Will Fat Joe Follow In O.J. Simpson’s & ‘The Girls’ Prison Footsteps?


Fat Joe's Tranny Lover Exposed

HSK Exclusive – We’re getting word that Fat Joe wasn’t only creeping with Ms. Dubai, he’s also reported to have been cheating on his wife of 17-years …WITH A TRANNY!!!

You may recall back in January, Lorena (Rios) Cartagena blamed Fat Joe’s cheating as the reason behind her split from the Terror Squad rapper. Now, we’re getting word Fat Joe may have been creeping from as far back as 2004. That’s because the tranny dude is said to be on the low, with his being brought to our attention, making a debut in Terror Squad’s 2004 ‘Lean Back’ video!

“Fat Joe cleverly placed his transgender girl in ‘Lean Back’. Loraiana started to spread word about Joe’s transgender fetish, so he tried covering his tracks by talking shit about the Gay Mafia.”

We’re told since Fat Joe was sentenced to four-months in prison for failing to pay his taxes, he’s been trying to play a guilt trip on Loraina — reportedly urging her to sell her jewelry, their cars, and sign off on their New York and Miami homes — so he can get some money to payback Uncle Sam. Sources say Loraina ain’t budging!

Here’s the drop:

“Joe is tying to get sympathy from Loraina, but she believes it’s all karma.

Loraina lost weight, and tried everything to stay with Joe, but he treated her with nothing but disrespect.”



  1. lol I remember when people outed that tranny in the ‘Lean Back’ video some years back. Also, in the midst of their split and beef, Remy Ma said once that she had some dirt on Joe that would affect his wife–Wonder if this was it?

  2. Loraiana/Loraina:

    Girl, hold on to your coins, jewels & property. Let that MAN figure out how to get himself out of this mess he has created by not keeping a better eye on the poeple he put in charge of his finances. Paying his bills ceased to be your job once that divorce became final.

    Besides, if Uncle Sam does him like I assume he will, Joe’s nuts are gonna be in a sling, financially speaking, for a while & you won’t be getting your money paid back any time soon, and you have kids to feed.

  3. Fat Joe joins the growing list of broke rappers that includes Ja Rule, JD, Warren G, TQ, Young Buck, G-Dep, Mase, Loon, Shyne, the list goes on!

  4. Hey skinny joe what’s that ,you don’t like niggas,you tranny chaser,have that man you phucking lean back so you can put it in his ass-o haha!

  5. While I tend to agree with @nba is fixed regarding the artists he mentioned I would like to hope & believe even ever so lightly that Fat Joe wouldn’t be involved in the whole “DL/Tranny/Gay” movement that an overwhelming number of men of color in & out of the entertainment industry seem to be taking part in. I’d going to remain on the fence on this one & withhold judgement…for now.

    I feel Fat Joe has enough issues to deal with that are far more reaching & more serious than being accused of sexing a tranny. I feel with all the bragging he does in his raps he should have been for certain to properly oversee his affairs no matter who was on his payroll supposedly taking care of the business.

    I also feel his wife should NOT be guilted into or coerced to give up her current lifestyle & accoutrements to assist in settling his tax debt UNLESS: A.-she help to create the debt OR
    B.-she simply chooses to.
    Based on how he’s treated her I feel she should think long & hard before doing anything other than protecting what few assets she still has. The IRS may coming after her anyway just because they’re married.

  6. Damn near all rappers are on the DL. Watch The Boondocks, they’re all Gangstalicious, homies over hoes!

  7. Hip hop is dead, and Fat Joe might get a fat one in his mouth and I’m not talking about a blunt!

  8. why is this not surprising fat joe uased to hang around the dl crew wayne, drake, t pain, akon, baby ,akhaled, busta ace hood, all appearing in each other’s videos.

    all the time when you hang witrh alledged homos you pick up on their behavior.

  9. @nba is fixed…and joe livin like thugnificent! ! I WANT A SEASON 4 SO BAD!!

    I sad that was a tranney. #DISGUSTIN

    The wife shouldnt come off shit. All the shit he put her thru. Fuck him w/ that tranny dick #leanbacj

  10. I knew something wasnt right when I seen that so callrd girl in his video when it first came out! Something was off about that so called girl’s look. I mean look at so called her face. I mean her features are strong. Tranny that is.

  11. Thats unfortunate and deceitful to his ex wife if he was being unfaithful. If that woman in the Lean Back vido is indeed a transgender, kind of disgraceful to have her table dance next to a puerto rican photo of Big Pun. Yet maybe it would explains Puns no homo lyrics from dream shatterer “When you awaken, your manhood be taken”

    Joe was the Puffy of terror squad? I thought he was like a gentle giant, philanthropist and hood ambassador. I recall one interview where he was upset that Coco of SWV and Jlo didnt give back to the Bronx. What happened with Cuban Link? He was so fine. Latinos are like the best of all worlds.

  12. Noooooooooooo…..say it ain’t so Joe. Dayum….naw don’t wanna believe it. Are all the dudes playin’ on the same team?

  13. it’s funny how the government aka Big brother will throw a rapper in jail for tax evasion but the bankers who caused the worst economic collapse scene the great depression get off without so much as a fine.

    This country is head to hell, we now have only two classes the very rich and the very poor….
    Ghetto Groupies

  14. Hello? Pretty much what I said on post number 13…


    If Jacky sold the site whoever owns now should get some real reporters/ journalists or at least new writers & do things properly. Hell, some of the posters here write better & and share far more accurate information than the “so-called Jacky” of this site.

    Don’t be mad…(in Riley’s voice)

  15. When will people understand, JUST to get your ass exposed in any media outlet there are just “things” that are going to happen period. Same sex relationships is probably the least of it!

  16. she need to break him off some paper. thats what a good woman does. so what if it was a tranny. Some of the trannies look sexy az hell

  17. To be fair Big Pun (RIP) had a trannie in one of his videos. In the club scene, she was called “Tripod”. I dont remember much from back in days but I met her 1x at Maryanne’s.

    • No! I hope Pun wasn’t on that shit too! Damn. Except for Wutang, KRS-ONE, Rakim, RUN-DMC, Kool G Rap, and mainly old school artists, all these other rap niggas got some sort of downlow fetish. Shameful to rap cause this shit was not like this in the beginning.

  18. Yeah,she is a tranny and her name is Vanity, a male frm puerto rico I tynk,just google “shemale vanity”