Dr. Dre & Quincy Jones !!!!