Worldstarhiphop Owner “Q” Put on Blast * NEW Cubana Love Sex Tape


Video can be seen HERE

Here’s a chick who is supposedly asking for more that $800 to make appearances — Is she out of her mind??? She should take a trip over to see my buddy James at West Coast Productions, where she’ll earn $500 for a boy/girl scene and $800 hundred for an anal scene – I mean, Cubana is a porn star…isn’t she?

My sources tell me this tramp with National Geographic tits is currently claimed by a dude who goes by the name of “Q”. You may recognize Q as being the man behind urban website My question is this: What is a guy like Q doing with such a cheap whore. A whore, who from her sex tape, seems to be one of the most boring fucks I’ve ever seen! What they may not know…that is until now, is that I have yet another soon-to-be-released Cubana Lust sex tape, in which she’s high out of her mind!

In the NEW Cubana Lust sex tape I have, the dude who smashed her raw dog is my boy. But the problem is my pimp buddy doesn’t want to world to see him in action. Know why? Because he’s married mane! But, I’ll tell you this much – When Q sees this tape, he’s gonna throw this bitch under the bus! That’s because what lil dick (above) did to her is nothing compared to the hell and back trip Cubana Lust was taken on, by my pimp buddy. I wonder if Q knows that Cubana likes to indulge in blow and XTC?

We’re talking about an out of shape woman who is more than a chic in dire need of a pair of tits – She’s also a whoring mother of two children! Which is exactly why I believe today’s kids have no respect, because of delinquent mothers like this slut who has dubbed herself “Cubana Lust” – Great example you’re setting for your kids and America’s teen girls! What an accomplishment!!!

As far as Q goes, well why would he allow child molester and fake pimp, Payroll to use his site as a platform to disrespect legendary players like Ice-T?

Now, my sources have CONFIRMED that rapper Trina and Q coordinated in using as her stage to claim that she lost her phone and pictures were actually leaked, but in reality, she’s using the site to extort money from Denver Nuggets player Kenyon Martin.

The streets continue to speak out with legendary players saying Q is overcharging them for advertising, treating them like new jacks. So, it’s safe to say that the Cubana and Q connection is an outright disrespectful one!

I’m not only a top player in the game, I’m also a messenger of the streets mane! Don’t believe me? Ask T. Rodgers.


  1. I was wondering why I seen her at my job here in vegas what a waste shes in the homeless shelter I worked in I asked her she confirmed who she was her and her son she looks like shit maybe q threatened her cause she claims she wittness protection