Who’s Jacky Talking About? – November 5, 2012


Blind Item - Nov 5, 2012

Our blind item is a man who’s back to his infamous ways of snorting cocaine and smoking crack on a daily basis. That’s why he’s now a false teeth-wearing, escort-buying junkie. Even though he’s rolling in the dough, that may not last long. Know why? Because he has anywhere from a quarter to a half an ounce of cocaine delivered to him daily. That’s about $2,000 spent on drugs every day.

He snorts and smokes cocaine before and when he’s not watching porn and when he’s hanging out with high-end hookers he’s hired.

But there’s one hooker who our mystery man is said to fancy the most, paying a nightly rate of $25,000 for her services. Wait…that’s not all!!!

Because his favored hooker had insecurities about her vagina, sources say our blind item footed the bill for her vaginal rejuvenation surgery. That’s after he bought her a set of new wheels, of course.

Our snowball loving blind item likes a close group of people around him when he’s partying. That group of people are no strangers to our mystery man’s preference of cooking the cocaine to make crack to smoke. Once cooked, our blind item often uses a Fiji water bottle as a makeshift pipe to smoke his homemade crack.

Here’s what an insider had to say about today’s blind item:

“He’d get so high. He was just absolutely out of his mind, mumbling incoherently and tweaking. Then he would just space out, not talk to anyone, and watch porn.”

When he’s high on crack he’s infamously known for throwing around money like it grows on trees, just because he can. He’s also known to get extremely nervous and generous while high – giving away thousands of dollars to people he sees as cool.

His new FX series may be in production, buy when our blind item isn’t on the set he’s partying. If he keeps on with this reckless lifestyle, our mystery man may not live to see his next birthday.
Don’t believe me.. Ask Hollywood producer Mark Burg.

Can you guess who I’m talking about?


  1. “Because his favored hooker had insecurities about her vagina” Denise Richards? she was one of Heidi Fleiss’s girls

    also Kelly Preston’s crazy ass tried to shoot him but the gun dislodged and shot her in the arm (smdh..). not like they slept together anyway (*side-eyes Kirstie Alley*)

  2. Carlos Estevez aka Charlie Sheen is MEXICAN, he knows all about discrimination, he’s just crazy as hell…

    • A drunk man speaks the truth of his heart.

      Get them white folks high enough and…

      They are confused, that whole family, the Estevez’ tryin’ to be Sheens

      And for old timers, Charlie Sheen don’t do crack, he an old head, he freebases, He’s a basehead!

    • Charlie Sheen is NOT Mexican. His father is Spanish as in Espana which makes him European.

      Also, I have a strong recollection of Denise Richards saying he had a very fat dick. And Ginger Lynn Allen was so in love with him, I find it hard to believe she was putting him down in that respect.

  3. Charlie Sheen. IMO he was never off of drugs.

    Charlie is a doper from waaaay back. You can call him old school. Dude learn how to control his habit while working but it sneaks up on him every now and then and he gets out of control.

    Read where he was so hungover while working on the set of 2 1/2 Men he could hardly read his lines. He would show up but he was out of it. Got to be too much of risk for Chuck Lorre which is why he was fired. Do you think any producer will fire you if you are bringing in millions of dollars for them. Hell no but Charlie had gotten to be too much of a risk plus they offered to pay for his time in rehab but he wouldn’t go so they said told him to hit the road.

    Now he’s doing the same thing again. His lifestyle will once again start to interfere with his work. He’s a good actor put we all know the drugs will win out.

  4. If Charlie Sheen only knew that Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller used to e-mail each other daily. Denise disclosed some things about Charlie that would have him in jail for the remainder of his days if they were true. I wish I’d retained copies of those messages.

    Brooke married him, in spite of everything Denise told her, because she is a crackhead and a golddigger who was seeking a lifeline.

    I really feel bad for Charlie, because no one in his life, with the exception of his younger children, cares about him.


  6. Charlie Sheen is not Mexican his father is 1/2 Spanish (from Spain) so Charlie is like 1/4 and I don’t think he’s racist he’s just a crack addicted dumbass. I am not racist/nationality in fact I have every race imaginable in my family but I have however used demeaning terms in my younger years when someone of another race made me angry

  7. This is just sad; I mean I love HSK (Jackie is fearless) but Sheen doesn’t WANT to get clean..you can go to rehab for two years straight but until you face the underlying demons its just not going to work! I never thought his antics were funny, all his BS talk about tiger blood and winning; the ramblings of a full blown junkie! Nothing even mildly amusing about someone headed full speed ahead for a fatal overdose. The fact that the family either turns a blind eye or has given up (it gets real old) is pitiful.

  8. snoop will do a song with anybody but his decision to do a track with charlie is puzzling serious drug use between those 2.

    snoop made some left hand choices on who to work with but charlie sheen did it for me I can accept willie nelson, katy perry, pussycat dolls but charlie.

    • Nah, Snoop wasn’t going to do a song with Sheen–He (And Puffy, if I’m not mistaken) announced on Twitter that they wanted to party with Sheen after that infamous interview Sheen did (You know, the one where he was saying he was ‘Winning!,’ had ‘Tiger’s blood’ and called his prostitutes ‘Goddesses’).

      • lmao! prostitutes as “goddesses”. I think Charlie is mostly on a natural high and just doesnt give a fuck about what others say about his high-energy personality.

  9. his best man at that wedding was black forgot his name but hey drugs will bring out the racist.

  10. I’m confused. What hooker is called high-class but has a weird looking vagina? Wouldn’t that have been fixed long ago with her high class paycheck?

    Buys a hooker a car for cash and its in her name? Or leases it in his name and lets her drive it? Or buys it and she has to make the payments?

    Wasn’t there a loud rumor Charlie would joke to one and all about how he met Denise?