Who’s Jacky Talking About? – November 16, 2012


Blind Item November 16, 2012

Today’s Blind Item is the troubled 23-year-old son of a popular Detroit female singer/preacher from the legendary gospel group The Clark Sisters – reported to be spiraling out of control on drugs and alcohol.

He’s gone from being a back-up singer to Chaka Khan, to living in Vegas on his mothers tab. Mom is said to be unaware of his addictions, and unknowingly sponsoring our mystery man’s drug habit.

Sources say ever since our blind item’s mother was hospitalized from overdosing on diet pills, she’s spoiled her son.
That could be why our mystery man’s mother reportedly plans to leave him everything when she dies. It’s the reason that caused concern for many. Know why? Because sources say some are afraid he’ll squander his inheritance on drugs, women and alcohol.

I’m told when his mother was away from her Detroit home, our blind item threw a hometown bash – after packing up and leaving Sin City for the Motor City, where he sparked a group orgy in his mother’s blessed home. That’s when our mystery man is said to have then smoked crack till the sun came up.

Can you guess who I’m talking about?


  1. We all fall short.. Not kool to “get off” on the struggles of others. Jack, please do a whos Jacky talking about, on Clive Davis, Tony motollo and the like. Lets hear some of their 5 decade span of dirt.

    • @Porcelain, I hear you, but if these folks are so spiritual, prayed up and in God’s corner, why are they so screwed up?

      Perhaps they are false Christians???

      I think Jacky is coming at it from an angle of tearing down idol worshp.

      Just read wat folks say about the industry power broker, i.e., Clive Davis,Tommy Mottola, Lyor (liar) Cohen and Jacky doesn’t have to say it.

      Do you know the Feds and the jewish power brokers tried to shut his site down in August of this year??

      Visit this site for a minute and you will see.

      • Because the good book says many are the afflictions of the righteous. Even Jesus was tempted… The thing about the walk with God is… It’s a walk. Just like taking a walk down the street or in the woods, you will see many things. Take that same walk the very next day and I guarantee you will see something different and somethin u missed before along the way… But those are my thoughts.

          • Singing or sanging lol has nothing yet something to do with it. Ijs those who really have a heart to serve God undeniably will have more temptations and trials than others who choose not to. Jesus was ridiculed and tempted and scorned so much it was heartbreaking that one person should hv to bear so much. But to Whom much is given, much is required. This is true even in the area of the talents such as “saaaaaangin” as I believe u called it

            • LOL, okay. But I still say, churck folk got way too many problems.

              I think every once and a while a secular solution to a problem will not offend God, like uhmm,, Narcotics Anonymous and cognitive therapy??

  2. Anonymous,

    Please be mindful that the only perfect person in the world, including the Bible, is Jesus. This is validated by the word, ” For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” There is no eexpectation that Christians be perfect, hence the rationale behind repentance. I think that when you put yourself in public forums don’t be surprised if your personal business ends up there also. Peace and blessings…

    • Black people didn’t “learn” of jeezus until the nice white man indoctrinated “the word” into our brain…the truth is we were building empires while these greek fagots were still in caves, so how do you let them “teach” you white man made “religion”????



        • It saids right in their bible that egypt took one of their babies to educate & sent him back with the commandments to teach these “people” how to behave like human beings…the problem is when they teach you to look at the world through their eyes when that viewpoint does NOT apply to you…we already knew natural law, astrology, chemistry, physics, etc…it was never us that were homosexual perverts fornicating with animals & our own young, it was them & it STILL IS….

  3. Definitely Karen’s Clark Sheard’s son, J Drew Sheard II. This is sad cause that family is gifted spiritually and musically. Poor Karen. They always say that those PKs are the worst ones. Pray for them- that’s all you can do in this day and age. Reality TV show in the works and now this? EBT network should be proud.

  4. people have argued over religion for years.

    to me it all boils down to you and what you believe in.

    too many theories on what the true god is.

    jesus is the son or jesus is a prophet according to some.

    jesus is the sun who wore the sun disc the sun of jehovah, or yahwae, or jah, or ra, or yhwh, or i am or el whatever you believe in.

    jesus was’nt the only demigod to come back to life or came from a virgin birth you had tammuz, and horus.

    mother mary or isis what is the real halo or sun disc.

    every religion or myth has a creation or some doomsday or endgame or apolcalypse.

    talking animals, miracles that can only be explained by supernatural powers gods coming dowqn impregnating earth girls or the fallen, nephilim, or legion whatever you call them bringing forth giants, demigods and other abnormal creatures.

    god talking directly to abraham, moses, noah, david and a few of the chosen people just like other gods used to come and talk to their favrite humans.

    enoch and elijah never died for god took them.

    just like zeus took ganymedes and maDE HIM IMMORTAL.


    • The problem is when the creators of religion turn their back on their own beliefs & start following known neanderthals that are not even human & whom we taught in the first place…how do you let people/neanderthals whom you had to give commandments to, had to teach them simple human behaviors like…do not lie…exactly how do you then let them “teach” YOU anything??? How do you listen to the neanderthals that came down from the caves of the caucasus mountains not even knowing how to speak & now your going to let them teach you religion??? Are you serious???…things are totally backwards & that’s why the world is in its current state…

  5. For the folks who said I am judging, yes, if you claim that a person ain’t saved unless they talk in tongues (and COGIC DOES CLAIM THAT AND THE CLARKS, SHEARDS AND CAGES ARE COGIC), and that a person has to personally and publicly declare their personal savior as Christ and then:

    your daughter has 3 children by the age of 19, your son is on drugs, your mama crazy, you on your third husband, the bills ain’t paid, you goin’ to a funeral every month for a cousin that got shot,


    at some point, these “saved” folks are blasphemin’ the Holy Spirit. If you go to church and you are touched by the Holy Spirit and your life ain’t changed, nor the lives of those around you, then you and everyone at your church are prayin’ to a strange spirit, not the Holy Spirit.

    Okay, let the church come at me…

    • PREACH, right here!
      Don’t hold yourself up as a PILLAR if your own foundation is shaky, bottom line.

  6. I hear u but you gotta read the word honey, not just the KJV but the Hebrew bible as well. God don’t require perfection. He goes to n fro seeking who will worship him in spirit and in truth…. Everybody ain’t gonna make it in heaven. And the bible does say that our righteousness “so called” is as filthy rags unto the Lord… Lol the filthy rags in this passage Means the rag a woman uses during her time. So that’s what the Good Lord thinks about our “so called righteousness”… He just want us to keep it real with him. Even in our drugged out sinfulness. Cus he knows our secrets already

    • The Most High doesn’t cover our sins. He wants us to not only read the Word, but TO LIVE IT. That is what is wrong with black folk, they want to worship like whites: just be Christian on Sunday and when you find yourself in a foxhole. We are to seek His face and turn from sin so that the devil will flee us. We are to struggle against sin, not cohabitate with it and the Word.

        • What I mean by black folks take religion like white folks is that historically, “the church” in the black community was “a place” for black folk to really be somebody. Also, Black folks are known for their spirituality and reverence to God because of white racial terrorism, as we saw ourselves in bondage in Egypt (we were, some will say we still are). Yet, many times, for those of us who are in the church, we act like our historical oppessors in this country: our faith is like a side order of something, not real and not taken seriously.

          • We were NOT in bondage in Egypt…they were because they are neanderthals, which is a sub-species of the human being…WHITE MAN PUBLIC EDUCATION IS A MIND KILLER!!

      • If u are talking to me, I will adress that with this. If Yeshua (Jesus) was Jewish, what does that makes his believers?!? Yea, it’s ok I understand ; ).. Anyway there is repentance for sins. And The Master said I am with you even to the end of the world. Long as ur breathing it’s never too late to get it right… Actually he uses the most screwed up and unlikely ppl to do his will. I.E : Noah-alcoholic, Samson-philanderer: Rahab-harlot , Abaham-idol maker, David-murderer and weak for women.. Matter of fact Jesus comes from the house of David who Is a direct decendant of Rahab the harlot. Sooooo yea.. Don’t put limitations on Gods ability to change and or use whom he will. His ways n thoughts are higher than ours. We are stupid

          • The sword never left davids house because he kept messing up. The whole book of psalms is david repenting to God. God said David is a man after his own heart, so he kept him in his place as king because of that. But I don’t call that reformed. I call it staying in an open honest place with God. He know what u doin anyway lol.. David figured it out long ago. Samson lost his strength because of getting out of the will of God, so these ppl werent reformed at all. Idk what u talkin bout

      • Soooooo if u have a habit, hide it from God is what ur saying? He knows the thoughts before they enter your mind according to the word.. Even the thieves on the crosses beside Jesus made it into heaven. Jesus told them “tomorrow WE will be in paradise”.. Just always admit ur fault to God. He don’t sleep

        • Not hidin’ it from God, how ’bout not bringin’ God into the mess by takin’ a hit off a crack pipe and sayin’ you a child of God in the crackhouse.

          But my original post was, these folks who call on the Holy Spirit and who claim that talkin’ in tongues is a sign of being saved, are so messed up. The Holy Spirit is transformative.

          What is their problem??

          • Lol u’all are trippin. Even the crackheads are children of God. They might make it in before some self righteous, condescending wanna be “deep” ppl lol

            • Correction christ was an Israelite from the tribe of Judah. He wasn’t jewish he was a BLACK man , The word JEW is short for Judah. In the hewbrew and early bibles the words christian, jew, and even jesus were no where to be found. There are 12 tribes Judah being the head tribe, also NOT ALL BLACK PEOPLE ARE FROM AFRICA! All of the first ancient civilizations were BLACK despite what you were taught in school.

            • You’re proving my case n point for me… If he was from the tribe of Judah, and “Jew” is short for Judah. Well that sounds to me like he was a judah or Jewish man… But I assume u think that only the white Jews we see parading the star of David are the only “Jewish” ppl. Honey the original jewish ppl were Not white, but Hebrew and Hebrews are black at least they were before the scattering of our kind… And their are many African Jews til this very day.., also why do you think rastafarians proudly wear that lion on most clothing. And the inscription beneath it usually reads ” the lion of the tribe of Judah” we are all Jews @Hebrew Queen! We have Bn robbed of the knowledge of self. Just like Brother Malcolm X said

            • Jewish people are WHITE aka RED, CHRIST WASN”t Jewish period! That word Jewish isnt even a real word. The word ISH means kinda but not really like blueish, jewish, blackish ect. He was an israelite if he were alive today and you called him jewish he”d wouldn’t answer you. jewish people and Israelites are not the same people. Jewish people are the exact oppisit of israelites. Jewish people don’t follow the bible , they follow their oral laws set up by their rabbis , very little of the bible and the kabbalah. The bible clearly warns you about fake jews and who they really bow down to. Another thing the virgin birth story didn’t start in egypt and was around long long before christ.

            • There are 12 tribes Judah is just the head tribe, there are 11 more We are all not from the tribe and or house of Judah. All Jews are Israelites but not all Israelites are Jews! The house of Judah aka what you know as Jews includes, JUDAH, BENJAMIN AND LEVI. JUDAH IS THE LION, BENJAMIN IS THE RAVEN WOLF AND THE LEVITES ARE THE PREACHERS . The other 9 tribes make up the house of Israel. The bible isnt a religious book, its a history book about my people and it has nothing to do with religion. The Israelites were and still the keepers of this earth, but right now we are not in charge but in near future we will be. Its very important that non african black people and some africans who are our people find out the truth before its to late. America is egypt all over again, this is our last and final bondage before we home.

  7. @ Crazy Chris

    Where is this story? I would like to read it. Thanks in advance.

    • I agree…..

      Whoever the man is, he is GROWN. POINT Blank and has every right to live as he wants. I really dont understand where people get off trying to bash the parents of adult children.

      You raise your children the best you can and its up to them after that.

      Still luh you Jacky J. 🙂 Msgb

  8. also mary was ONLY a mere mortal.. she did not have any special powers.. she was just the vessel god picked to deliver jesus and that was because she was pure.. all this she ascended to heaven i do not believe that.. catholics pray to her and you are not suppose to worship idols.. i also believe those who have claimed to have seen her saw something but it was not mary and another thing she was no longer a virgin.. jesus was not her only child..

  9. swI say Vicki Winians son Mario…but I guess he is a known crackhead..I know people that have been in studio with him when he was getting high

  10. @ Hebrew Queen you should do your research on these things and FYI I am a historian ; ) I don’t need that website, but thannnx. What you should research is “were the original Jews black?” and read what all the uncommon minds will show you and the proof is in the bible. Study the lineage of our Lord n savior. And then tell me why rastarfarians always Have on that star of David?!? Maybe it’s because the island of Jamaica are full of Blacks who aren’t as diluted as you n I. And they know exactly who they are… You Be blessed Hon : )

    • The orginal hebrews were and still are black, that website shows you the history of all the ancient black civilizations and even a whole lot that no one knows were really black. Since you know so much about history are you aware that black people ruled all over europe.during the dark ages, King james as well as william shakespear aka francis bacon were both negros. It seems as if YOU think you know everything, so you refuse to look at the site. I suggest you do you might learn something. Have you ever seen the REAL STATUE OF THE THINKER? I have and It looks nothing like the white washed reproduction. I study HISTORY NOT HIS-STORY, this is why you ASSUME christ was Jewish and still call him Jesus. I speak and read ancient palo hebrew not yiddish or the other german, eastern europen bastard versions.

    • FYI I AM A JAMAICAN AND IM ALSO FROM THE TRIBE OF BENJAMIN . I am not a black american aka Judite you kepp making assumptions based on nothing. Not all black people are racial mixed even the ones that look it sometimes. You study so called history but yet you dont know that black people carry the phenotype of everyone on the planet cause we were here first. I bet if you see a black person with chinky eyes you ASSUME they are mixed with asian. Not knowing that the very first asians were NON AFRICAN BLACKS. Not all black people have kinky hair, big lips snd wide noses. Also another fact the orginal so called native americans were black and spoke hebrew so did the slaves and they had hebrew names. The slaves knew how to read and write just not in english. White jesus had to be beaten into them because they knew him as a black man not a white imposter. HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW THESE THINGS!?

      • And fyi we Jews do read the bible, but it’s called the Torah. And in the bible the first five books are the Torah or our version of the Bible. We study the first 5 books like is said it’s the torah or the pentetuech. Google u will see for yourself. The first 5 books are the books of law given to Moses by God… Those are the facts

        • I knew you weren’t black, you are Jewish Not a hebrew israelite like myself. What tribe are you from? Let me guess Judah like every other jew wish person, I am hebrew by BLOOD not RELLIGION like yourself. Jewish people trace their blood line through their mothers the BIBLE THAT YOU CLAIM TO READ AND FOLLOW TRACES IT THROUGH YOUR FATHER. Jewish people may use the bible like you claim, but I know for a fact that most of what you practice and believe are ORAL rabbinical laws! Like women shaving their heads and wearing wigs, men with drop curls on the sides of their heads, not mixing meat with dairy, NONE OF THESE THINGS ARE IN THE BIBLE NONE! Jewish people speak yidish , which is a slavic europen language. Real hebrew the semetic languages are of an AFRICAN ORIGIN NOT EUROPEAN. JEWISH PEOPLE ARE OF KAZARAIN, Ashkenazi origin. A BOOK YOU NEED TO AND CAN READ FOR FREE The Thirteenth Tribe.by Arthur koestler http://www.fantompowa.info/koestlerindex.htm

          • Dang u can’t be that lesser informed! Lol Jews do not speak Yiddish lol they speak Hebrew. And dear hear I am very black! Sounds like u are envious a little.. Anyway ms. Queen. I dont know how u can say u are from the tribe Benjamin lol. You apparently are a left handed man who skilled at war. Cuz that’s what the tribe of Benjamin was! The tribes were scattered so idk what kinda stuff u on… You need to do your research for real. I’m not gonna embarrass another black person like I can. Out of all the facts I gave this panel it’s being reduced “I knew u wasn’t black” anyway I know u researched it and u are mad at the findings. And yes I claim Jesus who Is from JUDAH.. And those who believe in him are to continue in that…. Stop letting the devil use u to play divide n conquer. Ppl please read these findings for yourself. It’s plenty of literature about our true selves by trusted scholars

          • And it’s not rabbinic Law, it’s called mosaic law mosiac as in(Moses) Who was given the law by God… What is wrong with you? You startin to sound like a white boy posing behind the screen name Hebrew queen, who don’t won’t these beautiful black souls to learn who they are. Cuz u are putting a lot of “pro white” bullshit out here. Ppl don’t read that website this person advertising. Lol @ they speak Yiddish.. Sweetie Shalom (peace be with you) is not Yiddish it’s Hebrew. Smh

          • Ashkenazi means during the time of the nazi’s. That’s not An authentic term. It’s talking about the sect of Jews who were in Poland and killed/persecuted by Hitler. Jewish is not a race! Read ppl read!!!!!!!!!

  11. Oh yes and the Jews didn’t kill Jesus (Yeshua) the sadistic Romans did. Also Simon of Cyrene (you know! The one was chosen by a roman soldier to help christ carry the cross to Calvary) was a black guy as well. So why do we think out of everybody in that crowd an African was chosen for this task?!? Hmmmmm let’s ponder on this for a while. P.S- Sydney portier played Simon of Cyrene in the old Movie about Christ.. Read People Read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I have to sightly disagree here. The Romans carried out the crucifixion, but he conspiracy to do so was all done by the Pharisees, which is why the Temple was destroyed 37 years later.

      The Romans were brutal, savage pigs and the Pharisees got them to do their dirty work.

      Just like the Talmudists of today, eh?

  12. How do any of you know what God, Jesus or anyone else wants us to do? Im not being an ass. That is a valid question. Cus somebody told you to? And what exactly is thew point of memorizing all of these Bible “stories”? Again a valid question. Did you study that hard in school? How come we never hear a white person of any prominence talk about the Bible (other than Tim “Put it in my Butt” Tebow)? How do you know that the Creator isnt pissed at us for allowing our ppl to be placed in the state we are in? Hmmm.

        • Who said we post only to enlighten you? We may respond to you, but we post to communicate with everyone who reads or posts on this board.

          You ain’t that deep.

          • Quit hidin behind “we”. You frequently do that. I wasnt talkin to you. I aked PD to answer my question. Stay in ur lane. And change ur batteries.

            • I was responding to keepin’ it?

              So keep up with the grown ups, or go back to watching the cartoons.

          • You hv to have an open mind in order to be enlightened dear. But start by researching “are blacks the original Jews” and then read the passages in your bible that you will find on your own. Go from there

    • All they know is their oppressor commanded them to believe in “jesus” a dead man on an object of execution…this coming from people that historically worship the dead & still enjoy raw meat…drink the blood & eat the flesh of christ everyone…smh

      • RELIGION AND THE BIBLE ARE NOT THE SAME! THEY TALK ABOUT TWO DIFFERNT THINGS , RELGION SAYS TO WORSHIP CHRIST IN THE BIBLE HE TELLS YOU NOT TO WORSHIP HIM . RELIGION SAYS WHEN YOU DIE YOU GO TO HEAVEN, THE BIBLE SAYS WHEN YOU DIE THATS IT YOUR ASLEEP UNTIL ITS TIME FOR YOU TO RISE AGAIN. HEAVEN WILL BE RIGHT HERE ON EARTH NOT IN THE DAMN SKY! RELIGION TALKS ABOUT THE VIRGIN BIRTH AND DECEMBER 25th, THE BIBLE DOES NOT! THAT VIRGIN BIRTH GARBAGE STARTED LONG BEFORE CHRIST AND EGYPT!.IT STARTED WITH THE Babylonians (Ancient Ethiopians) and their worship of mythra born on December 25th. Some will say nimrod and or tamuz were first but they all share the same Dec.25th virgin birth white jesus story. This is why the virgin birth story was so easly accepted , since it was around long before christ so it wasnt hard for white folk to force it on people.

    • Prayer opens up a direct line to God,or if you may, a higher power.

      Now there are folks who meditate to see or hear “the light” They believe in focusing the mind and through that power, they obtain knowledge. The, there are folks who gain knowledge through practice, i.e., homosexuals. They believe the sex act gives them knowledge

      But prayer and thanksgiving is the way to discover God’s plan.

      I am still doin’ it, and God hasn’t given me a total knowledge, but he has opened my eyes to a lot, I am on a different path, there is a plan emerging, etc.

      • I’m not gonna go back n forth with u.. Because here’s what i do know, a Jewish person(s) were nothing more than the ppl who put aside polytheism and accepted monotheism also declaring YAHWEH as the one and only living God. I will still decline your offer on the website. Being that I am a scholar of such things. If you are Jamaican you have to know why u all hv the star of David on everything, the star of David is the so called Jewish star. And wasn’t Jesus teaching in the synagogue at age 12 when his mother lost him in the market place… Can’t teach in the synagogue unless you’re a Rabbi! And Jew Is not a race, or ethnicity it’s a way of life… So since u are from the tribe of Benjamin I assume ur a man and ur left handed warrior?!? But yet u are Hebrew QUEEN

    • It’s just epic Soap Opera babble that makes insecure people feel good about themselves and avoid confronting their insecurities. “I am a descendant of the true super tribe judah, the human lions and rulers of planet Earth!! Not Joe Schmo having to hustle to barely pay the bills and survive another month.” All insecure people have their mythos of superiority to fall back on when not feeling well.

      • Well hon, I’m not insecure. If you’re talkin to me. These ppl keep responding to me for some interaction. I only speak when spoken to… But anyway, bless your soul too.

        • Not to you, answering the original question about those that speak on behalf of God like if they can possibly fathom God’s will. Just an observation in life, whenever people need to really on ancient history and myths and “chosen by God” justifications to prove their superiority over others, doesn’t matter you’re background, it’s usually covering up for a deeply-seated inferiority complex that manifests itself in crazy displays of narcissism. Seriously, anyone that can look you in the eye and tell you to listen to them because they know “God’s will” is a mentally, emotionally messed-up individual.

          • Well all i can say about that is… Those who have no knowledge of self which means knowing ur ancestry is a messed up individual. Can’t know where ur going unless u know where u have been… But I’m through with all of this I’m not responding to nothing more. U’all take care

      • @ Hebrew queen and the Ethiopians are still Jewish til this very day! They were not Babylonians, in the bible they are known as Ethiopians and the land was referred to as punt or kush. Which its still called to this very day. In fact the Ethiopians are said to be in possession of the ark of the covenant which once was held in a Jewish temple! Candance the queen of Sheba (a land of Ethiopia) was converted from polytheism to judaism (Jewish/ monotheism) by King Solomon her lover. So this is how the ethiopians became Jews, what they are to this very day! The rapper shyne is from ethiopia and is Jewish! Soooooooo i don’t know who or where u got ur info from. But hon I’m a bonafide history scholar. And these are the things white Jews and whites in general dont want u to know. I can verify EVERYTHING I submit

        • I mut say Porcelain Doll I’m enjoying the back and forth with u and Hebrew Queen. Both of u are teaching. However Doll, Shyne is NOT from Ethiopia but born and raised in Belize 😉

          • His mother Is an Ethiopian… Regardless of that is he not a “black” Jew. Just like i am? Only thing is unlike orthodox(white ) Jews I have accepted that Jesus was Jewish and he was and is the son of God, so I am what u call a judeao Christian or messianic Jew. Please read on it. Google it and study for urself

          • And I can’t believe that out of everything that was said, all u got out of the ordeal is .. “shyne NOT from Ethiopia”.. Smh

  13. Now the entire Clark sister’s sons have been named.

    All your kids on dope.

    Well the mother did use to take her shoe off and throw it at the choir sections at the COGIC choir conferences.

    Ahh, such a Christian and saved family.

  14. It’s amazing how much ignorance to the word of god is on this site. First off “Christians” pick an choose what they follow from the bible. U dont have to go reading no Hebrew bible to get an understanding of the word of god. Women aren’t even suppose to be preachers/pastors or nothing leading a church..2ndly Sunday church comes from the Roman Catholics (which by the way are Gentiles or white people) and almost ALL Christians follow that tradition. People need to read the bible for real so they won’t sound so ignorant. Smh. God blesses those who keeps his commandments for that is the whole duty of man. And FYI.. We (blacks/Israelites) taught the wicked ones their ways..it was written

  15. Ethiopians are not Jews..they come from the Ham..same color different bloodline. Blacks come from Shem.

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