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Worldstarhiphop Founder Lee Q O’Denat Hides Homosexuality Behind Cubana’s Bisexual Lust!

March 12th, 2010


Urban website owner, Lee Q O’Denat is a SNITCH! Don’t believe me? Just ask Fifty! Fifty previously pointing to O’Denat as potentially providing inside information to detectives about ongoing criminal cases, being investigated by the federal government.

Now, not only does O’Denat seem to sing like a bird, but he also may secretly be playing for both teams — That’s Team Girl and Team Guy.

Here’s why: It’s no secret that O’Denat’s girlfriend is amateur porn whore and delinquent mom, Cubana Lust. The mother of two is much more than a booty shaker, she’s also a bi-sexual. Her girlfriend/lover, Maliah (who she met while the two modeled for summerbunnies.com – an agency owned by recently outed gay Houston resident, Dwayne Darden.

Darden, who recently divorced from his wife because of his sexuality is said to have expressed to Cubana that she likes to drop fingers in guys asses. Now, if Cubana, Q and Maliah had a three-way, it’s safe to say Q was a catcher at that time. Isn’t it?

Perhaps a dude isn’t doing it right if their women have the capability to maneuver fingers in the ass while doing your thing anyhow. So, here’s the question I ask to all my readers: If a man allows a women to drop fingers in his ass while he’s having sex, does that male have gay tendencies? I think so. Don’t you?

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2 Comments on "Worldstarhiphop Founder Lee Q O’Denat Hides Homosexuality Behind Cubana’s Bisexual Lust!"

July 16, 2012

Most men would be ready to snap your wrist if you so much as accidentally brush against an azz hair..


April 19, 2012

i’m late … two yrs later after this article came out, but YES, if a dude let’s you play with his booty hole he is a fagg!





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