Why is Sanaa Lathan Single at 40?


Sanaa Lathan Still Single

She may have starred in “Love & Basketball”, but that doesn’t mean Saana Lathan has ‘love’ in the basket. Insiders say that’ because the 40-year-old actress is a bossy woman who clearly demands wearing the pants in her relationships — and her men ain’t havin’ it! Don’t believe me.. Ask Steve Rifkind.

Here’s the drop:

“Sanaa’s upbringing made her the way she is now. Sanaa’s father spoiled her to death as a child.

She has an ivy league education, and she’s also known as a BAP, Black American Princess. Sanaa’s single because men can’t take her nasty, controlling ways.”

Sanaa Lathan is going to stay single if she continues to date men who are tricks. Don’t believe me.. Ask Omar Epps.


  1. Omar dated her for four years I believe then went back to his baby momma keisha from the group Total. I was sad for Sanaa but Damn if she treat folks like that I see why he left.Ru

      • true, buuuut she IS still single at 40. She’s beautiful, talented, so you would think someone would marry her. She’s open to white and black, so that should increase her chances of finding Mr. Right.

        where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

        She’s still my fav actress though, lol

        • i know many ppl single in their 40’s just cause they are busy with their careers or just dont want a relationship. she has alot going for her, she’s actually at the peak of her career and has alot of things going for her this yr n next yr, relationships will just hold her back

          • Tat is just a cop out to hide the real reason why she is single. She just can’t keep a man. She was engaged to another man for about 2 years and what happened? There is’t a woman on this planetseialy someone as attractive as Sanna Lathan who wants to be single! If he’s single, it’s because no man is willing or able to deal with her crap. Other xamples are Halle berry and janet jackson.

            • That is just a cop out to hide the real reason why she is single. She just can’t keep a man. She was engaged to another man for about 2 years and what happened? There isn’t a woman on this planet especially someone as attractive as Sanna Lathan who wants to be single! If she’s single, it’s because no man is willing or able to deal with her crap. Other examples are Halle berry and janet jackson.

            • Both Halle and Janet are married so what’s your point!!! Halle is on her 2nd pregnancy…so who are to be judging. People like you are usually the ones to have all kinds of scary skeletons in the closet God only knows what kind of mess your truly dealing with…smh

        • LOL. You’re acting as if a man is the ultimate prize. I can assure you the WRONG man is the ultimate curse. Maybe she is encountering the wrong men and not willing settle and then go on to have a lifetime of misery, just so she isn’t single. Who knows?

          Personally, I would like to hear more about her relationships with women.

      • I think it’s true I heard this many times before that she have control issues…
        And no man wants to be controlled she need to sort her shit quick before she end up like one of her bitter characters like most of her roles in her movies.
        She is beautiful but she need to drop that attitude ….

        • I was single at 40 but I got married at 41. I love my man being the man of the house. Let a man be a man. Your right no man wants to be controlled.

        • Typo… She has a nasty personality. (1st hand experience). Worked with her on several occasions and I have worked with others who have experienced the same.

    • You bitches don’t know shyt!!! Omar dated the bratty bitch and left her ass when he reconnected with the love of his life Keisha. Omar married Keisha and they have been going strong ever since. Sanaa revealed through her actions of what you DO to Lose a Man in a year!!

  2. Good grief, Not all woman want kids and marriage.

    first of all Sanaa’s father Stan lived in LA and she lived in NYC w/her mom and visited her dad who lived in LA most of her life. She was not spoiled she lived a normal middle class life and attended a public high school. Secondly, she was accepted into UC Berkley and Yale because she’s bright. Her father paid for her education, As a father of means should. She was not spoiled. She’s single because she’s aloof and her attitude is stank. Her attitude is undestandable she has always been a little woman. She’s not comfortable just cutting loose.

    • thanks u Kee..she has been known to be very snotty in how she acts..which is why her roles are not that farfetched from her..very easy to play

      • I hated her in that Tyler Perry Movie that had Alfre Woodard, Taraji Henson and Cathy Bates in it. Oooo!!!! She played that snotty bith!!!

        • She played herself in that movie no acting that’s exactly how I precive her spot on…
          Cosign!!! Drop the attitude then she can have kids!

  3. Some women need to know that MEN must feel like they are the leaders in any relationship….Now women don’t get it confused WE really know who wear the pants in our realtionships but there is nothing wrong letting your man thinks its him!!! WE have the final say so!

    • Bullshit…if a woman runs the relationship then its not a real relationship. You don’t respect the man at all. Troubling how black women really think they are in some leadership role. Shut ya damn mouth and stop trying to be a man. And black women wonder why they struggle in the dating game?

      • Just a FYI black women aren’t the only ones that think this way. Many women think this way!! As always black women are the ones with enough back bone to put it out there! Instead of being offended maybe you should make a mental note as we (women) just gave up one of our best kept secrets! But ANY woman will agree that we are ones that run the household whether husband is the bread winner or not. How successful or complete is a family unit w/o the strength of a woman…

        • Wrong again…..go around the Earth and women bow down to men. When a woman runs things it is out of order with nature. Asian women run the house? Latinas for that matter? How about Pacific Islanders? How about Arabs? What about Africans on the whole?…..see what I mean? You’re full of shit!……and screw that BACKBONE garbage. That 90s Terry McMillan shit is played….upgrade and advance please. You only rely on your big ass mouth as some evidence to having a backbone.

          Yeah your backbone the last 50 years has led to ..what?….Nada! Black people are in a worse state than they were in the 50s so you need to stop it.

          Sorry black women but you as well as other races of women aren’t meant to be leaders. Be a good in pocket woman…shut the fuck up and raise the children with some order. YOU ARE LIFE’S GREAT ASSISTANT…..NOW GET OVER IT PUT ON AN APRON AND STOP WEARING PANTS AND OTHER WHORISH CLOTHING

          • Why are you so aggressive on this topic?? The Black woman bashing needs to stop.. Sadly you are not fully educated on the matter or you’re simply just really ignorant! I think you might need to tighten up on your reading skills.. The way you seem to describe the role of women in society is soooooo negative. Makes me wonder if your gay or DL and is mad at that fact that w/o women you cannot procreate and life won’t continue. Of course its our job to assist!! Every maker should assist with the rearing of someone they’ve created! I never stated it was the role of a women to wear the pants neither. I simply said we run the household please tell me where this information is wrong??? In all the cultures that you stated IT IS A WOMENS JOB TO TAKE CARE Of THE HOME AND RUN THE HOUSEHOLD, many of those cultures do not believe in women going to work.. SO their job is to RUN THE HOUSEHOLD.

            Do your research!! Know your history!!

            SN: I also read your comment on the bottom in rt to ’tisme’… “rich elite cracker women’s Feminist movement shit”… is the reason (or part of) for the deterioration of the black family??? Once again I repeat know your history and do your research!!! Historically speaking the deterioration of the black family started waaaaayyyy earlier than that..

            Instead of putting out offensive “Half fast” information…know your history and do your research!!!

            You have interesting ideas(and I’m being sarcastic) but if you really want to hit a home run come with a little bit more info rather than opinion to drive your ideology home. Nothing wrong with oppostion #just make it count!


          • Asian women, Latina women in particular run the house… They LET the man THINK he running s@&$! but they are the ones holding the wallets & cashing those checks! The white,Asian, Spanish women school me on how to handle the biz…. My Caribbean family warn me of being too much like an American..(my man is white..a little head twist turns him on but he is KING in the castle as I am QUEEN BEE). Don’t talk smack is right but don’t be fooled ALL women run the household…anyway only a punk biatch can’t handle a strong women… However truth be told no one wants to be nagged either… The best hustlers out here are the white chicks …kiss your ass “being nice”for a few years than take half or ALL ur s$&/ “turn complete demon” in divorce then(turn cougar) have a young hottie drive ur ride…
            They will drive u to murder…ask Nicole Simpson

    • and that attitude alone,that you displayed in what you said is why the average black woman is not a choice pick to be a wife to any man,hence why we don’t see beautiful black women in hollywood in good roles cause we’re looked upon as aggresive. Your statement alone makes that myth true.

      • Nonsense. You don’t see black women in prime roles in Hollywood due to racism. The very same reason Latino (Barring a few tokens) and Chinese people are not picked for A list top movies. What hate filled foolishness coming from you. Are you black? You should be ashamed of yourself.

      • @Tell em
        No the majority of black men have proven they are NOT a catch to any woman.

        Black men and black women divorce over 70% of the time

        Black men and white women divorce over 80% of the time.

        WOMEN initiate MOST divorces.I think this says a lot about the majority of black men.

        Oh yeah,when black women marry outside their race their marriages last longer than black man/black woman relationships AND black man/white woman relationships AND white man/white woman relationships.

        So there goes your theory that black women are not good wife material for anybody
        You hating ass nig!

        • It shows you have an agenda….black men do not only marry white women when going outside of their ethnic makeup. Notice fellas when black women mention black women dating or marrying outside the race they only talk about white men cuz that’s good ol massa!

          And black women aren’t viewed as marriage material based on the numbers. Lowest on marriage totem pole is black women and this isn’t up for debate.

          Hey let’s talk about successful black women marrying outside the race and how those relationships fared….Dorothy Dandridge,Halle Berry,Diana Ross,to a lesser extent Char Jackson or better yet Etterline Debarge marriage to Bobby Debarge Sr lol…..yeah fuckin successful. Your stats are bogus and a lie.

          The days of the black angry feminazi garbage is over. You got rights and better careers yet can’t sustain meaning relationships with men in general. Every since falling for rich elite cracker women’s Feminist movement shit the black family has all but deterioated…..GOOD JOB INDEPENDENT WOMEN

          • I agree to a limit,but thanks for breaking it down!!! To dumbass above you cause its winches like her who sees men in black & white with bitterness in her heart. What she said is a perfect reason why the average black woman is single. All those black women you named chose wrong cause they have an unhealthy way of choosing men. Ive benn told I like nerdy men by a friend who has kids but none of the men with swag she liked that she had kids by married her & moved on

            • It must pain you to know that black men have to become wealthy to marry a half decent white woman and 9 times out of 10 you will still end up divorced AND she’ll take half your shit.HA dumb ass.

              I have no ill will in my heart towards white women and black men relationships.I sincerely hope that black men continue to increase their numbers of out marriage and relationships because it won’t be black women affected from the negative fall out.

              The proof in this is looking at your rates of divorce and the rates of all the neglected children and abused women that are both black and white.

              White people KNOW now what black women have dealt with for all these years.

              They know because now their daughters are having to deal with it.

              Game is over.No black woman is crying over you not being with a black woman.We have eyes we see the biracial children being taken care of by their single white mothers.

              As far as a femnazi goes white women invented the term feminist,burned their bras fought to get out of their home maker rolls.No one is more of a feminist than white women and yet black men love them just fine.Only goes to prove that black men are racist against black women.But your racism is YOUR issue.You carry that.

              And we black women will continue to watch the fall out of you all going to white women.

              Good luck white and other non black women.
              You’re going to need it.

          • Actually YOU are the lowest on the marriage totem pole.Your slander won’t work here try again.

            Other non black women marry black men in extremely low numbers.

            No these are NOT lies in fact non black women have developed a saying about guys like YOU.

            “Once you go black you become a single parent.”

            There are MORE single black men than there are single black women and this is despite the fact that YOU claim to have so many options.

            “Census numbers show that 73.1 percent of black men between the ages of 25 and 29 have never been married. That is actually higher than the numbers associated with black women.”

            “70.5 percent of black women in the United States had never been married”


            YOU are proving throughout the USA UK and CANADA that you are negligent verbally and physically abusive fathers,husbands and boyfriends to black women & children and non black women & children

            YOU are no good for anyone.

            And to prove what I’m saying I’ll leave you with some stats.

            “The role of gender in interracial divorce dynamics, found in social studies by Jenifer L. Bratter and Rosalind B. King, was highlighted when examining marital instability among Black/White unions.[9] White wife/Black husband marriages show twice the divorce rate of White wife/White husband couples by the 10th year of marriage,[9] whereas Black wife/White husband marriages are 44% less likely to end in divorce than White wife/White husband couples over the same period”


            Notice that black women and white men marriages last?And YOURS to white women don’t.

            • And notice this dumb bitch still only using white people people cuz that’s good ole massa lol…you still don’t get it. Black men date asians,latinas and arabs as well as pac islanders! You only relegate the numbers to white folks which shows who you really worship lmao. See how the bitch goes out her way to defend white man/black woman marriages? You can only hide yourself for so long hahahahahahahaha….Like I sad you black women primarily date white men and not other races because you have an agenda!

              And throwing up census stats shows how dumb you are…as a matter of fact I doubt you are even black becuz only crackas use Census studies as some form of evidence when the Census and other studies have been proven to be misleading! Hahahahahahaha you lose again!

              And those white women who divorce black men still go and date more black men as well as the other races lmao!…black women are single more than anyone.

              Black men not desired? Hahahahahahahaha that’s such a lie. It will never stop for black men…even with all our faults we still the most envied thing on Earth.

              And we talking marriage? Hell black men don’t feel the need in this day and age to get married to you new age wanna be men acting women

      • This is y im sooo glad i dont fuck with black. b_LACK need to jus stick with their own. but b_Lack men ALWAYS try an get with ANY non black. im soo glad i love my Arab men and no other <3

    • I heard she was a lesbian too, at the very least bisexual. The story was she and another chick (I believe another black actress) used to live together but Sanaa would throw out her gf anytime a man showed interest in her. When the flings with the men didn’t work her girl was always waiting for her.

      • I heard the same thing. Regina Hall from Think Like a Man is the woman she was linked with. Those two were hot and heavy for quite some time. Probably still are.

        • If this is true could this be the actual reason she ‘can’t keep a man’? Ummm, maybe cause she doesnt want one. Anyway, the misogyny in this ‘can’t keep a man’ mindset is palpable. Not only is it an outdated concept, its also degrading.

  4. Naw I heard the broad was straight up bipolar that is why it’s hard to deal with her! She acts a little throwed mentally…

    • Yup and really thought Denzel was going to leave his wife for her ass while they were filming that movie “Mississippi Masala” I think. She was messing with Omar and that is the reason why he ended the relationship. She aint nothing but an opportunistic WHORE!!!

          • a “wack” movie that grossed $55,495,563 at the box office???? I bet u cant accomplish shit like that, u know why? Cause u’re too busy wasting ur life on gossip sites tlkin about pl u dont know, get a life yo!

            • The Production Budget was $50 million.
              So it was a flop!
              On the other hand “Think like a man” which has a

    • Yes!!! I heard the samething!!! Everyone on this site is on it, as I spill hot tea on my arm, thinking about something I heard long ago. I Luv this site a place for all of us to vent!!!!!

  5. No matter how stank her attitude is or how much of a boss she might act, it only takes 1 person who can and will put up with her, she just hasn’t met him yet. Next….

  6. Sigh, another group of naive gullible fucks fall for these gossip sites. You cant know someone just from reading or listening to what someone says about them. These ppl are deceiving u for ratings, gosh, unless you know the woman personally you cant assume crap about her. She hasn’t done ANYTHING publicly that can even make anyone assume these stuff about her. She lives a private life and people just try to make up crap about her just because she chooses not to share her personal life. in a magazine she says she’s comfortable being lonely but if the right person comes along, she doesnt mind having a relationship or kids. gosh, get a life ppl, focus on ur life not those of ppl YOU DONT KNOW!

    • yo fool….(Steups)why you trying to tell us how to believe????we here because we want to be….and read and discuss what we want to!!!so dont come on this site and try to preach to us…..preach on another site mr/mrs high and mighty….!!!!we know what the deal is on these type of sites and dont need you to tell us nothing!!!!so just go away to tmz or somewhere!!!

      • u obviously have nothing to do with ur life, sending all ur time saying shit about someone u dont know. I bet ura grown ass person with no life. Leave this to teens like myself smh

      • no she doesnt. wow, do ur research b4 u go spreading crap, I happen to know her brother and rumors about her having a child are false!

  7. I’ve read a lot of things about her: all bad. I’ve never heard anyone say anything nice about her at all.

  8. The rumor years ago was that she had an affair with Denzel. I always wondered if that ruined her reputation in Hollywood. She dated a guy here in Chi-town from the Bears. But the local gossip columns did not have anything favorable to say about her personality.

  9. I find it funny when people label a woman as not being able to keep a man. Maybe the men she met weren’t worth keeping. Maybe she is gay afterall. Goodness to assume that all black men are good is just as dumb as assuming all black men are bad. What makes anyone think that women don’t have the right to choose? She has the right to determine who to spend her time with.

    As for trying to lead her man or boss her man around…. A woman should always know her place as the co-pilot and not the pilot. However, if the man on the scene is not pilot material, doesn’t she have the right to cut her losses and leave? Instead of wasting trying to fix or change a man into someone that he doesn’t want to be? Why settle and accept less that what you want or are worth? No one would ever ask a man to settle for less, but women are expected to everyday.

    And before anyone gets their panties in a bunch about the word “settling”. Please keep in mind the black men are less likely to graduated high schol, less likely to attend or graduate from college, than their female counterparts. With those statistics… In order to be with most black males, their women did have to settle.

  10. I met Sanaa personally in London and the rumors are true she has the worse personality. I met her with other seasoned actresses and actors like James Earl Jones, Phylicia Rashad an Debbie Allen to name a few and they were very pleasant. Sanaa on the other Han wouldn’t go see anything she was in if it was given to me free. She truly needs to check herself because she’s very talented.

    • u met the woman once, you dont even know hw her day was when she met you, u cant judge someone you dont know especially when you never took the time to know her. u ppl 4get that celebs are humans to, they have their days just as much as we do. smh. this world is so ignorant

      • I know Sanaa’s bro who DJs as well as Omar who she used to date. The rumors are true nd she is a delusional stuck up Bitch. Now that’s the truth Ruth!!

      • Actually sanaa,people can judge you if everyone is saying the same thing about you and these people are in different places!! Maybe its a season for self examination,for you!!! Jesus can help you hun if you let him!!

  11. Funny, most paid black men date outside of their race? Most educated black women do the same. I don’t know what your race is, but you sound like an idiot. Self hating idiot? Racist idiot? Just stupid all around.

    • That’s a lie that so called educated black women date outside their race lol….more times than not they gonna want a black man and have their offspring look black. They just want a certain type of upper crust snooty negro like themselves and when brothers have said no then they settle and go outside the race….meaning date white men not other races….and

      Fuck most paid black men…niggaz period fuckin with other races of women and for allupset women you can’t pull up bs stats but when u look at m

      • Cont…..damn android phones fuckin up my post…but anyhow when you look at mixed children more time than not it comes from a black father and non blk woman….anyone who denies this is a liar

        But see I believe in the scriptures and neither black woman or black man should be going outside their nation….I’ve done it before and when I read the scriptures without the dummy pastor talking then I saw my error….but still facts are remaining that black men are very sought after.

        • but anyhow when you look at mixed children more time than not it comes from a black father and non blk woman….anyone who denies this is a liar….. true to a degree,this is mainly in america,outside this country is mainly blackwomen with biracial offspring, cause black women from other countries are not like american black women,stuck up and feel like only blackmen are meant to be their husbands instead of just choosing a man that will do em’ right,they rather go after being loyal or trying ot keep it real,not this sistah, i feel im gonna choose the best man that will be a good husband and a good father for my children regardless of race. but trust what you said is gonna be a thing of the past cause the bible prophesy said in the last days women will begin to look for a husband and won’t able to find one and will become desperate for a mate,never before until now have blackwomen become so open cause now many realize love is not a color its a spirit,and any man can possess it. theres a large population of women in this country and more girls being born every year than boys,as of right now blackwomen gonna or better stop being damn picky on race when it comes to choosing a man cause the pickings are becoming slim to none,to finding a good man,regardless of race,we’re not the only set of women having problems with finding a husband.and as for blackmen being sought after no darling its us cause for this society to see you with non-blackwomen is not really a shocker,the more american black women become softer they will see that alot of other cultures of men were really into us,we’re like the new kid on the block on interacially dating/marriages,once in a time we were closed now we’re open and it’ll be more of a shocker in american society seeing blackwomen with other non-black men cause like i said before,we were a closed women along time ago!!!

  12. How many kids do she have and their fathers? Ive heard of her pregnant at least 4 or 5 times but never even see a leg of a baby wrapped in a blanket. It is hard when use to being independent and you get men that are not on your level to manage or elevate you both.

  13. Road dog sounds like trash mainly white trash. Your comment is not true, you came here because you are miserable in your real life so you come here to vent. You mad because a black man took your white woman away. His peen was bigger than yours!!!

  14. Oh please! Stop being a woman hater. It’s not our fault because YOU have issues with black women. That sounds like an issue between you, God, and your therapist, not us.

  15. (In my 8 figures voice)Yes keep thinking you run the house, if you haven’t figured it out by now ladies, a real man runs his house. A good woman improves a good man and vice versa; therefore a good man will treat you as his equal. However, if you can’t comprehend this natural fact, that’s why your relationship is how it is. (in my humble voice)We all learn natural survival techniques to adapt in the historically brutal environments we have come to know in this country. Especially black women. All those learned behaviors have skill sets attributed to them. Shed the negative aspects of the learned survival techniques and retain the skill sets. That is spiritual evolution. Relationships that don’t begin in an internship of friendship rarely survive because there’s no foundation. Ethnic women have superior genetics, however so do ethnic men. God created nature. God is perfect. That is why men are created the way we are. Be sure, any woman, you have unlearned the nonspiritual behavior when you approach a good man, or continue in disillusion.(2 cents)

  16. Lol you’re just a troll. You sit around going from website to website all day saying idiotic things to stir up a bit of drama as you lead a dull life. You’re unemployed, single, and desperate. No one, black/white/yellow/green, wants you. You are the bottom of the bottom. You have no goals. No college degree, and odds are no high school diploma. So you come online to project yourself image and worth upon others. I bet money you are a black woman.

    For the record, I have never been dumped sweetie. I don’t date outside of my race, and I am engaged.

  17. I know that a man that’s in the closet but takes a woman out in public the woman is called a “BEARD ” but what is a man called when a woman is in the closet and she uses a man for” show” in public?

    • Hollywood set called it a Merkin- a male companion/beard for a lesbian. Which is an unfortunate term as a Merkin is actually a pubic hair wig. Yuck!!

  18. Indeed very few women enjoy being told the truth and even fewer men. Funny, how men are very quick to call out women’s place. Be they Christian or not, you want and require a woman to be submissive and act up when you don’t get it. I do notice that while men of different backgrounds love to dictate a women’s place they don’t tend to say too much about their part of being ‘head of the home’. Thats right fellas,shouting, bullying and aggressive behavior does not amount to running or being head of the home. It doesn’t only mean being the main bread winner. Because you can be a provider and be a lax husband and father. This means as a man you are NOT doing your job.

    Ok, boys let’s see what the bible has to say about MAN’s place in relationships.

    Colossians 3.19 Husbands love your wives and do not be harsh with them.

    Ephesians 5.28 In this same way husbands ought to love their wives as their own bodies. He who loves his wife loves himself.

    Ephesians 5.25 Husbands, love your wives as the messiah loved the church and gave himself up for it.

    You may or may not be a believer but it is pretty sound advice. All well and good pointing the finger at women but are you even fulfilling YOUR role?

    • And funny you didn’t pick up the part in bible about women shutting the fuck up and being in their place….you are a selective whore and can’t wait until America burns and sorry 2/3rds niggaz will be killed!

      • When they start rounding niggaz up for the slaughter, you need to take yo azz to the front of the line. And as far as shutting the fuck up, you ain’t saying nuthin worth listening to so I don’t see a need for anybody to shut the fuck up but you. DopeGameBaby…yeah you sound like a crack baby.

  19. @rudeboy and Topdawg,

    You two are fools for sitting up here and talking about why black men no longer want to be with black women. If you go to white racist websites, they say the same thing about us. As a whole. Collectively, black men and black women are in the same boat.

    Additionally, other races do not bash each other like we do. Get it together. How dare you tell black women what we are doing wrong? Women do not like weak ass men. If a women feels the need to be the head of the household, then you black man, are not doing your job.

  20. Neither side is innocent!! You as a black man,have no room to talk about a black woman when just as many brothers are crowding the same boat!!! U may not be one of those brothas but stop giving your attention to the black who not worth it & try dating a black most brothas wont go after,the ones who are educated and not ghetto acting or trying to be down with clique and want a decent life. Better yet read proverbs & let gods wisdom show you how to look for a wife. Nobody said blackwomen and men suppose to marry each other but if we change perspective of how we choose our lifemates from carnal (visual) to choosing to see spirit of the person within then ee will cease to choose spiritually dead folks to be in our lives. That goes for both sides !!!

    • STOP trying to encourage this roach to holler at women who are educated and doing something with their lives….let him stay in his lane. Stop throwing your pearls to the swine. I think what you said went past him anyway…cause he sounds like he’s spiritually dead. Let him keep going after the riff raff cause his world is obviously so small that that’s all he’s encountered. Or maybe, he watches too much of that ratchet shyt on t.v. and believes that black women are really like Evelyn and Tami. Let him stay where he is cause any woman of substance is only going to be wasting her time and have to throw that shyt back in the sewer from whence it came. And we don’t like to waste time. Let this bytch keep it movin’.

  21. The key to relationships is self esteem which creates love of self. Can’t ask me to love if you don’t even love you. You have no idea how to receive it even if I do love you. Our sistas need to get their self esteem and self love on before seeking love from anyone or anywhere else.

  22. And when you fall for a married man and think the cheating dog will leave his wife. That can make you bitter as he’ll and lose a little time. Ask Pauletta

  23. Fumbass marriage rates have dipped bad for all in america….and black men don’t wanna get married…see how short sighted you black women are? Is their account for brothers and the number of women they fuckin or who they live with? Hell no so spare your damn false stats. Those women date one brother and try to. Do other men but they come back…its not appealing for them for a myriad of reasons


  25. You sound like the type that has a club in one hand and dragging a woman by her hair with the other. I guess most black women would be unattractive to you cause we ain’t having it. What, you mad cause we can do our jobs and yours too? How many kids you got out there that you ain’t doing nuthin’ for? I think Deeva’s son will be just fine as long as she keeps maggots like you at a distance.

  26. Sanaa is Bi..when she finds a man she leaves Regina (Scary Movie; how to think like a man) hi and dry!!!

  27. Hm, I’m a little late to this party, but the headline made me laugh. “Why is Sanaa Lathan Single at 40?” WHY NOT? All speculation about her sexuality aside, perhaps she is single (and maybe she isn’t, who knows?) for no other reason than she hasn’t met the right person yet. The fact that she’s (GASP) 40 and hasn’t been married and doesn’t have kids does not mean she’s a failure in any way. I don’t know her personally so I’m not going to make assumptions about her character, but I will say this: our culture is not kind to women who hit a certain age and certain milestones haven’t been reached, i.e. marriage and kids. There’s this false idea that that is what every woman should have and that is what every woman wants. I believe in interviews she has stated that she wants those things, but they haven’t happened – yet. If anything, she’s SMART for waiting. One shouldn’t settle for a life with someone who isn’t right for them, regardless of their age, gender, sexuality or, in her case, celebrity status. She’s a class act – smart, talented, beautiful. Let’s not drag her down with hurtful rumors, because that’s exactly what they are – RUMORS.

    • That’s a worldwide culture! A man who is 40 can still marry a woman 10 years younger than him. A 40 year old woman on the other hand…. Not so much.

    • That’s a worldwide culture! A man who is 40 can still marry a woman 10 years younger than him. A 40 year old woman on the other hand…. Not so much.

  28. Man I can handle her. I’d love her but seriously she is beautiful and talented and knows what she wants, in the most demanding ways that is, and can you blame her. Plus sometimes a male or female need their ego brought down and leveled.

  29. I like the wya she is independent. And yeah she isnt acting like others around the world she wants to be demanding. And dopegamebaby you are an asshole for saying shyt like that and you wouldnt be able to handle that

  30. I highly doubt that a straight single woman such as Sanna Lathan or any woman for that matter wants to be single, especially at 40! I also highly doubt that she has trouble meeting men. So the question is, “Why can’t she keep a man?” and if that ‘s the question then it definitely is a problem!!!!

  31. I rather be single and happy at forty then to be in a relationship with a man who barely cares or a man who don’t appreciate nothing. I see why she is single because once you get in a relationship where love is involved there’s no getting out because love is powerful.

    It’s just the way I think as a virgo:)

  32. So at around 42 now… she never is goin to have at least a baby… i don’t count adopted babies (that’s the easier way)…it’s sad…because she’s good lookin’ and seems pretty smart… when on the other hand some not really smart people (+ not the most beautiful) are havin’ plenty babies…

    I guess her life is just less complicated without children

    If she had brother &/or sisters with some children i can a lil bit more understand her choice…On the other hand If she is the only child of her parents…there’s surely more pressure to have children… that’s how it happens most of the time…

    …and this reminds me another sweet actress… the Heather Graham case…

  33. I love Sanaa Lathan. I really think you all should get a life of your own and write about your sad life on the board. Again, Get a fucking Life!

  34. Still arguing over race. Black people do this a lot. White people died and had kids. They had kids and died. There kids grew up and had kids and their grandparents died.

    Guess what…? Your still arguing over race…? Thank you for those who tech their children that people are people, not color.
    The rest I hope healing comes to you and the generations to come!
    And hell yes to women who are 40 and happy. Yes, even without a man!

  35. I buy all movies for Saana Lathan: from love basket to the best man I mean all her movies but Iwant to ask her one question about Mia desease because in the latest movie of Best man I have seen Mia as sick person!
    Is it true or a movie joke only please I look forward to hear you about?
    Best regards your best movie’s fan in the world
    See you

  36. From what my deceased friend use to tell me he wore her kitty kat out a dozen times, I wouldn't be surprised if she was into anal because my friend was very much into anal sex. He use to detail celebrity cars including the Wayans family and also use to watch Sannas english bulldog, he passed in 2009. I wonder if she misses riding his dick!! But umm sorry folks but the RUMORS are indeed very true the DIVA Ms. Sanna Lathan is a certified HOE!!