Who’s Jacky Talking About? – October 26, 2012


Best Blind Items

Today’s blind item seems to have formed a hit list against a group of entertainment’s popular players. That’s because our mystery man turned sour after his former friend and mentor didn’t hold true to his promise of helping our blind item return to the United States. Because our blind item is forced to remain abroad, the very Commander In Chief of this country isn’t his favored Presidential candidate.

Here’s what what our blind item had to say about President Obama:

“For whatever reason President Obama don’t see the benefit that I bring to the African and Latin-American impoverished communities throughout the United States of America.

He doesn’t seem to get the fact that there is nobody more qualified than myself to speak to these kids in an honest way with integrity, that can influence them to change their lives and turn their lives around.

He doesn’t get the fact that I’m the spokesperson to combat the violence in inner cities. But we working on getting that visa, so I should be in the United States in March of 2013, with or without Obama.”

Being a lyricist himself, the success of one machine-made “rapper” – a former Degrassi: The Next Generation actor – only added to our mystery man’s disappointment given his lack of rap skills. That’s why our blind item publicly revolted against the Canadian kid. But the Toronto entertainer doesn’t stand alone on our blind item’s hit list — being followed closely by Kendrick Lamar, who our mystery man recently said is a talented lyricist being represented by disappointing product.

He may claim to be fitting to help inner city kids become the best they can be, but he titled his recently released mixtape “Gangland” – featuring the hit street anthem ‘Meyer Lansky’.

Can you guess who I’m talking about?


    • To think, Kelis may have been Mrs. Jamal Barrows instead of Mrs. Nasir Jones had Shyne never gone to prison.

  1. How could this nucca be a positive force for the kids…didn’t his a** shoot into a crowded club??? And on top of that now all it seems like he does is throw shade people.

    Shyne your dumb a** wanted to play and live hard in those streets and got washed away by the system.

    If you want respect…i suggest you keep your mouth shut, and show/give more mental positivity…each time you kick a back in…you’re the one that wounds up on the floor it seems…

  2. I guess it neva occurred to Shyne to get his game goin’ in his home country. Too thirsty to get back to the U.S. He needs to start his own shit in his own country and build from there.

    But I guess he is wonderin’ why Slick Rick got back in and he couldn’t.

    Different times, mane, different times.

  3. So the dude who shot ppl and went to jail is gon tell ppl not to shoot ppl and go to jail? We got some fucked up logic I swear.

  4. …I’m still trying to figure out why he, of all people, thought he could trust a Grade-A Industry Snake like Puffy? And the same goes to anyone else working with him nowadays–Are these people blind to his long history of screwing his artists over (And, according to some, using Voodoo to do so)?

    Also, the last person anyone should be listening to regarding rap music is a black Belizean Gangsta rapper-turned (Religious) Jew. The world really must be about to end, because shit is beyond crazy right now lol

    • I was told Puffy is Haitian, so that could be where the voodoo comes into play. There are a lot of Haitian artists in the music industry who are not upfront about their Haitian heritage.

  5. FOr those who do not know, Meyer Lansky was THE top godfather of ALL organized crime and he came up with many of the plans to get money and directed the Italians! The media does not like to label him as such because well, you know who owns the media so it is better to keep Italians out front so that they can keep up the religious, being persecuted act.

    Know this in organized crime, Lanksy and his people were at the top and while Italians got paid, Lanksy’s people got paid even more because that had world domination of their minds. Lansky’s people controlled most real estate, stocks, corporations, media, medical, government and all high level stuff. To this day, you can see that Lansky’s people allow the Italians to remain in control of trash hualing, towing, some drugs, some gambling and some docks and construction, but they own everything else – including porn.

    • Speak true!! A lot of people don’t realize how prominent the jewish presence was and still is in organized crime. They control just about everything in hollywood and keep a very low profile as to not arouse suspicion. The myth of the cosa nostra ie the mafia is a smokescreen put in place to keep them in the shadows where they continue to flourish. If you doubt this do or say something anti semitic in hollywood and watch how fast the simon wiesanthal center will come down on you-like the wrath of God!! At least they will stick together which is a lesson our people still have not learned. We still have that I gotta mine mentality and as a result we remain at the back of the bus.

      • Why I love this website instead of mediafakeout the readers show such insight wow thanks for that tea

        • Thanx Josh and Vermithrax.

          The Godfather touched on Jewish control, but didn’t tell the whole story, but hey, Hollywood ain’t gonna be honest about the International Jew (written by Henry Ford) and their Talmudic religion which instructs to hate, use and abuse all.

          The jews always have front folks: blacks for the degradation of culture, italians for mafia and unions, irish for crooked cops, illegal hispanics to keep wages down and the U.S. Military to snatch oil for Israel under the guise of “the war on terror”.

          Don’t believe for a second that the Romans, pigs that they were, acted alone. They were just frontin’ for the pharisees.

          • @ Josh, vermithrax173, and Anonymous…… excellent, intelligent posts. This is the type of information I love reading about on here. Please keep sharing your thoughts and knowledge. I love it when people actually can contribute to a conversation. Thank you all!

      • lansky also helped America during the war. He helped mobilize the American army whilst strategically gaining a strong hold on American shipping ports/ docks mainly within New York. The American Government unwittingly gave Italians control of shipping ports.

        • Not unwittingly at all. The German-Americans, esp. fromthe Eat 80s in New York were sabotaging the shipping ports in New York so the U.S. engaged Lansky to engage the Italians overtake them and they were allowed to use the ports for Mafia activities as long as they stopped the German-Americans. Lansky being an Eastern European jew personally wanted to stop the Germans without the jews being used.

          • Lansky, like most or a great deal of Jews in the US is a RUSSIAN. Makes you wonder who really won the Cold War! Lanksy was also the mobster who had casinos on Cuba of which he DIRECTED the Italians (Trafficanti and Carlos Marcelo) to look after (Jack Ruby of JFK murder fame helped too) and they also had spots in the Bahamas and other places internationally. The Italians were the piss boys, but they had culture and organization so the Jews had to keep them around – and out front.

          • They have had a long association with the Italians, many say the Catholic Church is run by converted “marano” jews. And even before that, the Roman soldiers. Yeshuah was crucified, but at the behest of the jews, but we only remember the Roman soldiers beating and killing him.

            Italians have been in the pockets of the jews for years. And Lansky was in Cuba and probably had Ruby kill Kennedy’s supposed assasin to shut the whole thing down.

  6. Shyne turned into a hater. He is desperate to return to the only country where he can be relevant. For those Canadaians who keep lying saying that the US is not the place to be, this shows how much people need the US to get on.

    Shyne has to come to terms with the fact that he only got on because he filled a Biggie void at Bady Boy and he sounded like him. That was all he was good for. Mentally ill, ego-maniacs like Diddy only care about their well-being, not some dude they just met and are only using. Shyne’s mistake was trying to be hood and prove loyalty to a guy who is only concerned about himself and his ego.

    Shyne is banned from Anglo countries (Canada, UK, US and I think Australia) and all of these countries have something in common. These places are of the biggest markets which a Bay Boy squad would frequent for promos and money making opportunites. Am I the only one thinking that Diddy may have cut a deal to suggest that Shyne get banned from these countries because Diddy feels that Shyne may want revenge? That is my feeling. When you know you did someone wrong, you expect them to come see you.

    • ^^{sic}”Canadaians who keep lying saying that the US is not the place to be”

      Please! Then I wish people would stop sneaking and coming over here.. It’s getting to be crowded up in here! just sayin’

  7. shyne’s through.

    all these rap or music ceo’s are priests of satan.

    they sacrifice careers by having most acts go broke, or sent to jail or other mishaps,

    puff’s the star of bad boy he’s not gonna let nobosdy else get above him.

    snoop lying’s fake rasta azz has a label and who was the last new current act he put out.

    same as nelly wack azz label and nobody’s coming out.

    • Yeah, I definitely agree that these (black) label heads, just like their white counterparts, are little more than well-paid pawns of the Council of 13 with more than a little blood on their hands. It’s the nature of the business. They just better hope it was worth it in the end when it’s time for those debts to be repaid.

      LOL@Doggystyle Records–ALL them artists got screwed over (And no, I’m not laughing at their situation, as he had some real talent on there [LaToiya Williams immediately comes to mind], but damn, Snoop). Didn’t one of the Eastsidaz get locked up some years back, too?

      As for Bad Boys’ artists’ situations, we all know they speak for themselves at this point, to the point that Shyne turned to religion just like Ma$e and Loon did (Even if the both of them supposedly used religion for ill-advived come-ups). And regarding Nelly’s label, it’s not exactly 2000-2005 for him anymore, so I’m not surprised his artists aren’t exactly at the top of the charts now.

      • tray dee yes for attempted murder on a rival gang member.

        he tried to woop snoop’s azz for robbing him from millions of dollars of royalties trAy dee went to snoop’s house to confront him but snoop had his bodyguards handle it by having them shoot tray dee off his property.

        we all know snoop’s not as tough as he portray.

        latoiya williams was good snoop has her album on hold to this day she’s still a backup singer on dogghouse and dating snoop’s loser cousin soopafly they hAVE NOWHRERE ELSE TO GO AND HAS TO SETTLE FOR PEANUTS SNOOP THROWS AT THEM SAME WITH GOLDIE LOC HE LEFT DISSED SNOOP AND CAME BACK CAUSE HE HAS NOWHERE ELSE TO GO.


        nelly sacrificed his half brother city spud long ago city spud did 10 years in jail and nelly’s first album country grammar blew up.

        nelly lost his cousin tega who was on his lABEL TO SENSELESS STREET VIOLENCE.


      • Raheim, I love you. You mentioned the Council of 13. So I know you know who John Todd is. People have NO clue who controls what they read, watch on tv and in films, and listen to musically.

        The music industry uses music to send their evil messages of hatred and self destruction. The par of music is what signifies occult music, not the words. The lyrical content is what is significant in Christian music. Music is a spell and every witch knows it. The music that is most full of spells is none other than rock music. I’d love if someone would be courageous enough to discuss rap music and what aspect(s) of rap music contains the spells that the devil uses to control the rap music audience.

        If people are interested in learning more about the illuminati and their plans for the world, read the Atlas Shrug. The first 200 pages can be glossed over. Once you get to the 8th of 9th chapter, the illuminati’s plans become revelations.

        Their ultimate goal is to bankrupt the world so they can turn around and “fix” the issues that will then plague us. All they’ll be doing is acquiring the little they don’t own, so NOTHING will belong to anyone who is not in the illuminati. People are clueless as to where their money goes. The Rothschilds, Dows, DuPonts and the Kennedys own everything. Even the Federal Reserve is a stockholder owned company, which is illegal. It goes against the U.S. Constitution.

        • Amen and Co-sign!! I especially dislike Tyler the Creator and that entire Odd Future nonsense…drug use, suicide,etc. It’s disgusting the way these industry pedophiles use these young, dumb kids to do their dirty work

  8. Sorry I got tracked by josh’s comment-we were talking about shyne right? Yeah he’s straight ass!! Him and the game need to just go away-far,far away.

  9. Thats what money,greed, pride, envy, jealousy, power, control issues, all about self and fuck about the next man will do to u.

  10. Picture this.. Shyne gets into the US, two weeks later in the news…. Puffy chokes on a glass of nasty azz Ciroc with cut up glass in it. i know its sick, but im just sayin

  11. Beanie Siegel is named after a street in south Philly. Name two Shyne songs…….he stinks. The only reason he got put on is that he sounded like Biggie(the tone of his voice). He is a cornball in every sense of the word.

  12. The chanting is the new demonic element in hip hop. Run This Town, Whoop That Trick, and er thang Drake makes. The energy is in millions reciting ther lines over and over in a trance like state.

    • Hence bammas in Paris being repeated over and over again…puting the crowd in a nice sweet demonic trance during watch the throne…ps the only Canadians rushing to the US..are the ones programmed by media continued by who?..I moved back to Canada from Washington DC Sept 10th 2001…nice place to visit but…

  13. Anybody see the new X Factor commercial that OUTS LA Reid as a switch hitter? Jacky tried to tell yall. Just saw it 2 minutes ago.

  14. It Shyne I respect this site because after the tea engaging begins Jews powerful because we are spiritual beings when religion was put into play Jesus has amother and father and siblings .People will hurt you because a lie feels better than total truth

  15. When we talk about sacrifice for monetary gain that’s what comes to mind. He was put in a place of god. He’s not. Not just the music churches mos other place of dogmatic existences. Hollywood big one.

  16. Puffy ruined shyne and yes im sure puff planned it, in fear of some kinf of retaliation. If didy wanted shyne in Brooklyn tomorrow he be there.

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