Will Smith Cheating on Jada w/ Natalia Kills?


Will I Am Aiding Will Smith Affair

HSK Exclusive – A young British singer may be coming between Will Smith and his wife of 15-years, Jada-Pinkett Smith. Sources say Will Smith is having an extramarital affair with Natalia Kills. Don’t believe me? Just ask Will.i.am, who’s reported to be aiding the Oscar Award-nominated actor while he maneuvers around 41-year-old Jada – to secret meetings with his alleged 26-year-old jump-off.

You may remember late last year, Natalia Keery-Fisher, also known as Natalia Cappuccini – who performs under the stage name Natalia Kills – released her debut album, Perfectionist. That’s before insiders say she hooked up on the low with 44-year-old Will Smith.

Here’s the drop:

“Will.i.am used to drop Natalia off to secret locations and Will Smith would show up soon after”

Will Smith Jump-off Natalia Kills


    • okay I will reserve judgement until I hear will and jada call it quits themselves.

      if will’s cheating so what he’s rich women are gonna throw themselves at him jada knew the risks.



    LOL WHY WOULD HE HAVE TO CREEP???????????????????????????????


    • WEll actually there are regular everyday people that are in the swinger lifestyle and sometimes the partner steps out behind their “open” partner. Which when you step out and go outside the set rules(whatever that maybe within that couple) that is considered cheating. Just like couples who are open to threesomes, but one of the partners chooses to get some one on one in with the invitee on their own time, then that would be considered cheating.(in most cases)*shrug* The person who has been cheated on that are in open relationships, they tend not to understand why their partner cheated in the first place, because as you have stated; they already can “swing”, so why creep?

      • you don’t need to break it down to me lol i been a swinger and have many friends that swing lol. Hardened swingers i.e Jada and will can step out without including the other half ( they usually get the other half’s blessing) alot of swinging couples also swing solo with the other half having full knowledge

  2. He has to creep because swingers have rules. Usually the husband have to approve of whom the wwife is screwing and vice versa. Neither wants the other to fall for another therefore they make rules prior to engaging in this lifestyle. If I’m not mistaken, years ago Jada stated that when they are on the road separately, they do them and when they come home, they’re a family and don’t discuss what may have taken place while they were apart. So I doubt it very seriously if Jada even cares. Shit, she probably munching on that carpet herself Will just don’t know!! LOL!!!!

  3. Are you positive that Will.I.AM is not the one fucking Will Smith in the ass and the Brit is just a beard?

        • yes and that’s the type of music will i am and the black eyed peas has been making for the past few years.

          damn fergie for messing up supersonic.

          will always hated hardcore rap and was into that sissy music.

          on his first solo album he sampled disco hits like he’s the greatest dancer by sister sledge.

    • You took the words outta my mouth. I think it is waaay more likely that

      1. This story is being promoted to all bloggers and celeb sites by Will’s publicity team. He is so known to be into guys, even my 80 year old mama knows he’s
      into guys since Quincy and Benny turnt him out.

      2. He is dickin Will I Am and she is bearding for the huge amount of free exposure this will give her

      3. Will is letting her bang his ass with that thing on the top of her head.

        • Lighten up “anonymous”. What damn law says I gotta have respect for a wackass hairdo?

          You like that look?
          I know what a fucking beret is and it isn’t 8 inches of fake hair.

  4. Confused I thought you reported he was screwing Duane Martin…..Will is bi? I figured Jafavwould be the only fish on the menu as a beard for the rest of his life….I thought he completely switched teams.

  5. Ummmmmmm….I thought Will and Jada had an open marriage? Everyone thinks their marriage is solid as a rock but it’s been too many stories over the years saying otherwise. Usually where there’s smoke there’s fire.

  6. jada probaly does’nt care long as her and will have some sort of sex life.

    will might play but he’ll always go back to jada.

  7. I don’t believe this BS. And Will Smith is not an Oscar Award winning actor! Come on Jacky, you slipping.