Who’s Jacky Talking About? – Valentines Day 2014



Before she became a Housewife, she was working that stripper pole. That’s not exactly something she hides — but this Peach is far from bold about being into ladies. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Dwight Eubanks.

When she and her other half left their southern city to head west.. we’re told they let loose! Know why? Our tipster tells us not only is that where she picked up her Hollywood ‘stay trim’ [cocaine] diet, the couple also jumped on the city’s secret swingin’ bandwagon! Ask Kim Kardashian.

That’s when she quickly found out just how much floss’in in Hollywood and ballin’ in the ATL differs in dollars! With both shows now cancelled, sources say she’s behind on the mortgage and tax payments for her California crib.

Our blind item believed — like Kim Zolciak — her wedding would have led Bravo to give her a spin-off show. That didn’t happen. Insiders say .. when it comes to Kim she’s green with envy. Know why? Because she lives in a house she always dreamed about and calls an NFL player her hubby. This while her dude is “a broke, Viagra-poppin’ queen.”

Now, can you guess who I’m talking about?


    • I have always been team NeNe! She is starting to smell herself! She is all of a sudden on a different level than her counterparts! Yeah right NENE! WHat I don’t understand is why when people arrive to a level of success they forget the bottom bitches they once were. That just escapes my level of understanding. She is so the bomb.com now and I think not. NeNe stay humble and don’t forget from whence you came! YEAH YOU STARTED THE FIASCO WITH KENDRA AT THE SLUMBER PARTY HOW DARE YOU BLAMD KENDRA FOR GETTING uP. I BELIEVE CHRISTOPHER WILLIAMS GOT UP FIRST SO WHY DIDN”T YOU CHARGE HIM UP

      • I don’t understand the gold digging phenomenon that is Kim. She doesn’t look like anything …and yet she could school the kumtrashians on how to land a man with money. She even got this dumb country bumpkin who wifed her to adopt both her kids from previous cats. I ain’t mad at her, I’m just confused.Her poonany must shoot fireworks, I ll never figure it out.

  1. I have never watched RHOA.
    Stopped watching Basketball Wives and Love and Hip Hop.
    Can not find the “reality” in these shows.

    • no reality in fakeness they are married to stars fakeness they married these guys for the name and image thats the reality.

      its all an illusion superhead said this herself do not fall for the illusion.

  2. Ne Ne seem to be very sexually frustrated this season. She’s not getting any. The way she was prancing during the pillow talk and the way she told Porsha I know you want you some. Also she’s going in on Porsha for not being a good friend with all honesty she just looking for some cute,young chick, to kick it with to lure in men or to set out. All indicators that she’s not getting any play in the bed room. I can see right through her it’s crystal clear this season.

    • I agree, that whole pillow talk party had Nene looking crazy, I was thinking that she is trying to train Porsha, by calling her a bad friend.
      but Porsha isn’t crazy. Porsha left that party when things got outta hand. I had been thinking Nene was bisexual ever since she created New Normal and remarried Greg, cause they don’t look like there is any intimacy between the two. even Wendy Williams pointed out that those two aren’t having sex. I just read that Nene is threatening to leave if they don’t get rid of Kenya, the same way she got Sheree off the show. Nene is a mess.

  3. I do think NeNe is jealous of Kim. She’s the type that throws shade at everyone who is doing better than herself

    • Bingo! Nene is the king crab in the barrel. I’ve never seen her be happy for a cast mate who has done better than she. She only befriends people she sees as beneath her. I don’t like Porsha, but I hope Porsha steers clear of Nene.

  4. I saw these two broke and tired ass negroes at the Atlanta airport.
    They looked run through and this was in a Monday afternoon around four thirty.
    So sad. But as the jhews say out money is liquid money. It runs through our fingers like water.

    • The “jhews” however the hell they are, don’t know isht about me or my money. The stereotypes in here really need to quit.

      • You know who the Jews are. And it is true. We are the only people with no real assets. No land or resources. Why? Because of people like you that think on an individual level. You are apart of We. Know this. We don’t stick together. Smh.

  5. Cocaine diet? She needs to get back on that diet because she’s looks like a black Big Bird. And she’s always bragging like she’s ballin’ out of control. She had better get another Hollywood job soon or another bankruptcy will be in the works.

  6. Nene was the reason I stopped watching RHOA. Just couldn’t stand how loud and offensive she was and probably still is.

    The swinging part, I do believe she has been “Hollywood Swinging” That is how she got put on. I heard about her coke problem as well. In Hollywood they will try you for a while and then get tired of you and then go on to the next.

  7. yea neenee is over the top she done lost it really….i cant watch her anymore bravo needs to replace her heard she got erybody fired anyway

  8. Nene and Greg definitely have an open marriage is the truth. She f*cks rich men and get money and gifts. The hoodrat is all about money and thinking she is a star. There are so many people that know the truth, but personally Nene is just a bitch trying to eat….LOL! You cannot hate her come up, but she is looking stupid on RHOA and Kenya looking to dethrone Nene…fight bitches

  9. Nene is a former stripper. Nearly all strippers and hookers (same thing for those in the know) are lesbians/bi. They’re play for pay. If they can catch a ballin dude to pay their bills, they’re with him. If they find a chick willing to hold them down then it is on and poppin. I don’t think Hollywood got anything to do with Nene’s alleged drug abuse. I’ve long suspected she’s a drug user, an alchy or both.

  10. Falling behind on california mortgage? Now that’s a lie, NeNe never bought a house in Cali, the home she was staying in was leased, so there is no way she could be behind on a mortgage that does not exist or property taxes on a home she does not own.

    • She could be behind on her rent payments. Moat of those Cali mansions cost thousands per month, perhaps ok when you are on two tv shows, not so ok when you are on regular folks money. IJS

      • I know producers who were at the top of the Hollywood food chain for years who defaulted on $10k/month mortgage payments several years ago. Most actors, especially new ones, don’t make money to support the lifestyle Nene purports to live.

  11. Team Nene, without her there would not be a RHOA. I admire her focus and determination she gets the job done, a success story in its truest form. If she were like your neighbor next door, you would not watch the show. Nothing but applauds and standing ovation over here for Mrs. Nene Leakes. You go Girl!

    • I don’t know why people say this. W out Nene people would tune in to watch Kenya or Kandy. Nene is not that interesting and I have never been a fan of hers. Her loud, braying donkey of a voice is a turn off. As is her chalk white weave. And her nasty ass attitude does show , you know. To me she will always be an over the hill hooker looking for a come up

    • I don’t think so..the tides have changed for sure,and i don;t think folks are feeling Nene like they were last season..

  12. Trying to keep up w/these Whites in Hollyweird are destroying our people!!!….That’s why Porsha Stewart should run for the hills….It was sooo telling when Porsha dipped after the fighting b/c she said she saw demons in their faces. That should be her red flag & its also why they want her off the show b/c she is too wholesome, she talks about Jesus & be rebuking them black devils too!!…Porsha runnnn b/c in 10 years u’ll be just like NeNE.

  13. Nene trying to be white sooo bad…That’s why she was going after Kim so hard b/c she wants that white skin & blonde hair….She let them Hollyweird freaks turn her inside out, remeber she was on one of the most f*ggoty azz shows I ever seen, two men kissing on the beach getting married & her big azz sitting there smiling. NeNe KNOWS what she doing promoting gays, she knows she have to b/c she BOULE’ now. Which is also why they trying to get Porsha in, b/c they all freemasons on RHOA & they tryna get Porsha down w/Lucifer….NeNe soul is leaving her & you can see it all in her face….Welcome To Hollyweird!!!

    • Also Kandi Buruss showed that demon she got inside her on that recent episode….She looked like that demon came peering out, wearing that red azz wig & shit….Todd better run his azz away too cause Kandi is demonic as hell & you already KNOW she gave her last dude up as blood sacrifice, which is why she was sayin she was celibate b/c she didnt want to get close to anyone else….Bitch is probably the biggest demon on the show, which is why her & Phaedra are so close, two big booty DEMONS…Even Kandi’s voice changed, she got that high demon in her, REALTALK….

      • & Todd is another Freemason booty boy too….he stay layin up w/them f*ggoty black dudes over at BET, Todd probably got turned out by Stephen Hill & Co over at Booty Busters BET…Two peas in the pod Kandi & Todd….both turned the f*ck out….ask Apollo, he’s another one…he probably done got w/ Kenya’s gay on the DL cause why would you go off on him like that???….HATE CRIME!!!…Remember first season Phaedra was on there & they were gossiping about how APollo knew that f*g Lawrence????

        • Cynthia & Peter are in that “Eyes Wide Shut” shit too…The next episode of RHOA they showing you PANDORA”S BOX!!!….masks & everything!! & you sill black folks don’t even know what you looking at!…They are showing you what’s really at hand, that Hollyweird for ya & they are showing you all them black hens are illuminati Freemason Boule’ clowns…ask MK-Ultra Kenya Moore.

          • For all of you people who fan the flames of illuminati, mk ultras, free masons, new world order, and the boule, I feel sorry for you. These individuals have no more power than YOU give them in your life.

            Secret societies have been around since human kind have been around. People who practice evil, sexual deviancy, and power games have been around since human kind has been around.

            But there is one, and only one, more powerful than all of these put together and that is the Living God. And he says:

            “Do not call conspiracy everything this people calls a conspiracy; do not fear what they fear, and do not dread it. The LORD Almighty is the one you are to regard as holy, he is the one you are to fear, he is the one you are to dread” (Isaiah 8:12-13)

            And one better:

            The “fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom” (Prov 9:10, Psalm 111:10)

            MOST of the people in secret societies, the masons, etc. are not famous. They’re not in Hollywood. They’re right next door to you. They go to your church. They’re your doctor or your dentist. Their kids are friends with your kids and you don’t even know it. Yet you seem oblivious to that while engaging in a virtual witch hunt aimed at celebs.

            Now y’all are throwing Kandi, Todd, Nene, Cynthia, and Peter in the mix. No doubt these people are ambitious. No doubt they all have pasts. But I truly wonder if some of you people truly believe the the things you write? Some of you seemed fixated on hidden agendas and that is an indicator of some mental issues.

            For example: Kandi gave her fiance up as a blood sacrifice? Really? What proof do you have that this is true? I am a Doubting Thomas. I don’t believe ANYTHING unless there is some proof. So, let’s see some proof about some of this stuff you constantly post about boule, mk ultra, etc.

            I think there is a lot more dirt, hedonism, paganism, and even satanic involvement in Hollywood and the entertainment industry than I ever want to know about. At the same time these conspiracy theories and constant accusations of people being and doing DREADFUL things (like having people murdered) have gone too far. So, show us some proof. I’m willing to settle for even some LOGICAL rationale. Kandi was paid BEFORE she got on the RHOA. So what is her motivation for having her fiance murdered? We’ve heard she’s slept around. Okay. But does that make her a murderer? Lots of people sleep around. Doesn’t mean they’d ever have someone killed.

            It is time to lay these conspiracy theories down and start using common sense.





              THESE CELEBS USE SATAnic symbols in music, videos and album covers or these days cd covers but the evidence is there or is it all for the money like most claim.

            • Common sense should tell you that these secret groups are real. Don’t you see their signs everywhere? And look at the Bildeberg group and the Bohemian Grove and the members who frequent it. This people are completely evil and completely capable of committing murder in the form of sacrafices. Instead of belittling us for being aware of it concentrate your viterol on those who commit these heinous acts

            • @ anonymous 7:47

              Not up on my Bible, but I seem to remember something bout The Devil being a Fallen Angel, Cast down by God and GIVEN DOMINION OVER THE EARTH.

              Well, there R folks that believe that the Devil is God of the Earth and they worship Him by giving over there Souls for fame and fortune.

              By the way the hidden and overt agenda R being played out, (Gays, being a Whore and getting pissed on 4 all to see, Black Males wearing Dresses, Madea, Oprah, Miley Cyrus devil horns and Twerking, Whore Beyonce, etc)HOW CAN U NOT SEE WHAT’S REALLY GOING ON????


            • You are contradicting yourself….first you say its just “conspiracy theory”, then you say that masons live next door, etc…This is the reality of our world & the bible verse you missed is the “Spiritual Wickedness in High Places”= Freemasons….& Yes, blood sacrifice is a ritual within Freemasonry…ask J-Hud & Tracy MArtin, who is a Freemason…WAKE UP!!..Or maybe you are an agent or too blinded by your “IDols”

            • Do you think TUPAC lied about what he experienced in
              the entertainment industry. Its you, not the responders to this article that show signs of mental illness.

            • As a person who ACTUALLY lives in LA ,works in the industry and knows people involved in secret societies of all levels- I can def say that living and being so close to it you are able to recognize that there are wayyyy to many coincidences. AMEN that the readers of this site have chosen to stay awake to this fact and refuse to sleep on it. It’s easy to dismiss and point fingers when you don’t know what’s really going on. Open your mind, anonymous one and WAKE the HELL up!!!

            • She talks about demons and jesus , but make no mistake about it..Porsha is desperate to stay on this show and remain relevant for sure.

    • Please. Nene is NOT “Boule”, nor will she ever be affiliated with the Boule. Do some research and stop throwing the term around and disrespecting something that you know nothing about.

      • AMEN!!!

        Have you ever been to a Boule ball? Quite popular. It’s not that damn deep.

        It’s like niggas want to be afraid of something. I just can’t anymore.

        Y’all give Masons more power than they really have.

        And if you know an Alpha, AKA, Iota–any black Greek member, you need to run because they’re roots are in the Masonic and Eastern Star orders. But I guess that’s too close to home.

        Niggas … As a matter of fact, y’all don’t deserve to be called niggas. I’m going to call you slaves. Yes, slaves.

  14. I totally agree @ChopSuey. They all Gay or Bi. You have too, it’s thee only way to b apart of HollyWeird…SMH

  15. Nene swinging? I thought bestiality was illegal being that she looks like a moose wearing a dead blonde skunk on her head. I thought coke keeps you slim but she is still a thick linebacker. I think she hates on Kenya because she wants to smash her and steal her beauty as a finisher. Who’d want to swing with Greg? He looks like he smells and his breath reeks of gingivitis shrouded by those veneers.

    • Nene has coke bloat — the other side of coke use. I used to think it made every b!tch who used it skinny and cute. Sadly, it doesn’t. Lol

  16. I want to know why Andy Cohen lost his post at Bravo. I honestly believe a lot of it has to do with the RH franchise, quite possibly all of the sh!t swirling around RHOA. The public is always the last to learn.

    • I don’t think so. People are saying Andy has been very messy at Bravo and is not well liked. Allegedly he’s done a lot of backstabbing to get where he is and he’s rubbed some power players the wrong way.

  17. All I know is, that Nene is surrounded by gayness. Gay Atlanta, Gay Andy Cohen, Gay New Normal, Gay Glee, Gay Ryan Murphy. Just gay all day!

  18. if these people would’nt promote the gay agenda these things would’nt be said.

    you don’t wanna be called gay or les do not make yourself a target for gays and lesbians and the world to judge you as one.

    nene and the rhoa cast has had gays and drag shows on there.

    tyra banks surrounds herself with a whole gay crew.




  19. Im not afraid of the devil. You niggas act like the devil really has some power over you. The devil aint shit.
    Fuck the devil and the devils momma.

    • Do you remember the story of the angel of God that struggled for days to deliver Gods word but he was thwarted by the demon that fought to keep him from being able to pass? Fear only God but have no illusion that evil is real

      • Anonymous 09:12 – Please KNOW the bible story you’re claiming to quote, otherwise you look trifilin’. If you can’t remember it, You’re Already Online – Look It Up! That’s like trying to talk about music someone recorded without knowing the name of the track or who the artist was. This is God’s word you’re dealing with – handle it accordingly.

        The bible story you were referencing is from the book of Daniel, describing how an angel appeared to him:

        Daniel chapter 10

        “12. Then said he unto me, Fear not, Daniel: for from the first day that thou didst set thine heart to understand, and to chasten thyself before thy God, thy words were heard, and I am come for thy words.
        13. But the prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me one and twenty days: but, lo, Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me; and I remained there with the kings of Persia.
        14. Now I am come to make thee understand what shall befall thy people in the latter days: for yet the vision is for many days.”

        The Persian prince was a powerful demon who battled with the angel for 3 weeks, until the archangel Michael jumped in & helped the angel defeat the demon.

        And ANON 8:12 — if you think you’re so big & bad that Satan has no power over you, then the devil’s already got you beat.

        • Get bent, you judgemental little bitch. I was not talking to you. I never talk to you because 1) I am a B A fan, 2) I dislike your holier than thou posturing and your cheap insistence that you are a biblical authority and therefore better than everyone else. In fact, I despise you and your ass kissy commentary to other posters and your hate laced attacked on others. Fuck off . Because being a miserable preachy cunt makes you look trifflin too. Bitch

          • Btw, real dint, everyone knows the Prince of Persia story. Just because I do t run around pulling random online quotes, don’t ever think you are better than me…or anyone else on here. You act like the uber Christian…except look how nasty your mouth is and you are constantly swearing. That’s why I don’t mind responding in like fashion. Do you know a few weeks ago when u pulled your mini fake disappearing act, people were rejoicing.? So stay in your own lane trick. I wasn’t coming for you so don’t come at me.

          • Riiiight, Anonymous — you say I’m “a miserable preachy cunt”, yet you’re obviously Reading Every Word I Post, even when I’m not talking to you. CLEARLY, YOU’VE BECOME MY #1 STAN OR YOU WOULDN’T BE READING ANYTHING I HAVE TO SAY!! Ignorant niggers like you always get pissed off hen someone speaks the truth & you can’t refute their claims or drive them away. Hate on me all you want — I ain’t skeered!

            And I never claimed to be better than anyone else or an bible authority. God is the authority — I just know His scriptures & how to rightly divide the Word. And I’m not gonna stand idly by when folks like you or Bitch Ass misuse the scriptures. But the demons inside YOU will always get pissed off when they see God’s truth being presented — that’s what demons do.

            As for my mouth, I’m polite to those who are polite to me. You & your bitch BA have filthy mouths when you want to. My profanity is certainly no worse than yours. And I’m under no obligation to talk nice to demons. Don’t like my language? Don’t read my posts.

            But clearly, what I say is getting under your skin Becuz Ya Keep Reading My Posts #Winning!:)

  20. And I got something for all y’all

    Masons aint that high enough for the conspiracy stuff.

    That is for the Shriners, the real-high-level Masons.

    • You obviously know nothing while you busy trying to call others out.

      Niggas watch a youtube video and think they know it all. Silly.

      Talk about devil worshippers while “Jesus” was in various orders and secret societies, the stuff the Masonic order and other groups are based off of.

      You know what would be nice? If negroes would stop being scarred and actually STUDY!!! STUDY and do their own f*cking RESEARCH!!!

      All the stuff you slam is basef off black people’s history anyway!

      Read a f*cking book and ask some real as questions!

  21. jealous of that dirtbag kim? heard things arent going so great with her housing situation. and plus that poor dumb idiot she simped/tricked into marrying her, hell wind up leaving soon or shell leave him when his already lame career runs dry along with the money. BIG POPPA!

  22. yes, I miss Sheree ( cant believe I said that) and Wig! This is for sure Nene and Greg in the blind. Her attitude had already changed but once she started in on the powder, she is unbearable.

  23. What the hell for? lol I THINK NOT.. They had their time.. their drama ran its course..NEXT..They need to get id of all of them and start from scratch..with actual REAL HOUSEWIVES..

  24. Ne Ne got a big head now but those white people will show her who is in charge. Andy Cohen bids off her for now.


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