Who’s Jacky Talking About? – November 12, 2012


Blind Item November 12, 2012

Who am I?

I am in deep trouble with the feds and about to go to the big house – which will force me to resign from my recently re-elected to job and forfeit my pension. My famous father may be ashamed of me for my transgressions, but he’s probably proud I have carried on the family traditions of infidelity and extortion of powerful people.

Many feel sorry for my wife – who is a local politician – but she is not-so-secretly banging my old buddy, most likely to get my old job. That’s why people should really feel sorry for me — After all, I’m faking depression to generate sympathy from the authorities. Let’s face it, old white dudes been playing this game for years — so I hope it works for me.

I want them to send me to the psych ward. Know why? Because if Bubba finds out me and my mulatto wife been living as swingers I’m gon’ become a cum dumpster for promiscuous men, ass bandits and penis procurers on the cell block D. All cause I bought my jump-off a $40,000 Rolex and used some of my jobs’ funds to decorate my crib, oh, and I tried to buy Obama’s vacant Senate seat too.

It’s all my fault. I turned her on to the swinger lifestyle – thinking I could get some extra trim. Shit, that girl sucking and f*cking everybody. Girls, boys, you name it. I can’t turn the faucet off now. It’s going be all stretched out by the time I get back. Damn.

Who am I?


  1. black people get sleepy and a little complacent and also suffer from a little historical amnesia.

    the same rules that apply to other folks dont apply to us.

    we came to this land, the caribbean, central and south america against our will and by force.

    like it or not, that fact sets us aside from everyone else in this hemisphere who were not descendants of that little holocaust.

    we werent bought here to participate, we were bought here as forced labor and sex toys.

    the game is a little more sophisticated and updated by the descendents of those who constructed this system still controls 97% of the wealth and the control it entails.

    • Thank you. As Paul Mooney would say “Black folks don’t have the complexion for the protection.”

    • but isn’t his daddy on the CIA payroll?? His sister’s bff is michelle obama, if he gives up some info they’ll let him slide…that’s how they work…

    • Yea, but against all ways of attempting to kill us off; we yet still live and have grown to have the presidency. We only need to look at what happened to the Natives to see what happened to those these devils hated.

      We’ll keep growing, and each of us is forged stronger for the troubles we’ve seen and survived. We ain’t laying down, we’re standing, learning and building ourselves stronger. Our children won’t be raised thinking white is the only right. One other thing we have in our favor, we understand how to love too. No matter how much badness we’ve seen, we have never lost being beautiful and loving.

      • Yea, but against all ways of attempting to kill us off; we yet still live and have grown to have the presidency
        We don’t have the presidency,THEY have the presidency.If Obama was as vocal about the disemfrisement of Blacks as he is about Gays,he would’ve got elected or elected.Don’t believe me,ask Jeremiah Wright.
        We don’t need a Black man in the Yt House,we need a black man in every Black household.

        • Damn, you said it!!!!!! Agree 100% (I’m white just for those keeping a record)

          Honestly, you just said what I am always thinking. Not to mention the ‘bright’ complexion that our President has, which makes him ‘easier on the eyes’ for the racist dirtballs in this country.

          Trust and believe if he was a shade or two darker, this conversation wouldn’t even exist.

    • Thank you Anonymous at 9:12.

      You get the Black History Lesson award of the year. When are Black folks going to learn they cannot fuck around like whites?

      Furthermore, why should we want to? Every day we are under seige from racism, half-black president or not.

      • Thank you,

        The Universe (God) does not want us to be like the deceitful. We are not supposed to swindle money form the government or the people. We get instant Karma, because we are the chosen. Be better, smarter, faster, cooler, wiser, and more innovative.

        • Blacks are not chosen. They are just easily divided, manipulated, preyed-upon, and controlled. That is all. There is no divine explantation. Whites dominate the world. When the powers-that-be decide Black should be something important, then it will be.

      • Any city, any village around this world. Chicago isn’t that special, no matter what you’ve been taught.

        • Chicago isn’t that special? Obviously you don’t know much about my great city so let me remind you.

          Chicago gave the world:

          OPRAH (and many other talk shows)
          CHAKA KHAN
          EARTH WIND & FIRE
          R. KELLY
          QUINCY JONES
          JERRY BUTLER
          Larenz Tate
          DA BRAT

          And YOUR CITY????

          • and let us not forget the 14 YEAR OLD who was ABDUCTED AND RAPED on her way to school by 4 guys and held for hours and repeatedley raped.

            • That’s not EXCLUSIVE to Chicago dumb ass!

              Name a city on the United States MAP that doesn’t have CRIME?

              * She patiently waits for an answer that will never come *

          • Other Notable Chicagoans…

            Kanye West
            Don Cornelius
            Bernie Mac
            Minnie Ripperton
            Sam Cooke
            Nat King Cole
            Ramsey Lewis
            The Staple Singers
            Syleena Johnson
            Lou Rawls
            Redd Foxx
            Mr. T
            Willie “Hoochie Coochie Man” Dixon
            Howlin’ Wolf
            KoKo Taylor
            Buddy Guy
            Bo Diddley
            Walt Disney
            Harrison Ford
            Al Capone
            John Dillinger
            Baby Face Nelson

            • Mama, the shooting and murders in chicago are out of control and for a girl to be abducted in an urban area (not rural) on her way to school, that Chief Keef azzhole.

              Yeah, crime is everywhere, but Chicago is gettin’ that “don’t go there” rep. Many blacks in Chicago ain’t even tryin’ to represent the city that sent the first black President and First Lady to the White House.

            • Kanye West- whatever
              Common- hollyweird
              Twista- can’t hang in hollwierd
              Don Cornelius- shot himself
              Bernie Mac-he was cool, i miss him
              Minnie Ripperton- hollywierd
              Avant- fell off
              Sam Cooke- hollyweird
              Nat King Cole- hollywierd- daughter did drugs with chaka kahn
              Ramsey Lewis????
              The Staple Singers hollywierd
              Syleena Johnson- hollywierd
              Lou Rawls- hollywierd
              Redd Foxx- i miss him – and his show
              Mr. T- hollywierd
              Willie “Hoochie Coochie Man” Dixon- should be ashamed of that name
              Howlin’ Wolf- hollywierd
              KoKo Taylor-hollywierd
              Buddy Guy-hollywierd
              Bo Diddley-hollywierd
              Walt Disney- whatever
              Harrison Ford – hollywierd
              Al Capone- gansta
              John Dillinger- gansta
              Baby Face Nelson probably a gansta

              so you guys only proved that ppl who aren’t ganstas go to hollywierd to live – lol

            • Yep. Born in Brooklyn, raised in North Carolina and one of CHICAGO’S TREASURES. Ain’t nothin’ happen for him on the East Coast!!! And yes, I do get a little sensitive about my shit!!! LOL. Love Yall.

            • Yeah, MJ got himself a white woman now, yeah, definitely reppin’ Chicago.

              I meant to say in my abovepost, it is not common place for a girl to be abducted on her way to school in an urban area. Also, I am surprised no one has smacked down that Chief Keef azzhole who is so low and dumb, his parents must be cousins.

          • Hah. I’m from Chicago. When I said it wasn’t special I was talking about it not being more corrupt than any other place. LOL.

            Harold Washington was and still is my favorite politician. I live in the Northwest now, since my family has died off. It was time to see other pastures.

          • start from…2003..then tell us about chicago. fuck chicago. dont they lead the nation in gang violence and death? fuck u talkin bout?!?! chief keef? chicago is gangland. delete everything on that list from the 90s…then what is chicago?

          • You put R. Kelly in that bunch. (are you proud of him?). If I were you I would remove him and Walt Disney. Same reason. Second good reason mediocre talent.

          • i’m from the chi too, and would have kept that list to myself, the only good thing for now is the president, i don’t see any one of them still in the chi reping- oprah- gone, jet, gone, the president don’t stay in the chi anymore and i don’t see any of them funneling money or services to chicago or the ppl wanting to take advantage of services offered, they can’t even shoot straight there and every time i go on fox.com for chicago news at least 45 ppl shot and 10 dead in the summer time, and at least 25 per weekend shot with a good 5 or 6 dead- chi ain’t sh**t – that’s why i left- but i want to know do you have cheif keef on your list– lol chi is a joke- stand up , just so you can get shot down…… and beat to death in highschool…..shot in front of your house…..shot sitting inside your house…..shot sitting inside your house 3 rooms back from the front- come on-

              OPRAH (and many other talk shows)- gone
              JOHN H. JOHNSON – EBONY & JET- gone
              CHAKA KHAN- in hollywierd bs
              EARTH WIND & FIRE””
              R. KELLY- really??
              CURTIS MAYFIELD-
              QUINCY JONES- molester
              JERRY BUTLER
              MAYOR HAROLD WASHINGTON- killed
              Larenz Tate- fell off
              LISARAYE- who knows
              DA BRAT- went to jail

    • Because Chicagoans vote early and often. Gotta make sure I register my cat for the next election. Mr. Registrar, that’s spelled with a K and 2 Ts. LOL

      • Laugh the Fuck Out Loud!!

        Know why I like Chicago, cuz I’m from NY and since the mess in Chicago, they are now the sleazy ones.

    • Thank you Ohboy… I am born, raised and live in Chicago and I live in J.J. Jr’s district. The reason why he was re-elected is because no one else ran against him.

      I know some political insiders in city/state government here and Jesse Jr. has Karma coming at his ass from all directions. He testified against Rod Blagojevich because he did offer money for Obama’s Senate seat because he offered money too for the seat; he was hoping to take the eyeball out his own ass.

      He’s always had a thing for Snowbunnies and if his wife isn’t careful, she’ll be voted out too as a Chicago alderman. It’s hard as hell to do your job when you live out of state!

      • I’m from Chicago too, and other than JJ Jr., most of the tomfoolery we’re known for is associated with the crooked ass Daley (former mayor’s) family.

        JJ Jr. was re-elected because (a) nobody credible ran against him and (b) many black folks felt that JJ Jr. should be given the same level of consideration white folks have benefitted from for years — innocent until PROVEN guilty.

        His problems stem from having too much, too soon and for forgetting he was black and would be held to a higher standard.

        He grew up a preacher’s kid; had a Civil Rights icon for a dad and was very much used to folks kissing his ass and courting his favor.

        The sad part about all this is that he is really smart and had an excellent shot of winning a mayoral race if he’d run but he obviously had his sights set on a higher seat — which I firmly BELIEVE he tried to buy.

        This little trip to Mayo Clinic was nothing but a bid to buy time and sympathy while he negotiated his plea deal.

        Look for him and his wife to both be sent packing soon.

        • many black folks felt that JJ Jr. should be given the same level of consideration white folks have benefitted from for years — innocent until PROVEN guilty.

          Which s why the black electorate is the most disrespected. We don’t have the time nor the complexion for the protection to engage in whitefolks’ tomfoolery.

          Daley’s fuckery has long tentacles don’t it? Valerie Jarrett, Prtzker Family, Rahm Emmanuel, and a host of other fine upstanding citizens with exemplary Midwestern values”

          • After the recent election dear, the black electorate is more RESPECTED than ever!!!

            Don’t believe that?

            Tune into FOX and listen to the pundits — who thought Mitt could buy an election — cry about the REPUG-LICANS GETTING their ASSES WHIPPED AT THE POLLS — and there’s more to come during the mid-terms.

            There’s a level of respect you wouldn’t believe because they’re too ashamed to tell you!!

            And YES. In this man’s land, folks are and should be considered INNOCENT until PROVEN GUILTY.

            That’s the system we live in. Love it or hate it.

            • Chile pleeze,Yt folks put Obama in office the 1st time and the 2nd time.How many cabinet positions has obama given Blacks???
              The Black electorate has never been respected.They give us crumbs not slices of the pie.

            • Anon,

              First of all, they don’t “GIVE” us anything. We have to fight, scrape, march and VOTE — which we did and we got the whole pie in 2008 and 2012 in the form of President Obama.

              Second, President Obama named Eric Holder as the first Black Attorney General and Ron Kirk as US. Trade Representative.

              He also named 11 BLACK women to his cabinet:

              Regina Benjamin, US Surgeon General

              Marie Johns, Deputy, Small Business Admin.

              Jacqueline Berrien, Chair, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

              Margaret Hamburg, Commissioner, US Food & Drug Administration (1st black ever)

              Lisa P. Jackson, Administrator of the Environmenal Protection Agency (1st black ever)

              Susan Rice, US Ambassador to United Nations

              Valerie Jarrett, Sr. Advisor & Assistant to President for Intergovernmental Affairs

              Melody Barnes, Dir. of Domestic Policy Council

              Nicole Isaac, Deputy Dir. of Legislative Affairs for Vice President Biden

              Cecilia Rouse, Council of Economic Affairs

              Jocelyn Frye, Deputy Ast. to President, & Dir. of Policy & Special Events for the First Lady

              He also previously named the first black social secretary who subsequently resigned when a couple crashed a White House party.

              So don’t believe the HYPE (from Tragic Smiley and Corny West) where the prez is concerned.

              There wouldn’t be so many folks PISSED OFF off with him, spending half a BILLION dollars to try to unseat him, if he wasn’t working in our best interests and against theirs.


            • Pres. Obama ignores his base and Atty. Gen. Holder argued in front of the Supreme Court in favor of people being stripped searched on a misdemeanor arrest.

              So if you are stopped for whatever reason by a racist cop and you are arrested (thanks to George Bush you can be arrested and detained for a misdemeanor) you, and everyone in your car can be stripped search; please remember to tell Atty. Gen. Holder how proud you are of him. I hope you remember those marches you fondly speak of — you can be detained and stripped searched now.

              You named many names but those are high-level appointees, not cabinet members; funny how you mentioned Valerie Jarrett as a cabinet member as she has been described as Pres. Obama’s svengali.

              Pres. Obama did not do enough to help the black middle class in the mortgage crisis, leading to the largest single financial catastrophe to have befallen black americans as they lost their equity in their homes (by losing their homes).

              He completely disrespected the “black church” by backing gay marriage without at least consulting clergy prior to his endorsement of gay marriage.

              I won’t even mention Shirley Sherrod and the Dept. of Agriculture debacle.

    • I love Chicago. I’m just not under any impression it’s more corrupt than any other place. This country wouldn’t be as messed as it is, if there were not corruption lurking where men wear suits or not. If Richard J. Daley wouldn’t have disrespected Jessie like he did, Jr. might have been doing something else. Jr. messed up, and I doubt he’s crazy. He’s hiding.

  2. that why daley left office, and his brother got a high seat in with chase- which is about on every corner and store in the chi- cowinkidink- i don’t think so……

  3. Who is the person that Sandy “is not-so-secretly banging my old buddy, most likely to get my old job.”?

  4. I guess the apple dont fall far from the tree. Many of us oldheads wonder if Jesse Sr. had a hand in Martin Luther Kings death….its sad though. Jesse Jr. had the name,the position,some money and tricked it off for what….trinkets for a jumpoff. I get the “black” thing….I dont get the “stupidity” thing and this mess is stupid.

    • I love to see a post where somebody knows their stuff. In the African Student Union back in college we perceived Jesse r. as a Boule’. When he spoke against the million man march and told others not to come, we had our proof. Oh, then he came anyway, and insisted on speaking. Was def involved in the plot to kill KIng. Why are black folks still acting as if he is our leader. “never let the oppressor give you a leader” ~ me

  5. Nothing is more corrupt than Lousiana! Straight janky. Now that thats out the way, The Jacksons are frauds just like anybody reppin Chi’s politricks. You would rather take your chances on the streets of Chi than get into Chicago’s politricks. They killed Harold Washington for GODs sake! MJ got the F out of Chicago and why wouldn’t when you holding a bag like him. Chicago is for getting money by all means necessary. If you want to live a normal lif here, get out of Crook County.

  6. Good shit, mama. Obama has done quite a lot for sisters and women in general. Repubs hate women.

    • Remember when daddy Bush gave us Clarence Thomas ~ and Black folks were still using there minds and said, “hell no!” Well, Clarence vote the farthest right of any court justice. He votes way over their in the nazi range. WE know the difference between a Clarence and an Obama. Between a Jesse and a Rev. Wright.

  7. Hey Anonymous,

    I don’t know what planet you live on, but it is quite COMMON for kids to be abducted on the way to and from school – and it occurs as much in lilly white suburbs as it does in urban areas.

    While gang violence has proliferated in Chicago, crime is not a “CHICAGO” thing as your previous post suggested.

    Crime here is no different than crime in New Jersey, Detroit, DC, Harlem, LA, Compton, East St. Louis, Philly, etc.

    And to correct you, the “high-level appointees,” I mentioned pertaining to President Obama are CABINET POSTS, dear. LOOK IT UP.

    As for “Pres. Obama not doing enough to help the black middle class in the mortgage crisis leading to them losing their homes,”

    a) The mortgage crisis didn’t start on President Obama’s watch…he inherited the mess BUSH left behind.

    (b) His economic stimulus package included a provision for a time for new homeowners (who qualified) to receive $8,000 for purchasing a home to prevent a TOTAL collapse in the housing industry.

    (c) He provided incentives for banks, etc. to do loan modifications, some of which failed miserably to do.

    Could he have done more? Sure.

    But let’s keep it REAL. A lot of folks went out and bought homes they knew DAMN WELL they COULDN’T AFFORD in the first place!!

    If you make $40,000/year – after the mortgage, property taxes, utilities, maintenance, credit card bills, cable, entertainment, car note, car insurance and SHIT JUST HAPPENING — you CAN’T AFFORD a $200,000 house.

    But sometimes our eyes are bigger than our stomachs and we have champagne tastes on a beer budget!

    President Obama inherited the WORST economic downturn since the Great Depression, and had to pour vast amounts of money into efforts to stabilize the financial system, rescue the auto industry and revive the economy.

    He did as much as he could during his first term and could have done more if the Republicans hadn’t fought his every move trying to make him a one-time President.

    As for “disrespecting the black church by backing gay marriage” he is not PASTOR of the United States. He is PRESIDENT of the United States and he doesn’t have to consult clergy — a lot of whom are some of the BIGGEST HYPOCRITES out there!

    You obviously have a “thang” against the President (and Chicago) and you’re entitled to your opinion — just stop trying to pass it off as FACTS.

    I’m sure you’ll reply but I for one, won’t bother to read it as I have better things to do with my time.


    • I don’t have a thang against the President. I am just not so blind to his actions as you are.

      Lisa Jackson, Susan Rice and Ronald Kirk are NOT PART OF THE CABINET, but their positions have cabinet level status.

      Banks are chartered to uphold their fiduciary duties, part of which is conducting due diligence, with integrity, on mortgage applications. For you to offer up arguments which reak of plausible deniability demonstrates your feable grasp on banking issues.

      And as you said, Pres. Obama did not mandate the banks to restructure mortgages, (as they do all the time for their corporate clients and which they should have for the black mortgagees they targeted),yet he extended the loans by the Bush Administration to the banks.

      Furthermore, any politician knows that he must keep his base happy and informed. If he couldn’t get the word out to the black churche leaders that he was about to personally support gay marriage, then he is either a novice politician or he doesn’t give a shit about the 97% black support he received.

      Which I guess is fine with your ilk. If you think it is common for 14 year old girls to be abducted and gang raped, then you just told us who you are, any plantation will do for you.

      Of course you won’t respond, not because you have better things to do, but because this is way above your pay grade.

      As Harriet Tubman said, “I could have freed more slaves — if only they knew that they WERE SLAVES.

      • Anonymous,

        Damn Anonymous. You too mad child. Despite what you may THINK you don’t have the patent on INTELLIGENCE or THE TRUTH – quite the CONTRARY IN FACT.

        Yeah, banks have a fiduciary duty but so do the people filling out the applications! NO BANK could convince me I could afford a house I knew I couldn’t afford — or get me to sign a BLANK application!

        Too many people signed for shit they knew was above their PAY GRADE and the prez ain’t responsible for it.

        And you are DELUSIONAL if you think you can keep a base “happy” and “informed.” There are folks LIKE YOU who wouldn’t be happy no matter what he did. SO STFU AND STFD!!!

        • SO where do the ppl fall that could afod their houses until they lost their jobs, or before their house became worth less than what they’re paying for it?

          Ppl are so insensitive until it’s their ass cheeks hanging off of a curb…

    • CHURCH!!!! you went in a let have, I couldn’t have said it better myself, I don’t know why people act like we wasn’t messed up for 8yrs under Bush, and he said “he supported Gay marriages”, he didn’t say WE ALL HAD TO, that was him. I am so tired of people thinking he is the BLACK PRESIDENT, he is the PRESIDENT, who just happen to be black, He is not here to “bow down” to us so CORNELL, AND TAVIS need to sit down, AGAIN, THANKS FOR EDUCATING ON YOUR POST, and my thing is WE LIVE IN A DEMOCRACY and people vote for whom they want to and that person won, and don’t think he won just on OUR VOTES, there were some “closet whites” who voted for him also, I just don’t understand all the hate more towards him now THEN when he got first elected.

    • All your spouting off would mean more if you hadn’t already listed R. Kelly as someone Chicago should be proud of. I guess it doesn’t matter though because he’s BLACK.

  8. Should have left them Beckies alone, and focused on your family, and tried to do something to help your community. And if you want to play the game fool, know how to play it!

  9. No need to hate when black boys interracial date. Let the ww have them. We need to have the weak ones weeded out. The last thing a Sista woman needs is a brotha that doesn’t love himself. He won’t make a good father or husband if he can’t love black women and black children. The ones that can and do. Now those are keepers.

    • Ok, well tell me again how i am ‘less black’ when i date whomever i want even though our ancestors died so i could marry who i want. I think behaving like a member of a great family rather than some pigeonholed chained-up misanthrope is what brings people up out of xenophobia and ignorance. By the way, Pres. Obama is Black AND White so unless you have a magic trick that makes his mom’s womb turn African 50 years ago don’t get it twisted, sister. The civil rights struggle was undertaken by many ethnicities of both genders and they died so you could ignore their hard work behind your ‘white-fear’ and computer screen.

      Look up Mildred Loving (google or wikipedia), a civil rights activist and then cry about black men n’ shet. She was important because she wanted to marry a man she loved. LOVED, GET IT? MORE POWERFUL THAN YOUR MISGUIDED RACISM. With that attitude you present, I am very sure men don’t flock to come and meet you, black/white or purple.
      -good day.

  10. Anonymous,

    No need to get shitty and throw barbs at folks because they disagree with you.

    If you want total admiration and for folks to agree with everything you say….look in the mirror and speak.

    This is a BLOG and everybody has a right to their opinion. Get over yourself.