Who’s To Blame For Kevin Terry’s Sex Tape Scandal, Him Or The Leak?


Gospel's Kevin Terry Exposed Gay Sex Sessions

“I need as much mercy with my struggles in life as much as you need for YOURS!!!!!” ~ Kevin Terry

HSK Exclusive – If they didn’t know of Kevin Terry before, members of the gay community definitely know him now … all thanks to the gospel singer’s ex-boo, who sources say is “a messy queen who didn’t get her way and said ‘bitch I’ll show you.

Sebastian Bonet — a gay community spokesperson from — took to social media with this message to the leaker:

“You know this young man has a professional career within this particular genre of music, and you know what the hypocrisy can be with our so-called Saints and our so-called Christians. I think its deplorable, to affect this person’s livelihood, to affect their reputation.”

Here’s what Kevin Terry recently posted to FB, after the leak:

“Any form of (agreement) supporting malicious intended attacks cannot stand against a Believer who has a revelation of the power of speaking the scriptures.”

Now, gay community members are weighing in on the issue saying though Kevin Terry is far from being the only gay dude within the Christian community, because he’s in the spotlight, he should have remained cautious.

“The bigger issue is that the tape was released because there are gay people in the industry of Gospel music, and within the Church itself.”

Here’s what a source had to say:

“I’m very sexual, I’m very out, I’m very open about my gay sexuality. I am not hiding in anyone’s closet, unless it’s Chanel. I have all kinds of tapes of me doing all kinds of ungodly and unholy things, but trust and believe I have the only copy!”



  1. So when Yeshua comes back and we all have to be judged do you really think any one is going to be ready…

    Wow! People are funny. Cause we’re going to die. Thats the problem with everyone today they think that the sins they do are fine cause they ask for forgiveness, but the problem is that you dummies keep sinning…

    Yeshua, was of the kingdom…He wasn’t apart of this world.

    Its funny people want to live their lives their way own way, YET they expect to make it to heaven????

    Satan has the masses fooled.

  2. The devil stay collecting souls by the milisecond bwooyy.. thats why i dont go church…just full of fake phoney gay azz paedophilic soulless specimens…no time for that

  3. Oh, so now the gay community believes that people shouldn’t be outed, BUT, people should come out.

    GTFOH. This just proves homosexuality is of confusion. Gay boys always parade around like they know and have the answer to everything because they fool around in the booty hole and suck dick, but guess what, the more the gay boys are exposed, the more we see just how fucked up they are.

    I don’t feel sorry for this gay pastor. Fuck him. He is part of the demonology affecting our people. I see no difference between him and a drug dealer.

    • THANK YOU! THese gays are getting wreckless and unrealistic with all these queen’d out demands they have.

      • Whether you agree, disagree or are neutral in gay’s fight for equal rights and freedom from discrimination, I think it is very obvious that they as a community wield more power at this time than any other minority group.

    • I agree, no1 can serve two masters at the same time, is either he lives by the Bible or go parade with the demons, he is a hypocrite talking bout only God can judge but the lord no only judges us he punishes too, he should be ashamed of himself but the thing nowadays is sum ppl glorify gays, he is nasty. no man should never nibble on a next mans cock. I wonder which God is he praying to???

  4. What is funny to me is how gay mufukas try to twist the bible.

    If you BELIEVE IN THE CHRISTIAN BIBLE, it clearly states how GOD destroyed cities. Clearly states how WRONG The Lord felt homosexuality is.

    WTF is wrong with these folks? Christianity the RELIGION is in NO WAY IN FAVOR OF HOMOSEXUALITY.

    Why can’t GAY mufukas accept that shit? WTF?

    It’s not about judging gays. If they are trying to be Christlike in their lifestyle, where does GAY fit in that?

    Please spare me “one sin aint worse than the other.” Already know that …but if you living Christlike, ACKNOWLEDGE it for all sins, not just when it’s convenient for YOU GAYS to throw it up when someone calls you out on your UNNATURAL sexual preference.

    Now you sinners and folks following other types of religions (although I dont know of ANY mainstream religion that fully accepts homosexuality)..DO YOU. If you are trying to be Christian, livng by the CHRISTIAN bible..then your beliefs are FLAWED if you think being gay is OK with God.

    • What the fuck is a christian?The bible deals with Laws,Statutes,and commandments not dumb ass religion.The word Religion derives from a Greek/Latin term which means to Seperate and Divide.Foh!

      • That’s in the bible I read.
        I know many gay people & love them dearly, however, I never forget what’s written about how God’s opinion of their life.

    • Funny lol…. opinions are just like assholes everybody has one! I understand the context of the bible but a man wrote it and it has been changed over time, made to fit societies agenda to contain a certain way of life. I dont doubt that some things are true but when it comes to being Gay. i honestly dont beleive that people choose to be gay. I have a family member “from the time he could walk and talk was feminine and had no outside influences. he was not raped nor was he fondled by a man he was born that way” just like people believe they were born in the wrong bodies they feel as thought they were meant to be the opposite sex. However not taking away from the fact that some do “choose” that lifestyle but not all people do. Does god love them any less i dont think so. He wouldnt allow and create people with diversity if it wasnt meant to be

    • This nigga basically said keep comeing to hear me preach and give me some money by buying my album….

      “DAMM SHAWTTY” that nigga ain’t no rookie at sucking pipe lmao

  5. This is just too damned rich. LOL. Here we have a gay who thought he was getting over on God and God’s people. God said all things done in darkness shall come to light, Mr. Terry. Especially when the Nigga whose d*ck you slurping on like a tootsie roll has a smartphone that records video in high def. LOL. Now here comes the gay brigade talking shit about “so-called Christians” and “hypocrites” and they’re the ones disobeying God and laying up with men doing unholy and unnatural things and calling it LOVE when God, who is LOVE, said these things are detestable, an abomination, and a sin against Him and one’s own body and soul. Ain’t this just like the devil? Even when he’s caught in his own dirt he still sitting up with a mouthful of lies (and apparently penis) and a heart full of pride accusing the people of God. LMAO. This disgraceful, vile, disgusting individual has the nerve to come out slinging mud when he’s been outed by HIS OWN KIND. And then he sends the gay brigade out to shame and chastise Christians about their sins. Ummm…shouldn’t you remove that big d*ck from your own mouth before worrying about the speck of wood in your “brother’s” eye, Mr. Terry? Notice how Mr. Bonet said that it is a shame that Mr. Terry’s “LIVELIHOOD” is being affected by this. What man whose very soul is dangling so close to hell fire that his toes are scorched has the gall to worry about money when he has sinned and deceived others misusing the name of the Most High. These are amazing times we’re living in folks. For those TRUE believers who truly believe in Jehova God, Jesus, and the Holy Bible please stand strong. Don’t let Satan or any of his minions here on Earth deceive you about what is right and wrong and who is a Christian and who is not. Don’t allow these lost souls to make you feel ashamed of what you know to be true or to make you feel sorry, guilty, embarrassed, ashamed or anything else about believing God. When they lob that shit at you hit them with the Word and keep it pushing. Stand firm. Be strong and don’t fall for it.

    ***To all of you religious “scholars” who love to run up on here and tell people that they don’t know the God they serve or that they’ve been deceived by the white man–take that shit to Youtube where it belongs. Save it. I’ve heard it all before. I studied all the major world religions in college and have explored pretty much all of them personally.***
    I will NOT be moved, shouted down, or discouraged by your disbelief.

    • And the doors of the church are open for new members.
      You preached that thing. I admire your intelligence and I endorse this message.
      A dummy. Kevin was so thrown for the D he allowed buddy to tape him giving top.
      Wait until the dirt road ride comes out.

      BTW, where is Chris?!

      • Poor Josh…he has become sort of a one issue poster. But at least he is passionate about his beliefs.

    • Amen!!! You nailed that to a T! I have gay family members and my bestfriend came out as lesbian years ago. I love her as my friend and just pray that she will humbler herself before God and surrender her lifestyle, asking God for deliverance. Truth be told, we all need to be delivered from something. I pray this young man finds his way and maybe he will if more people speak the truth to him like you just did and stop letting him and others like him act like they are victims instead of the sinners they are. To God be the glory!

    • All the whitemans colleges does is put you in debt for the rest of your life,teach you black history whitewashed,and train you to be a Subservient mental Slave.When will black people learn that Yts are the enemy.

    • @Anonymous 10:20

      As the old folks say…That’s the stomp-down truth and I’m here for it and standing in agreement.

    • Anonymous(1),

      I have so much to say to you about your post but I can’t fight the auto refresh issue.

      Let me just say…


      I’m very pleased & proud of you for not sugarcoating any of it. Let the naysayers say whatever. You told it right!

  6. there are messy queens in the homo and hetero community. these low level attention seeking idiots should be thrown in jail.

  7. these pastors wanna phukk you, your wife and yopur kids these days.

    well when you worship white jesus you tend to have faggot ass anglo saxon tendacies.

    we nevber call out white pastors who taught enslaved blacks the word and the gospel.

    white pastors in earlier centuries loved to preach holiness while havibng a wife and a black slave woman.

    no different today eddie long should have been locked up guess his bankroll made sure he did’nt get locked up.

    the industry is nothing but sex scandals, drugs, who’s going to rehab or getting ddivorced.

    • I agree Chris, Eddie Long Stroke should have been locked up a long time ago. But, as we know, Money talks and Bull Shyt walks. Not necessarily in that order. LOL

  8. I totally agree with the comments. Since I was a child I’ve noticed how fake most of these so called “church folks” were. I’ve witnessed some women talking about how fiyah their “holy ghost dance” was. Yeah ikr! I went to chruch about a month ago for spiritual healing. Most members were “catching the spirit” and then return to their seats giving high fives to other members or say ish like “Girl u see that?! I was getting my praise on!” I was damn shocked that I vowed not ever step foot in chruch unless it was a funeral or wedding. Ome deacons must’ve read my expression because he put me on blast. That ninja said, “Some of yall sitting here wondering what’s going on. I tell yall what’s going on God is moving this place.” This the same deacon that asks my man “Do you know somebody that buy some loritabs and syrup?” I’ll pass on chruch because I can pray and read the word on my own. At least I don’t have to pay for salvation when it is free.




    • Southern Lady i am not a regular church goer anymore,but not too long ago I made a visit to Creflo Dollar’s megachurch and i got that same feeling.







  11. Church and organized religion is the biggest illusion and deception in the world.Jesus did not come to earth to start a church or be part of organized religion or politics.He came to reveal a new way of life.Satan and his demons are higher beings who are masters of producing illusions that deceive the human mind like Kevin Terry.It`s not the preacher behind the pulpit on sundaY PREACHING TO YOU,iT`S Satan hiding inside the preacher misleading the church.Remember at the Last Supper ,there was Jesus and the 12 Apostles and then the bible brilliantly tries to illuminate and wake up the human race by revealing that Satan was hiding inside Judas Iscariot and misled and guided Judas to betray Jesus.

  12. Jesus came to enlighten the world ,logically explain and illuminate your mind to the truth that you live by possession.All throughout the four gospels Jesus is revealing one of the greatest secrets of life and the universe that every human being on earth is possessed by forces both good and evil.When he performed the miracle of walking on water.Many people praised him and wanted to seize him and make him KING.But he poetically told them that it wasn`t him that walked on the water, it was God inside of him that used his body to perform this miracle.THAT`S POSSESSION.And Satan does the same thing.It`s not Kevin Terry who desires to have sex with men, it`s Satan inside of him putting those misleading thoughts and teasing temptations inside of him.

  13. People have all kinds of strange,bizarre,bad,evil and ugly thoughts.Thoughts to kill,rape,murder,molest,steal,sleep with the same sex.But the strange idiosyncratic and peculiar thoughts that people have are not them.Satan uses your intellect or thoughts and hides in the bushes of your thoughts looking for weakness so that he can tempt you and exploit that weakness and lack of control.Nobody is immune from this or free from it.Even Jesus was tempted in this same way and that`s why he said ,get behind me Satan for you think the thoughts of men and not of God.

    • Deep Peachie. Would write more but this site is “refreshing” too much, esp. when folks be stating the truth!

  14. These comments are terrible.
    You got Jesus, but you sitting up on a gossip site.
    It’s funny that everybody got a “degree” or studied some ish when they online, in real life they are worse then this guy.

    I try not to be judgmental but everything is not the gays fault for real. Everything is not an agenda.People need to stop believing everything they read, especially misinterpretations of the bible.You don’t have a degree in it, your words are null!You are guessing like the rest!

    The hypocrisy of these comments are why Christians are looked at as a joke now. Would it had been any better if he was eating a chick on tape? You people claim to be of god but you come on a gossip site almost everyday to make negative comments.

    I’m not saying I even approve of this guys action but none of us are perfect. That very hate you carry in your heart for homosexuals;is what is going to lead a lot of you to hell! Listening to people spew their own hate filled interpretations of the bible and they are a regular here gets you the major side eye!

    Why should we take the word of so-called straight guys who watches another dude give another guy head?Or are always on the regular wondering where another guy gets his nut? Those aren’t heterosexual actions. Didn’t watch the video, didn’t need to.

    I’m a heterosexual male and i’m praying for this guys recovery. I hope he can get past this and move on with his life.Remember none of us are perfect!

    • I think it is real good for you to pray for him, but people like you scare me because I don’t think folks like you know the difference between having good judgment and being judgmental.

      No one needs to be listening to this fake pastor whose demonic ways will eventually infect his flock.

      Judgement = discernment which is what we are to pray for.

      Judgmental = condemnation which is what we are to avoid.

      Using good judgment: priceless esp. with Pastor Dicksucker like this.

  15. @Ash, well said my friend.you make the most sense so far.these same people being judgemental are the ones that put these pastors on high pedestasl but for what, to then knock them down later? They forget that pastors are only human as are we. to think otherwise is just a set up for disapointment.
    In no way am i defending what he did but im not going to judge him either, thats not my job or anybody elses.
    People kill me, yall act like yall gona be right there sitting on gods lap on judgement day.NOT! Yall gona be right behind this brother waiting your turn.so dont forget that while yall cast your stones.
    Errrrrybody gonna get a turn, so i suggest yall get your stories straight instead of worrying what the next person is doing!

  16. Sexual weakness is one of the worse weaknesses a human being can have and Satan knows it.All throughout the origin of human history,Sodom and Gommorah ,Biblical Flood of Noah`s day, even Adam and Eve when Satan tempted Eve to shake her booty like a hoe to tempt Adam to eat of the fruit, Satan has tempted people who have a lack of control of their sexual urges and impulses.If you have a lack of control ,Satan has the power,right, and expert temptation skills to tease you to give in to your sex urges beyond chaste and forbidden degrees.Kevin Terry should never be preaching to anyone because he has no self-control.If you have control,Satan can`t touch you because control is a quality of God and a requirement to become a competent preacher that is not hypocritical.

    • so if this is true….wouldnt that mean “god” messed UP???? He made humans w/ innate sexual desires….and he KNEW YALL COULNDT CONTROL it….he set “god” set yall up for failure….

      • @Dbrad, I can answer that, No.
        No, God didn’t “mess up ” by giving you control over your desires because he also gives you a word ( his word ) for every situation in your life, so if you allow gods word to guide you, you stand a lot less of a chance of being exposed with a mans penis your mouth, being a pedophile, touching your brothers, sisters, cousin’s, raping, fornicating, lying, cheating, stealing, etc, etc, etc. But don’t take my word for it? Fact check it, read your Bible.
        That’s always a good thing, right?

  17. Chutch Announcement: Appreciation Day for our Minister of Music, Brother DayQuan “Lollipop” Jenkins will be Sunday at 3pm. He is asking everyone to wear lavender or lime green outfits.

  18. Nigga Please! The God you said is the only one to judge you made you a MAN and you mad cause everyone who wants to has seen you gobbling another mans Dick! Nasty Azz Sodomite pervert.

  19. African-Americans know the hurt and pain of discrimination and racism all too well. Yet it surprises me how some of you can so easily turn that hatred towards gay people? In the name of God, no less.

    • Your making too much sense for this forum. It will fall on deaf ears or they are going to attack you.

      This forum is full of homophopes, conspiracy theorists, psuedo intellectuals, and dumb religious phonies.

      Just laugh at them and keep it moving!

    • It is human nature to try to hurt another because of hurt being done to an undeserving person. Think of how children who are abused in their household usually become bullies amongst their peers. #fact In no way am I saying him allowing himself to be recorded was a smart move. BUT. The gay issue will forever be a issue and heavily talked about because it makes “oppressed” people feel better about themselves…”I might do some bad shit, but at least I’m not gay!!!” “atleast I’m fornicating with the opposite gender.” Its pathetic. To think that all the things people do behind closed doors is up for your opinion is a problematic. Why? Because we are all trying to just be happy. Noone is desiring to be sad or depressed. We all want love. We all want peace. Whether you believe that or not. The day when you not look down on another because of a difference is the day you will be FREE.

      • This is the best comment here! I too have always said that black people are obsessed with talking about and putting gays in the front of just about every debate or conversation b/c they want to feel better about being at the bottom of the ladder. In their mind, they believe that I might be black but being gay is worse. The irony is that the gays are more economically and politically advanced, organized and powerful than the pathetic state the black and highly religious community is and will probably ever be!

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