Will & Jada At Odds Over Willow’s “Summer Fling”


WTF Willow Smith Summer Fling

Will Smith is reported furious over Jada granting Willow permission to move forward with a ‘sexed-up’ music video, titled “Summer Fling.” Know why? Because Willow is just 12-years-old.

“Will lashed out at Jada, saying, ‘How could you let my little baby do this?’”

Here’s what a source told The Enquirer:

“Jada gave the project the green light — and now dad is furious! He’s fit to be tied and almost had a heart attack the first time he saw the video.”

Do swinging parents — like Will and Jada Pinkett Smith — raise ‘normal’ children? I don’t know, but I’d like to your thoughts…


    • Christa,

      I JUST saw this literally one second ago & was thinking that same thing!

      I’m just curious…
      Did Will Smith mean is his little baby who just this past year had most of her hair cut off, looking like a boy, had a tongue ring & was acting as she was attempting be a lesbian?
      Or did he mean some other baby?

      I’m JUST Asking The Questions!!!

      • Lil Willow is definitely experiencing some growing pains, but I was a bit of a handful at the age too.
        I did not know she has a tongue ring…. at 12??!!
        WHAT THE HELL FOR?????

        A tasteful nose or eyebrow ring, maybe at 16, BUT A TONGUE RING?! Jada and Will must be trippin’. They may as well call it her Lesbian Learner’s Permit.
        But she does look cute in the photo. Something about the shot is strangely evocative of her mama in Jason’s Lyric to me, but I still could do without the rag on little man’s head.

        • the tongue ring was a magnet, but yea she needs guidance or a real parental figure of some sort. you can tell she and her brother are raising themselves.

        • You know…With all of her style and hair choices…I always felt like she was trying to emulate her mom, seeing as they are obviously really close.

        • Getting her lick-her license before her drivers license. I agree with lil mans Mrs. Cleo turban, could definitely do without that.

        • LMAO at a tasteful nose or eyebrow ring. I mean if you think working in a strip club is tasteful because you aren’t getting a corporate job with piercings. Some strip clubs won’t let you have them.

          TASTEFUL. LMAO.

  1. Jada is from baltimore and if you follow local news and stats , visited or have fam beyond inner and east harbor or howard co. burbs, parents tend not to rear drug free non criminal non promiscuous productive citizens. Im shocked that Willow isnt a junky baby by dna or cracked out from Hollyweird parenting. The song is cute, age appropriate? thats debatable since children develop differently but the words could more kiddie.. The video is a tad risqué and can be toned down but not necessarily kiddie porn like many are saying, thought it was BET uncut from the reviews. Girls start menses age 9 now so nature makes them walking hormones early, the parents job to help direct that energy into something productive until children are emotionally read to deal with the joys and consequences of sex. My mom says that Willow reminds her of me as a child as far as being very different, mature and advanced and its hard for adults to handle children who are more focused, aware and rational than themselves. A baby/child teaches you how to guide, parent and be a better a person – not the reverse. And each child offers different a personality and experience.

    As a rumored bisexual male Will Smith should be more appalled by mom greenlighting that atrocious Craigslist’s mobile stylist blond kitchen weave and the god awful british accent? The bald head would have been cute. Was the clothing for this vid sponsored by forever 21 and hot topic? Those fortunate enough to attend summer camp can appreciate the jamborees, pubescent dry humping, fake asthma and nose bleeds to get out of outdoor activities, the oh so deep 6 to 8 wk love affairs, making new friends and penpals. I like how they made the love interest a dark male with wide features and I dig the ankh ring and why was he wearing pants near a river while everyone else in swimwear and summer clothes?

    • N.I. I always figured that Jada’s Baltimore roots were a little rough around the edges. But considering two of her closest High school friends were Tupac AND Grant Hill, she must have had something special.
      Those two pretty much cover the all the bases.

      • u know u IGNORANT for that right? Basically ur saying all people from Baltimore are rough around the edges? why don’t u just name all the major Black cities with issues.. and no I’m not from there, but my relatives are.. nothing about them are rough around the edges.. then name dropping just made u sound even sillier..smh

    • **_________** – flat lined at and I quote, “atrocious Craigslist’s mobile stylist blond kitchen weave…” Bwahahahahahahaha!!! Not the Craigslist stylist?? Lolol!

      This is especially hilarious to me as I have had to fish for a couple of stylists on Craigslist for my shoots (low budget, what can I say?).

      Yeah- next time Jada should stick to Model Mayhem!! Lol.

  2. Ummmmm….yeah, I almost threw up when I first saw this video because damned if it didn’t look like Will with a blonde wig on. That wig/ weave (whatever) wasnt a bit cute on her. Not everyone can wear blonde hair….it just looks ridiculous. I have a feeling Willow has alot of “yes” people around her…no one says no and tells her the truth including mommy & daddy. I only wonder what this child’s future will hold.

  3. What did Will think was going to happen when he and his wife pushed their daughter into the Music Industry spotlight? It should be obvious by now, especially to a former artist like Will, that the Industry will turn out, oversex and overexpose a damn tree if there’s a profit to be made. How is it that normal people know this, but longtime celebrities like Will apparently don’t? C’mon now.

  4. @Non importante
    Please stop with the stereotyping. Your overwritten post is silly at best. You lump every child in Baltimore into the dopefiends category just from what you see on tv???? Then mention Hollyweird parenting in the same breath? When clearly that’s the real problem and it has nothing to do with Baltimore. BTW I’m not from Baltimore. I’m from Chicago a place that has it’s adverse challenges yet also many success stories. Yes we do have fools running around shooting but we also have all male black high schools (in the SAME hood) with high graduation rates and 100% college acceptance. This school is right in the middle of the highest crime rate neighborhood called Englewood, of which Derrick Rose of the Bulls grew up in too.

    So you need to move around with those sweeping generalizations.

    IMHO it looks to me on the surface that the Smith parents are lazy, to busy tripping the light fantastic and cannot and don’t want to be bothered with child rearing. Both of them know better. They’re just full of sh*t.

  5. Will thinks only what Jada tells him. And as far as letting your kids raise themselves, that is just too many ways wrong.
    The reaping-what-you-sowed of this family will be huge.

  6. Her accent in the video SCREAMS that she has disassociative personalities due to Monarch Mind Control. I need to look for rainbows and butterflies in this video.
    This entire video, the blond hair, the loss of innocence, the gender confusion is so MK Ultra. Will ain’t mad about this video. Perhaps he’s tryna act mad to appear normal and save his reputation and career. Black people don’t really go for this. You don’t see Denzel’s kids acting up!!

    • Yet another thought provoking post! MK Ultra huh?
      I need to read more about that phenomenon.
      One of the first times I was made aware of it was when you opined that my cousin Lamar may have been subject to it during his “life altering” penal vacation”.

      • I keep bringing it up because the same symbols are in every mainstream video. Oh! And don’t get me started on the Disney commercials on the Disney channel. If you look at the number of times Rainbows and Butterflies and robot/human hybrids and good girl gone bad themes, Marilyn Monroe lookalikes, checkered floors, broken mirrors and alter egos come up in award shows and music videos, in Lexus commercials and children cartoons and you start to realize that none if it is coincidental.

        • Doesn’t that blond wig represent one of her multiple personalities? I feel bad for this girl. Prayer is in order.

          • The elite love their black female slaves blond. Because they want they to hate their own skin. Look at Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Ciara, Lil’Kim, Rihanna etc etc etc all of their have massive insecurities and self-hatred within themselves. Willow is apart of that now! Yes she has multiple personality disorder as all of them do due to the torture they experience being a monarch slave!

            • That’s funny! I never typed out the web address because I assumed I would be censored. Apparently, instead of saying Vigilant Citizen’s site, I could have just typed the web address. Duh!

        • You are right..it’s all in our faces. we have our eyes wide shut. It’s there but few connect the dots. I am going to look into the term Monarch mind control…I have heard of MK Ultra…thanks for the info

        • @ Just Joy

          I think MK Ultra is fake as fuck. No one can have their mind programmed,lol. I watched this Steven Segal movie,about MK Ultra and the movie was not about butterflies and monarch programming,it was about diseases that kill you within a years time. I believe that this bull shit about Monarch programming is just made up shit to get the masses scared as fuck and run a muck, thats all it is.

          Now as far as the video,smdh, maybe Will and Jada are smart,because if you tell a child “no” more than likely they would retaliate and do it anyway…if they be themselves or are not restricted when they grow up,they will not be so wild.

        • Yes!! And let’s not forget all that daggone camera panning in and out, up and down!! Trying to put us in a trance!!!

    • BOOM!!! People need to learn about MMC and MK ultra. All of this is done in their faces but they don’t know what to look for. People need to educate themselves….

  7. The Smith’s need a Child Protective Services intervention. I think they are doing a horrible job as parents.

  8. Mental illness is not a joke and neither is that MK ultra. Unfortunately, I think both of these may be involved but what I think most of Willow’s issues stem from feeling bottomless in her home. When the parents set no solid limits for their children because they’re too busy fulfilling their carnal desire, this is what happens. Children can’t honor parents like they should if they don’t know that much about them. Celebs need to start putting kids first.

    • Will and Jada’s marriage is simply a Hollywood experiment gone bad. They are not the least bit interested in raising these kids well. They CAN’T be!

      I wouldn’t be surprised if they passed Willow around to the elite as a toddler. And if they didn’t, they are surely not trying to let it be known that their little girl is off limits. I mean comeoncuz, we are the only ones concerned with the messages this girl is sending out. No one else sees anything wrong with it?

      • >>I wouldn’t be surprised if they passed Willow around …as a toddler.>>

        Their son too! Check her videos or any photos for her in any leopard print clothing and you have ur answer.

        • Well, as long as I don’t see her all jeweled up in seven years, I’ll be good. Especially if it is sapphires they adorn her in… it is sad actually.
          Sometimes, I wish celebrities put these kids up for adoption.

        • I know…

          It’s so crazy you don’t believe it- but there are too many themes repeated over and over for it to be nonsense.

          • Sadly enough, Black children in general are programmed to self-hate (hence Black on Black violence) and all that these people do is give it a justification instead of teaching these kids to value who and what they are. Willow is just one of many examples of kids who need to appreciate their Blackness. Black girls are always the most vulnerable to MK Ultra and Beyonce has been the main leader for this whole generation. She had enough hair bleach and blonde wigs to mind control every girl between ages 14-21

        • I saw some pics with being dressed from head to toe in leopard.
          She could not have been more eight years old at the time.
          It shook me up, I can’t tell you how disturbed I was.

  9. Her whip my hair video was textbook mk ultra. Perhaps the most blatant ever. Phramids, butterflys, checkerboard, coming out/changing over. Parents kno the demo

  10. their religion encourages children to have free will and truthfully at 12 you can expect more nonsense to come, a child needs guidance that is what a parents JOB is

  11. This is what often occurs when you raise your children this way. People are being condemned for referring to her image as being sexed-up. She does seem to have mental health issues and finding summer love is the last thing she needs. They maybe in Hollywood but they’re not Hollywood.

  12. I don’ blame Will I would be very angry also. I love Jada but she not thinking to clearly on this one. as the father Will needs to override her decision on this one.

  13. Well I guess we know who wears the pants and the strap-ons in that family. I surely wish the very best for Jaden and Willow. Hope they make it out okay.





  15. I can’t even talk shit cuz I had my tongue pierced @ 13.. *without parental consent of course*!!!! I think she’ll be fine. I don’t feel she’s ‘fast’ which is good, nor was I..I just liked experimenting with various rebel phases. Hell, I wasn’t even dry humping at that age. Lmfao @ “humping”. Y’all remember that? lol
    Anyway, will I be this lenient with my future child (i.e. try to envision myself in their place) with the different growing pains?? Highly doubtful, but I’m working on myself to be at a better place of understanding when the time comes.

  16. What is going on with that blonde wig?
    What kind of phuquery was her stylist up to when put that on top of Willow’s head .

      • Oh I was not referring to the blond color. I know about the blond hair symbolism.

        But I was referring to how it looks like they took a piece of tape, and slapped that wig on top of her head.