Men In Black Week – Starring Will Smith – Chapter 3


Will Smith's Alcoholic Father Exposed

HSK Exclusive – Yesterday, we told you all about the former Fresh Prince Of Bel Air’s dislike for chocolate-toned black women and the shame he’s said to secretly have for his dark-skinned mother.

Today, you’ll learn all about Will Smith’s father, Willard Smith Sr., and why some say in this case the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Don’t believe me.. Ask Beat-Box Ready Rock-C-.

Here’s the sizzling tea about Will Smith Sr., a reported alcoholic in his 60’s – said to had a baby with a 30-year-old hood-rat.

Today’s episode: “Apples Don’t Fall Far From The Tree”

“Will”s mom is cool, I’ll keep her out of this, but his dad is an abusive alcoholic.

Will’s father was in his sixties and he had a baby with a woman in her thirties. His dad and the chick were both alcoholics. The b*tch was a straight hood-rat, but she had a baby with Will’s dad.

One night the drunken bitch got wasted, rolled over and smothered the baby to death. Jacky, the baby was two-months old and she killed the baby. She didn’t get charged because everyone thought the baby died from (SIDS). That’s when Will’s dad told her to kick rocks.”

Tune in tomorrow for another episode of Men In Black….


  1. Very sad story. Not suprising that a drunk b*tch would not know she passed out on top of her baby. And that fact that Will’s dad got a woman in her 30’s pregnant is nothing new. Old men been chasing young women since the beginning of time.

    • why is the sky blue? stop asking stupid questions..hes goin hard at Will because just like everyone else in HOLLYWEIRD..hes a lying, deceiving homo who portrays himself as some perfect holier than thou man when in reality hes a sick, twisted gay nasty piece of work.

  2. that’s saddened to hear of the child being killed. That SIDS thing I blive is an excuse of how Caucasions use to kill their kids’ for life insurance. I do believe that I child just may have their breathe taken from them for not continuous breathing right,air pollution, or so. I don’t blive the on the back thing bc we would be dead like flies or Native Americans(prevention of SIDS). Some babies are so immature that they would smother their nose on the surface.

  3. Jacky seems to have something personal against Will Smith. What do people want from these public figures? They are human like everyone else and have the right to be such. They too are entitled to some human privacy. What has Will done to anyone, that he should be constantly ostracize?

    • I dont understand what everybody has against Will either..All Will wants is just for everyone to keep their anus clean.

      Is that so wrong?

  4. I find it quite ironic that you have a MIB3 background on this page (for which obviously you are being paid for) yet you bash Will Smith and his family every sing day with some ridicilous accusations. I understand a freedom of expression but thare is a difference between saying “I don’t like him or his films” and writing stories straight from some idiot’s ass. I said it before and I’ll say it again – You should get sued for what you write here. Yes the family lost that baby due to SIDS which was a tragedy for everyone (including Will Sr and Will Jr). Clarence ” I hate Will Smith” Holmes is not a believable source of information. If you really knew anything about Will Smith road to success you would know why.

  5. How come we never have any tea on DENZEL WASHINGTON?

    We know he has side pieces, but how was he able to avoid the gay Hollywood casting couch system and seem so normal?

    Did they just give him a special pass and let him in on acting talent alone?

  6. Sued? It’s not slander when it’s true..cannot sue people for reporting it’s called exposing these devil worshiping scum ..keep it coming JJ