WTF?!?! Ludacris is Gay – “Move Bitch Get Out The Way”


Ludacris Got BRO’S In Different Area Codes!!

HSK Exclusive – This one was a little bit of a shocker to HSK. Being FAR from Atlanta where these rumors are whispered it had not made it in a credible fashion out to us in Hollywood. Now it has!

Maybe you missed it last year when celebrity publicist Jonathan Jaxson revealed Ludajuice was having sex with a gay porn star whose real name is Gordon. NOW, my HIGHLY RELIABLE sources have confirmed that rumor to be TRUE!

I’m told Mr. Ludajuice was in fact humping Gordon while the “different area codes” rapper was working for the then 97.5 FM ATL radio station, which is now 107.9 in FAGLANTA. Luda and Gordon reportedly go way back to 1997, way before Gordan became a porn star. That’s when Luda was frequently spotted picking up Gordon with his Acura Legend a car that is still owned by the platinum record selling Hip/Hop rap star).

But wait…that’s not all: Back in 2006, I’m told Ludajuice took a Magic City stripper named ‘Diamond’ to the Super Bowl to see the Colts and the Bears play, in Miami. That’s when and I’m told Luda and Diamond were having sex on a yacht…Diamonds friends were reportedly concerned because they knew Ludajuice is bisexual…and their friend was having sex with Luda without a condom. I wonder if Chingy knew?

Here’s the latest on Luda’s bisexual tendencies:

Part of Luda’s assistant’s “J.D.” (Keshia Knight Pulliam’s brother) duties are to pick-up boys for Luda.

One of those boys was recently reported to have had a bag placed over his head while being transported to Ludas College Park, ATL home (neighboring a Publix supermarket). I’m told that’s where Luda humped the dude while the bag was still over the dude’s head! WTF?!?!?!

According to my source, Ludajuice portrays himself as being a very quiet person. They also say that many are beginning to wonder what the real relationship is between Luda and the rapper “Lil Fate”, who has remained signed to Luda’s DTP record label since its early days. To be sure, Lil Fate has never released a record, yet he remains on the label. Matter of fact I’ve never even heard of the kid.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m floored by this information. Black artists continue to cry because they say white-owned record companies are ripping them off, but black men like Luda (who have their own record company) are the first to extort and exploit their own people.

Don’t you agree?


  1. he teamed up with justin bieber to sing a song about 13 year old love and child pornography? I wouldn’t do it for all the money in the world. He’s a pathetic sellout he did the unthinkable for a measly bit of money, haha no respect for him anymore I hope he dies.

  2. I have a very close friend that said he was hanging with Luda and Luda DID NOT try to have sex with him….. he just had my friend suck his d$#k!! That’s not gay….. Right?!!! Lol

  3. Wouldnt ya figure that if he was gay by now he’s famous enough that it wouldnt fuck with his credibility? frank ocean said he was somewhat gay. Now the thing i realized is that blokes love to make faggot jokes, just love to call their mates queer and whatnot, why’s that. The ones that make the most faggot jokes, are the biggest faggots. I normally dont word use the word myself, i will refer to homosexuals and gays, and use politeness. Why? Cause it doesnt bother me and why should it.

    I think who ever is making up the gay roumours is the bloody fagoot.

  4. I know I am late but this is nothing more than reported rumors. Juicy rumors is all it is. Give us facts!

  5. If he is that’s his business damn. If he ain’t sleeping with you than that’s not your problem and shouldn’t be your concern. If he wants people to know, he will them.I wish everyone would get off of this trying to expose people B.S. How many things are in your closet or past? Don’t answer because once again that is your business. I’m not and I am sure you aren’t either a dime richer or poorer as a result of this announcement. African American need to get their priorities. While other races are out getting being successful and getting theirs. Many of us are living in apts that we will never own, cars that are either old or not paid for, no investments,don’t own any companies and a lot of us don’t even have life insurance but instead of trying to be progressive and successful, we are trying to ruin the reputation of someone who has reached some level of success. Sounds like hating to me. If the African American community hasn’t excelled in anything else, we definitely have hating down pact. Do everyone a favor and get your own life.

  6. Expect more,the reason why blacks can’t get ahead is because of deception like this.Even if he isn’t gay he carries himself as a degenarate.He always is advertising black women as sluts,whores,&b:?-(@$.is this the conduct of a real man.A mans man.A Man that is suppose to be aware of the messages and images to the rest of the world about his woman and children.This negro serves up our women and children to the rapist trash of the world.If that’s your idea of success expect more.Then your worst than this ninja and the rapist trash.You and success minded negros that turn a blind eye because they successful.Forget that what good is all the money if you lose your soul?

  7. At first, I believed it. But then the story got more and more weird. Later, I realized this was complete BS, when I saw the other stories about gay/DL celebrities, it was a bit much. Then, I read your use of a slur (Faglanta)…. Such an emotional response. Yeap, you have chips on ur shoulders about something. I dont care if u are gossip blogger or a Pulitzer Prize winning novelist, no one will take you seriously, if you resort to hate language.

  8. Author J.L. King blew the lid off the DL brothers and so glad he did. I learned so much about that world. From married preachers to celebrities similar to Luda, all in that world.

    He said the sex is unbelievable so Luda must be a ‘top’ and not a bottom. Many tops don’t consider themselves to be gay either (delusional).

    Consenting adults can do what they want but stop dipping and diving between men and innocent women.

    Women who don’t protect themselves and end up with something shouldn’t be sobbing about what he gave her. Not in 2014!!!!

  9. There are plenty of gay people in entertainment with children. They haven’t and won’t come out to ruin their reps but when stories continue to stick to a person, there’s fire to that smoke.

    Author J.L. King blew the lid off the DL brothers and so glad he did. I learned so much about that world. From married preachers to celebrities similar to Luda, all in that world.

    He said the sex is unbelievable so Luda must be a ‘top’ and not a bottom. Many tops don’t consider themselves to be gay either (delusional).

    Consenting adults can do what they want but when a person is dipping and diving between men and innocent, unknowing women I have an issue with that.

    Hollywood is nothing but Sodom and Gomorah. Married celebrities swinging because they get bored with their spouse. Licking and dicking men and women. Lying and telling people they’re single when they’re married. Just a nasty mess.

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  11. If this shit were true then why isn’t there a picture of the gay porn star from his porn days? This story is bull shit.