Who’s Jacky Talking About? – October 12, 2012


Jacky Jasper Blind Item Oct 12, 2012

Who am I?

I was a big time t.v. star with a big time ego in the 80’s. I played a detective along side a wild and crazy white dude. It was the coolest show on television.

I’m a born again Christian and have a shitload of kids. What folks didn’t know was that back in the day,  the white co-star dude was a total freak and coke fiend. Not only that, he was constantly hitting on me. He was bi-sexual.

He was smashing A-lists dudes, chicks, rock stars, groupies, you name it. I managed to dodge his advances, but a couple of times we did three-ways with a lil jumpoff and I had to watch my ass crack.

He was smoking coke and doing lines and blowing cats right in front of me. I’ve had some financial hardship since our show ended. He got another one, I got a psychic hotline and some dried up Dionne Warwick coochie.

I won a major breach of contract lawsuit when I got fired for a broad with a fake accent who never showered. Thanks to Centric I can eat again.

Who am I?

Who was my white co-star? And what the hell happened to my career?


  1. Don Johnson (white boy).. Guess that explains the name… Whatever happen to Philip Michael Thomas? He was an 80’s hottie : )

  2. When Miami Vice in play, the first year they got pretty much equal billing. The second year, when they knew the show was going to be a success, the black guy was regulated to a supporting role because they didnt want a black sex symbol on Prime Time American Television.
    They didnt want young white girls from Iowa and Nebraska getting moist over a black actor.

    Its the same reason why white music execs never really push good looking black male groups.(unless they are queers or adrogynous freaks).

    When Boys To Men came out there was another equally talented group called “Portrait” and they pushed Boys To Men over them because they didnt want young white girls to swoon over them.

    • i think the billing was lost on most people (only 1 in 10 americans can name one sitting supreme court jusge)..

      those girls could still get moist seeing Thomas every week and not know DJ was top billed

      besides if the black dude hits their buttons they prob aint into white dudes or vice versa.

    • Actually,the show revolved around Johnson from the beginning to end.Johnson even remarked at the time that the reason was because “Vice” helped sell soap to white people as far as advertising goes.
      Johnson held out for a bigger salary prior to filming one season.
      Johnson’s style of dress was influential: 5 o’ clock shadow,baggy pants,Armani coat with tee and loafers with no socks. And don’t forget the Ray Bans.
      Most of the storyines revolved around Johnson.

      There was an Ebony cover of both Phillip Michael Thomas and Don Johnson,no lie.

    • @anon 07:11
      yet Ginuwine made it?

      There is no agenda to keep white women or girls from black men or boys.Segregation ended years ago and there were white women and black men together even during those times.Most white people are not threatened by white women or girls liking black men or boys.They have no reason to be.The women raise and socialize the child.So the child is at least somewhat more white identified and if the black father has any wealth it goes to their white daughter.Since you are speaking of black men that would have been successful,white people would have had no issue with any of their daughters liking or lusting after successful black men.

      • I grew up with and went to school with all white people..and TRUST…while some are tolerant…if they could choose..they would rather a WHITE successful man for their daughters than anything else. Which I ain’t mad at them for that. I would want my daughter to marry a successful black man. Tisme, segregation is still present but its more covert. The “NO COLOREDS ALLOWED” signs are replaced by psychological warfare. The labeling of “urban aka ghetto” areas, socioeconomic disparities, etc. But the new agenda is to let people interbreed and then control the minds of the mulatto. If they can sway the mulatto from its “black side” to only fully embrace its “white side” then you have created a generation of mixed peoples that have no real true sense of self and/or self-hate. Simply, a half black, half white boy cannot learn how to be a black man from a white mother. He can be nurtured by the feminine energy of his mother but only a black man can teach a black boy how to be a man. Just sayin..

  3. Lol@ people guessing Don Johnson as the black dude
    Its Phillip Michael Thomas. The original Sticks from the original movie Sparkle. In Miami Vice I cant remember if he was Crockett or Tubs.
    He is a known gigalo from way back, yeah Dionne Warwick was one of his “victims”. Only 70’s and 80’s babies know about the fake island lady “psychic” Call Meh Now!
    Dude was very arrogant, but is it really arrogance when you’re fine as hell?

  4. Definitely Philip Michael Thomas (and co-star Don Johnson)! As a child in the 80’s I so longed to watch Miami Vice, and always heard the opening theme music play as my parents watched and I drifted off to sleep. And who could ever forget “In the Air Tonight” as the backdrop to the show? Epitome of cool.
    I always knew Johnson and former wife Mel Griffith had drug problems…but he was also a switch hitter?!? THAT floors me. Guess ya never know with these Hollywood types. I always thought Don was cute, Philip not so much.

    • His mother, sister and nephew (gay) attended the same church as me and my family. My husband was grooms man in his sister’s wedding. Phillip Michael Thomas didn’t come because he didn’t want to be a distraction (the wedding was during Miami Vice hey day).

  5. Im inclined to think that 99% of white male actors in Hollywood are queer…That includes everyone you can think of…I would say that only about 75% of black male actors are queer and the 25% who are not, their careers usually dont last more than 3-5 years.

    • you should stop trying to do percentages and go back to simple addition and subtraction! you’re not ready!

      • Im better at percentages than you are at basic geography.
        Belize is in Cental America. The Virgin Islands are out near Puerto Rico.

    • The casting couch is becoming more and more male friendly. As Hollywood becomes more gay, male actors will need to prove themselves “worthy” of good roles.

  6. @Jacky….in 2002, stories ran VERY BRIEFLY about the white male actor being caught in Europe with 1 BILLION dollars in bearer bonds. It sounded shady as hell and left many people scratching their heads wondering how a TV actor got his hands on a billion large and why he would have it in a briefcase while traveling. SMH

    Needless to say, the story went silent very quickly and was never talked about in the media again. See clip or google it:


  7. He was fine and should have continued to get roles. Maybe he was too clean cut for hollywierd since his co-worker was the only one who did dirt ;).

    • R U kiddin’ PMT (the black guy) was layin mad pipe with errebody and gettin broads to keep him kept. Im not too sure but i think he tried this with singer Freda Payne and she was like Sheeeiit U must be da fug crazy. u aint that fine!

      • Totally kidding, I tried to wink but ended up getting a weird one brow crooked smiley face.

        I guess the white boy was pushed a bit more on the show, they were a nice coco vanilla combo. Maybe that’s why my crush for coco kinda wore off, those bastards.

  8. Don johnson like travolta got pilots license and began running drugs. Just like nelly on the tour bus. Its very lucretive for fading stars.

  9. so is the broad with the fake accent the one and only miss cleo?? anywho i am a member of a certain site which once posed the question did anyone of us know or had been around famous people.. one person posted how they used to work at porn shop and don johnson came in and purchased gay porn.. being arrogant was his downfall.. always wondered why there are so many ugly ass black men in the business now i know.. back in the days it was like all rappers were ugly as hell.. portrait did look wayyyyy better than boyz to me.. even shai had one sexy brotha..i toldmy daughter some of black men are suspect so now i see they are put out there on purpose.. miguel damn sure looks suspect..

    • And dont get it twisted. Im not saying that ugly black actors and singers shouldnt get put on. Im just saying that in this visual video age, when white people put their images out for mass global consumption they put out their best physical specimens. They love to put older, fat and out of shape black women (“The Help”) against young, inshape healthy looking young white women.(“The Help”)…

      Every now and then white folks will give an acting role to an obese caucasian and that role is usually as comic relief…For blacks, its the norm, not the exception.

      And if they put a healthy looking black person out there , they are going to be some type of sissy queer, a wimp,a manly and argumentive dyke, a moron or some type of deviate. They have to have some type of flaw that will make them less of a threat.

      • “make them less of a threat” so so true. I keep telling people, whites are threatened by blacks. White men and women in Hollywood are intimidated by beautiful black men and women.

      • I can never figure out how Tori Spelling and Sarah jessica Parker get work.

        You noticed Jennifer Hudson was the executive assistant to Sarah’s horseface ass in the “Sex in the city” movie.why? Because she was threatening even after JHud won the Oscar.

        • White folks always gotta demean or minimize us, cuz it is so obvious what they call beautiful (Sarah Jessica Parker, Tori Spelling) IS NOT!! Even JHud with her knock knees and lazy eye blows them ugly azz bitches off the screen.

          • yes j hud when she was fat is better than those skinny flat pancake ass white girls on sex in the city.

            same for jen anniston’s flatazz.

    • Yeah he does, I saw Miguel today @ my job which is connected to Hotel Monaco. He’s so little and so cute, but he gotta be gay,. Oh yeah, he said Hi to me too. LOL

  10. melanie griffith has been married at least 3 times.. don was number 1 and the dude from scarface was number 2.(the one who was dating tony’s sister and i believe he was killed in the movie) now it antonio bandares.. i think shehas a child by don..

    • Adult Don also dated Melanie when she was an underaged teen from a wealthy Hollyweird family. Drugs, sex, and RockNRoll.

  11. HAHA, How did he end up with a dried out coochie when white girls mouths are always open to receive a black dick?

  12. Lol. The psychic hotline craze was like the reverse mortgages of today. Seniors eatin it up. Dionne got paid on that shit. Dude got his gigolo on I guess.

    • LMAO!!!! I thought I was the only one who remembered that song! I was just waiting for someone to bring that line up. He had that one song and the video looked like a cheap orgy.

  13. Don Johnson been in so many rehabs. His career got washed up cuz they just couldn’t hide the drug use anymore.
    Melanie Griffith’s mom is Tippi Hedren, so that is why that coke whore can still get some LA Hollyweird props.
    Don Johnson was runnin’ drugs, until he became his own best customer.
    PMT was beautiful, but there really wasn’t a place for him. Back then, if you were black and beautiful, you only had a couple of years. Jews weren’t lettin’ you move into a directing job or behind the camera job. Hell, blacks couldn’t even be a grip on the set


  15. I knew from the pic that this blind was about Phillip Thomas.. He was a dreamboat in the Original Movie Sparkle and he and DJ had every guy wanting to dress the way they did in Miami Vice. That show was hot and they were too.. Yep they had it goin on. I don’t know what happened to PMT’S career but I know he filed suit against the co., that fired him and hired Miss Cleo in his place and won.

  16. Wow that is a crazy Who is Jacky talking about.
    seems like half the guys in hollywood are down low or drug addicts

  17. iF pHILLIP mICHAEL tHOMAS HAD engaged in queer behavior he would have gotten at least a few coon roles.
    They would have at least kept him around to demean him.

    No butt, no roles.

    Dont believe me, ask John Amos

  18. so easy it the guy who played in miami vice he was also in sparkle and roots the next generation.what alot of people didnt know he was apart of this santanic cult back in the days this white woman named jz was some type of occultic which doctor preist who had alot connections in hollywood with high profile actors.she channeled demons for phillip to keep work.this is tru look up jz ramtha on youtube his name pop up.