Hollywood Street King is putting our interns to work. We have carefully planted HSK spies into all the major agencies to “COLLECT DATA” for release to the public.


If you were ever wondering why your concert tickets cost so much… and where all those added fees go. The show that this specific rider was issued to was held at an arena in South Carolina. This rider is not all that interesting, but the story behind it a little more. Not only did William Morris force $70,000 advance payment in full one month before the event, but they would not allow advertising until 5 days before.

Total tickets sold for this event = 365. This is a pathetic number for someone featured that month, week and day on pop cultures only black washed music station BET “Broke Entertainment Television”. Acts think they need these big wig agents like Cara Lewis who are really just pimps, Ciara and other acts their whores.

William Morris/Endeavor, CAA and the other major agencies are a major part of the reason entertainment quality and diversity has taken such a nose dive.

You still wanna come to Hollywood and be an artist?

Click the image to view the full rider!

Ciara-Tech-Rider-William Morris Agency - Kara Lewis

(originally Published July 29, 2009)


  1. no it all has taken a nose dive because without hundreds of millions of records sold at 19.95 a pop there was a breakdown in the system,

    the record biz cannot run on air, thank you’s or half off deals, and it certainly cannot survive off of ringtones, itunes or sharing on facebook, youtube, vevo,

    what is left are the profits from the 90’s, and so now there are only 2 major labels in the game, can you guess which ones they are ?

    btw did you know it costs 5 million to blow up an artist on a national to international scale ?

    who will pay for that ?