Who’s Jacky Talking About? – November 19, 2012


Who is Jacky Talking About? Nov 19 2012

Sibling Role Reversal?

She may only be 26-years-old, but our blind item has long faced big girl problems — becoming a mother at 17, and a divorcee at 21. That’s why – even though she’s younger- she can now lend her life experience to her elder sister.

Five-years is the age difference between our singing mystery lady and her famous pop sister – whose celebrity quickly forced our blind item into the shadows. Though they may not share the same shine in the spotlight, our blind item recently stepped forward to let the bond between the pair of singing siblings be known.

Here’s what our blind item had to say:

“Being a mom was always chill and easy for me. But marriage is a whole ’nother ball game. It was a time when you really, really need your sister. Every time there was drama and I was all the way in Idaho, it was nice to be able to call.

Now it’s kind of a reversal, with her getting married and having a baby after me.”

Did our blind item speak just to keep her and her sister relevant? Of course. Don’t believe me.. Ask Keri Hilson.

Can you guess who I’m talking about?


  1. Solange as a new EP to promote so she’s doing the promo rounds. Her interviews are always a guranteed sound bite or headline and 9 times outta 10 it’s a Veyonce related sound bite. She’s getting a nice lil critical buzz about her music tho. It’s more for the hipster crowd tho. Ima wish her the best and keep it moving.

  2. Yeah.. Solange definitely had to speak to keep her sister relevant… doing that interview to promote her OWN album she’s about to release. But I suppose… picking THAT quote get’s you to WRITE about the irrelevant Beyonce eh? The one no one cares about? The one that doesn’t drive your traffic up?

    HEADLINING the upcoming SUPERBOWL half-time show… just ain’t gone cut it with the 114+ million viewers tuning in to watch the Queen. So why not have her baby sister say her name in an interview to a NY magazine right?

    A nice lil “irrelevant” Beyonce headline ALWAYS get’s the MOST clicks.. don’t they Jacky? You can tell me.. we’re friends in my head.


    • Yeah, about that Superbowl headlining thing.

      I’m not a Beyonce fan, but I’m not a hater either. I cannot get that picture out of my head of the NBA championship series years ago when Bey and Destiny’s Child sang at halftime and were loudly booed by the crowd. The only other time in halftime entertainment history that I witnessed such open disdain was when the Miami crowd Ashlee Simpson after her SNL lip sync disaster which ended her career.

      I have had a pit in my stomach ever since I heard B was headlining this year. Just because I don’t think she’s the shit, I hate to see anyone humiliated in the spotlight. Oh well, if Madonna managed to pull it off last year, I spose Bey has a shot.

      • They were booed because they were in Philadelphia rocking Houston Rocket jersey dresses NOT because of the performance itself.

    • @Boss
      No pun intended but u sincerely and truly luv u some beyonce. Well good 4 u.
      (If duplicated please excuse)

      • Chile, BOSS is paid, don’t cry for her. She don’t interact with anyone unless she defendin’ lady bey.

        But hey, we all gotta make a livin’.

  3. It must be hard being Solange. She will always take a backseat to her sister and the only reason why people give her any attention is because of Beyawnce. She’s living in a small apt. in Brooklyn while Bey and Jay living large in Manhattan. She will always be second best.

  4. Some of us can take or leve beyonce, but there is no reason to hate. None of the girls in destiny’s child sing or dance better than beyonce. Period. That has nothing to do with her controlling father. If you don’t have the IT factor get over it. There was nothing joe jackson cold do to make those other brothers shine. michael was just better at dancing and singing. No hate. In fact, it took jimmy jam and terry create a good album for janet. I had one of her horrible albums as a teen. Name calling when people disagree is just poor skill and low self-esteem.

    • I disagree.I followed the group.Keke Wyatt was BETTER than Beyonce in singing.Kelly sings as good as she does and so does Farrah Fawcet.Beyonce is not a good dancer either.
      Beyonce was mediocre with the right connections.There are people who say she wasn’t the prettiest one in the group either.That’s why they got rid of Farrah and Keke

      • While I agree Beyonce is NOT MJ you’re a little far fetched with your response, don’t you think? Obviously you despise this woman. Beyonce is KNOWN for her entertaining, while she’s not the most talented vocally she CERTAINLY ISN’T LACKING in that department. And NO she can’t dance but she KILLS coreography. FYI I’m NOT a Beyonce stan. When was Keke Wyatt apart of DC? She auditioned for Girl Tyme, operative word being auditioned so there was no need to “get rid” of her, she NEVER was. I agree they got rid of Farrah because she was a threat tho and Kelly does have the better vocals but be real Beyonce was the BADDEST in that group, she outshined everyone because of her PRESENCE. And plenty of people say she looks better in person that her photos do her NO justice. It is what it is, some have it and some don’t. She had IT and the right backing, can’t hate on her for it. It took Kelly years to find the right backing and she’s SHITTING on Beyonce now *shrug* everyone’s season comes in due time.

  5. I do not understand why fans feel that people are always hating on Beyonce? I like her music, but damn some of ya’ll need a life. I Understand that you are fans, but people have their opinon. Even if it is negative it still thier opinon!!!!!!! I hate the most is people think that Beyonce perfect last time I check no human was perfect. She does not pay your bills, she does not help you work, and she do not put food in your mouth. So why are you trying to argue your point? at the end of the day people will feel the way they do. In that order!

  6. Bey is riculously overrated. Sad to see how many people are brain dead with her garbage. She steals everything and can’t even sing or dance. Get a grip.