Will Che Mack Land Lead Passenger On Stevie J’s Bus?


Che Mack & Stevie J

HSK Exclusive – Stevie J seems to believe he’s created a monster. That’s because sources say Joesline Hernandez is gassed up on high octane star dust. That’s why we’re told Stevie is now driving his bus back in Che Mack’s direction.

Sources say Stevie has grown tired of Joseline’s antics, leading him to invest more time into Che Mack. But, though Che Mack is hungry for the position — Stevie is said to be left disappointed. Know why? Because Che is reportedly refusing to hoe for the spot.

Here’s the drop:

“Che Mack dresses like a hoe, but she’s not willing to do what a hoe does.

Friday, Che Mack when to a high school graduation out here in Atlanta. The graduation was held in a church and Che wore booty shorts with a pair of sneakers.”


      • Speak for yourself honey bun… I have OCD and my mans hands better be clean before he starts touching all over me.

    • OMG this chick looks hella weird! WTH is really going on with reality tv? SHame on you MONA SCOTT AND VH1? THIS CHIC is like KRAZYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY LOOKIN! WHEN ARE WE GOING TO LEARN IT Doesn’t TAKE ALL OF THAT (STRANGE LOOK OR BEHAVIOR) TO BE NOTICED! I am really getting sick of these shows that are exploiting our community! I draw the line with this weird looking broad! Seriously I see a beautiful sista who is so lost! Like so many others who are doing the most for 5 minutes of fame! IT DOESN’T TAKE ALL OF THAT TO MAKE IT!

      • weird looking all the wild crazy costumes you seen rihanna, beyonce, lady gaga, and kelis sport over the years this is what you consier weird.

        ever heard of j davey, tamar kali, imani coppola, queen tantrum, militia.

        check out the black girls who dig the afropunk genre.

        • @crazychris
          weird looking all the wild crazy costumes you seen rihanna, beyonce, lady gaga, and kelis sport over the years this is what you consier weird= crazy costumes when worn on stage during a performance is understandable, however, this chic from LHHA was not wearing customes when I saw the show. Not hatin on self expression but I do find GAGA a bit extreme outside of stage performances.

  1. She seems a little mentally unbalanced??? At first I thought Jos was crazy, but I realized that she is crazy smart. She is playing the game–the games not playing her 🙂

  2. Thats cool atleast she stands for something …i with her until she had that meltdown on the show …maybe she was just drunk though…she was talking like she might actually have substance in her music & then that shit happened…ima give a listen if she drops something though…

  3. I guess some people are serious about their music NOT everyone feels the need to suck the D### to get ahead…so good for her

  4. This why I stopped watching during the first season. I refuse to be a part of the downfall of people whom are searching for love. Mona and Stevie j. ought to be ashamed of exploiting people with psychological and emotional issues.

  5. She looks like a tatted up lil boy with fake breasts….Im sure she straps up and fucks Stevie in the can…Or maybe she wont do it as much as he wants.

  6. I think she’s pretty. Got that whole Rihanna nose/forehead thing going. I’ve noticed there are certain females look like this like Keisha Cole for example. Anyway I think it’s fly how they are keeping their nose and forehead. It’s Afro pretty.. But on the other I hope she loves herself and heal herself if there is some kind of imbalance.