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Win 2 Tickets To Kevin Hart’s ‘Let Me Explain’ Hollywood Premiere!!!

June 24th, 2013

Win Tickets Kevin Hart Movie Premiere

Winner Announced Tomorrow!


Let The Games Begin…

HSK Exclusive - If you know the title of the first movie Kevin Hart appeared in, and the music mogul who directed it, you could be the winner of a pair of tickets to the Hollywood red carpet  premiere of “Let Me Explain”.

That means you’ll get first dibs at seeing Kevin Hart’s summer movie, days before its official release. “Let Me Explain” hits theaters July 3rd, but the lucky winner of HSK’s contest will attend the premiere June 27th, at L.A. Live’s Regal Cinema Theater.

Be sure to send  your answers to: contests (at)  diaryofahollywoodstreetking.com — or leave a comment below (make sure to include your email in order to be eligible),  before Monday, June 24th, when HSK will hold a drawing of the names who turned in the correct answers. We’ll announce the winner Tuesday, June 25th. Good Luck!!!

We appreciate you, our readers, and this is our way of showing our gratitude to you — for keeping HSK the West Coast’s hippest site!

Yours truly,
Jacky Jasper

34 Responses to “Win 2 Tickets To Kevin Hart’s ‘Let Me Explain’ Hollywood Premiere!!!”

  1. Alotta |

    Soul plane director Jessy Terrero


  2. Alotta |

    Paper planes & Damon dash


  3. Chebella |

    Soul plane directed by jessy terrero


  4. Alotta |

    Paper soliders Damon dash I was high lol


  5. kj |

    Hi Jacky!

    Mindkillers dir by Michael Krueger back in the late 80s

    [email protected]


  6. jay frawst |

    Paper Soldiers directed by Dame Dash


  7. Naletha Hobbs |

    Paper Soldiers produced by Damon Dash also starring Beanie Sigel !!! & Michael Rapaport


  8. Gingerbread31 |

    @Jacky Jasper; I think this is the best post I have ever read on here!

    “We appreciate you, our readers, and this is our way of showing our gratitude to you — for keeping HSK the West Coast’s hippest site!”


  9. Classy |

    Paper Soldiers ~ Dame Dash


  10. Tasha |

    Paper soilders


  11. Josh |

    I am tired of hearing about Kevin Heart – whack ass ‘comedian.’


    real Reply:

    agreed. wouldn’t pay to see him nor will i accept anything free in order to support him.


  12. Nakeya_j |

    Paper Soliders and Dame Dash!!!


  13. Roxy |

    Paper soldier- music mogul Damon Dash


  14. LariAli |

    Papersoldiers Damon dash


  15. live4myself |

    Paper soilders and damon dash


  16. live4myself |

    Paper soldiers and Damon dash


  17. Black Pearl |

    Paper Soldiers and Dame Dash


  18. maron |

    Paper Soldiers By Damon Dash…….


  19. Anonymous |

    Never , im no sellout !!! Kevin hart is the typical blackman in hollywood, get big and dump everybody who help you get there and loved you!! I dont care how funny he is/not, im not giving my money to anyone in hollywood no more !!


  20. Miya |

    Paper Soldiers, directed by Damon Dash


  21. Anonymous |

    dammmit I would see this after everybody else done already answered the question… and Beans was funny as $hit in that movie


  22. texas lover |

    Paper Soldiers by Damion Dash


  23. marshet |

    The Breakfast Club


  24. abunchofcoycats |

    you can count me out i wouldnt go even if they were giving the tickets away! this dude is is to freaking overrated! this guy is not really that funi there are plenty of underground naturally funny comedians out there deserving of the shine more then kevin kevin comes across disrespectful obnoxious and critical he seems like the type that will turn in his own mother for a movie deal.i feel what this generation considers funny talent is not id comparision with the young talent of the 90s 80s 70s.back when blacvks really had to struggle just for recognition and acceptance now days its just comes across as a bunch of noise talent isnt wanted and what looks attractive sells.there will never be another martin,dave chaple,paul mooney,dick gregory,wayans ect.


  25. Anonymous |

    Lol, jacky, way to compete with other black blogs, man, they taking these giveaways to another level. Was wondering when u was going to jump on the bandwagon. Props on this giveaway. Good prize.


  26. Toya |

    definitely paper soldiers
    FYI, I don’t want the tickets lol. No offense


  27. Ms. Gemini |

    What’s up with the lack of new posts today?

    Jacky, have you been kidnapped again??? I can’t go through that drama with you no mo’….LOL


  28. Anonymous |

    Lol @ Miss Gemini, Jacky such a follower, he ain’t original in nothing. Ya heard bishes? I don’t want no tickets, ain’t a Kevin Hart fan. Where the new posts for the day my man?


  29. Qupidvalentine |

    Paper soldiers was the movie it had 2 directors dame dash & David Daniels to be correct jacky


  30. Anonymous |

    Tiger’s Wood.


  31. SMH |

    LOL Paper Soldier was a really bad film too!! Hahahaha


  32. uksworld.com |



  33. Screenwriter |

    It’s actually a movie called “North Hollywood” and it was directed by Judd Apatow. Maybe Jacky should do more research, because I didn’t know Judd Apatow was a music mogul…smh.


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