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WTF!?! Bobby Kristina Snorting Cocaine

March 2nd, 2011

Is Bobbi Kristina Following in Whitney & Bobby’s Footsteps?

Breaking News:


A shocking photo of the teen daughter Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown share has hit the stands. In the image, 17-year-old Bobby Kristina appears to be doing what looks to be cocaine. The picture has become viral just days before the teen’s 18th birthday.

Reports are circulating that Bobbi Kristina an alcoholic who is hooked on white lines. Now, it seems that Bobby and Whitney Houston need to check their daughter into rehab rather than plan a birthday bash.

If Bobbi Kristina doesn’t get the help that she needs, she could end up riding on the same train that’s headed for collusion with Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan. And, it can only get worse.

Don’t believe me? Ask Laurence Fishburne…

4 Responses to “WTF!?! Bobby Kristina Snorting Cocaine”

  1. nikki |

    God is love u want find it anywhere else. No one can judge u r your family we all have to answer to one God just love yourself as well at the end of the day people will do are say anything for a dollar God bless


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