Who’s Jacky Talking About? – May 14, 2012


May 14, 2012 Blind Item

The mystery lady at the center of this week’s ‘Who’s Jacky Talking About‘ segment is the estranged sister of a famous musical “5” family.

Sources say her troubled ways led her to seek and land a pimp — all just to piss her famous father off. That may be because she’s a crazy Gemini who always demands attention.

Here’s what an insider had to say about our mystery lady:

“Her husband was pimping her out in a very soft-core kind of way. Nonetheless, he was definitely a pimp…and he used to drive her crazy, like most pimps drive their women crazy. He felt like having her was like having had his golden ticket, but he was also scared that if he pushed her too far he’d wind up disappearing, at the hands of either her fans or her family.

I know for a fact he was prostituting her out, but she didn’t want to admit this to anyone. In fact, in a way she felt that she wanted Joe to find out about it because she felt it was one of the few ways she could get even with him for the abuse he’d shown her and her siblings. She had a lot of anger and sadness about the way Joe treated everyone.”

Can you guess who I’m talking about?


  1. LaToya (Casper) Jackson, in my NeNe Leaks voice! For some odd reason I believe Latoya enjoyed this whole charade and milked it for everything it was worth. That was probably the most exciting wild thing that has happened in her life so far cause aint nobody checking for her, not then, and certainly not now…

  2. Joe hired Latoya husband to manage her. He was an ex con and mob connected. He used to beat the hell out of her and lock in the apartment. She did an interview with her face bashed in and she was slamming her family. He would threaten to kill her family if she didn’t do what he say. Latoya is not dumb she has a college degree and according to reports runs Micheal’s estate and she owns lots of properties. Even Donald Trump said she’s smart people under estimates her. She’s not street smart.

    • Couldn’t be that smart if she let some lowlife pimp her out like that, whether she has street smarts or not. You don’t need street smarts to have common sense. The world sees her as a mentally disturbed buffoon.

    • Joe didn’t hire Gordon, here’s an excerpt from Joe’s book in which he explains what happened. The book was published in a foreign country so it’s been translated from a foreign language into English and that’s why the wording is weird, but it’s Joe’s explanation anyway:


      “Let’s return to 80s: I had a lot of business with the management of boys, with Latoya for which I too searched for a lawyer, and with Janet which I wanted to untwist as an actress and a singer. It was clear, that I will have to hang over to someone a part of my duties because I could not cope with more than one job. I had to urgently hire somebody who would support me, but nevertheless could not find anybody whom I would trust.

      “And here Jack Gordon appeared in the scene. Jack already for a long time expressed a desire, to work as a manager for Latoya, and I have appointed him a meeting at my place to talk about it. To tell the truth, our conversation did not convince me. Unfortunately, during his visiting Latoya has come to us. We have not been prepared to what has happened after that.

      “Though I have decided, that there can’t even be a talk about employing Gordon as Latoya’s manager, he managed to make Latoya like him. He daily called, sent flowers and gifts. She still lived with us, but was in full age and from the legal point of view, she had the right to make her own decision. Katherine and I did everything that was in our forces, but could not stop it. And once, to my horror, Latoya has declared, that she has decided to employ Gordon as her manager. I really had to cooperate with the person whom I hated. But I have obeyed to protect my daughter.

      “Latoya was then very shy, she very seldom left the house to go somewhere, except for school and church. And consequently she became an easy extraction for Gordon which has promised gold mountains to her. I have been too occupied and could not be everywhere at once, and he has taken advantage of it.

      “He very much frequently appointed business meetings for Latoya outside of the city, agreed about photographing for her in Austria – at that also in Los Angeles, to tell the truth, there are excellent photographers – and flied with her to Japan. It seemed, that we have serious problems, in fact during that moment when she was outside of sphere of our influence, he also has stopped to report me of her as to the co- manager, and we have started to quarrel because of these actions of his.

      “Gordon started to spread about me every possible lie. He has gone to former Michael’s manager Michael, Frank Dileo, and has told him, that I tried to strangle him. I wondered, whether he has presented my daughter the same lies to incite her against me. Though I hated Gordon, but I am not so silly to lift on a hand on him, besides I suspected, that he was armed. Never in my life had I oppressed him. I considered, that such type as Gordon only police can understand.

      “Anyway, I have made my own recording contract for Latoya, and in my opinion, she had to record and work on herself since this moment. Well and Gordon had other representations. He wanted to earn in a fast way on Latoya and has made nothing to provide to her a long career in show business. For this purpose he had to rehearse long hours with her, and he, probably, did not have no patience that is necessary for this purpose. He didn’t care about her image, the main thing was, that he could earn money on her.

      “What happened then, has brought my wife to a nervous exhaustion. Katherine cried full weeks, when has found out, that Gordon has appointed with magazine Playboy that Latoya will be shot naked. Many years I cared of that children represented a positive, clean image of a black family, and now our daughter photographed naked. But we could not do anything, because when we have found out about it, everything has already happened.

      “To make everything even worse he arranged Latoya performances on TV in talk shows in which she answered questions which at all had nothing to do with her career of the singer, and only turned around our family. Gordon’s motives were shown more and clearer. I have employed private detectives, to check him up, and after everything, that they have told me about him, I have been very much surprised, that he does not sit behind bars.

      “I in any case counted that Gordon was extremely dangerous person and seriously was afraid for Latoya’s life. Then press informed, that he started to beat Latoya. They said, that during the stay in Mainland he gave her two black eyes.

      “But it was only the beginning of a nightmare. the story that Gordon has married my daughter appeared in yellow press. Latoya has explained later, that she was forced to fast wedding in Las Vegas. To my horror, Gordon suddenly became her husband.

      “On April, 19, 1993 Latoya and Gordon sat in a dining room in their apartment on Manhattan. Latoya has told him, that she wants herself to care of her financial part. Under one version which has appeared in media, she was worried because of that affair with the financial department because she has understood, that Gordon irresponsibly conducts her affairs, or else, the taxes would be paid.

      “At that moment when she it has told that, Gordon has kicked her in the face with the fist, and Latoya has fallen on the floor. She hardly has again risen and has grabbed a knife for the butter from the table to protect herself, but Gordon has kicked her on the back with a heavy iron chair and beat her, when she again lay on the floor. Latoya somehow managed to call for help(in other version they said, that Gordon himself has called the police because has thought, that has killed her).

      “Anyway, Latoya has lost consciousness, she bleed from the mouth and the nose. The police have put handcuffs on Gordon. Latoya was brought in hospital where doctors have established, her bruises on hands, legs and the back. She could not walk for many days, and they have put 12 stitches on the wound on her mouth.

      “My wife was horrified and has tried to come into contact with Latoya, but Gordon has brainwashed so much, that she was terrified to speak with her own mother. Later our daughter has admitted to Katherine – Gordon has convinced her, that her parents are going to do something awful to her. He has put Latoya into such a big fear that she was scared of her own mother!

      “In this moment I have interrupted and have led my own investigation. I have found that the woman who was familiar with one of Gordon’s former girlfriends from Las Vegas. This former girlfriend was ready to tell about Gordon, certainly I will not name her name here because she would like to remain unknown. She too was afraid, that Gordon will do something to her, if he finds out.

      “She said, that he courted her because she expected a big inheritance, but eventually he has left her, when she got disinherited. After that she suddenly became ill. She has gone to the doctor, and he has established, that she suffers from consequences of drugs. Since she never accepted drugs, she could not exclude, that Gordon put drugs in to her food.

      “When I have heard this story, it became clear to me, what has taken place with my daughter. Latoya looked pale and has strongly grown thin. She weighed only 98 pounds that at her height can mean a danger. And she had such strange eyes. But I knew, that Latoya always avoided drugs, and it has set me thinking.

      “During the same period all trunks of my jeep have been cut, and my Rottweiler Roky got hanged on the fence of our garden. Besides that we received threats by phone. When one of our lawyers wanted to help Latoya to leave her husband, his wife and mother too were threatened with murder.

      “We have collected a family meeting and considered, as though we could sneak in to Latoya. We could not visit her so simply in her apartment because in foyer, there were armed security guards, and they had precise instructions – not to let in anybody from her family to her. Apparently, Gordon has ordered to guard our daughter all day and night. And when Latoya begun to spread lies about the family, we could not do anything because this avalanche has already come to movement.

      “But I and Katherine could not just leave it as it was. Latoya is our flesh and blood. We searched in despair for a way to separate Latoya and Gordon. But we also did not assume, that all the worse is still ahead.”

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  3. LaToya Jackson. I really didn’t like when she & greasy drawn-on-hairline Jermaine said that Michael did molest those boys.. then when Michael died, they were sheddidng fake croc tears saying how they miss & love him.

      • Michael never engaged in any inappropriate behavior with kids. A quick review of the evidence proves it was all just baseless extortion attempts.

        In fact, the year before Janet Arvizo accused MJ of molesting her son, Gavin, she and her kids got shoplifting at JC Penny; so she accused the JC Penny security guards of molesting her and her kids, and JC Penny settled out of court for $250,000 because it’s cheaper to settle than to have to defend yourself from a false accusation in court. Janet Arvizo’s next victim was Michael Jackson.

      • Whether it’s true or not, she didn’t put all that out there because it was the right thing to do. She did it so she could get some shine. It backfired horribly on that stupid ho.

  4. I dont care how much money you have…

    A 45 year old man isnt supposed to share a bed or a bedroom with a 10 year old child…

    If you are a poor or working class family and by circumstance are forced to double and triple up thats one thing…Michaels house was big enough to have female chaperones for those kids…

    Not the same female chaperones that Gail and Oprah had in South Africa, but hetero female chaperones..

    But what do you do when the parents sell Mike their boys?

    • I see you’ve been brainwashed by the lying tabloid media.

      What the media refers to as MJ’s “bedroom” was actually more like a two-bedroom apartment with living area, entertainment center, kitchen, a loft, master bathroom, etc. That’s where MJ entertained all his guests.

      There were always lots of kids and adults hanging out in MJ’s “bedroom” where they would crash out when they got tired, and if kids were sleeping in the bed, MJ slept on the floor.

      Remember, MJ was raising Omer Bhatti since 1996 and Prince, Paris, and Blanket came along after that, so MJ’s kids liked having other kids sleep over and it was just fun family sleepovers, nothing sinister.

      MJ grew up old fashioned with family and friends always bunking down in the same room and many sleeping on the same bed. That’s how it used to be in the old days, and nobody thought anything of it. It was innocent.

      Kids who visited Neverland usually stayed in the guest bungalows with their parents, but they would beg to be allowed to sleep in MJ’s “bedroom” and sometimes they did.

      Law enforcement spent years interviewing all the kids that had ever stayed at Neverland, and they couldn’t find any that claimed they were molested. They all said nothing happened. If MJ had been a pedophile, which he wasn’t, he would have had hundreds of victims by age 45 who could have come forward.

      • I didn’t believe the accusations were true either. Michael Jackson bought that Beatles catalog and that made him a target. He got too big for his britches and the powers that be wasn’t having it. R.I.P. Michael

        • Yes it was about the Beatles catalog. . . and many other catalogs that he owned. . . He was a serious business man.

      • I don't know how you are with your children but will not sleep in the same room with any adult male or female. INAPPROPRIATE!!

    • that is correct a grown man r older male esp. with that space should not b n the bed with any child unless mayb a newborn in a protective bed near by him or in a basinet. by way of tightness with too many ppl. r lack of income,that’s a different arrangement esp. if someone house may burn down n they have to live in a hotel or with fly.

      • You DO realize that 99.9% of adults have ZERO sexual attraction to children, don’t you?

        The media makes it seem like pedophiles are epidemic, but it’s still very rare.

  5. That whole family is fucked up from the Momma to the last one of those funny looking grand kids they keep spurring.

    On a side note: anybody get a look at those 3 Ts lately? Fucked up! They done damn near bleached themselves white. And yeah, I know their mama was Dominican but her ass was brown and they used to be too. I think Michael might have turned them boys out in more ways than one.

    Reebie and her clan seem like the most normal and God only knows what sort of skeletons they got in their closet.

    Joe did hire Jack Gordon to manage LaToya but after he found out Jack had been to prison and had mob ties Joe cut him loose. LaToya’s undercover hoeish ass jumped up and married Jack and moved to New York with him. And he whipped that ass everyday for the next 5-6 years for the trouble. lol. Dumb hoe.

    Can’t stand that fake whispering, cupie doll wannabe hoe.

  6. Her marrying a pimp is t that hard to believe. Her father limped out her entire family from the Jackson 5, to Janet to LaToya. He lent his sons out to wealthy men and molested then limped out his daughters.

    The fact that MJ grew from victim into predator does not surprise me in the least.

      • you need to read bryce taylor, i think thats her name, book,she was owned by bob hope, jump arounds for the elite. she speaks on seeing some if not all the brothers molested. she speaks as if she knows the truth and had to go into hiding after writing it. i dont know what he did, i loved his music, but i think he was molested. maybe thats why he stayed in a child like state most times, because of that trauma. just sayin

        • Bryce Taylor stole her roommates true life story, as it was being written in manuscript. She cannot necessarily be trusted. This is pretty old news.
          However some of the things she writes about were true for the roommate. The unnamed roommate and self described “mind control sex-slave,” denied seeing the jackson boys being abused by hollywood power elite as Bryce said in her book.

    • Joe never “lent out” his kids to anybody! Such stupid tabloid rubbish! Joe’s kids were making a lot of money in the entertainment industry.

      Joe was an old-school father, a committed breadwinner who loves his family very much and wants the best for them. He worked extremely hard helping the whole family make it. He was an old-fashionned disciplinarian who believed in using a belt when his kids really acted up, and some of us are old enough to know that is not child abuse.

      I don’t believe Joe ever abused any of his kids. The only two who ever said he did were MJ, who craved sympathy, and La Toya, who was angry and jealous because Joe didn’t invest as much in her career as she wanted him to.

      The rest of the family denies that Joe was ever abusive, they all say he was just strict and didn’t show his feelings because macho men did not do that in Joe’s day.

  7. I really cannot understand the mindset of LaToya to go against her father and into the hands of that sick predator. He must have drugged her to go in his direction. There is nothing even remotely cute or sexy about that man. How was he found dead? What did he die of? What a pervert. May he NOT rest in peace. Bastard!

  8. I heard that Joe lost LaToya in a gambling debt. He did not have the money so they crime syndicate allowed one of their own to take her. There was nothing the family could do. Don’t believe me, ask Sly Stallone’s mother.

  9. On the last episode of life with LaToya.. They seemed to be setting her up to marry her assistant Jeffrey. Who by the way looks to be gay. I sensed that she did not want to go through with it and Joe said where is LaToya she knows better than this. Instead of the father checking on the daughter and comfortly saying to her I understand if you don't want to go through with this and you don't have to. He was outraged. He did and does sell his children.

    • Latoya Jackson is nearly 60 years old and you gon tell me her father has some say in what she does today? Aint nobody buying that nonsense.