Who’s Jacky Talking About? – November 26, 2012


Blind Item November 26, 2012

To Pam Grier, today’s blind item isn’t just another actor who’s an asshole — he’s also a racist bastard. That’s because, we’re told when our blind item played the leading role in “The Witches Of Eastwick“, he had the last word when producers of the movie considered casting Foxy Brown.

According to our insider, our mystery man pulled rank over Grier which is why she ultimately wasn’t cast in the 1987 flick surrounding three single women. We’re told our blind item wasn’t secretive about his desire to act alongside an all-white line-up of women.

Here’s the drop:

“When Pam Grier’s photo came up, everyone wanted her to be in the movie
— he said ‘I’m not going to do it. It’s a bad idea. What do you guys think this is, The Cosby Show?’

That’s exactly why sources say our blind item doesn’t like working with Afro American actresses — adding the actor doesn’t want to piss off his racist fan base. This while the actor makes it a point to always head to witness his favorite house trained negro – Kobe Bryant
– in action.

Can you guess who I’m talking about?


  1. I have never seen what the big deal is with people and Jack Nicholson. Sure he can act his way out of a paper bag, but he’s ugly as fukk, not to mention short and fat. How he was ever cast as a leading man back in the day I’ll never understand.
    But this blind item has made me a special kind of retarded angry: Pam Grier is one of my idols! Was there ever anyone sexier than she was? I know it is politically incorrect to watch the blaxploitation movies from the 70’s, and I get why. But Coffey and Foxy Brown made me wanna BE Pam.

    Jack can take his damn windshield smashing golf club and stick it up his racist ass.

    • Fuck Jack Nicholson. I never understood WTF was the appeal. Yeah, he can act, but that anyone would want to fuck him made me stop in my tracks.

      Just remember that it was in Jack Nicholson’s house that ROMAN POLANSKI RAPED THAT 13 year old girl. Nicholson’s girlfriend at the time, Anjelica Houston, was home and aware of what was happening.

      Nicholson was one of several white boys from 1940s -1980s Hollywood eras who would have been washing cars if it were not for just enough talent to be taken seriously.

      • Jack isn’t goodlooking but he has swag.You tell he’s has charm.I think women meet him thinking he’ll charmed them with that roguish/devil persona and he disarm them by playingv it subtle.He’s definitely a genuine movie star like Bogart and Cagney.If he walk in a room,he’ll get your attention.

      • Jack hung out with oJ.He said in an post Simpson verdict interview that he had known “Juicy” for years and that OJ was always nice to him.He said OJ got off because he had the best lawyers that money could by.From the tone of the interview,Jack didn’t seem to bother about the verdict.

      • I don’t know if you’ve heard this or not, but Angelica’s father was a famous director(John) and it’s an open secret that he raped her regularly, as well as lots of other little girls. If you saw the film “Chinatown” directed by Polanski, and starring Jack N., the plot is based behind John Huston playing Faye Dunaway’s father who was incestuous with her character. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend it. All about LA in the 40’s and the need to get water funneled in from the Valley. Oscar stuff for real.

        So Angelica Huston probably didn’t react normally when Polanski was raping that teen at JN’s house.

        • Wow, y’all blowing my mind lol !!!! I lived for that “Chinatown” movie. “She’s my sister…..she’s my daugter………she’s my sister and my daughter” lol !!! I just knew Faye was gonna blow a circuit with all those slaps to the face lol !!

          • No doubt. “She’s my sister…she’s my daughter…she’s my sister and my daughter!” is one of the best scenes in one of the best films in movie history. Thank God for Monsters. Without all of these freaks and crazies–Roman Polanski, John Houston, Robert Towne, Jack Nicholson, Faye Dunaway–this brilliant movie would not have been made.

            • Jack Nicholson was raised with his REAL mother as his sister..He did not know his “mother” was actually his grandmother until he was an adult. F*&^ them all!!! Most of them in Hollywood are racist..he is not the only one.

  2. Thats messed up but Cher, Susan and Michelle were the it girls at the time, Noone was checking for no Pam Grier

    • yep pam like other blaxploitation stars were played out in the 80’s.

      pam looked better than all 3 of them tghough cher’s a bisexual techno freak she’s makes gay music and you wonder why her kids are gay her daughtyer’s a man and her son is a tranny and his dad was a queer and she was crying why her second marriager to that queer failed.

      still cher had a good long career in the 80’s she dated every young male in hollywood.

      jack’s a freak himself he dated thousands of women when you’re rich and paid looks don’t matter in hollywood.

      • Cher said herself she had a lesbian experience.I think she dated somebody black back in the day but can’t remrmber who.

          • OOPS! I read your post as “Cher had a lesbian experience with a Black woman but she can’t remember who it was.”

            Now I realize that you were saying YOU couldn’t remember who it was. So scratch my comment above.I need to have a brain flush out. lol

        • She remembers, because I remember. Cher just does not want to out her former lover(s).

          I went to high school with an extremely well-connected, exceptionally beautiful bi-racial model who told me that she was involved in a ménage-a-trois with Cher and another super-famous black singer. Based on my friend’s illustrious track record both then and now, I know she was telling the truth. Her credibility as well as her conquests were top notch.

          I will not list my school mate’s partners (because I wouldn’t want anyone to start listing mine.) But I will say that when I was 17 and she was 19, Warren Beatty was stalking her up and down Rodeo Drive on a regular basis. To my dismay, she turned him down time after time. When I asked why, she told me that she was not into “old white men.”

  3. True. Say what you will bout Quentin Tarantino, but no one was checking for Pam in 1995 either, but Q had mad respect for her and wrote a script just for her! And I
    liked Jackie Brown very much, but then I am partial to Pam and movies that feature my job in the plot!

    • oh please! that big headed cocksucker didn't 'respect' her and her character was a complete stereotype that had to be 'saved' by a white male[ even if he was the great Robert Forester ;)] that movie was shit and Q is a joke. no talent asshole using art as a way to be a racist fuck. fuck him!

  4. I saw The Bucket List for the first time about a month ago and all I can say is fuck Jack Nicholson and Hollywood!!! lol

    • That’s a lot of halves. Cher had three parents? Anyway, no one is fully Black or White and anyone who thinks people are are just lost….

    • She’s considered white socially and culturally.Johnny Depp is part Native.Charlie Sheen is part Hispanic,Cameron Diaz is part Cuban.

            • I have no skin in this game, but they are Mongoloids, as is the case with most indigenous peoples who generally are termed Indians, Aborigine, or indigenous Indian.
              And the Mayan, Aztec and other C.A ot S.A. original “tribal cultures” are categorized in the Mongoloid genus.

        • that was funny.. Part Cuban? Part Hispanic? wtf was that lol exactly! culture has nothing to do with ethnicity geez ppl..there are White and Asian Jamaicans so hmmm I’m lost at that whole reference.

        • Here’s the difference…it comes down to skin tone.
          Tony Romo is of Latin descent on his father’s side,, I believe while Mark Sanchez IS Latin.

      • FYI,Chuck Berry went to jail for taking an underage White girl across state lines for immoral purposes.The girl was actually an Apache Indian.She was an teenage hooker that Berry was employing at his bar/club that he owned.

        • YUCK. Chuck was down with some very freaky shit. I still am uncomfortable when having to use the restroom at a bar or restaurant! Them pryin eyez!!

        • Of course some DUMBASS little bitch has to make a snide comment that doesn't have SHIT to do with the conversation dumb shit! and for your info asshole Sonny was banging Cher when she was only 16 and his old dirty bastard ass was 28. but Lord forbid we throw shade on a white male without a snide bitch throwing a black man under the bus bitch!

    • Not. Cher is Armenian, and not Native American. She used that lie as a stunt to appeal to People of Color.

      • Yeah when the song Half-Breed came out Cher made this big production that she was Native because groups were protesting her. turns out it was a total sham.

  5. He fucked Rita Moreno and Pat Cleveland back in the day.

    So he hates having women of color co starring with him but he likes having them in bed with him. Hypocrite

    • those thick juicy cornbread asses would distract jack.

      god forbids jack give in to his secret lust for black women in public.

      white men are the biggest freaks they hate amd blaspheme black women but on the dl they go out and have sex and pay these same black women to dominate them in the bedroom.

      bill maher is a good example he loves paying black escorts and porn stars to hace sex with his 2 inch gummiworm azz supahead and coco johnson said he gets a kick out of calling black women the n word when he’s sexing them what some women will tolerate if the money’s good.

        • Bill Maher dates nothing but Black women. That is common knowledge. Superhead said her “white ex” (Bill Maher is the only man who publicly claimed her) liked to call her “ghetto” or say she had a big ass [paraphrasing] when they got into arguments.

          Coco was a stewardess. Bill told her he was going to “take care of her for the rest of [her] life.” She sued him for palimony years ago, but I don’t recall a settlement or judgment rendered in Coco’s favor.

          I saw Bill at a club years ago when he was with Coco. They came and sat to the right of me outside on a concrete bench. His hand was super close to my handbag, which was near my behind. I told him, “I don’t know if you’re trying to reach for my bag or my ass, but you better move your hand!” I have never seen a hand move so quickly. How disrespectful to attempt to make a move on me while with his gf. I cannot stand men like him.

          • and again, the mind is blown lol !!!! Wow,i knew he had no class. trying to grab someone’s butt on the low low. yi yi yi !!!

          • You’re not kidding. Met Maher years ago when he had just come to Los Angeles. We spoke a bit, and He was extremely turned on by my being multi-cultural. I could have gotten it that night, but I don’t roll like that, sleeping with men the first time I meet them. Anyway, we exchanged numbers, he called a lot, but I never let him come over to my house. Met him out in public. Smart as hell tho, love smart men. I got board, and since I wasn’t giving it up he got board and that was about it. He called a few times during the next few moths, but I still wasn’t giving it up so he finally went his way.

        • Karrine Steffans wrote a book saying that Maher loved to make obnoxious racist jokes especially about black women while they were together. This doesn't shock me nor does Jack being a racist bitch. And please Cher can't act for shit! If anything Pam is a million times the actress she is and washed up there are a number of white women that have made stinker ass movies like Jane Fonda but are STILL working that's no excuse. Jack is a two-faced ugly ass sack of crap that preaches one thing while fucking another.

      • You know I like to read your ish Chris, but I have it secondhand from a friend, and of course she is Black, that Bill be packin. lolz

  6. You mean a white person can enjoy watching negroes play basketball , vote for a negro politician or even sleep with a negroe and still be a racist?

    No way.

      • And didnt Strom Thurmond , Thomas Jefferson, Kirstie Alley , Kim Kardashian and Robert DeNiro sleep with negroes too?

    • yes they can.

      yes deneiro married one saw her a few times in a few pics they’re rare.

      they all lust the dark meat and the jungle bunnies and the loose black jezebel while publicy hateing blacks in public.

      all this adopting black babies from africa is madonna, angelina, and sandra sthat they secretly crave black meat since they’re all middle aged now.

      madonna’s pussy is dead.

      • pam grier was degraded in all her films like the big bird cage, women in cages, black mama white mama where she was chained to a white woman.

        raped in coffy and foxy brown and drugged.

        only difference is pam was’nt phukked by a big time hollywood major actor.

        halle berry was going through the rituals nude scenes in swordfish.

        playing african goddess mutant in x men playing with demonic forces like the phoenix and mk ultra mind control.

        becoming catwoman channeling the egyptian goddess bast.

        • shitting on Pam Grier will get you nowhere Chris. She did what she did in a groundbreaking genre. And as you well know, Pam always outsmarted and broke down the white man. Always!
          There were no Halle Berry type opportunities back then. Perhaps Lena Horne came close, but they were scarce.

          Halle Berry was a huge star. She chose to perform in an explicit sex scene with Billy Bob Thornton and show her titties in Swordfish for reasons known to her. I have my personal opinion as to her judgment and motivation, but I’ll let her state of mind and life speak for itself.

      • Don't get me started on those bitches with their black baby accessories! at least Kim did it the 'old fashioned' way instead having them delivered COD

    • Shiiit,most yt folks only deal with niggas when it comes to recreational purposes.
      They’ll whoop and holler if the negro with the ball is helping THEIR team win.
      They shake their asses at the club to the latest hip hop jam.
      They’ll even mentor a young brotha/sista who already HAS potential to succeed BUT
      That negro who cuts them off on the expressway,the nigga standing at the best stop or that nigga who beats them outta that job promotion…shiiiit.

    • LMAO of course..First of all just like we dont use the term neanderthals to describe white people anymore because it is archaic, we dont use the term negroes.

  7. I dont want to see any movies with white men having intimate relations with black women anyway…It confuses black people more than anyone else about their position in this society.. White people are very unconfused about how race works here…Its black people who are most confused about the system.
    Thanks Jack

    The fact that so many negroes are sad that they didnt get a chance to see this white man rape a victim of racism in this society is proof of the confusion.

    But these chicks in Hollywood regardless of race is little more than paid prostitutes on celluloid

  8. I like the movie, & those there women@the time were what was hot in whiteland, honestly I can say I WOULDN’T have watched the movie had pam been in it. Her acting is no better than beyonce’s!

  9. Well, Well, Well. Hollywood is just like any other community in America. It is filled with racist bigots.

    We really don’t know anything about these actors and actresses, other than what they portray in public and on the movie screen.

    I bet those black actors and actresses could tell us some horrific racist horror stories that they have encountered in LaLaland. But, they won’t tell for fear of being blacklisted.

  10. jack’s a freak who dates mostly prostitutes anyway maybe pam would’nt beat his ass with a chain or something.

  11. I don’t believe this story. Jack was raised in a whore house by whores. His mother was one. This is no secret and he has spoken candidly over the 100 years about his childhood. Who cared about Pam during the late 80’s???? She wasn’t hot so by casting her would have brought the movie down anyway.

    • even still plenty of not hot women get jobs. who heard of Margot Kidder before "Superman" who heard of Sarandon before that she wasn't big time either. status in Tinsel town has nothing to do with him being a racist asswipe.

  12. Fuck Jack Nicholson, the rest of racist-ass Hollywood, and all the ‘Me-too’ blacks who willingly put up with bullshit like this for a paycheck and a few seconds of camera time. Public Enemy had it right years ago when they said ‘Burn, Hollywood, Burn.’





      • You forgot LL, Queen Latifah, 2Pac, Busta, 50, Snoop, Meth, Red, RZA, Kim, Eve, Foxy, and many other rappers who ‘went Hollywood’ at least once. It still doesn’t invalidate my comment.

        • was talking about burn hollywood burn which featured cube and kane and how hollywood cube and flav done went since that song came out back in 89.

        • can’t forget will smith who paved the way for rappers to be on tv and kid n play and hammer for making those cartoons.

          remember when sprite used rappers to sell sodas?

          mcdonald still use blacks to sell big macs remember the rapping ronald mcdonald.

          everybody had to use rappers to sell their products.

          • McDonalds has the most versatile ad campaigns ever. They have an ad for ALL demographics. They tell moms you deserve a break today. They sell the kids a clown. They use Justin Timberlake for yt youth and blacks with eclectic hairstyles bopping to Cool Like Dat ripoff tracks. They got professional sistas winning at Monopoly. Them bastards dont leave a nickel unmined.

      • Big Daddy Kane TRIED to go mainstream appearing in Playgirl which rumored to have a mostly gay audience,posing in Madonna’s “SEX” with naomi campbell as part of Madonna’s oreo fantasy and appearing in “Posse”.
        Kane had more street cred than MC Hammer but Hammer changed the game for a rapper selling so many albums at that time.Check out the “I get the job done” vid with the song produced by teddy riley.Kane’s wearing MC Hammer pants!!!

  13. his neptune, nj ass has the nerve to be racist.. motherfucka was raised by his grandma but thought old girl was his mama.. his “sister” was his actual mama.. with a family like that he need not be racist.. for some strange reason neptune folks swear they are the shit anyhow.. it cost an arm and a leg to live there but folks who can’t afford to live there anymore have the nerve to rep neptune like that town gives a fuck about them.. jack is ugly mothafuck. cher with her ugly ass mad plastic surgery.. susan sarandon another ugly white women.. i forgot he and michelle were in that movie together and weren’t they both in “wolf”. from what i hear pam don’t like dudes so maybe her not being into men could be the reason she got played in the 80’s.

    • pam used to like dudes in the 70’s richard pyror dated her and then he gave her an std.

      she dated kareem abdul jabaar but broke it off cause she did’nt wanna become muslim.

      she dated freddie prinze until he killed himself.

      she was on the l word and she’s bisexual in my opinion just because she’s a gay supporter and she’s engaged to some duded last I checked.

      as for her not getting involved with jack the only reason any woman would do him was beacause he was paid.

      • Ummmm,no. I’m gonna need more proof of Pam being bi, just because she acted on The L.Word and because she’s a supporter of gay rights. Come on, man. lol !!

    • I know he's sooo fucking ugly but Hollywhite passes off a lot of ugly men as sex symbols. Vince Vaughn, Matt Damon, Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen, Jack Black, Steve Carrell, the dude playing Stifler, Jason Biggs, Justin Timberlake, Ben Foster, Adrien Brody, Ben Stiller just to name a few

  14. and i hate to burst your bubble but cher is not native american.. she is armenian just like the kardashians.. there is NO evidence somebody in cher’s family was native american.. cher is considered white.. the native american thing was just bullshit she used to sell records back in the 70’s..she claimed her grandmother was half native american.. so if that is true she ain’t that much native american.. but again there was no evidence to support that claim.

    • Thank YOU! You are 100% right. That whole “I”m a Half-Breed Indian girl and have suffered so much pain and prejudice” was wack as ish.

      Her Daddy look just like the Kardashians and his name was Sarkisian.

      • she dressed like an indian princess on her show long ago.

        sonny bono used to beat her azz something fierce.

        everybody wanna diss chris brown and everybody forget how abusive sonny bono, johnny cash, and james taylor was.

        oh yeah elvis or shall we say god was abusive towards priscilla.

        • truth all day, crazy chris.

          nicholson’s house was where ROMAN POLANSKI RAPED THAT 13 year old girl.

          I also believe that Nicholson practices devil worship.

          • how do i worship the devil…and how long until I start to get paid for the time I spend doing it… Hell if Christianity paid I might have looked there too!

            I think Jesus needs to update the mission plan to compete with all these “NEW” religions.. IJS

          • he warned heath ledger about playing the joker.

            remember jack played the joker back in the batman flick in 89.

            joker = jack = jacob

            joker’s real name in fiction was jack

            clown king of fools court jester

            killer clown

            tears of a clown tatoo tears

            the clown nhas its origins in satanism which was why john wayne gacie dressed like a clown when he raped and killed his young victims.

        • don't forget John Lennon, Tommy Lee, Axl Rose, Ozzy Osbourne and Glen Campbell a lot of white male rockers are perverts and woman beaters but nobody says shit about that.

    • lol..right i just commented on that..it was to sell on TV..none at all I think she would clamin she was Cherokee..headress and all smh..never an apology either

  15. Who cares? Didn’t Denzel Washington say no to love scenes with Julia Roberts because she was white? There are black ppl who actully applaud this.

    By the way Pam wasn’t hot in the 80’s so she didn’t get many parts back then cause her career was pretty much over.

    • Yes he surely did say that, but then he was doing her through the whole location shoot in New Orleans. They are still very close friends, but I would guess it’s all platonic now.

    • how many white women AND men in Hollywhatthefuck refuse to do love scenes with black people! a lot of actors lost roles because some white fuck wouldn't do a love scene with them. and a number of white women have made comebacks so having an 'over' career is no excuse

  16. Hats off to you Jacky for letting me know. Not that it matters. However I will be one of many who will forever boycott his behind if he appears in any future movie. Funny thing is. He hasn’t been cast in any real movies anyway. Now I know why. Dummy, doesn’t he know that the African American people community are the ones who make careers because we spend money as a whole. It isn’t their fellow white brand… Silly & ignorant…

  17. He look mean anyway…he look like he comes on set with a drink in hand , stone faced, does his lines and leaves without even a goodbye

  18. Just outta curiosity- can anyone tell me if Jack Nicholson has ever acted with blacks or other races……I can’t think of any….but?

    • There are probably other examples but right off the bat I only remember Scatman Crothers in “The Shining” and Morgan Freeman in “The bucket List”.

    • Why don’t you look up his IMDB profile, troll?

      And by the way, while there’s is plenty of racism in the movie biz — of the type that will change a black characterin a script into a white one, etc., always supposedly because the “audience” racial attitudes (not the producers, heaven’s no)– BUT Witches of Eastwick the book is about characters who are white. Plus, at the time the movie was made Cher, Susan Sarandon and Michelle Pfeiffer were box office. Pam Grier was certainly working, but she wasn’t box office. So this story about her being blocked from the movie because of “racism” sounds like bull to me

      • Whoa take the chill off frosty…your barking up the wrong tree…I’m a grown ass woman……..no trolling here! Just asked a question….tricks are for kids!

      • Cher can't act for shit and hot or not still doesn't change that he said no. plenty of white people have said no to love scenes with black people regardless of career status.

  19. As a white guy – and yes I understand this is a website dedicated to Black/AA cultural stuff – I have to say I am disturbed by the amount of racial hypocrisy that is displayed here by the commentators. I grew up in a Northeast melting-pot city where everyone from WASP’s to Puerto-Ricans, to Italians, to Blacks, and even smaller subsets such as Greeks, and Armenians lived together & had to get along. I just think it’s a shame that our country seems to be getting more divided, racially-speaking. Not everyone who doesn’t promote Blacks is automatically a “racist”, ad Hollywood isn’t necessarily “racist” just because they don’t make as many Black-oriented movies or promote as many Black actors as you think they should.

    Y’all need to quit blaming racism for everything that’s wrong with this country, and we all need to forget about race, skin color, etc., and remind ourselves that we all essentially want the same things… good opportunities based on merit, a healthy economy, a chance for our kids to make it in this world.


    • Glad to hear things were great for you in your bubble, but I deal with racism frequently…..especially in the work place….sometimes ppl are the way they are because of their experiences- if you’ve never experienced it it’s hard to preach on it! I wish the world was like you describe but it’s not &while u think ppl here are brutal it’s even more cruel in the real world!

      • CHU’CH, Kimmy. I would like things to be all peaceful and lovely,it’s not like that. All you can do white guy is try to be better than what the world is serving up.

    • Get the fuck out of here with your demon bullshit. This world’s gonna rot in fucking hell anyway. Take your goddamned medicine of REALITY you slimy Neanderthal and look at the motherfucking uncivilized hell we minorities go through whether or NOT we DIE trying so shut the fuck up before I will snap and say some evil shit about whites who need to be stapled to the goddamned wall. If you don’t know shit about hellish racism then do not say a goddamn word you demon fucker!!!!

      • PREACH! some self-righteous asshole on the outside looking in trying to preach bullshit. and it seems that WHITE PEOPLE the same as this prick want to preach 'get over it' while doing their damnedest to keep it going and play the victim by saying that's it's because of black people. asshole

  20. Jacky,

    It’s too bad this kind of information comes out about stars at the end of their careers. A lot of black people have gone to Jack’s movies, rented the videos and DVDs,and watched those films on TV. We have contributed to his enormous wealth and he’s a racist. This reminds me of finding out John Wayne didn’t want any blacks in his movies unless they were “in their place.” Black consumers of entertainment need to know this stuff while these people are making money off of us.

    • John Wayne was a monster with his racism. I remember telling my mom about John, she didn’t want to buy it. She was a fan of his western movies. She was crushed when i showed her some website that had some of his racist comments and interviews.

  21. Now I LOVE good films (which to be fair, my fav’s more often then not are foreign) and yet for the life of me I cannot feel, nor get into any of Nicholson’s films. I am not a fan of The Shining ( I thought it was stupid), One Who Flew Over….., Chinatown sucked, he was alright in Terms of Endearment, make that tolerable, and the list goes on. He plays the same character it seems in every film, and does that whole thing with his eyebrows which irk the hell out of me. I also feel that dicaprio is like nicholson 2.0. Although his greatest role to date was in What’s Eating GG, with that other waste of film screen time, J. Depp.

    //and….”Zen,” – I vented.
    Godbless 🙂

  22. I hate this rumor! Let’s remember that it’s just a rumor for now. I really like Jack and I love Pam. Jack was good friends and neighbors with Brando, who also had a thing for women of color (specifically Pacific Islanders). I struggle to believe Jack Nicholson didn’t have at least one black girlfriend/lover in his life. I hope this rumor gets back to Pam and she sets us straight on it, even if it’s not what I want to hear. Maybe TMZ or someone will contact her?

  23. morgaN’S a token he crossedover long ago.

    jack’s gonna get paid anyway he has a filthy mouth one comment was he as gonna show a actress his little oscar.

  24. I wouldn’t call Maher racist. But then again, I only knew him for several months. One thing I do know is that he’s a filthy little freak tho…lol..

    • I dont think Bill Maher is racist and I appreciate is social and political comentary much more than his stand-up comedy.

      BUT bill ca be very insensitive and slightly uneduvated about race. He loves to point out skin color and some of the comments about blacks he makes makes me cringe.. How many times has he called obama blackensein to make a point in his commentary?? like 100000 times

  25. Well, he DID form his own Super PAC so he could write OBama a check for 1,ooo,ooo. That doesn’t sound like something a racist would do.

      • I must have misunderstood him when he stated that he formed his own Super Pac while speaking to
        Rachel Maddow on MSNBC.

  26. Pootie tang wrote for bill maher for two years. Caught interview. Said he was cool as shit.

    • Do you mean Lance Crouther? Because for many years, Mahers closest friends are DL Hughley and “Kid” Reid of Kid n Play. Reid also wrote BM’s theme tune to his show.

    • So and Jesus best friend was Judas Cesars best friend was Brutus and your point is? you can donate money, bang blak pussy, even hire a few house tokens lke Harvey Levin but at the end of the day a racist is racist is a racist.

  27. Hollywood has and will always be very simple when it comes to leading men, of the then 7o’s. If you were well endowed you made it..simple. You needed a drop of talent and some connects , but all these actors that made it, or have been popular for 50 years, thats why. NO leading actors are hired if they are small…weird but true, but Hollywood is a 100% gay place.

  28. I do not understand how you people suck up to white folks !!! ignore their asses and they might just disappear. There are enough wealthy black folks in America, how come you all don’t have your own thriving movie industry ? Forget these white people, don’t talk about them, try to ignore them and don’t support them. They need your money and you can with hold it. You HAVE the power against these racists.

  29. “Anyway, no one is fully Black or White and anyone who thinks people are are just lost….”

    I think you lyin. Aint no way Wesley Snipes got nuthin but all black in him, for atleast 400-500 years back.

  30. Fuck Jack & everyone dissing Pam Grier. She is probably hotter now that's the lanes hating on her. Don't disrespect a Queen.