Woman Reported Raped At Ray J’s Crib Breaks Her Silence


Woman Raped at Ray J House

“He said ‘Just gimmie that’ and pulled my pants down and forced his penis inside of me.”

HSK Exclusive – The woman we first told you was raped at Ray J’s residence, back in 2008, is speaking out for the first time. Now, she says she’s heading to the LAPD to finally report the rape.

According to the 29-year-old alleged rape victim, her attacker — whose identity she hasn’t revealed — forced himself into a bathroom before raping her “without a condom”. She says the incident led her to become pregnant — a pregnancy she says she later aborted.

It all reportedly went down after she joined X-rated actress ‘India’ to attend a Kanye West party at West Hollywood’s BOA Nightclub. That’s where she says Ray J invited her and India to his VIP section. After about an hour at the party, she says she and India accepted an invite to join Ray J and his entourage back at his Woodland Hills crib — where she says he was singing and playing music for them.

Here’s the drop:

“I went to the bathroom and this guy followed me into the bathroom and
forced his way in. He tried to force me to have sex with him for about 30 minutes. He said ‘Just gimmie that’ and pulled my pants down and forced his penis inside of me. He raped me for about a minute without a condom. Then Yung Lo came and said ‘Can I get some?’ He begged me…I said ‘No’ and ran outside.

I told India ‘This Nicca took p*ssy from me and I wanna call the police.’ India told me ‘What is your boyfriend going to say? Don’t call the cops it’s a bad move.’ I called her three days later and told her ‘I want to call the police’ and she talked me out of it. A month later I found out I was pregnant and I had to have an abortion.”

Was Ray J upstairs having sex with another girl while a woman was being raped inside his downstairs bathroom? Of course. Don’t believe me.. Ask Yung Lo.

Ray J's Rapist Crew - Young Lo


  1. Why did she wait so long to report this? Hasn’t the statute of limitations ran out? She on some BULL.

  2. Sorry about the alleged rape. Seeing that her friend that accompanied her to the party, was an ex-porn star. I wonder if she was a Hoe on the stroll that night. Can a Hoe get raped? There is probably more to this story, that’s why she waited five years to report it.

    • @Black Pearl,

      The real question is,
      “Is a hoe carrying a 5 year grudge because she DIDN’T GET PAID?” Right? 🙂

        • I hate to call BS on an assault but something in the milk aint clean here. Ill prob get slammed BUT… she went with rayj n his boys to his house after a nite of partying with a pornstar and thought they were going to sing show tunes round a piano?

          Shes pissed didnt get pd.

  3. going to a party to see ray j who is a known freaK WITH AN EX PORN STAR.





    • Agreed. I also think that 30 min may have negotiations that didnt pan out. Who stays in a bathroom that long with a dude? She had her mind made up if she was giving it up 30 seconds into the conversation.

  4. It’s hard for women to report a rape, under ANY circumstances, much less under the conditions this one happened under.

    Even when women are “date” raped, people are quick to pass judgment on the women (i.e. “look what she was wearing”, “look who she was hanging with”, “why did she go alone”), and they don’t feel they are able to deal with the scrutiny, which is why the crime of rape is already so seriously under-reported.

    So don’t judge these women too harshly. Just ‘cuz she wasn’t raped under “better circumstances” (as if there were really such a thing), doesn’t mean a rape didn’t occur.

  5. RAPE IS RAPE, no matter how long it takes for the victim to report it. But there is an SOL. Don’t know what it is in Cali, but I’m 90% sure 5 yrs. is past the limit.

    And I’ve never know a woman who got raped by a stranger, got pregnant but did NOT report it to the cops. If she chooses to have the kid, she as almost 10 mos. mos. to get her head together & notify the cops so they can get a DNA sample from the baby to compare to the rapist if they catch him. If she has an abortion, they can take a tissue sample for DNA testing against the perp.

    Coming forward 5 yrs. after the fact does sound kinda shady. So does calling up some random porn star instead of calling the cops first thing? Was she friends w/India? Unless the victim knows the guy who raped her & he’s come into some cash since the rape, so now she wants to get paid.

    And how do you get raped in the middle of a party at someone’s crib & not scream til you let everybody in the place know someone’s hurting you? It took 30min. before he penetrated her? And that whole time she wasn’t yelling & kicking & breaking the bathroom mirror so she cd cut his ass?

    Again, very shady…

    • I know a woman who was raped by a stranger (who just happened to be a police officer), she got pregnant, and later had an abortion. She didn’t report it because she felt no one would take her word over a cop’s word & that he would say it was consensual. Plus, she didn’t think she could look at a baby who’s father was her rapist. What if he later wanted into the child’s life? I can’t imagine how she must have felt.

      She just wanted to put the whole thing behind her. I don’t think she ever fully recovered from the rape or having an abortion, which is tramatic enough by itself.

  6. Whether she went there expecting to hook up with someone or not is irrelevant. She was touched when she was not ready to be touched or when she didn’t want to be touched. Her body, her call…stop excusing rapists.

  7. …and of course she was raped by some bum a** NOBODY ni**a from Ray J’s enterouge. A Scrub that sits on the passenger side…pffft…it would be someone who has no power that would commit such a power thirsty act/crime.

  8. Is it really rape if you willingly Fuq or suq everyone BUT the corniest, broke or ugliest negro in the entourage? Something seems awry and trust me if you are feeling a shaky atmosphere, you call a cab definitely after being attacked. You don’t continue to have drinks and chill at a party bc your girlfriend says that it’s not a ” good look”. You definitely don’t report it 5 years later, by then your street team(geto relatives) should take care of it, without a trace. The Godfather Style. Whores impersonating women. Have so sympathy for birds. These are not refugee sex slaves. I would take that L in silence and dignity.

  9. I know the girl that they are speaking about. The most interesting thing about the situation is she should had went to the police but was afraid of the strong comments made by the surrounding guys “if you know what I mean”. The fact is she didn’t even go to the police she was approached by someone who found out by a third party that opened up their mouth. The reporters informant did some snooping around to verify the story. As you see now it’s coming out… You know what they say when you do dirt it will come to the light. I know everyone will come up with their own conclusions, but when threaten what would you do? I am not a woman so I can easily say I would have called the Police. The only people who can understand are women that has gone through this. The full truth will come out so lets all be entertained for the next few months… Wait to hold judgement until all the facts are released (But I know you won’t that’s how 90% of us operate).

  10. Its funny that all these black rappers who engage in queer activity in the Industry in these Industry Ritual circles always get good business advice from their Masters.

    Ray J
    Method Man

    All other rappers who don’t do the circle gay stuff with the BET types (see BET GAY VIDEO)
    usually wind up getting jerked and end up broke.

    The ones who do the gay stuff get the good business advice and the movie/TV roles…

    Don’t let your children look up to these folks as heroes…Make sure they study their math and physics

  11. @nonimportante…yes, it still is. Basically, it’s a person’s right to do who you want to do, not who they make you do. Your body, your choice. I honestly don’t know why she didn’t go to the police right away…that was on her, maybe she felt like no one would believe her and that if she was at a Ray J party her word wouldn’t mean ISHT. But, that mentality that because you’re a stripper or a prostitute you can’t be raped or that you should have expected it to happen is pretty unfair. If she’s lieing, the truth always comes to light…

    • Agreed. I understand that by being part of entourage including an ex porn star at a rapper’s party, of all God awful places, she is the one of the most unsympathetic characters you can find. I will bet my next direct deposit she doesn’t come from good stock either. Conscience people should condemn any man who brutalizes a female however with the preliminary information given this story doesn’t resonate with me. Some men prey on these type women because they know they can get away with it due to their reputation. However this doesn’t garner Farrakhan or Sharpton to rally a march. Women also should be wary of the situations that they place themselves in, their attire, body language and company that they keep. Even though you say No doesn’t mean he will respect your wishes especially if you are not carrying yourself in a respectable manner.

      • yeah, I agree with you…she definitely was in the wrong spot, absolutely. And that’s the problem, she let herself get “preyed on”. But if “rape” did happen, I think it says more about Ray J and the people he keeps by his side than her. And it doesn’t matter what you wear really, because rape is an act of violence and power…it has nothing to do with sex. There have been nuns/elderly women who have gotten raped, and they weren’t wearing anything revealing or sexy. If a dude wants to rape he is going to do it regardless…that’s why I agree with your comment about she should have handled it “The Godfather Style”. Her and her peeps should have been on that immediately. Or baby girl needed to take that stilleto off and do some serious damage. Damn sure if I get raped, I’m taking heads and penis’ with me. LMAO!!

    • I agree but look at people’s comments she was right. She didn’t bring it out it was brought to light. She may as well see if she can prosecute if it’s coming out anyway.

  12. soo ur raped and 5yrs later ur 1st source of contact is the media outlets? Not the police…? THAT is what makes me question the validity.

    • I agree…waiting 5 years is definitely not in her favor. Is she even pressing charges? I wonder if she kept going to those after hour/hook up parties after her alleged experience. SMH

  13. Well aint no point in reporting it now. Com’on son 5 years ago you were raped and he impregnated you and now you want to make a report. Hoe please have a seat. No to mention the fact that u hangin with porn stars. There will be no charges and no money.

  14. I know some won’t believe this. But a woman can consent to sex with a man, then in the middle of the act say stop, get off me, that enough or something to that effect. If the man doesn’t comply in a timely matter he can be charged with rape.


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