Will & Jada Divorce Papers Filed?


Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Divorce

Trouble In Smith-Land?

Will and Jada-Pinkett Smith’s 15-year marriage could soon be ending in divorce. That’s the word that’s coming from inside of Duane Martin’s camp.

Here’s what’s being reported by Mouth To Ears:

“Jada and Will are allegedly done and over! Papers have been filed and Will has been hanging out heavy at Xen Lounge.”

Here’s what an industry insider had to say:

“It’s makes sense. Jada don’t care who Will fucks. She’s like a female Tupac and he’s a bitch.

Jada is a strong woman, she’s a feminist. Jada is a true artist and Will has been holding her back. He fucked up her television show. Jada is a player and her kids are grown up. She’ll take her half of the money and do what she always wanted to do.”


  1. “Will has been hanging out heavy at Xen Lounge.”

    *in Dee from What’s Happenin’ voice* OOOH I’M TELLIN’!

  2. “Her kids are grown…” Really? Since when 12 and 14 grown?!? That’s they’re running wild. Bless their hearts….

    • She is starting to seem destructive to her kids too me. She acts like there lives are herblife. Be a mother not a manager. If the so separate the kids should stay with Will.

  3. And who did not see this coming? Swinger marriage-that’s an oxymoron! The whole purpose of getting married is to be with ONE person not throwing your dick and coochie around like candy at a halloween party. Maybe now these two self absorbed people can focus on their real job-parenting willow and jaden. Cause these two need as much guidance as possible seeing as they have been raising themselves for the past couple of years!

  4. 12 and 14 are grown???

    Jada is a “feminist”, you mean lesbian, there is a difference.

    Will is an azzhole and a queen. Good luck Jada, I am sure your street ghetto low-life azz can handle whateva is comin’ at ya and by the looks of Willow, that is gonna be a lot!

  5. I commented yesterday I have been reading for years about Will and Jada having an open marriage. I guess they’re tired of putting up a front, if this divorce news is true. Waiting for the announcement.

  6. Will is holding her back? If it wasn’t for her marrying Will she would’ve been relegated to chitlin’ circuit plays being billed only as “from A Different World – Jada Pinkett.” Forget about the Matrix or Hawthorne because without Queen Will’s pull those roles would’ve went to someone else.

  7. true whites would have never known her if it was’nt for will now she can come out the closet and get that white man she’s always secretly wanted since she assimilated into white culture if they really divorce.

    will’s next girl will be white guarantee this that’s probaly what hollywood want him to do marry a white girl.

  8. Her half of the money? From doing what? Last time I checked, Will was the 20 mil a movie man. *sigh* another delusional woman.

  9. All that money and fame couldn’t buy happiness. They have done it all and still unhappy. They sold their souls for Monopoly money and an illusion of happiness… I don’t envy them at all #REAL FUCKERY

  10. These rumors were spreading like wildfire last year, so I ain’t falling for the the banana in my tail pipe this year… Folks go thru great lengths to show us that they are happy,even though they might not be, this marriage could linger on another five to ten years just to spite us nosey fans.

  11. Are we shocked? NO, we were just patiently waiting on them both to run out of their lies, and the truth to surface. That’s why no one should believe these artist. Thier lives are build on lies, sex & money. that’s the hollwierd game. Children don’t look depressed and talk about strange thins, and dye thier hair green one day and do all kinds of wird stuff for no reason. Willow was crying out a long time ago. Wake up people, and stopped being fooled by these people.
    Soo Tisha Cammpbell, explain this one unlike you trying to protect them, or your faggat husband, who we heard is a factor in their break up.

  12. Another shining example of why the institution of marraige is code for if you get married you should be put in one. Institution that is.

  13. Had enough of the charade anyway…..it was all fake & obvious. The swinger life style never last in a relationship. Hopefully Will come out of the shadows….since it’s all out anyway.