Who’s Jacky Talking About? – May 21, 2014



He was already posted up in Paris… two weeks before his wife touched down. Just ask his Italian Stallion in Givenchy Fashion. Know why? We’re told the pair of boyzzz were secretly delving into DL doings.

Our mystery man claims he’s building a $9 million home in Beverly Hills. We’ve learned that’s a LIE! According to our insider, he and his wifey are moving to Paris “so he’ll be closer to his male lover… and all the fashion designers he worships.”

He and his beard have been married for about two-weeks. The made for TV Parisian ceremony is revealed to be a profitable venture, with the Boy and his Beard banking on $20M, “from press and media outlets.” It’s all going down this Saturday May 24th, with dude’s fake “big brother” Jay Z as best man.

Here’s what a source exclusively tells HSK:

“It’s a gay bash! Jamie Foxx will be there…. _______’s ex-lover John Legend, will also be in attendance.”

He really doesn’t have any close friends, he’s a loser — wanting him and ___ to be just like Jay Z and Beyonce. He even bought the exact Benz Truck that Jay and Beyonce have. Oh… they’re even walking around Paris with bandanna’s covering their faces… just like Jay and Beyonce did at Cochella.”

Now, can you guess the gay rapper that I’m talking about?


  1. the cocky arrogant coonye pest

    he done a song with future called “i won” dissing kris k but kanye you lose

    • Kanye=BUFFOON,COONERY,SELF HATIN NEGROID! I really am disappointed that he is such a SELL OUT! He is a disgrace to the black race!

  2. Married? WOW, when did Kanye and Kim get hitched?
    personally…I will not watchthis made for TV ..fake mess, even if Jesus himeself shows
    up performs miracles and turns water into wine. LOL.

  3. Oh okay, they’re married now. Well congrats and thank goodness because I was sick of hearing about it. Hopefully we can move on now.

  4. Kimye is one desperate duo. But they will get the last laugh because these simple minded fools will worship them, watch their wedding and idolize them. When will people understand that these people are Satan’s puppets who worship the all mighty dollar. They probably laugh at the vulnerability of the “fans.” As long as people are stupid these so-called celebs will continue to stay in the limelight.

  5. I’m guessing the will have the home in BH and a Parisian maison. I’ve seen numerous photos of the work in progress in LA, so it isn’t a fake out.
    I’m sure with the profits from the wedding they can afford both. After all, Madonna has 5 houses on 3 continents. They can surely swing 2.

    • It has been under construction for 2 years. They cannot afford to move into it at the rate they waste money. I’m sure they hope to sell the monstrosity like Giselle and Tom did recently.

  6. kanye west is a fool and he knows it too they both cheated with each other on their ex’s
    kim sex another man while she was married
    then got pregnant kanye west should of seen alarm bells then kanye is picking fight with kim’s ex’s making song about her

  7. kris humphries is laughing his sock off

    kanye shouldn’t of dissed him in your song

    calling kim your perfect bitach was a understatement

    perfect whore more like

  8. Hollywood Life is reporting that JayZ’s gift to Kanye is a gold diamond studded flask filled with a $10,000. bottle of single malt scotch.


  9. let me get this straight kanye west and john legand were dirty dipping damn no wonder kanye was helping him with his music career humping for beats damn hollywood is sick

  10. They have been building the supposed house for a long time. Everything is just for show with these two. And why the hell do they stay with kris Jenner and not in her home or his home? I smell a publicity stunt.

  11. I don’t care what anyone says, I still like Kanye.
    Get him away from the coke and that family of ‘Lucifer’s Choice Discount Escorts’, he could be good again.
    Guess I’m a rapper half full kinda gal

  12. Bullshit.

    Dumb down the masses.

    Hollywierd asks:

    Don’t we all want to be a DL coon with his white peasant whore, both of whom are elevated to the status of celebrity?


    The funny part is that Kanye is unstable, he’ll blow the whole cover.

    • when the kartrashians are finshed with him he will be working in pizza hut kanye west should of listen to his own advice

      • You got that right. Those white whores are gonna walk away with all of this money. He has no BW next of kin in line to get the dough. He’s happy to give it all to the slave master’s daughter.

      • @Chocolatey Brown

        Chocolate Cake…The Sweetest Cake! Kanye is not a Chocophile(Lover of Blackwomen). That’s strange in and of itself…Who Hates Chocolate? Some blackmen are just strange in that way…Stay Sweet Mama!!!

        • You SIMP. If you love ALL black women that means you do not differentiate between the PHD or the prostitute. The mother or the serial aborter. You are not even married to a black woman. If you were you would not be saying “Stay Sweet Mama” to strange women online.

  13. Koonye and Kunt Kartrashian doing their hardest to be like Jay and Beyonce is laughable. Its interesting how Koonye is heading to the aisle and his boy Jay is heading to divorce. There’s no way that marriage can survive that Solange whoop ass.

  14. kanye is marrying a chick who had a contest with her sisters to see whose cooch smelled the best. His mama would be so proud.

  15. No one cares about Kanye or Kim in Europe. The European paps damn near took a collective smoke/coffee break during Cannes when the younger Kendall Jenner arrived on the carpet in Chanel. Young black men, white women and black women in the States who idolize glamour, makeup, clothes, materialism and one sided love hate relationships keep this family afloat. Wish Kim had some dignity and represented Armenians, who from my experience tend to be more dignified and orthodox like Ethiopians.

    Should have used a distored pic of Kanye eating the icecream cone with those bloated chipmunk cheeks as the blind item photo .

  16. I hate to say it but the Kardashians are winning right now. They have shows galore with more on the way. They have deals and endorsements up the ying yang. Men at their beckoning call willing to break them off their last dime and Kris is the best deal maker out there.