Who’s Jacky Talking About? – November 9, 2012


Blind Item November 9, 2012

This week’s blind item is a television news anchor for Detroit’s Channel 4 WDIV. She’s the ex-wife of an American football running back who’s listed as one of the greatest players to ever  play the game.

Our blind item is said to have dated a slew of people – and even messed around with other men while married. That’s exactly why insiders say her marriage to her NFL husband ended in divorce.

Our blind item ran through the Detroit Pistons when they were the “Bad Boys”, Professional Boxers, Actors and finally the NFL, where she landed the gullible country boy from Oklahoma, who she quickly turned out and dropped a couple of babies out before he knew what hit him.

A source told me our blind item is a witch who practices the WICCA religion – and is attached to some very powerful people who also practice the “dark arts” at a very, very high level. But again, that is another story.

Can you guess who I’m talking about?


    • Lauren Sanders. Barry Sanders went to Oklahoma State University but he is from Wichita, KS. Barry will always be a hero in the town of Stillwater, OK. He comes from a strong family background. I’m sure he wouldn’t have married Lauren had he known about her past. I hope he finds a good woman.

    • a television news anchor for Detroit’s Channel 4 WDIV
      A lot of those news achors slut around.They come to a new city fresh outta broadcasting school and interview all kinds of politicians and local athletes.
      Joumanna Kidd was a news reporter in PHX when she met Jason.

  1. I had heard that Kenya Moore is the one who’be introduced Laurence to Barry. They were running buddies sometime ago.

  2. Look up the Wiccan people before you make judgments.and no i’m not Wiccan but they are a religion and many get a bad rap because people don’t understand and automatically assume beacuse they are “witches”

    • That’s because some of the Wiccans I met present themselves as no different than other self-identified religious folk:smoke,drink and fuck.

      • Now THAT I agree with, the thing is I work with a few and they act more like the 60’s revisted then how some others are…most people assume the worst..when everyone isn’t that way and to put that out there like that without fact checking is a disservice to someone’s beliefs..you automatically prejudge

    • Lots of Wiccans tend to be a old white women who husband or Adult kids have forsaken them.They’re basically lonely and need a support system.

    • Oh your Wicca are you and you practice it too!! this is a devil occult pagan religion!!
      Have you seen the The Wiccaman movie ( 1971) take a look educate yourself..
      Very strange evil occult people. Wicca cult originates from Europe this pagan
      Religion involves the occult beliefs .
      So you worship the moon and stars and horned beasts!
      Weird ….

  3. Wicca religion, also known as “The Craft” or “The Old Religion.” Wicca is a distinctively feminist form of neo-paganism.

    Wiccans practice magick (spelled with a ‘k’ to differentiate it from conjuring for entertainment) in an attempt to manipulate the natural world and alter mental and material conditions. As such, Wicca is an esoteric occult practice designed to manipulate reality in concert with the Wiccan’s will. Tools of the Craft include swords and spell books, as well as chalices, censers, cords and crystals. Regardless of whether the motivation is benevolent or malevolent.

    Furthermore, the supreme ethical rule of Wicca is the Wiccan Rede: ‘if it harms none, do as ye Will (Alester Crowley).

    The Wiccan worldview stands in direct opposition to the biblical notions of absolute moral truth and exclusive salvation through Jesus Christ who alone is “the way and the truth and the life” (John 14:6).

    • Anton le Voy ,Marilyn Manson

      Sammy Davis Jr dabbled with Wicca during his mid life crisis along with drugs.He said the Wiccans basically smoked and fucked,there wasn’t no. Prolong spiritual fulfillment.

      • Sammy Davis messed with the occult ok… no doubt about that he was heavily involved in the Allister Crowley occult church along with other Hollywood stars and actually attended the occult rituals.
        Even his T.V show in the 70s and his song “The candy man” had occult meanings and references.
        He couldn’t cope with all the black magic and occult and he then converted to Judaism..

        • Actually, Sammy Davis Jr. Did not practice Wicca, he practiced Satanism a totally different religion. Satanists worship Satan, Wiccans worship, nature, God and the Goddess, they do not in my years of studying all forms of religions worship Satan. They just mistakenly get branded this way by people who only know Christianity and are afraid to learn of anything else. Most holidays that we Christians worship are actually Wiccan Pagan holidays, including Christmas, Halloween, and Easter, look it up. Because the Christian church could not get people to stop celebrating these days they Christianized the holiday. If you read the bible you know Jesus was not born in Dec or on Dec.25, but in an effort to replace Pagan holidays, Winter Solstice became Christmas. The church took the if you can’t break them, join them, type of view.Fact not fiction. Sammy Davis Jr. worshipped the devil, check the facts, he left the Church of Satan only because Jayne Mansfield who also practiced Satanism was killed(beheaded) in a car accident and many in Hollywood blamed it on the Church of Satan and it’s leader Anton LaVey. Both Jayne Mansfield and Sammy Davis Jr. were higher up key figures in the Church of Satan NOT Wiccan.He only came to become a Jew because he did not believe in Jesus but he could no longer be associated with the Church of Satan and still have a career after this scandal,and the Jews run the entertainment world, so…if you can’t beat them join them. Switching to become a Jew meant he still could have his career and he still would not be forced to worship Jesus in the process. Wiccans are out there thanking the trees for fruits, not thanking the devil, that’s the Satanists jobs.

          • Yes @goldenglamour you hit the nail on the head in regards to sammy davis jnr was involved heavley in satanism , along with Jane Manysfield and others they both became anton levey disiples spokesperson sammy was espically close to this evil man anton levey , sacraficing animals and young children in the name of thier witchcraft satan religon, sammy and jane mansfield were like the recrutiers in Hollywood at the time spreading there satanism beliefs …

          • Thank you so much Goldenglamour. You are absolutely correct and I am getting rather tired of this site which is exclusively anti women and full of silliness.

            • You somewhat correct, she was not totally beheaded her neck was barely on, it was severely severed because of the blunt force trauma from the accident, her Blonde wig was ripped from her head taking part of her scalp and brain matter with it. Her children, including her daughter the actress from Law and Order SVU were in the backseat asleep and escaped with minor cuts and bruises, by grace no less. Jayne ( the correct way to spell it, although its pronounced Jane, please forgive my earlier typo) death certificate reads “crushed skull with avulsion of cranium and brain”

  4. I wanna know more about her babies with that slow Okie and the Bad Boy orgies, while the Red Wings waited for their turn.

  5. Its dem half breed chicks. Gotta watch em closely because that white gene dominates in many of them.
    Some of them take after their white momma or daddy as far as the lack of sexual morals.

  6. Check out the wicker man wit nic cage. Its bullshit but u can see wicca in action. Based on the book and original flick.

    • You do realize that was a FICTIONAL movie, right? You honestly believe that wiccans are running around on private islands burning men at the stake? You’d think that the news would have mentioned that….

      • Well the Nicholas cage version of the wiccaman is not a good movie it is total shit.,
        The real deal is the original wiccaman movie (1973) which was wierd but a excellent movie, showing how wierd this cult is …

  7. Anybody know more about the newswoman that shares a name with the “sweetest taboo” singer?

    She had a love child with a very prominent politician and was uicklu moved out of state to a big market job.

    Dont believe me, ask around in Baltimore.

    • Her name was also sade… The word on the street was she was carrying a child for the then, very married, mayor of baltimore. The very same mayor who would go on to win a higher political office for the state of maryland. The very same politician from maryland who’s name is being mentioned for the democratic nomination for president in 2016… Under political pressure, she suddenly quit her lucrative tv career, moved to NY City without a job. Jobless and living anonymously in NYC, she was said to be ready to expose the affair unless her asking price was met when she was “”accidentally” struck by a car and hospitalized on 2 Different Occaisions! She and the baby in her stomach survived both accidents. The baby was born healthy and not much has been heard from her since. She was FINE!

      • BTW, those 2 “accidents” were ‘hit and run’ “accidents” where the drivers were never caught nor identified… Go figure!

      • Sounds like that bish Marion Brooks when she got run out da ATL for fuckin wit the married politician a few years back. Went to Chi and resumed hoein.

  8. Kenya Moore was never on the news in michigan I’m from Detroit an have know idea who the fuck the woman is the nfl player is Barry tho I think lol somebody answer this blind item lol

  9. Barry and Lauren Sanders, i usually know right away, but this one had me, it had to be Barry Sanders, cause not too many great or famous running backs in Detroit, had to put 2 & 2 together.

  10. Back in the 90’s I had a crush on then-Lauren Campbell. She was all redbone and fine as white wine and then out of nowhere it was announced that she was marrying Barry Sanders and then she left WDIV and was dropping those young’uns for Barry but out of nowhere again she was back on TV. Older, but still looking good and then she was going solo. If she is a witch, I’m looking forward to her putting a mojo on me.

  11. I love HSK-this is the only place I know where we can start out talking about a slutty ex news caster and go off into a discussion about the wiccan religion. This is why I don’t go to mediatakeout anymore-too much ignorance. But yeah sammy was a devil worshipper who belonged to anton levay’s church of set but he didn’t get out because of his career. He said he got out because the tolls were too high. As a matter of fact mansfield’s death caused many to abandon the church because her death was perceived as a sacrifice by levay. The lower level members must have felt if he will kill off his stars why would he let us live. Sammy dabbled in quite a few dark things when he was young and it was not the hollywood community but frank sinatra who told him he needed to stop. Frank also was responsible for sammy marrying altovise after sammy got in trouble for impregnating a young white woman who later got an abortion. And no wicca is not a devil worshipping religion. They worship nature.

    • No this is none other than Lauren Sanders; funny how no one heard a peep from her until after the divorce (she had to take her ass back to work). He may be a “country boy” but he was no fool can you say PRENUP?! It’s just sad that so many professional athletes, actors etc can’t seem to differentiate between a jump off and wife material! She was a passed around high mileage skank before she met Barry. He’s a really nice person, I’m from the D and worked in the Detroit Lions Athletic Training office for years. I don’t understand why she chose to remain in Detroit unless she’s retired (from chasing OPM) because the prospects here for gold diggers are slim to none. The athletes, executives, and any brothers with real paper have RAT RADARS. The good old days are over, don’t believe me? Ask Vernon Macklin lol

  12. Here is the pic….I knew who it was before reading the article. Barry says he met her in a restaurant and got her number and called her a year later. Said he didnt want to get married until after he got done playing football (hoeing).

  13. Man I can’t stand when black women fuck up a good thing.

    Bu then again, like Pres. Obama, and I said it before, these half-black/half-__________, esp. when the father is black can be very confused and fucked up.

      • No, boo, just observant. I didn’t say all, I said many. And if you think Pres. Obama is reppin’ the struggles of the black person in America, you are Nigorant.

    • Read the crime section of the newspaper and you’ll see many more fucked up full-blooded blacks than you do mulattos…what is their excuse?

      • I thought you said there was no such thing as “full blooded” blacks(whatever the fuck that is) in america?

      • Did you ever think that it is engineered as such to demonize the black man??? During the WWII era, the Germans did it with the Jews in Germany..Because in reality..white collar crime is rampant in comparison to black on black or black on anything crime…

    • Read, bitch, I said, “when black women fuck up a good thing” cuz it is few and far between for us with our men.

      And a big fuck you back to you!

  14. oH, ic NOW

    Barry was that dumb cuntry boy from Okie who got his sperm caught in a money trap.

    Dem light skin, half white honeys got special powers over dark skin country boys…Voodoo, plus she added Wicca. Barry didnt stamd a fuckin’ chance.

  15. Ok… I just wanted to clear something up here, which concerns me because we do live in an age of easily-accessible information. Wicca does not automatically evil “dark arts,” just as when those idiots blow up abortion clinics and shoot the doctors, they don’t represent Christianity. Wiccans are peaceful and appreciate nature.

    In any religion you’ll fringes that abuse the principle for their own psychotic agendas, but please don’t lump “evil forces” with a people who are more interested in leading productive, happily spiritual lives. Thanks.

    • Romans 1:23:

      And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things.

  16. I think everyone should educate themselves on cults and other religions. We live in the last days where there are many false prophets, false teachings and false religions. When you’re educated about your enemy you can avoid his many lies and deceptions.
    God tells us his people die for lack of knowledge.

  17. Lauren Campbell Sanders is a professional whore or “pro ho”. She went through the Detroit Pistons in the 90’s dating and living with John “silly” Salley, then Rick Mahorn. It is rumored she slept with Isaiah Thomas and helped ruin his marriage. She has slept with and dated boxers like Michael Moorer who beat her up (she settled out of court). And then she moved on to the Detroit Lions, where she slept with Tracy Scroggins, who has CTE or brain damage (google him to see him getting brain damage treatments) then moved on to the guillible Barry Sanders. He did not know nor believe the truth about the whore. And she did a “game on him” and convinced him that she was pure as snow. Ha! Then she quickly turned him out sexually and spit out 3 kids, so she could be set for life. He finally woke up and smelled the spoiled coochie and got away from the witch (yea, she is a real witch!) and divorced her a**!!! But she goes to Africa a lot (supposedly for charity work) and probably has paid the most powerful witchdoctors to continue to put their witchcraft on him and the people at WDIV, so they will also stay in her camp. She should not be on the air. She has no broadcasting degree and flunked out of Wayne State University’s law school with a NEGATIVE GPA. If you ever have problems with her, just get away from the “Pro Hoe” and pray the psalms against her because she is truly a whore and a witch with powerful evil connections around the world!!!