Will Smith’s Dark Past Surfaces Over Brother-In-Law’s Federal Charges!


Will Smith's Gangster Past Revealed

Brother Down Left In The Dust?

HSK Exclusive – Will Smith’s brother-in-law is reported to at the center of a federal drug case, after being charged over a “cocaine-dealing rap”. We’re talking about Dee Lawrence Downs, 49, who married the actor’s youngest sister, Ellen, back in 2004.

It’s a situation which Will may be no stranger to. Know why? Because sources say long before heading to Hollywood, the former Fresh Prince Of Bel Air was running Philadelphia’s streets with criminals and D-boys. Don’t believe me.. Ask Charlie Mack.

You may recall we first told you reports that Will Smith had long distanced himself from his now 41-year-old sister, Ellen. That’s when sources revealed the actor may have been ashamed of her over her having a dark complexion. Now, insiders believe Will Smith continues to stand by his reported M-O of keeping away from anyone Dark, and anyone Down.

Here’s what an insider is spilling:

“Ellen is Will Smith’s dark skin sister. The sister he keeps away from the public eye.

Will always hung out with drug dealers. The ‘JBM’ used to be over at his house in the ’80s gambling and shooting pool all night.

Charlie Mack used to bring Nigg–s over to Will’s house all the time. Will and the ‘JBM” were also into money laundering.”

Here’s what’s reported by Star Magazine:

“The husband of Will Smith’s youngest sister Ellen, has been indicted in a major federal cocaine-dealing rap.

Hair and make-up artist Ellen, 41, wed her longtime boyfriend Dee Lawrence Downs, 49, in 2004. Dee Downs was described as a businessman and security guard, court documents exclusively obtained by Star show that he was arrested in May 1985 on a number of charges including reckless endangerment and possessing a weapon, and was eventually placed on probation after pleading guilty.

In 1987, Dee Downs was again arrested for possessing a controlled substance, and yet again in 1992 for felony charges that finally landed Downs behind bars.”


  1. Really? What a lame ass story. This has nothing to do with Will and why would you post a photo of Will in handcuffs? Such misleading nonsense.

  2. heard will used to hang with the hilltop hustlers in philly.

    schooly d, ice cream t, 3 times dope, cool c, and steady b.

    • They were from the other side of the bridge. Will grew up in Wynnefield, (Woodcrest Ave.) but went to Brook, which in Steady B and Cool C’s neighborhood. That is where Overbrook Entertainment got its name. Schooly D is from Parkside, hence his song ‘PSK’ Parkside Killers. The guys that Jackie is talking about were more dudes that Charlie hung with, but they started hanging at Will’s house that he bought on the other side of City Ave. (Merion)

  3. Only a self-hating, color-struck, sellout coon of the highest order would disown his own race AND family for white approval and a paycheck. Interesting how Smith’s distancing himself from his sister pretty much proves what Janet Hubert (The ‘original’ ‘Aunt Viv’ on ‘The Fresh Prince…’) has been saying about him having her taken off the show for years now. Neither he nor anyone else in his fucked-up immediate family will ever get my support (Not that they got much of it to begin with, but still).

    • “Only a self-hating, color-struck, sellout coon of the highest order would disown his own race AND family for white approval and a paycheck.” <—-THIS!!

      Hey Raheim, do these nutjobs understand that dark skin DEFINES Blackness—and ALWAYS will! White supremacy ideology has confused and CONNED many Black Americans into defining Blackness by CAUCASIAN standards – 1 Drop Rule. Meanwhile, AUTHENTIC Black people–by AFRAKAN STANDARD–are seen as 'too black' to be Black. Go figure. *scratches head*

      • Absolutely! It never ceases to amaze & confound me how so many of these Black ‘Americans (Particularly the ones who earn a few dollars for prostrating themselves before whites)’ STILL to this day associate, in your words, ‘Blackness by CAUCASIAN standards.

        Speaking of which, a good book on this subject is ‘Our Kind Of People’ by Lawrence Otis Graham, a so-called ‘elite black (In other words, he’s a wealthy light-skinned black person with either natural or surgically enhanced European features),’ which explains all of this in detail (So much detail, in fact, that I couldn’t even finish the book because I was so disgusted by it–Not out of jealousy, but of these peoples’ boasting of being ‘better’ than both dark(er)-skinned blacks AND whites just because of their skin tones and group exclusivity).

        Anyway, the basis of the so-called ‘Elite (Today’s blacks in-the-know would know them better as ‘The Boule’)’ blacks’ ideology is as follows: Try to be as white as possible without actually being (Or marrying/having kids with) white(s) (This aspect was actually stated in the book), which has allowed them to thrive off of the White Supremacy society we live in while, as a result, disassociating from and looking down upon dark(er) skinned blacks as much as possible. This (bullshit) self-hating, colorist, pathetic, highest-level, putting-whites-on-a-pedestal cooning ideology has produced such people as Bryant Gumble, Camille Cosby, Lena Horne, Andrew Young, Walter White (Former head of the NAACP–The man looked so white he easily passed for white in order to infiltrate some town(s) down south and investigate lynchings), and possibly Stedman Graham, among others. Speaking of which, Tisha Campbell’s characters in ‘School Daze’ and ‘Martin’ are examples of this, as well, though it’s only implied in ‘Martin.’

        To these people, regarding themselves as ‘elite blacks’ due to their wealth, status, and condescension towards ‘non-elite’ blacks and incessantly trying to breed out any dark(er) brown skin tones is and was progress borne out of being successful enough to move out of the ghettos and inner-cities to the suburbs and wealthy(ier) communities as far back as slavery (A large number, if not all, of these people are descendants of the mixed ‘free blacks’ of the period, some of which bought or inherited plantations from their white fathers and bought black slaves of their own), but to me, I shake my head in disbelief at so many so-called ‘black’ people glorifying being rape victims for generations just because they have a few more dollars and are a few shades lighter than the ‘average’ black person. Although they’ve begun to allow some dark(er)-skinned blacks (Yes, even those who fail the ‘time-honored’ ‘Paper bag test,’ into their little group, the fact remains that this group of ‘black’ people are a MAJOR deterrent to true black progress/prosperity (i.e. free of white involvement and control) in Western society.

        P.S. for those who are interested in the above Paul Mooney quote, here’s a link to it (Start at 5:14):


        • @Raheim:

          A good little synopsis of this bullshit black elite. Luckily, no one is really paying them any mind. Why? Because now, with all he IR mixing, they are not so unique anymore. Furthermore, the world is global so no one really wants to be a Link, soror, or Jack and Jill member. They are a dying breed — thank God!

      • While I DEFINTELY agree with a lot of what you said black skin has come in a variety of shades and complexions since the beginning of time. Even before white colonialism tampered with the bloodlines. From the Egyptians to the Ethiopians to the Zulu Nation and so on an so on. Light skin has not always implied white ancestry was in a person of African descent’s family. Many factors can contribute to it as anyone who’s witnessed two dark skin people have a lighter skinned child can verify.

        No ill will I just want that clarified so we can stop identifying lighter skin with Eurocentricity. From Rich dark melanin to albinism African skin is and always has been full of variety! White people weren’t even the first ones to have light skin or even ‘white skin’ just their own particular type of skin. Do I need to mention who they are descendants of??

        • @Anonymous–Thanks! And you made excellent points that these people haven’t been ‘special’ for at least 20 years now. Also, I mentioned a Paul Mooney quote on the subject, yet forgot to post it, so here it is:

          “…Them light-skinned niggas marry each other to stay light.”

          http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b80Ic2MWRrQ (Start at 5:14)

          @T–Thanks, but there was nothing to clarify. I, as a lifelong student of my peoples’ history and culture both here and (Recently) in Africa, was as aware of everything you stated as you are. The point of my comment was to highlight THEIR (The so-called ‘Elite blacks’) mindset, which is basically that ‘White is right.’ I don’t see how you could’ve missed that in my comment, but it’s whatever.

  4. so I guess since Carlton & Jazz were bufoons along with Geoffrey being the help, their spots were secured??? kmsl

    • Will was the biggest buffoon out of all to me, and the least likeable character IMO-and I like Will Smith. I liked everyone BUT Will…He had some moments, especially the dramatic one’s, but it was just TOO Will-centric and over the top…He always had to have the last word, whether it was corny or not.

  5. Why do some people have such difficulty processing the fact that many of these entertainers have a past, that’s not sparkling clean! I know as a rapper for most part he had a sort of squeaky clean image that worked for him, but get real! He’s human! he certainly wouldn’t be first entertainer to have a questionable past or association with folks of questionable reputation! As for the colored struck issue and his treatment of his sister..hope it isn’t true but can’t say it isn’t.There are so many just like that in Hollywood..black men who seem to take issue with with women of a darker complexion within the black race..self hating NEGROES SOUNDS ABOUT RIGHT TO ME!

    • That’s what I’m saying…..Im more offended about the color struck sh’t than the other BS. My…. so sad how money can make you forget who you are….Will is one shade off from being dark his own damn self! Black is black ( from the lightest complexion to the very darkest) we need to bring back the 70’s slogan ” black is beautiful” cuz some of these color struck negroes have forgotten that and it’s left their radar long ago!

    • I have seen pics of Will and his sis, so I am really not sure about this story-I mean, that may mean nothing, but why take a public pic if you are trying to hide her? Also, He and Tatyanna (SP?) were really close.

      • tat admitted she had a crush on will back then, they might have had sex.

        I think will helped produce her album back in the 90’s.

  6. Will’s a fag, they push this light and white shit more than anyone else. And yes, Janet Hubert was telling truth.

  7. Lately color seems to be so important. I believe it is a spirit and it ain’t a good one. I see black men passing through my place of employment with their half breed child, holding them up as if they were trophy’s. smh Why do b/m need half breed children or a half breed girlfriend to feel better about themselves??

    • SKIN COLOR is significant. A GLOBAL CASTE SYSTEM originated by the genetically mutated Ice Age survivors from the Caucasus region in Western Asia has ALWAYS executed discriminatory, exclusionary and genocidal policies against DARKER members of humanity through TEN areas of activity: economics, education, entertainment, health, labor, law, politics, religion, sex and war.

      Every race on THIS planet supports AND practices COLOR CASTE.

      • Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! So many people don’t know that whites are Africans who got caught in Europe and Asia during the Ice Age and their features changed in order for them to survive.

        Whites are always in search of melanin and are jealous of blacks because of the melanin. I cannot understand black men with white women. How can you desire something that is lacking. You should want to increase (the melanin). But whites became savages due to the Ice Age. That was not only millions of years ago but also lasted millions of years. Their DNA is savage and they have turned many a black person into a savage of us trying to survive under their, as you say, color caste system.

        • I’m not going to question why some black men/women choose the companions that they do..CHOICE…I can only hope that it was genuine love and not some feeling of inadequacy as a black man or woman.. In other words not feeling rooted in the belief that non blacks are superior or better..broad generalizations..ignorant stereotypes! I do believe that some people simply fall in love with who they fall in love with, and there are some who have issues of self hatred!
          PS..touching on your post! I will say this.. I have always been in awe of the ridiculous amount of some black folks who attempt to lighten their beautiful skin with melanin, when you have non blacks who attempt to achieve the same hue , through tanning and bleaching creams.

  8. Janet Hubert got fired cus she thought her shit didnt stink. That dont mean Will aint ertang yall say he is but I know that for a fact. The entire cast took a vote and voted her ass off the island. Diva ishness aint a good look when your resume aint that thick.

    • …So her comments about WILL’S ‘Diva ishness (According to her, Will had the final say in/on the show)’ and not wanting anyone on the show who was funnier than he was (Janet told a story of how Countess Vaughn auditioned for a guest role and was really funny, but Will made sure she wasn’t on the show because she could possibly upstage him) are to be disregarded? I don’t doubt for a second that she was a ‘Diva (As many actresses of ALL colors and ages have been known to be for decades),’ but I also wouldn’t put it past Will going so far for white (Prime-time audience) approval that he had her removed, as well.

      • Agree but two things stick out for me. One, she didnt file a lawsuit and two, she aint worked since. They cant all be wrong about her.

        • She was a guest star on an episode of ‘The Jamie Foxx Show’ and went back to doing theater for however long after ‘Fresh Prince,’ which, while the T.V. gig wasn’t steady work, was something lol But yeah, like I said before, I don’t put anything past her, Will, or anyone else in Hollyweird for that matter.

        • She was the original member of the play with music, “Crowns”. Janet is difficult, but professional as a mutha. Bitch is a Julliard graduate back when Julliard was not checkin’ for blacks. She does stage work. She just wasn’t gonna take shit from closet fag rapper. Will is a pain in the ass on the set I hear, always clownin’, wastin’ time, etc., just actin’ like an immature fag, teasing and harassing everyone. Donald Sutherland had to check him on “Six Degrees of Separation”. He wasn’t gonna take any shit from a rapper/faggot/sambo.

  9. So wrong, JBM & rappers rolled like NBA & rappers. will wasn’t “in the game” , yeah so what he hung with ‘alleged’ bad guys what celeb isn’t or doesn’t . Charlie might of seen the inside of a trunk or two b

  10. Will has always kept his sisters out of the limelight due to there skin tone. His oldest sister Pam is still in crack that Charlie got her hooked on. Will knew all along. Same reason you don’t see his mother much anymore since she had one leg amputated due to her diabetes. I have one for y’all, why do you think Ready Rock C left the group? Why has Will tried to totally erase him from the groups legacy. Most people don’t even realize that Ready Rock C even exist. He was the first one the blow the whistle on Will.

  11. Im from Philly, west Philly. Will was not running any streets, he wasn’t a geek but he def wasn’t a gangster. I don’t believe he keeps his sister around because she is dark. Could it be the fact that dhe hangs out with drug dealers and he doesn’t want to be associated with that shit be the answer…now I don’t believe ish u say man

  12. Could it also be possibly he distanced himself from his sister because she decided to marry a drug boy?

  13. Wow! I can’t believe the garbage a certain person fed the people at this site. It’s so obvious that he told them this crap, for reasons most of you reading this won’t understand. But the bottom line is, Will DOES NOT hide his sisters from anyone! Ellen and Pam are always at his house in L.A., and they take several photos together. In fact, Ellen used to live with Will out in L.A. He even paid for her wedding when she got married. In regards to his sister’s EX husband, she divorced him about 2 years ago, so Will isn’t linked to his situation at all. The person who sent this info to this website has had a bitter battle going on with Will since the early 90s, and just can’t let it go. I know he’s reading this, so take my advice and GET YOUR LIFE. Move on, be the man of God you’re supposed to be and stop throwing mud on people’s names. God don’t like ugly.

  14. Regardless if it’s true or not. 1)Family business is just that not a feeble ploy to gain media attention. 2)We all have done something when we were younger that we are not proud of, the key is overcoming it. 3)That alleged crap is definitely not who will
    Smith is now. finally 4) this was the first and last time visiting this site. I’m not into fiction..

  15. THIS IS ALL A FLAT OUT LIE! Charlie Mack never ran no one’s street in Philadelphia, nor did will smith. Ask the real people who ran Philadelphia during that era (or read their book): The Junior Black Mafia. If Charlie Mack is trying to sell his story as a d-boy, some of the real OG’s of Philly will surely step to him. Ask Shular or Lightfoot. Hell, you can even ask ALYN WALLER, former drug dealer from North Philly turned mega church pastor. Will and Charlie “top flight security” Mac never ran ANYONE’S street. This is MISINFORMATION.