Who’s Jacky Talking About? – November 15, 2013



Today’s blind item is a former flight attendant who found her late wealthy husband in first class. He was a former cop, and her Dream *Team* come true.

During her heyday, her then hubby brought drugs home from his drug-dealing clients. She loved the nose candy and swinging parties. During one of those smashing sessions, she got knocked-up … and it wasn’t from drinking Orange Juice!

“She taught all of her daughters how to give blow jobs and turn out their men with strap-on’s.”

Today, she’s a fame-hungry cougar … known for throwing herself on any black celebrity man in sight. Don’t believe me.. Ask YMCMB rapper Tyga. Insiders say she’s got a thing for smashing her daughter’s boyfriends behind their backs. Ray J will confirm this … if you know him personally.

She keeps TMZ and the paps on speed dial and uses the media as a weapon to get what she wants. Our mystery momager just bought a new face, but her estranged sports legend hubby is far from impressed with her and her antics. Now, she’s on the prowl for cubs who rep cougars. Ask Drake.

Can you guess who I’m talking about?


    • Yep!I knew it was Kris J. when I read the first line about the fight attendant finding her husband in first class. LOL There was no need to read any further.

  1. Well if she taught her daughters how to suck dingaling she did a horrible job because judging from that sex tape, Kim can’t suck dick worth a damn!

    • BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA! and the sad thing is Kim stay getting Black mofo’s into her bed with her whack azz head and sex skills. Goes to show all it takes is to be light, bright or damn near white and you’re good to go with the brothas.

  2. I mean that entire family is dysfunctional. Strange, had these been blacks, they would be all kinds of slut hoes, ratchet skanks, golddiggers, etc. But since these is white bitches lugging around asses full of fix-a-flat…it’s all good. They’re sexy, free-spirited, seductive. SMDH.

  3. Seriously…she cut off his balls and wears em as ear rings. Bruce looks like he got doctor approval and is on hormones therapy to become Kris latest working girl. Da fuq??? That woman is like a reverse commode. Yikes

  4. I think I read somewhere that Kris Jenner is the pastor of a church. Did anyone else hear that? In case anyone thinks I’ve lost my mind, I’m serious I did hear it I don’t remember where. Kris Jenner.

    • You may be right. I am not certain but,I remember Kris was supposed to have gotten an internet license to perform a friend’s wedding right around the time Kim was planning her wedding to Kris H. I think she did perform the ceremony on their show, in her living room.

    • This is an article from a gossip site in 2012 about Kris’s church.

      “The Life Community Church was set up by Kim’s mom, Kris Jenner, and Reverend Brad Johnson, a born again Christian man with a bit of a dark past.

      “People really do get a fresh start with God,” Rev. Johnson told the Ventura County Star. “If my life can tell that story then I can do some good.”

      According to the church’s website, the congregation meets every Sunday at The Sheraton Agora Hills at 9:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. They also offer Sunday school and youth programs.

      Hollyscoop called the “church” on the number listed on the site, finding instead the Sheraton reception desk. However, the voice told us that the group does meet once a week and attracts upwards of 200 people per service.”……..LOL.

      • It’s a cult. They are Freemasons and eastern stars. That is why all of their homes are black white & gray. They are satanists.

        • The other day Kim came right out and said she was Christian. It startled me because I thought when they cross over to the dark side they cannot claim Christ? I could be wrong but I thought that’s why they always say God because that can be a title you give whatever you worship, but not Jesus. Jesus is the saviors name, or Christ. So , do you think she was lying about being Christian? Cuz she also claims to t be promiscuous, lol

  5. I know she is also deep in some other witchy type of shit. Did anyone else notice the black and white checker board floor, mason imagery inside her house on their show?

    • I noticed that…creepy as fawk. Her talk show too. In fact her entire house was black and white and those are the colors she primarily wears. Maybe she is some type of High Priestess or handler. I noticed Kanye now talks exactly like her daughter, maybe some weird shit there cuz he hasn’t lived in Kalipornia ( Kris house) that long. Very strange. Also, plenty of photo shoots featuring the 2.0 daughters in Mk and sex kitten and one eye imagery…that entire family just ain’t right.

    • The Kardashians are satanic that is why the everything in that house down to the dinner placemats are checkered with black & white. I heard that Kris has 2 Asian girls locked in her basement in a cage that they do rituals to. There is a lot of shady things going on it that house. Kris is a high-priestess and all her daughters are the Whores of babylon. I believe Kylie is going to be Kim 2.0 because she is way worse than Kendall.

  6. Wasnt Kim and Kanye wearing only the colors black and white when they first started dating publicly? Maybe it was some type of initiation.
    These people will do anything for fame and fortune.
    Oh how I wish Amber Rose. Kris Humphries and Reggie Bush could write a tell all book on this family

    • Poor Bruce. Kim might take it slow at first, but you know Kris is ramming it in with no lube.
      No wonder he stopped sleeping w/her. 🙁

    • I can. Reggie wanna be white and if that mean gettin’ it in the ass with a strap on by a white woman, he’ll do it.

  7. I always thought kris jenner had her lickherlicense and used dudes for publicity , Bruce looks like he’s got more eostrogen than me

  8. jacky plz take of that music on your site, its already so hard to visit your site as it is but with the auto play music i cant even view your site sometimes, not to mention its played out for 2 weeks going on to the 3rd, ok we seen the talent, its enough now

  9. You tried it. Kristen Houghton was a flight attendant, but she met Robert Kardashian at the Del Mar race track. Also, I am pretty sure that Robert Kardashian was never a cop.

    • You got that right, Niqui. Can’t find any evidence anywhere online that says Robert Kardashian was ever a cop. Which makes me wonder how much of the other tea on here is bullshit…

  10. if kris jenner can be a pastor sign me up guess anybody can spread the word these days and do the opposite.

  11. Kris Jenner is a vivid example of why i didn’t play football in high shool. I witnessed the bs, and didn’t like “The View.” Kris Jenner has outed whitewomen as racist and opportunist who target weak blackmen via sex and status. Knowing my personality, i would not have patience for whitewashed blackmen. And, she is just one of many white females that view us as easy marks. What’s really sick about this, is that, status seeking blackwomen are friends with Kris and her fake ass daughters, especially Kim. Blackmen are beyond lost, getting played by a race of women that don’t give a damn’ about us. The Struggle Continues!!!


  12. @Jacky Jasper

    I swerved to the left on Stallone, him and his wax face. As you stated, Stallone was comfortable making the statement in public because he knows that he will not be punished by the white males that run the industry. Lotta black folk have put pesos in his bank account(s) over the span of his career. Jacky, Black Hollywood is a hot mess right now, has been for some time. Kris Jenner is well aware of this, which explains her mindset in relation to our people. She assumes all blackmen think alike, which is a trait that many racists have in common. She will be naked in lights for all to see. Jacky, this chick has turned thee Bruce Jenner into a trans…Unbelievable S**t! Stay Up Brotha!


    • Theres no such thing as “black Hollywood”.

      White people control every aspect of that making movies in Hollywood. Blacks are just used as props when needed to further their racist propaganda.

  13. I made the mistake of falling under the spell
    of a woman just like her once.
    Truth be told: stay far away from anyone like her.
    Her image is all that matter to her,
    and she will crush anyone underneath her boot.

  14. All so-called whites are the seed of Satan/Esau that has a deeply rooted hatred for blacks If you don’t believe go and read Genesis the 26th Chapter about the birth of Jacob and Esau the twin brothers.

    • You are a true sister…I see your posts and you on point. Our ppl refuse the wisdom and knowledge of the Most High


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